Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Murder Came

Translator: CatCyan  Editor: Zayn

Darkness brought people fear as well as some kind of consolation at the same time, especially now, when Su Bai was hidden into the woods and his body was concealed by darkness; even his breath became smoother unintentionally, and his nervousness was relieved .

Just during such a short period, Chen Chu had turned a corner and walked into the distance . Under the street light, he was merely a vague feature .

Su Bai slowly crouched, hid himself behind two trees and began to listen carefully to everything happening around here . Unless that murderer was a former special force soldier, under such circumstances, there would be no chance that he could approach him without a sound .



Some tiny sound like a mosquito came into Su Bai’s ears; he couldn’t help breathing in some chilly air .

Did he…

…make a bad shot?

The murder was not human…

…but that thing?


The sound was approaching; holding his dagger, Su Bai’s palm began to sweat .

The wind around this place seemed to have stopped at this moment, and the moon was covered by the dark clouds; even the streetlights, which were not very bright, began to twinkle .

Such a suffocating atmosphere .

Su Bai’s face was covered with cold sweat; but his eyes were wide open, his head was slightly raised, and his hand held the dagger tightly, close to his chest .

Finally, something cold slowly touched his shoulder .

It was like…

…a human hand!

At the moment it touched him, Su Bai growled, turned around and stabbed with his dagger .


There came a sharp screech that shocked Su Bai into a great dizziness; he staggered and fell onto the ground . Su Bai pressed his head and immediately looked ahead: it was a white shadow that had rushed over right in front of his eyes in a hurry, jumped directly into the back wall of the dormitory and just disappeared, as if it had wormed its way into it .

“Is it… really a ghost?”

Su Bai looked at his dagger and then looked ahead .

Just then, in the distance, there came a sound of footsteps, boots rubbing on the fallen leaves . Su Bai got up at once .


With a bark, a small black dog rushed at Su Bai . He instinctively waved his dagger towards the dog, but it was wary and moved so fast that it jumped backwards with a kick of its legs and escaped from Su Bai’s dagger .

“What are you doing!”

With a harsh shout, there came a big guy in a military camouflage shirt . He looked at Su Bai angrily .

This was the guy he saw in the BBQ joint out of the school . But the one who wore sunglasses at night was not here .

The camouflage guy looked at Su Bai’s knife in his hand, then looked ahead and said with a smile of contempt .

“A wandering spirit haunting around here can scare you to this? Your dagger has taken multiple lives and it has resentment and rage on it; no normal ghost can get closer to you . ”

The camouflage guy looked around while talking: “The male student, where is he? Where did he go? Tell me . ”

Su Bai coughed, looked at the camouflage guy but didn’t say a word .

“F**king tell me! Do you know what it means to us if that thing killed that guy and his girlfriend again?”

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“You…” The camouflage guy took a deep breath, “Just tell me the direction . I don’t have time for bullshit with you . ”

“The girls’ dormitory is over there, over the basketball courts . They should be meeting in the basketball courts, leave the campus and return to their rented apartment outside school . ” Su Bai then asked, “That ghost . . . is it the murderer?”

“Of course not . ”

The camouflage guy turned around at once and headed to the basketball courts with his dog .

Su Bai hesitated and then ran after him .

The camouflage guy heard Su Bai following him and warned him: “Stay behind me, and try hard to stay alive . ”

Su Bai didn’t answer . He just kept running .

The basketball courts had two entrance, one towards the campus and the other towards the gate . When Su Bai and the camouflage guy arrived, they saw two figures at the opposite entrance .

“The first crime scene should be in their rented apartment . ” Su Bai said, “We have to follow them now . According to you, if they are not killed right now the way they were killed in reality, then we should even move faster to their apartment, get ahead of them . The killer would be ready to attack them there, or even hiding there right now . ”

The camouflage guy narrowed his eyes a little: “How would you know? What if the killer is planning to attack in the campus? There is some distance between those two guys and the gate, and it looks like they are going via the path behind the library, which is a perfect spot for murder . ”

“Chen Chu’s girlfriend was cooked and sliced or sliced and cooked . Anyway, he can’t set up a fire and a huge boiler for cooking human flesh . Also, Chen Chu was nailed to a chair in his living room . So there is a great chance he’s gonna kill and cut and cook the body in their rented apartment . ”

The camouflage guy looked at Su Bai and nodded . “Is there another way?”

