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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 70

Published at 23rd of August 2017 05:15:15 AM

Chapter 70: Chapter 70 - Himself and Himself
The faint light from deep down his pupils was a signal of the ultimate death . Zombies were special beings that could struggle for life after they died; a new self would be born from their death .

Now, Su Bai was pushed to this critical point .
In fact, Su Bai had gotten a vampire physique, ptomaine and cold toxin, but judging by the absolute amount, none of them was strong enough to make him impressive . That was why Fatty and Ego wouldn’t want to share with him, and that was why Su Bai had gotten multiple power attributes but still couldn’t make himself valuable in Fatty and Ego’s minds .
However, a power of the lowest level, even if it was as tiny as a firefly, should never be ignored .
Su Bai burst into a roar that was barely a human voice . He was at the edge of a breakdown .
However, because of this, the phantom of the blood leech was completely broken . From the original self to the zombie self, it seemed no different but actually, it was an abrupt transformation of life form . As a result, the phantom of the blood leech had lost its target due to the change of the subject .
Su Bai lowered his head and looked at that blood leech; it was still sticking to his arm sucking hard even though there wasn’t any blood anymore . He opened his mouth; his two fangs of a vampire had turned into symbolic fangs of a zombie .
A sense of darkness was sent forth from him, including misfortune, disaster, and bad luck . He grabbed the blood leech with his wizened fingers as if he was holding a naughty child .
The blood leech struggled violently . But it was only capable of creating horrible phantoms; just like a person who was always deliberately mystifying other people wouldn’t be able to win in fair fights . Now, the blood leech could no longer play Su Bai to the beat . It seemed to be helplessly sympathetic in Su Bai’s skeletal hand .
Su Bai raised up his head and lifted his hand . The blood leech was stuffed into his mouth…
… without wasting even the tiniest drop .
There’s no need to make you spit out what was taken from me…
I’ll just eat you up!
I’ll take what was taken from me with all the added bonus!
The blood leech was chewed and swallowed down . Su Bai stretched out his arms and kept shouting with joy in a language that only he himself could understand .
However, just then, the noise here finally caught the attention of someone else .

Jack and the two western young men behind him were all covered with the same milky glory . Apparently, the three of them were all enhanced on Dou Qi . It was a common enhancement which was popular among western audiences . Actually, the three of them were the toughest in their group .
Facing three aggressively approaching Qi, Su Bai didn’t try to escape . Actually, he didn’t even react at all; he just became quiet with his arms hanging beside his waist . The faint light in his eyes had become deeper and deeper . He was poker-faced, but there was a strong sense of disdain .
The three masters of Dou Qi encircled Su Bai in a triangular matrix .
"What are you?" Unexpectedly, Jack asked in Chinese this time .
Su Bai looked at Jack with an indifferent look but made no reply .
Jack singled his two partners; they rushed towards Su Bai together while Jack attacked from the front .
Like an irritated beast, Su Bai waved his arms wildly, and at the same time, his feet floated by approximately five centimeters above the ground .
When attacking over great distances, their power couldn’t hurt Su Bai, Fatty, and Ego, because they were not strong enough to attach their Dou Qi onto arrows or javelins . But right now, in a direct fight, their capability and advantages as masters of Dou Qi would be revealed completely .
However, Jack frowned . Unexpectedly, the energy they sent couldn’t even get close to this unconscious zombie . When the zombie waved his arms wildly, ice walls appeared around him and blocked their attack with Dou Qi .
Just then, the Dreadful Radio host’s voice came into everyone’s mind:
[ This was a tranquil night, but mutual distrust had brought jealousy and led to bloodsheds .
People are inclined to fight against each other, but they can easily ignore that more horrible things are lurking around them, hiding and waiting;
This forest looks ordinary but also uncommon .

