Dragonborn Saga - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503

Just a couple of chapters to wrap it up before the game start . Game Starts on Chapter 505! A 4K chapters for the sweet readers . Happy Friday!


« Skywatch, Summerset Isles - 12th of Rain's Hand, 4E 201 »

Fair weather and fresh air; despite being the busy port city as well as the black market and the home of the Thieves Guild in the Isles of Summerset, the great city of Skywatch was also the beautiful maiden bathing on the shores of the Abecean Sea . For a certain someone, that gave him one of the most nostalgic vibes of a similar city he used to live in before his reincarnation but aside from the similar air and the familiar vibes, Jon had his own brand of troublemaking that he had to live up to .

The beautiful white shore on the outskirts of the city shook with loud music and the cheers of hundreds of Altmer young men and women . Those were mostly students of the Magic Institute across Skywatch, Alinor and Firsthold who came here for vacation .

Which vacation?

It is the Spring Break .

There was no such thing as a Spring Break on Tamriel but ever since the last Summer of year 4E 200, there were strange accidents of unlawful celebrations that involved a lot of the young adults around the city of Skywatch . These festivals involved disturbingly loud raves, mass skooma usage, public fornication and wild orgies .

The Summer of last year was just the beginning when some young adults of the high and the middle community were invited to spend time together at the beach for a celebration . The situation escalated as they invited more friends until the situation was alarmingly annoying to the authorities . The celebrations lasted for days sometimes .

The following Autumn was expected to be the time when the young adults come to their mind after the summer but that couldn't be anywhere near to the truth . Somehow, large amounts of Dunmeri Weed were smuggled through Valenwood and started to appear in these autumn festivals . Even a new trend started to appear among the young adults involving what is referred to as Autumn-leaf Bikini which was exactly what it is called .

Struggling through the Autumn, it was surely time for the parties to end when the winter comes but oh boy it was just beginning . These parties were just too damn warm that no one bothered leaving them . Liquor and drugs were all over the town by the beginning of the new year . It was rumored that a certain young adult wore a red outfit and captured a few Caanerin Deer then made them pull a slider that was creating frost under it, he kept traveling between Skywatch and Firsthold distributing liquors and skooma . Later, he was announced as a wanted Criminal and wanted posters of the bearded guy were distributed around Skywatch .

It was very clear that by the end of winter, spring will be the worst of all seasons and it was . Skywatch city became one of the busiest cities not just for trade and business but for crazy raves of the Spring Break . The Temple of Auri-El has declared a state of emergency then dispatched Vindicators and Inquisitors to stop this moral degradation but it was too out of control .

The culprit was never found but it has almost been a year and no one was held to blame . All that was known was that he/she is very skillful in magic and doesn't leave a single trace behind .

"Look at that party . The Altmer really don't stop wasting money . " A hippie-looking Altmer young woman with brown curly hair said as she inhaled from her smoking pipe and passed it .

"Please don't lump us decent people along with those rich kids . " Replied the one who received the pipe from her, an Altmer with a lite goatee beard and moderately muscular arms with a number of tattoos on it .

"Look at you, cutie, trying to act all high and decent! Don't forget we are the party starters . "

"Jon's plan, Jon's money . Why not have some fun while we're at it?"

"What about your sister?"

"Sis is over there . "

As he pointed, the Hippie Altmer turned around to see a Punk-looking female Altmer walking towards them carrying a surfing board .

A year has passed since the events of Hegathe, a lot has changed if not everything . Mirren started to change into masculine looks which but the end for Jon's demands about the gay scene, Isha was the same Isha but she became brighter and more cheerful now that her enemy was out down and Miranda had the most change of all, her long blonde hair was now a green/blue/pink colored . Of course, the three were in their swimsuits .

"Sup?" Miranda joined the two in the cabin as she grabbed a bottle of liquor and started cooling by magic .

"The party is going wild . " Mirren said .

"So is the sea . Go catch a good wave while you're at it . "

"I thought you were with Jon . " Isha said .

"I only saw him this morning . He must have gone at it again? Ask Nefertiti . "

Isha stood up and looked above the shed to see a black-haired teenage girl with a taller figure than her peers sitting above the cabin and closing her eyes .

