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Dragonborn Saga - Chapter 2

Published at 10th of November 2019 08:43:04 PM

Chapter 2

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As I entered my apartment, I saw my roommates lazing around doing a zero nothing .

Why am I not surprised?

Other than the holy sanctum (my room), this apartment needs to be cleansed by the pure fires and flames .

What a mess!

Let's forget that for now because it is introduction time!


From the room that has a balcony and yet no view to the sea, weighing over 120 KGs, he is an accountant in some big company's warehouse, I introduce to you . . . 'Fatty'!

And on the opposite couch, sits the one who resides in the dark room next to the kitchen, weighing less than 80 KGs, he is a 6th-year medical school student, I introduce to you . . . 'Four-Eyes'!

Those are my roomies and friends from ages, if one just can ignore the amount of laziness the can radiate just by their existing around .

Fatty is an accountant so he's not much better off than me, and Four-eyes is still a student .

It meant that the three of us is in a critical financial state .

Still, since we are all of the same age, we tend to be on friendly terms, unless when it comes to our anime's favorite genres . From what I know, they are greater perverts than I am .

Fatty is a lolicon to the core, and shitty Four-eyes is even weirder! He sometimes brings bones back home saying he is going to study them . Study my ass! These are someone's bones you bastard! If I didn't know what Necrophilia is, I would have thought he was attempting some sort of Necromantic rituals .

Although these guys have their flaws, they too have been through complications that lead them here .

While saying 'What's up' to the crew, they noticed the FDVR set in my hands and their eyes lit up . I told them beforehand that I was going to buy it but they thought that the sets will sell out before I even get to the store .

Now that I have the device in my very hands, without any dignity or honor, they immediately offered their respect while cupping their hands as if we are in some Chinese Novel and also decided to call me 'Boss', all that if I agreed to grace them with trying out the FDVR set .

The amount of shamelessness that dwells within them is quite admirable . Well, these guys are my friends, so I am not really against it .

Anyway, there is something more important right now .

"Comrade Four-Eyes, is it done?"

"Yes, Boss . Preparations are complete, we are ready for the launch!"

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"Good man! Comrade Fatty, I hope you don't fail me this time once again!"

" . . . Eh! Sorry, Boss!"

"So you did fail me . "

"I will go right away, Boss!"

He took his keys and ran to the door .

"Bring some coffee on the way back . "

"Understood, Boss!"


And he goes to his task .

Anyway, the complete preparations meant something very important so I headed to my PC and checked the Download Tasks .


Here it is! Bethesda's newest release is 100% completely downloaded!

Skyrim FDVR!

"Hail Boss!"

"At ease Comrade Four-Eyes, we still have more work to do . "

Yes . The work is still far from over!

'Why?' one may wonder .

Pretty simple!

I am not playing this game with no mods .

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My precious immensely immersive immersion mods .

I can pretty much guess how the game will look like without them, and I don't want to see those scary original game meshes, faces, and textures in my FDVR experience .

That is why I'll have to take care of that with lots and lots mods .

My next task is simple! First, I'll visit the NexusMods website and download all the goodies that I don't have right now . I have pretty much all the essential and the famous mods, but since the FDVR technology has very high capabilities and uses the brain as the area of operation instead of the computer's CPU, I can operate more mods than usual without worrying about crashing the game .

After all, the human brain has the capability and capacity to process the data subconsciously faster than any computer .

The second task I have to do is to clean all the dirty plugins, install the animations, and sort the mods' load order . This is a basic routine for Skyrim players, as we can't just leave anything to crash on our heads .

In other words, it's going to get busy, so I guess I'll have to take my time .

I can't really recall my entire mod list, but there are some particular ones that can't be easily missed .

A mod like 'Skyrim HD' is a must .

'Sky UI' for modding the game menus and also a mod that one can't simply play the game without it .

'Immersive Armors' and 'Immersive Weapons' for various weapons and armors .

A body enhancer such as 'CBBE' or 'UNP' .

'Static Meshes and Improvements' for making everything more detailed .

'Enhanced Lighting and FX' for interior lights and 'Climates of Tamriel' of exterior lights .

'Skyrim Flora Overhaul' for the sake of natural beauty .

And these are just some of the mods . There are around 500 mods in my arsenal by now, mostly for the sake of realism and immersion .

Other than immersion, I also seek the gameplay mods

My gameplay mods are not that complicated because I am a classic player, so my gaming style is not about using all what the game has to offer . Rather I play as a certain class, even though I have the ability to play with every option there is .

The major 'Classes' in Skyrim are the Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief . The 'Skills' in Skyrim are a total of eighteen skills .

3 classes and 18 skills, may seem rather few for an RPG, but that isn't really the case here .

