Dual Cultivation - Chapter 180

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Chapter 180

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"You don't seem to be concerned… or more like you don't care at all…" said Qiuyue after seeing his nonchalant expression.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Xiao Rong is a part of the Ghost Cat's bloodline, she isn't the type to attack others without being provoked by them first, especially humans, so they probably deserved it. What's more, there's nothing I can do now that it's already happened. That being said, I will still speak with her when she returns."

Su Yang had a feeling that Xiao Rong may have caused trouble when she first returned with her disguise reverted and Profound Qi lingering around her body, so he wasn't too shocked to hear about it actually happening.

After their short conversation, somebody started knocking on the doors.

Su Yang went to the door to see Matriarch Zhu standing outside with barely any breathe left in her.

"E-Esteemed guest!" Matriarch Zhu began speaking once she calmed down a little. "The arrangements are ready... Here are all of the herbs that are required for the Soul Divination Pill."

She retrieved the storage ring with the ingredients in it and handed it to Su Yang without wasting any time.

Su Yang accepted the storage ring with a smile, and he spoke a moment later after confirming the contents, "I was beginning to wonder if you'd forgotten about me, or if you were delaying it on purpose..."

Matriarch Zhu began sweating and lowered her head to apologize, "Please forgive me! I didn't plan on—"

Su Yang raised his hand and interrupted, "There's no need to apologize. If anything, I should be thankful for the delay."

"Huh?" Matriarch Zhu lifted her head with a dumbfounded expression.

He was thankful? Why would he thank her for delaying the arrangement?

However, Su Yang did not explain anything and continued, "Now that our arrangement has been fulfilled, it is time for me to leave."

Matriarch Zhu looked at him with wide eyes. He's going to leave just like this? What about concocting the Soul Divination Pill? She'd even anticipated that he would concoct the pill in their place!

"I-If you don't mind, you can use the cauldrons here to concoct the pill. I don't mean to be boastful, but the cauldrons in this place are the best you can find in this continent… And you are already here, anyway..." Matriarch Zhu wanted to see him concoct the Soul Divination Pill even if she had to lower herself.

After all, even if she has the recipe for the Soul Divination Pill, if she doesn't know the process to create the pill, it will still take decades of trial and error before she could concoct the Soul Divination Pill.

"Thank you for the offer, but I do not intend to concoct the Soul Divination Pill." Su Yang said, leaving Matriarch Zhu puzzled.

"Huh? You don't plan on concocting the pill? Then why would you…"

"That's not something you should be worried about, Matriarch." Su Yang spoke in a nonchalant voice, and he continued, "Anyway, we will be leaving as soon as we finish our preparations."

"B-But what about my daughter, Zhu Mengyi? I haven't spoken to her for days, do you have any idea where she might be?" Matriarch Zhu asked.

Su Yang glanced at the Cauldron Room with the corner of his eye and responded, "You don't have to worry. Your daughter is currently resting in the Cauldron Room over there."

"Let me go speak with her—"

Matriarch Zhu approached the Cauldron Room but was instantly blocked by Su Yang.

"What's the matter?"

"I think you should leave her alone for now, as she's currently in the state of enlightenment."

"Enlightenment?! Her?!" Matriarch Zhu gasped in shock.

Enlightenment is something that rarely occurs in the world of Cultivation, and more often than not, after one finishes their enlightenment, they will have a whole new and profound understanding for whatever caused the enlightenment.

However, Zhu Mengyi gaining enlightenment is only an excuse created by Su Yang to keep Matriarch Zhu away from Zhu Mengyi before she recovers from her 'cultivation'. If Matriarch Zhu were to enter the Cauldron Room right now, she would definitely be terrified for the rest of her life to see her own daughter in her current appearance.

"I-I understand…" Matriarch Zhu immediately tossed aside the thought of seeing Zhu Mengyi after hearing Su Yang's words.

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Matriarch Zhu left a little bit later with a bitter taste in her mouth. Although she deeply regrets not being able to witness the Soul Divination Pill being concocted before her eyes, there was nothing she could do about it.

"At least that girl managed to achieve enlightenment…" she sighed to herself as she returned to her own living quarters.

Once Matriarch Zhu disappeared, Su Yang said to Qiuyue, "Prepare to return to the Profound Blossom Sect once Xiao Rong returns."

Qiuyue nodded, and she looked at the Cauldron Room. "Enlightenment, huh…"

A few hours later, Xiao Rong returned to Su Yang's side, and coincidentally, Zhu Mengyi also recovered enough energy to walk at that time.

When Zhu Mengyi saw that Su Yang was finally leaving, tears flowed down her face uncontrollably.

Although she'd been preparing herself mentally for his inevitable departure for the last few days, she still couldn't help but become emotional when the time for him to leave finally arrived.

"Do you really have to go?" Zhu Mengyi asked him with red eyes.

"Un." Su Yang nodded.

"Will you return someday?"

"I will try."

"How long will that take?"

"I don't know."

"What should the name of our child be?"


Zhu Mengyi grew more emotional the longer she spoke with Su Yang, looking like a crybaby after being separated from her parents. 

"As long as I am alive, I will surely return one day — I promise." Su Yang used his hand to wipe the tears off Zhu Mengyi's beautiful face.

"I will miss you…"

Su Yang suddenly embraced Zhu Mengyi and passionately kissed her, which only made it harder for Zhu Mengyi to let him go.

Zhu Mengyi closed her eyes and returned the embrace and kiss.

A few moments later, Su Yang released his arms first because Zhu Mengyi was reluctant to let go.

In the end, this is a fate that all those who had foolishly fallen in love with Su Yang has to share, hence why many despise Su Yang in the Four Divine Heavens. And while many of his partners were able to accept such an outcome and let him go after some time, some people would try anything to stay with him, even if it's only for a little bit longer.