"Kitty, where is your human?" Isha called .

Nefertiti pointed forward towards the sea . Isha looked ahead but she saw no one above the water .

"He's at it again?"

"I'm trying to focus . "

Nefertiti seemed in no mood to hold a conversation so Isha just ignored her and returned to the others . Their cabin was actually a mobile beach bar used by the team to conduct business and start parties .

The truth is, Jon wanted to waste as much money as possible but somehow ended up making more . Directing a Party turned out to be a very successful trade .

Still, as all his actions were unlawful, he seemed to be getting more and more into them for the thrill of it . Not everyone knew this but Jon was looking for a distraction . Not because he was bored or free but something was scaring him . At least Isha understood that . What can make a guy like him get scared and try to indulge himself in a year worth of thrill? She didn't want to know . She really didn't .

As she was thinking while serving a drink, a voice started coming from the city's direction .


It was the lookout they stationed at the city, the one that warns them before the City Vindicators . These were the spellblades of Skywatch who serve its Kinlord and Kinlady .

The party stopped real quick and the Altmer young men and women started using magic to escape . As a race that is efficient in Magic, stealth and movement spells were common, even teleporting short distances away was possible for the apprentice mages around the place .

"We need to leave . " Mirren said .

"Fine, let's gather our stuff, today's party is over . " Isha started sorting out the things they left lying around the cabin and closed tight .

Around the beach, Altmer soldiers in Elven Armors started flooding the area catching anyone they get their hands on . They all spotted the cabin where the Isha, Mirren and Miranda are then charged at it .

"The criminals are over there . Get them!"

The dispatch of Vindicators was right about to surround the cabin and break into it but the cabin started to glow all of a sudden and disappeared in a flash .


• Name: Miranda Aldmeri

• Race: Elf (Altmer)

• Age: 29

• Level: Mid Ebonblood, Foundation Building

(Game Level: 35)

• Class: Expert Martial Ranger

• Energy: 3544/3544

• Condition: Normal

• Bloodline: Aldmeri (Unforeseen)

• Birth Sign: The Serpent

• Blessings: Mephala, Baan Dar



• Name: Mirren Aldmeri

• Race: Elf (Altmer)

• Age: 29

• Level: Mid Ebonblood, Foundation Building

(Game Level: 36)

• Class: Expert Martial Duelist

• Energy: 3667/3667

• Condition: On Steroids

• Bloodline: Aldmeri (Unforeseen)

• Birth Sign: The Serpent

• Blessings: Mephala, Baan Dar



• Name: Isha

• Titles: The Spear Battlelord

• Race: Human (Redguard)

• Age: 24

• Level: Late Ebonblood, Frame Building

(Game Level: 38)

• Class: Expert Storm Spearmaiden

• Energy: 3899/3899

• Condition: Morphed into Altmer form

• Birth Sign: The Steed

• Blessings: Ebonarm


The cabin clearly teleported away which was one of the reasons why the authorities never caught the party managers . This has happened every time they try to do so . But still, this time someone was left behind .


Nefertiti was clearly forgotten above the cabin . Once the Teleportation function was activated, she was just sitting on air without any support . The Vindicators couldn't believe what they saw .


"Surrender now!"

Even though they had a teenage girl in sight, they never believed that the party managers had finally made a mistake and left someone behind . But still, something was really unusual about the girl to them . Unlike Isha who changed her appearance with the Polymorph Juice, Nefertiti was with her human appearance whose skin was human pale .

"Is that?"

"A human? On the Isles?"

The Vindicators have never spotted Nefertiti before which made her sudden appearance right now a first of its kind accident, this was major news to them . Humans were by no means allowed in the docks let alone inside the Isles, the xenophobic Thalmor government barely let in the Bosmer and the Khajiit but humans… that's a big no-no .

"Get her!"

Like mad hounds, the Vindicators charged from all directions at Nefertiti . It was a "kill now ask questions later" situation . Despite being a young teenage girl, humans are absolutely unforgivable to set foot on the isles .

Nefertiti was disdainfully looking at those people around her not minding their attitude this far, she was wearing an innocent black schoolgirl swimsuit and looked absolutely adorable . The fact that those Vindicators discriminated against her based on race is going to be their demise but that's will take time .

