Dual Sword God - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Within the forestry of the mountain range, there was a grand faceoff between Feng Yu and the four silver-furred apes . They stood off on an open field that was surrounded by countless tall ancient trees .

A gust swept across their battlefield kicking up clusters of petals which continued to flow amongst the distant trees at the edges of the field . Rays of sunlight beamed down through the spaces between the tree leaves, bathing all the forms locked into the standoff .

The glossy silver fur on the bodies of the elder apes flowed with the wind making them look like divine entities sent from the heavens . Standing at the center was a man with bright red hair dancing about softly in the wind . Observing this scene from a distance, it seemed as if it was the final battle between the divine entities of heaven and the Red-Haired Demon King .

The atmosphere soon became sharp, as the Silver Furred Apes grew more severe upon seeing a sword appearing in Feng Yu's hand . They could all feel the great threat of the sword itself . They reached for objects in the surroundings each of them choosing one to use as a weapon .

Seeing them arm themselves for battle, Feng Yu felt that this was not going to be as easy as he imagined .

He then positioned himself for battle, not by his previous combat stance, but instead assuming basic combat form with both his arms holding the sword over his head, while crouching down with one foot in front and the other facing outward .

"I've never used a sword before in my previous life, but at least I have an idea towards its basic combat form . I'll have to get a sword scroll whenever I get the chance in the future . " Feng Yu muttered while observing the Silver Furred Apes .

Swish! One of the Silver Furred Apes in front of Feng Yu moved, creating a remnant shade in its previous location . It quickly arrived at Feng Yu's front brandishing the large bat-shaped boulder towards his skull .

Wooosshh! The pressure from the force of the strike caused the space in front of Feng Yu to grow disorganized . However, he did not move . Carefully inspecting with his Soulforce once again he found the perfect spot for an attack .

Flash! With a sway of his body, Feng Yu used the <Lightning Flash Steps> transforming into a streak of lightning swiftly appearing to the side of the silver-furred ape . His hands still grasping the sword and then slashing violently towards the Silver Furred Ape's unguarded hand .


The sword cry resounded throughout the silent space . The Silver Furred Ape, noticing that his opponent had vanished, felt an ominous omen . It tried to move its hand in time, but it was too late .

Puchi! The sound of meat getting sliced resounded throughout the field . The sword in Feng Yu's hands was plunged deep into the fleshy hand of the Silver Furred Ape . Sadly, it was stopped at the bone unable to advance further .

"Sigh, 'One must learn to walk before they try to run . ' Although the sword I have is quite a powerful one, I can't utilize its power effectively . Therefore, I'll have to get a Sword Technique as soon as possible," Seeing the result of his assault, Feng Yu was slightly disappointed .

The boulder that was in the Silver Furred Ape's hand fell towards the ground as it began to howl while holding its injured hand mournfully, "Hooouuuu!"

Seeing an excellent chance to escape, Feng Yu implemented his <Lightning Flash Steps> instantly moving 15 meters away .

Hou! Hou! Hou!

The momentarily stunned Silver Furred Apes, upon seeing Feng Yu trying to escape, quickly pursued once more .


A figure would momentarily appear and disappear after a series of flashes . It would then slash its sword at a creature that flanked it from the side, only to end up getting attacked and injured by another assaulting creature assaulting it from its unguarded side .

After vanishing again and appearing a distance away, the figure would swiftly relaunch slashes into the air blocking projectiles sent flying from a nearby range by a third creature preventing him from escaping with continuous 'Flashes . ' It was a stunning display of 'Gorilla Tactics' or, in this case, Ape Stratagem .

Soon, these figures would once again turn into remnant shades pursuing a distant line of lightning trailing further and further into the depths of the mountain range .

With his entire body in a bloody mess, Feng Yu continued to use his <Lightning Flash Steps> . Due to extreme life and death situation, his progress could be considered as astounding . A single flash could now take him to 30 meters instead of the previous 15 meters steadily . He was making his way towards full success stage .

"This isn't looking good . I have to find a way out!" Feng Yu said exhaustedly .

After nearly 6 hours of being chased, it was now getting dark and approaching the mountain's forest most dangerous period . Feeling that the situation was getting worse, Feng Yu began to worry . He launched out his Soulforce to find a slim chance of survival . Soon, he found that within the distance there was a cave that appeared to have been covered up with some large stones, leaving only a part of it out in the open .

Excited with his discovery, Feng Yu was motivated harder to strive for survival . Sadly, in the distance, a loud noise was dampening his mood .


With one hand dragging the Golden Crown Red Tiger King's Corpse, the Golden Furred Ape King appeared in the distance . Looking over at the undergoing chase lead by its clansmen elders, an excited expression appeared on its face as it noticed it wouldn't take long for the dirty human to be caught .


