Dual Sword God - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

In a lake, within the forest, a man and a woman stood silently as they faced each other a few meters distance apart . Their clothes were dancing in the wind with their hair flowing about like immortals preparing for battle . A deep hue of azure blanketed the sky as the day was currently at its peak .

The sun beamed its rays across the entire mountain range . The lights shone through the trees illuminating their figures underneath as colorful insects flew about at the edges of the lake .

Feng Yu, who noticed that the situation might have taken a better turn, finally let out a sigh of relief . He looked towards Fu Ling carefully and inquired .

"Miss Fu, how do you wish for us to solve this problem?" He asked in a polite tone .

The girls, now observing from the lakeside, focused their visions on Fu Ling with an unusual expression . Aunty Shuan, who was watching, also had a strange glint in her eyes .

As Fu Ling looked towards Feng Yu, she smiled sweetly then replied, "Daoist Feng, as I am a part of a Family Clan, there are customs that I must abide by . Not doing so will only lead to me paying severe consequences . As such, I will give you a choice by using another means . If you wish to avoid our marriage, then all you have to do is defeat me in a duel to the death, do so and you will earn the right to your freedom . "

Upon saying this, her sweet smile soon changed, replacing her expression to that of a serious and determined one . As he heard Fu Ling's response and noting her firm appearance, Feng Yu soon realized that no matter which route he wanted to take, it would not lead to either her or the other females changing their minds .

Quickly, Feng Yu cleared his thoughts and made his decision . He looked at Fu Ling staring intensely into her eyes as he replied: "Fine! I will accept your terms,

Miss Fu . When do you wish to do this battle?"

After getting his confirmation Fu Ling'er's series expression soon lightened up . She smiled and replied, "Great! Daoist Feng, Hmm, my aunt said that you are about 15 years of age which means it hasn't been long since you reached that age . Seeing as we are about the same age, how about we have a match right now? If you can persist my offensive for the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, then you would have deemed yourself worthy of the death battle . "

Feng Yu who was feeling confident in himself smiled and replied: "As you wish! Let us test each of our skills then, Miss Fu . " He swiftly postured his body for combat assuming the mantis stance of the <Blazing Mantis Palms Technique> .

Noticing her opponent's stance Fu Ling's eyes light up as an excited look came over her face . It seemed as if she enjoyed fighting very much . After closing her eyes, she stood in the lake without assuming any particular stance as her hands were placed by her sides . She then turned them to face Feng Yu's direction as she slowly started to spread her hands out a little distance away from her side .

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Suddenly, five small objects flew out of her sleeves and started to rotate around her form, before coming to a stop at all corners . These objects were lustrous crystals in the shape of round balls, each being the size of a fist . Carved on each of their surfaces were a variety of unique characters:

火 - huǒ, 水 - shuǐ, 金 - jīn, 土 - tǔ, 木- mù .

The colors of these crystals were scarlet, azure, gold, earthen, and emerald .

Seeing these small crystals surrounding Fu Ling's body, Feng Yu was shocked "An Elemental Charmist that controls Five Elements!! Such an incredible talent! I thought they only existed in legend! How could one appear in modern times?" He looked at Fu Ling's trance-like state, and a solemn expression soon appeared on his face .

"Sigh, it looks like this will not be an easy battle . I've underestimated the talents that exist in this world . " Feng Yu thought as he started to gather the power of his essence while maintaining his stance .

As if stimulated by Feng Yu gathering his essence energy, Fu Ling's eyes that were closed abruptly opened .


Two Essence energies erupted simultaneously throughout the area, causing the lake to ripple scattering about large waves from its center that traveled towards the hedges and trees surrounding it . A few of the smaller boulders, that were residing within the lake, were washed away and sent soaring through the air as they smashed through tall shrubberies colliding into tall trees .

Aunty Shuan, observing the situation, waved her hands and formed an aura barrier that blocked all the waves and objects that were scattered from the lake .

Sensing the amount of essence energy within Fu Ling's body, Feng Yu was surprised, "Strange! She is only at the mid-level of 7 Tier Body Training realm . Why is it that her essence has the same concentration like that of a Body Training Realm cultivator around the mid-level of an 8 Tier?"

Pondering for a bit, he realized, "Could it be that she has practiced a Mystical Tier Cultivation Technique? Interesting . My Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique focuses on strength incrementation while hers focuses on a warrior's essence quantity . "

Fu Ling'er's gaze soon focused back towards Feng Yu . Inspecting his aura, she smiled, "Hmm, it looks like your strength is only at the peak of the Bone Refining Stage of Body Training . You won't be able to fight me if you don't use your bloodline . "

Feng Yu smiled as he gestured with his right palm, "No need to worry about that Miss Fu! Ladies First!"

As she heard Feng Yu's statement, Fu ling frowned . She lifted her right hand towards Feng Yu and motioned her index finger drawing the symbol (水) with her essence energy .

"Shuǐ Charm: First Seal Prison of Water" She shouted as the azure crystal ball quickly overlapped the character symbol then shone within the area with the bright glow of azure .


A large stream of water soon gathered within the area surrounding Feng Yu's form . Eventually, it started to form a dome-like shape aiming to seal off all possible escape routes . Seeing the rushing water around him, Feng Yu remained calm as he revolved the <Lightning Flash Steps> movement technique .


"SparkFlash!" after a flash of light and loud roaring of thunder Feng Yu's body instantly vanished, escaping the dome of water that threatened to surround him and appearing in the air by Fu Ling's figure .