She felt the blades and spears coming at her from many directions making it almost like there is no way to escape . However, she twisted her body in weird supernatural flexibility that defied sense; she jumped up from a point where no one can jump, twisted her body mid-air, curled her limbs to avoid injury then flipped back again to land on the head of on the Vindicators' Captain .

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Aside from the confusion of how she pulled it off and the shock of how they lost to her like this, the Vindicators were terrified to try to attack above their Captain's head, the captain that was unaware that his precious peacock feather on his helmet was stepped on and destroyed quite badly .

"Where? Where is she?" The captain was confused by his part not seeing Nefertiti around and getting those weird looks from his subordinates .

One of his subordinates pointed towards the shadow of the captain, by his part, the captain finally noticed his situation and froze from shock .

Nefertiti was about to raise a leg then smite down that insolent elf who disturbing her rest but a voice called .


Hearing the strong voice that can't belong to anyone weak, Nefertiti and the Vindicators looked towards the source to see a rich-looking Khajiit walking over with a hooded individual behind him .

"Es- Esteemed guest!" The Vindicators greeted the Khajiit right away treating him with unusual respect .

"Why are you here, little one? This one was looking all over the place for you . " The Khajiit directly spoke to Nefertiti .

"Hmph!" She ignored him and jumped down off the captain's head .

"Esteemed guest… it can't be! You let in a human inside the Isles?" The Vindicators Captain was shocked to hear the esteemed guest was familiar with Nefertiti .

"Oh, don't be ridiculous! This one would never do such a thing . Little one over here is a Khajiit, she is that one's little sister . " The Khajiit said pointing at the hooded person near him .

The hooded person removed her hood to reveal a human race but her appearance was that of a Khajiit, an Ohmes-Raht Khajiit, the furstock that looks like humans with cat ears and tails with some fur over the skin .

"This one greets you . " The Ohmes-Raht Khajiit greeted the captain .

"She is this one's disciple so please let it go . "

The captain looked between the Ohmes-Raht and Nefertiti, there were no similarities until Nefertiti showed her tail and moved her ears up .


The Vindicators were shocked by the strange occurrence and apologized for the offense, the esteemed guest, after all, has diplomatic immunity .

Once they left, Nefertiti looked with annoyance at the two .

"What do you want?" She asked .

"Come on, little one . This one still wants to take you as a disciple, don't give me a cold shoulder . I am the Mane after all . " Mane Topaz said .

"Not interested . "


"How are you doing, Nefertiti? Zara came to see you . " The Ohmes-Raht said, that of course was Moon Priestess Zara, the one who had an affair with Jon some time in the past .

"Hsss!" Nefertiti wasn't taking Zara really well and refused to get touched by her .

Seeing how hostile, Nefertiti was . It was understandable since she is a werebeast and today will be a full moons .

"Fine, this one came to see your Human? Where is he?" Mane Topaz asked .

Nefertiti pointed at the sea .

"Then can you please invite him over, we have a message that arrived at the Moon Temple from Skyrim a month ago . " Zara said .

A message from Skyrim! Even Nefertiti couldn't ignore that . Was this the thing Jon waited for .

Before they came to Summerset Isles, they had to go through Jon's absurd suggestion about going to Summerset . He said that now his identity as Krilon is known by the Empire, the Thalmor spies will soon find out and come chasing after him, that's why he decided to hide right under their noses right at their, Summerset .

This was all temporary to keep the Thalmor spinning around themselves across the mainland and to cause trouble without feeling restrictions but he was waiting for something as much as the others know .

Nefertiti was more aware than anyone else since she is not just connected with him but she was with him at that place . Still, if this is the message Jon is waiting for, then everything is about to change .

"I understand . " She said as she turned her back to them and faced the sea .

Mane Topaz and Moon Bishop Zara kept watching as Nefertiti took a ready position and all of a sudden, she took a big stride towards the sea . One step the, the next, the third, Nefertiti ran in a supernatural speed as he was right at the end of the shoreline, she jumped up high in a long arc and dived in the water .

