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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 117

Published at 10th of February 2018 06:30:49 AM

Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Are You Stupid?

Translator: CatCyan  Editor: Zayn

Su Bai didn’t go to the mortuary . Not because he killed Liang . No one would know he had gone nuts unless Seven suddenly became extremely narrow-minded and told the others . But Seven seemed unlikely to do that .


Most importantly, as a member of that temporary team, he withdrew at the last minute while he should have followed them into the cave or at least tried to find help, although it would make no difference if he did .


Fatty and Gyatso were alive, that was awkward . If they died, things would be much easier between Su Bai and Seven, even if there were a few audiences they hadn’t met .


Su Bai ordered a room in a hotel . It was only one day from the deadline of MT 1 . Su Bai thought it would be great if he could complete MT 1 peacefully and start MT 2 . Compared to Fatty and Gyatso, or even Seven, he was the most recovered among them all .


Before and at the beginning of this story world, the three of them were a good team . But once they come to personal benefit, the team broke immediately while every one of them chose what would benefit himself the most . But that was just humanity . Su Bai would never be surprised about that .


The baby was crawling on the floor . Su Bai was not a good father, in fact, he didn’t do anything for the baby . However, the baby didn’t need much care . He was tough, and could have a good time playing by himself on the floor . If Su Bai didn’t go nuts the other night, he wouldn’t have been born .


However, the baby was rather fond of Su Bai . While Su Bai was lying on the bed looking out of the window with his eyes narrowed, the baby had climbed to him and stretched his arms for hugs for multiple times . But every time he would be kicked off . He looked delicate but was actually tough, and would always come back in a while asking for hugs, only to be kicked away again . It seemed to be a game for him, and he was enjoying it .


In the evening, Su Bai ordered some dishes, put the kid on the table and threw a chicken drumstick to him .


The baby put it on the table, bent over and started biting . As a newborn only several days old, it was impossible for him to hold the drumstick . But when he was lying prone, his tender butt was moving right in front of Su Bai .


Taking a sip of wine, Su Bai slapped on his butt . The kid didn’t burst into tears or screams, just moved to another place smiling and went on eating .


Seeing the little guy biting that greasy drumstick with a satisfied look, Su Bai suddenly felt touched . He remembered the first time he had to dine alone after his parents were killed .


He closed the eyes and tried to control his emotions . He didn’t want his emotions to be affected by such stuff . This was a story world, and it wouldn’t always be safe even though it seemed peaceful at the moment .


When he opened his eyes, he saw the little guy had crawled over, pushed the remaining half of drumstick to him and stared at him with teary eyes . Apparently, the kid could sense Su Bai’s emotional changes although he was too young to talk .


Su Bai looked at the drumstick, picked it up and took a bite .


The kid was cheered up . He approached Su Bai’s cup and licked the wine, but immediately started rolling about on the table, waving his hands and foot . The wine must taste too spicy for him .


"Ha ha . " Su Bai felt the kid was quite interesting .


Just then, he heard a knock on the door .


Su Bai knew someone would come, and kind of figured out who it was . That was why he ordered the meal .


"Come in . " Su Bai filled the other cup with wine .


Gyatso closed the door, sat on the opposite of Su Bai and drank up the wine without any small talk . Then Gyatso shook his head and stared at Su Bai .


"If it’s about that, I’m not in the mood . " By "that" Gyatso meant what happened at the cave .


"I’m not gonna explain that . " Gyatso was blunt, and so was Su Bai, "In fact, I don’t think I need to explain anything about that . "


Of course, audiences often stabbed in one another’s back . There was no need for explanation .


They were audiences, not experiencers, so it was better not to get obsessed with morality . They were like enemies in a war . Did they have to wait until both sides had set up their formation and even built up military airports?


"Then what’s going on today?" Gyatso’s only hand was on the table, knocking on the table with knuckles . Gyatso and Seven were much alike in some way, for starters they both were incredibly calm . He was always under control, and had never lost his temper or been influenced by the surroundings .