A red glow quickly covered his palm as he launched his palm out in an aggressive manner not holding back in the slightest while shouting, "Blazing Mantis Palm Arts: First Stance - Scorching Mantis Strike!"

Feeling the coming threat, Fu Ling felt surprised . She swiftly drew another 'Shuǐ' character towards Feng Yu .

"Shuǐ Charm: Second Seal Barrier of Water!" An azure ball of water instantly appeared covering Fu Ling's body just as the palm strike was about to hit .


As Feng Yu's Palm strike contacted the barrier of water, it sent waves upon waves of essence energy throughout the surroundings . As the attack forced itself deeper and deeper into the water barrier, it slowly began to weaken as the heat essence that was gathered on his palm soon receded, filling the region with steamy mist due to the contact with the barrier of the water essence .

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Swish! Swish!

As both, Feng Yu and Fu Ling retreated; their figures were no longer visible due to the excess steamy mist that covered the lake .

Feng Yu, who saw the situation, felt praise for Fu Ling, "She's not only talented but intelligent . She managed to figure out the element I'm aligned towards because of my earlier eruption of bloodline prestige . As the saying goes, "everything has its counterpart", and my flame essence is in no way a match for her overly concentrated water essence . These Charmist's are a truly terrifying group path of practitioners indeed . "

Feng Yu began to observe the surroundings and carefully sent out his soul power to find any unusual fluctuations . Suddenly, he heard a voice that sounded like it came from the entire surroundings .

"Daoist Feng, your movement technique surprised me a bit, but it's a pity you missed that chance . Now I've got you in my trap . Let's see how long you can last . " Her voice soon faded away leaving faint echoes within the mist .

"Darn! She managed to set up that prison while the barrier was protecting her . Could it be she's already reached the state of mind 'Doing two things at once'? Damnit! To think I've still been under evaluating her skills . " Feng Yu, realizing his mistake, was shocked . He revolved his <Lightning Flash Steps> once more traveling towards one direction .

Soon, a barrier of water came into view at the edges of the lake surrounded by mist . Seeing the water barrier, Feng Yu sent his palm out in an attempt to break through it .

"Blazing Mantis Palm Arts: Third Stance - Blazing Palm Wave!" A rush of flame essence energy shot forth from his palm and collided with the barrier .


The flame essence energy and the water essence energy from the barrier soon erupted with an explosion scattering the steamy mist within the area .

After a few moments, the scene was once again in clear view . A sizeable azure dome surrounded the entirety of the lake with Feng Yu inside, as Fu Ling stood outside on top of a water pillar above the dome . Seeing that the water barrier was still in perfect condition, Feng Yu complained inwardly, "Damn! Her essence energy is far above mine . It's not possible to break this even if I were in the same Tier unless I use other means of strength . Must I use my Bloodline Prestige? If only I had the chance to learn the sword arts . "

Fu Ling smiled while looking at Feng Yu, "Daoist Feng, trying to destroy my barrier without the power of your bloodline is meaningless . Now then, let's see what you're going to do about my next move?" She pointed her finger towards Feng Yu and drew another Shuǐ character in the void .

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"Shuǐ Charm: Third Seal of Water Dragons!" As she shouted, all of the water within the lake beneath Feng Yu turned into multiple water dragons, each being a height of 15 meters with the thickness of a large water barrel . The dragons gave off an aura similar to that of the practitioners at the 7th Tier of Body Training realm .


As they raised their heads high, they let out roars throughout the region that scared away any nearby essence beasts that were still out in the field .

Noticing Fu Ling's control of the situation, Aunty Shuan felt pleased, "Good! Ling'er has managed to maintain both skills perfectly, and it won't be long before she reaches the stage of myriad thoughts . "

The girls observing the situation were excited at the showdown and soon began to let out supportive cheers towards Fu Ling .

"Great! Sister Ling, quickly crush this brat!"

"Go! Go! Go! Sister Ling!"

Not paying attention to them, Feng Yu focused his gaze on the water dragons . Sensing their water essence-energies, his gaze became solemn . He lifted his head and stared at Fu Ling's eyes while saying, "Very well then! Miss Fu, if it's my bloodline you want to face off against, then it is my bloodline you will get!"

Shortly following, a dense amount of essence-energies began to collect towards Feng Yu . Once again, the cheering girls quickly became quiet as they observed Feng Yu in interest .


A dense collection of flames soon shot towards the skies, creating a pillar of scarlet golden flames that surrounded Feng Yu's form . The Phoenix birthmark on his left shoulder began to shine as strange markings began to cover his body . Soon, his hair became golden red, and his pupils turned golden .

PUFF! The dome of water soon disappeared forcing Fu Ling who was residing on the top of it to retreat . Quickly motioning her fingers, one of the more massive water dragons soon came below her, placing her on top of its head .

As she looked at Feng Yu's bloodline state, she began to feel excited . She smiled and said to Feng Yu, "Excellent! I didn't know what kind of bloodline you were, but I'm expecting a much better challenge from you now Daoist Feng . " She waved her hands, and a few of the water dragons began to fuse transforming into multi-headed dragons, each of which gave off an essence energy of 8 Tier Body Training realm .

Seeing her excited expression and noticing the surrounding 7 Tier and 8 Tier water dragons, Feng Yu calmed his emotions and smiled as he spoke, "Well then, let's get started . . . "