Summerset waters are almost pure and transparent, the cool of the water and the warmth of the weather would make going in and out of the water a refreshing experience and Nefertiti loved swimming but she had no time to enjoy it . She started diving deeper and swimming faster supported by her shadows as if she was a siren .

Soon enough, reached a spot where the water was getting alarmingly colder, this meant that Jon is closeby . Diving deeper, Nefertiti could see a white sphere at the sea bid as if a large snowball was fixed there, she hastily divided towards it . Once she came into contact with the shell of the white sphere, she was instantly teleported inside .

Jon was there, he was standing in a weird position with his body red like a blaze . On the other hand, the whole space around him was freezing sending cold shivers into anything coming closer by . Around him, four objects appeared; Pride was floating above, Greed and Lust were orbiting and Wrath was kneeling to Jon . A strange energy synergy was formed between Jon and the four sins .

Ever since Jon's latest breakthrough into the Early Frozen Heart phase, he was trying to speed through it but his haste was unrewarded . Jon's Magicka has a double-edged property which is its high quality, it meant that he can have a stronger Magicka output than any mage but it is hard to cultivate the more he grows stronger . He is currently stuck at the bottleneck of the Mid Frozen Heart phase .

"Nefertiti, you came?" From behind Wrath, a young girl's voice called for Nefertiti .

"Yes . " Nefertiti replied as she spotted Beth who was wrapped in a heavy coat holding a small hammer and a strange tool .

"Master has been in a bad mood since the morning and I wasn't able to work on his skin, he heated himself up to force a breakthrough under pressure but there is no point… Of course you already know, you are in a bad mood as well . "

"… Yes . "

Nefertiti approached Jon and the spoke .

"Hooman, it is time to stop . "

As she said so, Jon could hear her and gradually stopped the ignition of energy inside his body .

"That was reckless . " She said .

Jon gradually came to his senses and opened his closed eyes . His eyes are naturally blue but what was there was black… nothing but black even for the white of his eyes .

His body collapsed and he started coughing then vomited a jet black tar-like substance with a terrifying feeling to it . It is clearly something poisonous but Jon was controlling it with the [Draconian Madstone] around his beck . An Akaviri amulet that can resist poison .

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"You alright, Master . " Beth asked .

"It's okay… I'll be good . " Jon replied as his eyes started coming back to normal .

"You can't control it yet?" Nefertiti asked .

"The Void… I feel like it is chipping my life . This thing is crazy… too crazy . My body is full of impurities because of it . " Jon complained .

"You understand very well that you can't control it . That thing that did this to us…" Nefertiti was usually indifferent even with Jon but her tone was unusually angry, she finally spat the last words, "It is too evil for you to handle . "

"I ran out of choices . Sorry about that, little one . "

"You had a choice . " She said, "You are more important than…"

The thing she was about to say upset him all of a sudden and the space he was maintaining under the sea almost collapsed as the water started to leak in .

"Girl… I don't want to discuss this . "

She was taken aback by his violent reaction and stiffened for a second before looking away from him . Jon realized that his reaction was out of control and his face darkened .

"I am sorry . " He stood up and walked to her patting her back . He could see her eyes almost tearful because of his reaction so he hugged her close .

"For you, I would face a hundred more evils and bear a thousand more curses . This is nothing I can't control . "

He kept patting her until she became better, his reactions were all off since his time on the other side but he is way better compared to a year ago . Other than Nefertiti, Beth and Myr; no one else knew about Jon's situation .

"Your friend is waiting outside . " She said .


"The Mane . "
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"The High Fluff himself?"

"Yes, a message arrived from Skyrim . "

Jon became silent as his head started to switch between one thought to another .

"I see . " Jon nodded and turned to Beth .


"Are you done with the tattoo?" He asked .

"You realize how hard it is to work on your skin with hidden ink?" She almost wanted to lash at him .

"The sooner you finish the tattoo, the easier it is to control the Chaos inside me . You know how much I am relying on you . " Jon patted her head .

"Fine, I'm done with your face . Now with your arms and shoulders, it is all linked together . You can use it right now . "

"Oh! That's our Boethiah, you know how to make Teacher proud . " Jon was pleased with what he heard .