"How’s Fatty?" Su Bai asked .


"Not good . It’d be a miracle if he can hold up until the end of the story . " Gyatso looked at Su Bai .


"And you?"


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"Can’t you see?" Gyatso was missing an arm . His right sleeve was empty and hanging over .


Su Bai nodded . "Today, I just want to offer you a drink . That’s all . "


"I’ve had that drink . " From the beginning to the end, Gyatso was staring at Su Bai’s eyes .


"Then you are free to go . " Su Bai was still blunt .


Gyatso smiled, stood up and pointed to the baby on the table:


"Who’s this? It’s only a few days since we met last time, you’re running a nursery now?"


"That is a joke . " Su Bai answered . The joke was more than just a baby . It also included Gyatso and Fatty . For a false target, one of them lost an arm and the other was suffering from ptomaine . Wasn’t that a good joke?


"Oh, a joke . " Gyatso turned around and walked out of the door . He left abruptly just as his sudden arrival .


Su Bai looked at the kid . He had been lying quietly on the table since Gyatso walked in, must be terrified by Gyatso’s scents . But Su Bai didn’t understand . Wasn’t he much scarier than Gyatso? Why wasn’t the kid afraid of him at all? Because he was the "midwife"?


Su Bai opened the window facing a small river . Standing by the window, he could see Gyatso who was walking towards the mortuary . The view was great, unlike the modern world crowded with tall buildings, where peace might be rare to find .


Gyatso seemed to have no idea that Su Bai was watching him from the window behind . He walked in his own pace, empty sleeve held in his hand . Apparently, what Su Bai said when he left had finally gotten into his mind . The hanging sleeve was like a wordless taunt to him .


The little guy jumped off the table by himself and crawled to Su Bai’s feet . Su Bai crouched down, picked him up and put him on the sill by the window . The kid was excited and kept waving his hands and moving his feet .


He was curious about everything because he had just come to this world for a few days . However, if Su Bai didn’t go nuts that night, he might be shared and eaten right after birth .


And now Gyatso was no where to be seen . He was gone .


A butterfly flew in and landed on the tiny bald head . The kid rolled up his eyes to have a look at it, but tried not to move in case he might scare it away .

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Su Bai caught the butterfly and put it in front of the kid .


The little guy was thrilled . He looked at the butterfly and thought it was beautiful .


But when he moved closer, Su Bai let go of the butterfly and it immediately flew away . The kid leaned over and reached out for it, but lost his balance and fell out of the window . He stared at Su Bai but found Su Bai was not going to catch him at all . His eyes teared .


Then, with a splash, the little guy fell into the river .


Su Bai turned his back to the window .




The door suddenly fell down . In the cloud of dust, Gyatso showed up .


Su Bai clapped his hands and stared at Gyatso who had doubled back .


"The baby . Hand it over . " One of Gyatso’s eyes turned red as if it had come to life . And the red color was changing .


Now Gyatso looked scary . He was a demon already .


But Su Bai shrugged as if he didn’t understand at all .


"I can understand Seven setting a trap for us,


"and you leaving without warning us,


"but I can’t understand why you kept that little thing but did nothing!


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"I would have understood if you ate him, and I wouldn’t complain anything or even come back . I would have respected your skills for you were better than us .




"… If you’re not eating him…"


"So what?" Su Bai asked .


Gyatso’s red pupil suddenly shrunk . Then he answered seriously:


"I’ll eat him . "


Su Bai smiled but said nothing .


"It’s a story world! Everything here is either to kill us or make us stronger! What the hell are you thinking about?" Gyatso’s rage was raising and pressing on Su Bai .


Su Bai pointed to his face and asked: "Didn’t Seven tell you what I am?"


"A psychopath . " Gyatso walked to Su Bai . It was really intense between them .


Su Bai nodded .


"That’s right!


"I’m a psychopath!


"And you ask me why?


"Are you stupid?"

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