Dual Sword God - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

The atmosphere within the depths of the cavern was a 'boiling' one indeed as heatwaves gushed about everywhere . Occasionally, flares of flames would spurt out from the ground crashing unto the walls .

As if some force-controlled them, a few of the massive flares abruptly shot out from the lava soaring into the sky before threateningly traveling towards the central platform .

Whoosh! Noticing the flames rushing towards them, the figure in imperial robes appeared as if it was not worth his attention . With an indifferent expression, he casually waved his hand causing the downburst of flames to collapse into sparkles of light that scattered across the platform . A few of the sparks of light flew across the face of a confused looking young man .

Hearing the name of the figure, Feng Yu wasn't shocked or startled but rather puzzled as he had never heard this name before . Even in his families archive from his memories, or at least not in their current archives .

Regarding Feng Yu's expression, Tydol wasn't surprised . It was the reaction he was expecting . He looked towards the rocky ceiling of the cavern in a daze for a while before starting to speak once more .

"It's natural that you've never heard of me, as I am, after all . . . only a remnant of an old legend . . . an old tale of a forgotten man," Tydol said while smiling wearily .

"They once called me the 'Emperor of Man . ' Eventually, I became known as the 'Emperor of the World . ' The day I found my Supreme Dao I had already ruled the masses of the Greater World for thousands of eras . Soon, I became known throughout time as the one called Tydol, Tydol of the Phantasmal Swords . But, that was countless years ago . . . "

Feng Yu who was listening with interest suddenly began to ponder, Greater World, Supreme Dao, what is he talking about?

Tydol soon recovered from his dazed state and looked towards Feng Yu . An interested gleam appeared in his eyes as he smiled and said strangely, "Interesting, you were sent to this 'Planar' by a form of destiny . But strangely, your 'Destiny Star' isn't controlled by fate's workings . Instead, it is guided by a will that exist above fate itself . Now then, who? Or better yet what-----" Sensing something strange Tydol abruptly looked towards the ceiling . It was as if his gaze could pierce through time and space itself, as his vision traveled through the skies of True Yuan World arriving at the endless and vast outer void . Deep within a region of the vacuum, a will materialized in the form an eye .

It had a divine profound 'decree' that seemed to declare that it is the only eye that should exist, and nothing seen by all life forms is rightfully perceived . The iris was green in color, and if one looked very carefully, there were unique runes arrayed together to form multiple complex diagrams . It looked towards Tydol for a moment before vanishing as if it never existed .

"Interesting, very Interesting" Tydol muttered as he scratched his chin with one of his hands while trying to ponder some more details, but soon, he gave up after recalling the previous scene . Rapidly recovering from his state of thought, bringing his attention once more towards Feng Yu, the former aloofness he had before was gone as he took on a more interested and expectant gaze towards him .

"Senior Tydol, what do you mean by Destiny Star? How do I . . . " Feng Yu was now completely confused . From the beginning, it seemed that nothing that Tydol was saying could be perceived in any sense .

Looking back at Feng Yu, Tydol replied solemnly, "Little Phoenix, these are things you don't need to concern yourself with, at least, not for now . . . seeing as you have a budding sword root . I will bestow unto to you a rare chance of fortune; strive to make the best of it now, young one . . . "

He waved his hand, and the pillar of light surrounded Feng Yu began to shine brightly once more . Shortly, an ancient formation could be seen below Feng Yu's feet .

Shocked by the sudden seen, Feng Yu tried to ask for more answers regarding his current situation, but it was too late .


A beam of light quickly overcame him, and he was instantly transported to another location .

Looking at the disappeared form of Feng Yu, Tydol smiled while muttering to himself "Little Phoenix tied by a higher fate, since we have met by its will then consider this as my sowing of Karma . If fate wills it, let us one day meet again . "

Quickly, his form began to fade away, leaving only the corpse with the two holders placed at its side . Stillness returned to the lava platform as if nothing had changed in the beginning .


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Feng Yu was now in an odd-looking graveyard . It was an endless field of swords that spanned across a vast and infinite horizon .

"What am I supposed to do here? I came looking for the exit . Sigh, now it appears that I've been transferred to an even more complex place . " He said .

"Challenger! Challenger! Challenger!" a voice said as it resounded throughout the space .

"Welcome to the Sword Graveyard . Here, I have left all the collections of sword skills I have mastered and taken with me to the peak of my strength . If you want to accept my sword arts, then you will have to earn it . Pass my trial, and you will gain a reward befitting that of your results . . . "

The voice of a mysterious being soon rang out within the void . Feng Yu, upon hearing the voice, was startled, but soon he became at ease . He looked towards the source of the sound .

Floating in the air was a form or rather a silhouette of a transparent being, it hovered in the air and seemed ethereal to all things existing within the material plane .

"Senior, what kind of trial is this? What would I need to do?" He said curiously .

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"It's simple . All you have to do is travel the path of swords . The further you go, the greater your chances of receiving my inheritance . The Pathway is 1000 Kilometers, and the 10-kilometer mark is where it begins, if you can reach 50 kilometers, you would have already proven yourself worthy of being given basic sword foundation skill . At 500 kilometers you will be given a sword art . However, if you can make it to 1000 Kilometers, you will receive not only the inheritance but a great surprise . Are you prepared to accept this challenge?"

Thinking about it for a short moment, Feng Yu responded, "I will accept the challenge!" A firm light shone brightly within his eyes . He grasped his fist tightly as he stared at the endless graveyard of swords .

"Good! Now then, you will have only three chances to pass this Trial, make the best out of it . Path of Sword Trial begins . . . " the voice said . Soon his voice trailed off into the wind after which was followed by a loud noise .


The world started to change once more, and the pathway was soon extended to an even broader and lengthier scale . Feng Yu, being at the entrance of the path, only saw everything around him disappear from the graveyard, leaving just an endless road in front of him .


Following a loud buzzing sound, the pressure in the area instantly increased to about five times the usual gravity . Feng Yu, who was not expecting the sudden change in pressure, fell to his knees on the floor .

"It looks like this won't be an easy journey . " Feng Yu said while picking himself up off the floor looking towards the pathway . He placed himself into running posture and began to dash forward vanishing into the distance .

"The path of adversity is challenged through firm willpower! I will not stop here!"