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In here…
…is not the end of everything .
This… is just a prelude, a prologue . The real story… has just begun…" ]
. . .
At this moment, Fatty and Ego were holding two staves respectively . These staves were in the hands of the statues at the end of this tunnel; after they took them off, the statues, which had been standing here for god knows how long, just turned into dust and vanished .
Then, immediately, there came the notice from the Dreadful Radio .
Fatty and Ego looked at each other . Apparently, they had triggered something that led to the next stage of the story .
However, just like the last time, the Dreadful Radio didn’t issue the main task and everyone was a little confused .
The story had just begun?
"What next?" Fatty asked .
"Get aground first, then buy some time and try to figure out the secrets and roles of these staves . If so, we will have the upper hand; we won’t have to panic no matter what happens next . "
Just when Fatty and Ego was about to return from where they came, the tunnel started to collapse and even the cabin was falling apart .
. . .

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At the entrance into the woods, the convenience store was standing there quietly, and its black owner was still more interested in the TV shows than in his guests and business . He was sort of a mixture of all kinds of shortcomings of most black people . But you couldn’t blame him for that; usually, there wouldn’t be even one guest in a whole day . Anyone would be a little slack or mentally disordered after living in such isolated place for so long .
A rather worn car stopped outside the store . Three men got off: a fat guy, an elegant man with glasses like a teacher, and a handsome young man .
The three men never said anything after they got off; they just went into the store together .
They didn’t buy any food, only choosing from some tools . Apparently, their aim was clear and direct .
When they were going to pay, a fat eastern man waved to a dozen of western young men sitting behind him .
"As usual . We go first, you guys hurry up . "
The western young men smiled back . Most of them were calm instead of frightened .
The three of them went back to the car . The driver was a young man .
"Location and situation are all clear?"
The fat one and the teacher with glasses nodded together .
"Kill them and we will be qualified to replace them and get a chance to return to the real world . Before daybreak, it’s our last chance . Once the sun’s up, everything will be over . "
The car didn’t slow down at all even after it rushed into the woods . When it reached a certain place, the three men got off together .
One of them went deep into the woods while the other two went to a different direction . Behind them, a group of aggressive western young people was ready to go; in the front, the man in a red jacket was wearing a brutal smile .
. . .
On this side, the fight had actually ended hastily . The fallen cabin caused a loud noise right after the notice from the Dreadful Radio . Anyone could tell that something must have happened over there and caused such a change of the plot .
Jack and his partners immediately gave up their attack on Su Bai, turned around and rushed to the cabin .
Su Bai, on the other hand, continued wandering aimlessly like a walking dead or a homeless ghost . His eyes were sometimes ruthless, sometimes dull and sometimes hesitating .

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Just when he went across a brook, a man appeared in front of him . The guy threw over a cigarette and a lighter, and then sat on a rock beside the brook .
Su Bai was shocked . But slowly, his zombie look faded . His body was plumped up, dry hair became glossy, and he finally regained his original appearance .
He picked up the cigarette and the lighter, sat beside the guy and lit up the cigarette .
"Patrolling as a walking dead for fun?" The guy couldn’t hold his smile .
"It feels good to go mad without thinking . " Su Bai answered .
The guy stretched out, patted on Su Bai’s shoulder and smiled .
"Never mind . Let’s cut the crap . Drink my blood, will you? It may benefit you a little, maybe even upgrade you as a vampire, so you won’t have to look forward to that stupid e-shop .
"Sigh! I’m just so unlucky . Others won’t change too much in their strength, but they should be completely different in mindset . Therefore, it will be easy for them to kill their noumena and take their places . But unluckily, my noumenon has burst again . "
"It can’t be that bad . We can still have a fight," Su Bai said .
"No need for so much trouble," the guy insisted .
Su Bai nodded, opened his mouth and bit the guy’s neck .
However, just then, a small knife appeared in the guy’s hand . It was carved with a silver matrix that could restrain and harm vampires to a great extent .
The knife went right into Su Bai’s chest .
The guy laughed aloud, "I got the raw materials from the convenience store . That fat guy helped me with this special matrix against vampires . You’re dead!"
Su Bai’s fangs continued going into the guy’s neck . However, he was not drinking but gnawing! A large mass was bitten off from the guy’s neck, and in the meantime, there was an unbelievable look in the guy’s eyes .
"I know, I’m not that naive . I’d rather grind you as ordinary meat than drink your blood as a vampire as you said . "
Su Bai’s skin cracked in the wind and revealed its original color as a zombie .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!