Right away, he led his Magicka through his skin and unbelievable happened, his skin was lighting up in blue hue following the patterns of Beth's special tattoo . In a couple of seconds, Jon's arms, shoulder and face lit up like a fluorescent lamp . Jon didn't like the complicated tattoos that put a lot of details and drawings so he stuck with Tribal Nordic styles of knots and patterns until his face, he shaved his hair to get as many tattoos as possible but as it mattered more, he choose to have two dragons at the side of his head with the same pattern . Thankfully his hair grew again but it isn't as tall as it was before .

All these patterns were now Lightning up in blue giving Jon a high increase in Magicka Manipulation, he could almost feel the Magicka around through his tattoos . By that, he stopped the Magicka flow into them and his skin returned back to normal with not even a single trace .

Jon tried it again with his Aura and the Secret Tattoo became a burning red, the Aura no longer leaked of Jon's body and made him almost feel like a crushing force, one punch of him at this state is akin to an attack from a siege ram . Jon turned it off and stabilized his energy flow .

"How is it?" Beth asked .

"Not bad at all . " Jon said and started to try something else .

This time instead of using his Magicka or Aura, he used an energy that sent shivers down everyone's spine . It started to turn black, a living black, a black that devours all light . Jon himself felt like being overwhelmed now that he opened the seal but he had a safe measure, he hurriedly used the gold ring on his finger and joined hands together . Another black energy rose from the ring and stopped the Berserking energy inside Jon in just one second .

"Not bad, but not enough . " Jon said as he begged for air, "I think I'll tattoo my whole body to get control of this Chaos . "

"In… indeed . " Beth agreed with a shaken face .

Whatever this Chaos inside Jon is, it was scaring him but he had a trump card to deal with it .


[Nurina's Gold Ring] <Dunmer Gold>

- 125% Magicka Regeneration

- ???


The ring Nurina gave him once she decided to adopt him, it was saving his life till today and he can't even comprehend its Enchantment . It had a mystery to it and a secret that can withstand the Chaos .

Jon let out a sigh as his heart was heavy with memories, he can't help but feel bitter since that incident . That's why he indulged himself in a year worth of parties and training .

"I guess we let the High Fluff wait long enough, let's go . " Jon called for the stuff he kept lying around in the Cube and let Beth in as well .

Nefertiti sank in the shadow and he broke out of the frost sphere into the sea swimming up to the shore . He walked out of the water and his muscles brightened under the sun revealing how much progress he has gone through, the body he forged was as Tyrannical as his Aura with its diabolically ripped muscles .

Once he arrived at the shore walking out of the water the most cinematic way he could, he didn't find Mane Topaz of or Moon Bishop Zara .

"Well, that was badly wasted . "

"They must have been led to the hideout, I feel Mirren closeby . " Nefertiti said .

"The epic entrance was already ruined anyway . " Jon said as he hurriedly morphed into a High Elf via Lust .

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The golden skin went well with the red hair so Jon headed directly to Skywatch City to the Thieves Guild . There, Jon received the letter that starts his whole new adventure back home .


• Name: Nefertiti Dare

• Titles: Jon's Soul Familiar, Her Meowjesty

• Race: Shadow Fae (Cat)

• Age: 5

• Blessings: Hircine, Totem Dragon



• Name: Beth (Boethiah)

• Race: Human (Imperial)

• Age: 11

• Level: Mid Ironbone, Frame Foundation

(Game Level: 15)

• Class: Apprentice Diviner Mystic

• Craft: Skin Enchanter

• Energy: 1207/1207

• Condition: Normal

• Bloodline: Inkblood

• Birth Sign: The Ritual

• Blessings: Boethiah



• Name: Jon Dare (Jonhild Firemane)

• Title: The Boss, Thane of Winterhold, Krilon

• Race: Human (Nord)

• Age: 20

• Level: Early Frozen Heart Formation

(Game Level: 67)

• Class: Master Mystic Warrior

• Craft: Master Binary Enchanter

• Condition: Normal

• Bloodline: Firemane (Fireborn/Titanborn)

• Birth Sign: Serpent (Shadow)

• Blessings: All-Maker, Talos, Kyne, Totem Dragon, Sheogorath, Azura, Boethiah, Mephala, Hermaeus Mora




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