“Over the wall . On that side is the Sunset Glow Square outside school, then across the road is the block of their rented apartment . They are going to take the school gate; even if they took the shortcut behind the library, it is a long detour . We’ll have enough time . ”

“Fine . Let’s go . ”

Su Bai led the camouflage guy to the wall . It was not high, so Su Bai stretched his hands on its top and got up after he found a foothold for his feet . The camouflage guy was even better; he got over with the small black dog in one of his hands .

They ran across the Sunset Glow Square and arrived at the other side of the road . Ahead of them, there was an old block named Beijing New Village . Chen Chu and his girlfriend were living here .

According to his memory, Su Bai found the building Chen Chu lived in . The camouflage guy was walking behind him .

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“The lights are on?” The camouflage guy wondered .

“Impossible! Unless they can fly, there’s no way to get ahead of us . Besides…” Su Bai seemed to have realized something . “That’s not the lights; the light is shaking, whoever’s inside is holding a flashlight!”

Su Bai said rapidly in a low voice .

The camouflage guy put on a cheerful face . Then he took out a steel tube from behind his waist and rushed into the dark corridor .

Su Bai followed him . The lights in the corridor were broken . They should be voice controlled, but when they rushed in, none of them lit up .

Everything around was covered in darkness .

Upstairs, the camouflage guy didn’t hesitate when he got in front of the door . After Su Bai caught up, the camouflage guy started kicking on the door, “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

But even with such loud crashes, the neighbors were still in silence as if nobody heard anything .


Only after a few kicks did door open . The camouflage guy rushed in directly, but there was no light inside anymore .

The first thought that came to Su Bai was that the killer was gone .

Through the window?

After going into the room Su Bai subconsciously reached out to the switch of the lights beside the door . But after hitting the switch, the lights didn’t light up .

Were they broken? Or was the electricity of this apartment cut off by someone?

Just at this moment, Su Bai felt a strong strength approaching from behind . Su Bai leaned to his side instinctively . Afterwards, he felt a pain on his shoulder and was struck down .

Su Bai laid on the ground holding his shoulder .


A flashlight was turned on .

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It was the sunglasses guy that was holding the flashlight . And it was the camouflage guy that had attacked him with the steer tube .

“What’s going on? Are you the killers?”

Su Bai shouted .

“Ha ha, we are not that good . We are just like you, but sometimes, in order to accomplish the task and to stay alive, we need someone to sacrifice a little .

“Sorry . At the beginning, we were planning to keep you alive for more awards, but things are different now .

Someone has to die here to slow down that thing . And you’re the best choice . ”

The sunglasses said while giving the camouflage guy a sign of “get to work” .

The camouflage guy was trying to hit Su Bai on the head, but Su Bai was so fast that he missed the vital parts .

“Do you really need so much trouble just to kill me?” Su Bai reached out to his dagger while trying to calm down . In the meantime, he felt it difficult to understand . They had many chances to kill him before, and there was no need to bother so much to lure him here .

“Some things are worth the bother . ” The sunglasses guy explained, “You will not understand in such a short time even if I explain to you now . Besides, it’s not necessary for you to understand . ”

“Now cut the crap . Get the condoms and knife, disable him, and tie him up for further use . It’s getting closer to the crime time we speculated . ”

The camouflage guy urged his partner while walking towards Su Bai . But soon, he stopped in shock because he saw fear in Su Bai’s eyes; it could be normal for people to be frightened when facing death and harm, but Su Bai wasn’t looking at him but somewhere behind him .

Behind him?

Was there something behind him?

“What are you looking a… . coo coo…”

The camouflage guy’s words turned into “coo” before he could finish them . His tongue was spit out and made a clear sound when it hit the ground .