The Golden Furred Ape King shouted in an excited manner teasing Feng Yu . However, a puzzled expression came on its face as it looked towards the location Feng Yu headed .

With its keen eyesight, it spotted a small cave entrance covered by many brushes . Upon noticing this, the Golden Furred Ape King went mad; it tossed aside the Red Tiger King's corpse and rushed forward at full speed .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

"DAMN HUMANITY! DIE ALREADY!" The Golden Furred Ape King roared in anger as it rapidly ran behind him .

Within a few moments, the Golden Furred Ape King was already closing in on Feng Yu . Its sheer speed regarding its size would make anyone baffle in awe .

A pity Feng Yu was in no such position .

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"I must run faster!" Feng Yu forgot his surroundings and concentrated only on moving as fast as he possibly could with <Lightning Flash Steps> . Shortly, his body began to glow with a vague aura of lightning .


As if breaking through a barrier, the sound of thunder was heard as Feng Yu's form instantly vanished and appeared 60 meters in the direction towards the cave . Looking at the distance shrinking faster and faster, Feng Yu was too preoccupied with survival to notice his breakthrough to the full success stage of the <Lightning Flash Steps> movement skill .

He continued to use the <Lightning Flash Steps> leaving thunderous booms at every jump into the distance . The trail of lightning shown behind him was getting more realistic after each use of the technique .

600 meters, 540 meters, 480 meters, 410 meters, 350 meters, 290 meters, 230 meters, 170 meters .

"ALMOST THERE!" Feng Yu roared at the top of this voice .

"DIE! EARTH SHRINKER!" The Golden Furred Ape King was furious at the prey that slipped out of its reach . As it roared and started to glow in a golden color, it was now using one of its innate-abilities bestowed to it by the heavens .

Phew! Like a streak of light, it instantly appeared behind Feng Yu from its previous distance of over 500 meters . The Golden Furred Ape King raised its right-hand gathering all the power it could muster into its palm . Soon, its palm started to glow as it launched out a palm strike towards Feng Yu releasing the condensed essence-energies gathered within it .

A feeling of inescapable death came over Feng Yu . Knowing full well that he could not escape it, he decided to go out by giving it his all in one final attack .

"I've died once before! What's the point of being scared about dying again?" With a firm look in his eyes and a determined expression on his face, he swiftly turned around and raised his right hand .

Looking at the stream of gold essence energy rushing toward him from the Golden Furred Ape King's palm attack, he instantly understood what he was missing for his full success stage of the <Blazing Mantis Palm> . His entire collection of fire essence energy gathered inside of his palm, and with his full strength, he launched it towards the opposing Golden Furred Ape King .

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"Blazing Mantis Palm Arts: Third Stance - Blazing Palm Wave!"

Swwoossshh! BANG!

The fire essence energy rushed out of his palm towards the opposing gold essence energy creating an explosion that knocked Feng Yu backward causing him to cough up a mouth full of blood . Although he could now unleash his essence energy, it was still far from being a match for the 9 Star Golden Fur Ape King .

The Golden Furred Ape King was surprised after seeing Feng Yu survive its assault . It rushed forward once again roaring angrily and unleashed another death blow towards Feng Yu .

Utterly exhausted after unleashing all the essence-energy stored within his body, Feng Yu was now too weak even to make a counter-attack . He looked at the sinister sneer on the Golden Furred Ape King's face as its massive fist soon eclipsed his view of the rest of the world .

"I will not sit here and wait for my death!" Feng Yu mustered up his last will and looked at the sword still in his right hand . He noticed the name of the sword engraved on its blade in fine writing, 'Black Lightning . '

"Black Lightning, Eh! Shall we give it one last shot . . . " An in-depth look appeared on his pale face as he gazed at the sword in his hand, as If responding towards Feng Yu's gaze; the sword began to give out a soft cry .

"I will not die! Block for me!" gripping 'Black Lightning' with his two hands he slashed out with every ounce of strength left in his injured body .

"HMPH! DEATH!" The golden Furred Ape King roared in excitement as his fist smashed into Feng Yu .

Crack-crack! Swwwoooossshhhh!

Like a comet, Feng Yu's body was blasted away crashing into the cave that was now only a few meters behind him . He tumbled down and continued to fall all the way deep into the cave .

The remaining force of the Golden Furred Ape King's attack was relentless as it smashed into the cave exterior causing the entrance to cave-in .


Looking at the collapsed cave entrance, the Golden Furred Ape King was once again upset . It roared into the sky and started to destroy everything within the area .