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The game offers a high amount of freedom in choosing whatever Skill you want, so players can create their own classes .

Simplicity itself!

One can make a mix between these skills that can be called a 'Build', such as the 'Spellblade' which allows the player to use both magic and melee weapons . This, however, will force the player to give up the left hand for spell casting and devote the right hand to use a melee weapon . In other words, the player won't be able to use the blocking moves .

This was just an example .

Back to the skills, the skills are divided under their respective class .

-Warrior skills are: Two-hand Weapons, One-hand Weapons, Archery, Blocking, Heavy Armor, and Smithing .

-Mage skills are: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, and Restoration .

-Thief skills are: Alchemy, Light Armor, Speech, Sneak, Pickpocket, and Lockpicking .

Each skill has its 'Perk Tree' that offer 'Perks', a passive skill that can be unlocked with 'Perk Points' . One can gain a single perk point per level and the only way to level up is to use the skills .

Once a skill rose to a certain point it will give the player a 'Skill Advancement' and once the players have a certain amount of 'Skill Advancements' they will 'Level Up' .

A skill has 100 levels cap which is rather inconvenient, so there comes a great mod called "Skyrim -Community- Uncapper" which removes this inconvenience .

Back to the classes, mixing some skills can make what is called 'Builds' as mentioned before . Other great examples are Paladins, Assassins, Warlocks, and more .

Paladins use One-handed, Heavy armor and Restoration to give players more of a holy-type experience .

Assassins use Archery, Sneak, and One-handed to kill their targets from a distance, or up close and personal .

Warlocks use Conjuration and Illusion to command their armies and summon creatures to help them .

Here comes another inconvenience . The 'Necromancers' 'Summoners' are a bit weak due to the limit on summoning and raising the dead which is restricted to only one creature, and until the players reach the Level 100 in Conjuration, they can raise and summon two creatures .

It's one of the game flaws, in my opinion, so using a mod like 'Multiple Summons' by Kanguilla can easily fix that problem in a very immersive way that doesn't break the game, unlike the other multiple summoning mods . It increases the number of summons relying on the 'Skill Rank' . The 'Mage Skills' have 5 ranks, so its max number is 6 summons .

'Pure Mages' are the masters of Destruction, so adding a mod like "Apocalypse" that adds 155 spells to the game that are totally balanced, lore-friendly and immersive .

"Balanced Magic" is a mod that makes magic more powerful as the skill's level goes up as well as some other features .

'Thieves' can be 'Assassins' and 'Hunters' but some players add Illusion magic to the mix and make some sort of 'Night Blade' build .

After recalling all that, I noticed something interesting on the Nexus home page

A new mod that was released just yesterday, it's a 'Quest mod' called "Origins of The Lost" . And the description of the mod is very interesting .

It adds a backstory to the character depending on its race, it has three backstories for the human, the elf, and the beast races .

I just saw it on the front page in Nexus and really got amazed by it, there are mods that tried to do something like that in the past but this mod has quests and voice acting so it will be a top 'Quest' mod for sure, I definitely have to add it and try it out .

All in all, that's what Skyrim is all about . Mixing mods, perks, and skills made this game is so much fun and never gets old .

I mean look at it, it's 2020 already and the game is officially 10 years old, still, it's as lively and popular as ever .

Away from the Nexus there are some mods that come from 'LoversLab', these are the '+18 mods' that everyone know and love, Amorous Adventures and SOS (Sch***gs of Skyrim) as well as OSA and Osex, one can guess pretty much what are these mods about, I don't have weird fetishes so no more than that .

[A/N: There will be some naughty content in the future so buckle up . ]

(E/N: Yikes . )

While looking at my mod list, or what I would rather call 'Mod Arsenal', with satisfaction, the loading was pretty much at its end . All what is left is using the tools to install the animation, sort the load order and clean the dirty plugins .

Looking at the window, I found that it was already sunset . I went up to answer the 'call of nature' .

Looking at the time, it's around 6 pm and Fatty hasn't returned yet, his task was to buy us some fancy dinner . Today we are celebrating of course, so some Pizza or Kushari won't do our financial situation any harm .

While thinking about that, I went the balcony to watch the setting sun and the pink to orange horizon, smelling the sea breeze from the 13th floor is a blessing no matter how you say about the neighborhood .

'Alexandria' is always this nice in summer and the scenery of 'Castle Qaitbay' with the sea is charming as ever .

Now now! It's not the time to get sentimental!

Looking back at the screen, everything is already done!

Yep! Let's connect the VR device .

I read the instruction from the manual, and it was surprisingly easy, there is a device that connects the headset to the PC and it has a few buttons and lights .

Following the guide, I went through all the steps without any issues .

Ready for it .


(Chapter has been edited by Josue561 . )

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