Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 873

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Chapter 873: 873

Chapter 873 The Chief Pavilion Master Battle Begins

That day Tianyuan Utopia was the most buzzing and lively that Zhou Yuan had seen ever since he had come half a year ago .

All across the world, countless silhouettes whizzed towards the center of the Tianyuan Utopia like locusts . There, the chief pavilion master battle would be held on a battlefield .

It was a huge floating island, and around the island were mountain ranges that stretched endlessly, filled with a wild and ancient atmosphere .

The natural Genesis Qi on the floating island was also extremely pure . For a place like this, only those who held a high and mighty elder position in the Tianyuan Utopia were allowed to set up a residence for cultivation training .

Therefore the island was usually closed off and inaccessible to ordinary people . But that day was the chief pavilion master battle, and everyone was allowed in . It was a treat for many people and made them yearn even more for the benefits of becoming an elder of Tianyuan Utopia .

In the depths of the mountain range was a towering mountain standing like a giant, shrouded in mist and clouds . The mist, however, wasn’t ordinary; it was formed from the excessively rich Genesis Qi on the island .


Countless silhouettes swept across the sky from all directions, then landed on the mountain ranges around the towering mountain .

The tranquility of the mountain range had long been broken . Countless noises filled the sky, and even the clouds were torn apart .

It seemed that more than half of the population of Tianyuan Utopia had come to watch the chief pavilion master battle . This was no doubt a magnificent sight .

The countless people cast their eyes to the foot of the towering mountain where there were four areas, each one crowded with people . Judging from the pattern and emblem on their clothes, they were the young and spirited people from the four pavilions .

At the forefront of each of the four pavilions was a leading figure, each exuding an extraordinary aura .

They were the four main protagonists of that day’s chief pavilion master battle, the four pavilion masters!

“What a spectacular sight!”

Zhou Yuan scanned the endless figures that filled the area . Even though he had seen many spectacular sights of world, he still couldn’t help feeling a little stunned . The things he had experienced before, including the Heaven Flame Ritual, were far inferior to that day .

“This is after all a battle for the chief pavilion master position . ” Yi Qiushui smiled .

The position was extraordinary . In normal terms, it would be equivalent to a Nascent Source stage expert, and a Nascent Source expert, if placed in any one of the heavens, was undoubtedly a top-level being .

Zhou Yuan nodded and joked to Yi Qiushui, “I heard you made a bet with someone and placed 10,000 origin coins on me? What a rich little woman . ”

Ten thousand origin coins wasn’t a small amount . If it weren’t for the four mother runes, there was no way he could bring out that amount even if he was squeezed dry .

When Yi Qiushui heard Zhou Yuan’s teasing, her cheeks flushed, and she immediately shot an angry glare at Zhou Yuan . “If you lose, I’ll just give away my entire fortune . Anyway, I have a little share in the sale of the four mother runes . ”

Ye Bingling stretched out her hand to hug Yi Qiushui’s slender waist, comforting, “Don’t worry . I also can’t stand Zuo Ya and have long wanted to teach her a lesson . If you lose, I will pay half . ”

“The earnings from the gamble belongs to Qiushui because she had the courage . Senior sister Ye, it’s not right to just poke your nose in,” Zhou Yuan said leisurely .

This remark suddenly made the people around him roll their eyes .

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Ye Bingling also said snappily, “You are so full of yourself . You haven’t started fighting yet, and you act like the chief pavilion master position is already in your pocket . ”

Yi Qiushui covered her mouth and chuckled, but Zhou Yuan’s relaxed attitude undoubtedly made her and the others secretly relieved . After all, no matter what the final result was, it was good to see him relaxed as opposed to uneasy .

The atmosphere relaxed a little, but Ye Bingling couldn’t help but poke Zhou Yuan’s arm and whisper, “Can you really do it?”

Zhou Yuan answered in a serious voice, “All men can do it . ”

Everyone around them broke into laughter, and Ye Bingling blushed with embarrassment, her face and neck turning red . Then, icy Genesis Qi gathered into an icicle between her fingers, and she aimed it fiercely at Zhou Yuan’s waist . This bastard dared to tease her .

But after Zhou Yuan’s teasing, the tense and almost depressive atmosphere on the Wind Pavilion’s side had dissipated, and everyone started to whisper to one another .

Seeing this, Zhou Yuan nodded secretly . Now that countless people were watching the four pavilions, if they looked nervous and restless, it would make people look down on them .

In the distance, someone from the Fire Pavilion was also watching the Wind Pavilion .

“The high and mighty pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion is just a trash that likes to show off . ” A tall woman sneered . It was Zuo Ya, who had previously made a bet with Yi Qiushui .

Immediately, she looked at the figure standing tall in front of her, a deep admiration flashing across her eyes . She said in a soft voice, “Senior brother Lu Xiao, I have bet everything on you . You have to win beautifully .

“If you run into that guy, it’s best if you win by directly crushing and letting him understand his own strength . ”

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Lu Xiao’s expression was calm and indifferent . He peered ahead and didn’t even glance once in Zhou Yuan’s direction . “Junior sister, don’t worry . As the pavilion master, I have the responsibility to get back everything that our Fire Pavilion had previously lost .

“In truth, I don’t want Zhou Yuan to be utterly crushed by me . It would be better if I could show some ability . Otherwise, the previous defeats would be even more embarrassing . ”

Zuo Ya nodded . Losing to a capable person was better than losing to a trash . That way it could act as a cloth to cover the Fire Pavilion’s previous failures .

Of course, the most important thing was that the Fire Pavilion had to stand until the end .

Lu Xiao didn’t say anything more . In truth, he could sense that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation had increased once again . But so what?

He had been preparing for the battle for a long, long time .

And after today, I will climb to the top of the four pavilions and become a real higher-up of the Tianyuan region! Lu Xiao thought, his eyes blazing .


And while Lu Xiao was thinking, a strange sound began resounding between heaven and the earth, and everyone noticed a vast and infinite force appearing . Under this powerful force, even experts of the Nascent Source stage felt their Genesis Qi go somewhat out of control .

In the Tianyuan Region, only Law Domain experts could make Nascent Source stage experts feel this way .

Thus, countless people gazed in awe at the void as mighty and pure Genesis Qi gathered together and split into five woven mats in the sky . Clouds and mist gathered around the mats, floating in the air like immortals .

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On the five woven mats were five figures gradually taking shape, appearing under countless awed gazes .

It was also at this time that Zhou Yuan solemnly lifted his head to look at the five figures .

He didn’t expect the chief pavilion master battle would attract the other three grand elders besides Chi Jing and Xuan Kun .

The five supreme leaders of the Tianyuan Region had all showed up!

Such a battle was undoubtedly spectacular!

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