Dual Sword God - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

A world of stillness… the wind stopped blowing, the grass stopped moving, and all forms of life within a 1,000-kilometre radius were cast into a state of quietness . The darkness of the night could no longer be seen as a shade of gray blanketed the world in its monotone .

Strangely, however, within this world of stillness in which even time had come to a stop, a heavy pulsation was heard .

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sound continued to echo throughout the mountain range, living beings that were trapped by the confines of time itself were looking at a particular area in dread and deep fear . It was a strange place, or rather, an unknown world peeking outside of a broad and massive crack in the earth . Countless complicated runes and formations that were aged and destroyed were struggling to rebuild themselves trying their hardest to confine and close up the strange-looking gate . But sadly, all of their efforts seemed futile as a dark gray colored fog continued to seep outwards further expanding the region which became still .

Suddenly, Feng Yu became conscious . He tried to move his body, but no matter how much energy he pushed forth, it could not overcome his state of stillness . Feeling a state of panic, Feng Yu decided to stimulate his bloodline once more .

BLAZE! The sacred flames seemed to have found its natural enemy as it burned away the gray-colored fog that surrounded Feng Yu giving him the power to move and look around this strange scene before him .

"What! What's going on? Where is---" Looking around a bit further he began to realize that he was still within the same area of battle, he could vaguely see the Golden Furred Ape King floating at the highest point in the sky . Oddly though, he remained in the position neither falling nor moving . The hair on his body seemed to have entered a state of stillness, and the only life that could be felt from him came from his eyes which expressed a feeling of deep terror .

Further looking around him, Feng Yu also noticed the spectating figures that came to view the battle who were also within this strange state . He pondered, "How could this be? What could have possibly caused this strange scene? Wait! That voice I heard, where did it----" Before he could finish his statement, there was an abrupt change .

Thump! Swoosh!

A final and loud pulsation resounded throughout the region, as all of the gray-colored fog that had escaped from the strange-looking seal started to gather towards a central location .

Seeing the situation before him, Feng Yu felt puzzled and shocked; he realized that the feeling that was binding his movements was quickly disappearing . Soon, however, the blood within his body began to boil again as a feeling of impending doom began to overcome him .

"I don't know what's going on, but it's most definitely not a good sign . I have to get out of here immediately!" With a roar, Feng Yu revolved the small remaining amount of energy within his body as he flashed and disappeared within the distance like a beam of light .

A pity though, for it was too late .

Buzz! It was a loud and odd sound but after it sounded everything came to an end . It was a voice, one which seemed to have traveled from the earliest age in time . It echoed like the beginning that beckoned for the soon approaching end .

"A strange one, you are . . . our auras are similar but opposite in nature, just as how mortal flames do with water, are you truly not my kin? No matter, for all shall come to an end!" The voice said .

At the place where all the fog gathered, a being came into existence . It was ethereal in form but emitted an ancient aura that seemed to have transcended mortality . This being glanced towards the retreating figure of Feng Yu with a hint of puzzlement in its eyes, but soon it became filled with cold, emotionless indifference .

"I have descended! You may call me 'Creature' for I am that which should not exist . '" said the voice .

A blinding aura swept the region . It was filled with a presence that belonged to a different state, that which could only be felt from a higher being . However, there was no divine prestige . It only exuded a dark and nefarious air that seeped into the bones of the many observers, threatening to bring a stop to their feeble existence .

"God Dammit! What the hell is this? I have to get out of here now!" A voice said .

"Get out of my way!" said another voice as he attacked the figure that was behind him as he attempted to run away .

A few of the individuals, who managed to recover to their state of being, quickly decided to flee . Even the spectators that were once filled with endless greed believing there was a treasure unearthing soon came to their senses as they tried to flee with the rest .

Sadly, their efforts were in vain .

The creature looked towards these individuals that it had been previously monitoring through the space of the crack . The feeling of coldness in its eyes grew at an exponential rate, causing the energies within the environment to be sent into disarray .

"Small and Weak Mortals! Dare you stare at me with Greed! Vanish from my very own Existence!" The voice said as its eyes started to glow with the same greyish fog energy .

As if obeying a higher will, the energies of the heavens and earth itself started to act on its own carrying out its given order .

Torrents of energies seemed to have gathered together creating a small dome surrounding many of the fleeing spectators, among which were more than half of the black-clothed figures that came with the pampered young master .

Seeing the situation before him, the young master was shocked, "Quickly, get me out of here An'er, Dan'er!"

The two unaffected figures in cloaks reacted quickly using all of their strength at the peak of 9 Tier and 8 Tier Body Training realms respectively as they pulled the young master away and vanished with him towards the distance, no longer paying attention to their trapped comrades .

"Noooo! Let me out I don't want to die!"

"I have yet to reach my goals, I am not willing!"


Within a few moments, all of the trapped spectators ceased to exist as their bodies faded out to nothingness leaving no traces behind . The remaining ones became silent as their souls were filled with a deep emotion that seemed to have transcended that of even fear . The creature, witnessing this result, was pleased as it eyes gleamed with contentment .

Feng Yu was now closing in on the location of Hui Ying at blinding speeds as he pushed his <Lightning Flash Steps> towards maximum power .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Like a ray of thunder, he continued to soar through the distance bouncing from trees to trees and boulders to boulders . The being now once again observed his figure slowly stretching out his arms; it pointed its finger towards Feng Yu .

"Kin or not kin!! Your aura makes me uncomfortable! Prepare to accept your fate!" said the ethereal being .

Pheww! A gray-colored beam shot forth from its finger, traversing thousands of meters and within an instance, it crashed into Feng Yu's beamlike figure .

Puff! Coughing out a large mouthful of blood, Feng Yu was beaten into a grievously injured state as all of his bones and entire soul seemed to be joining the state of stillness once again .

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"Damn! Cough! Cough! I . . . I won't make it . His power is too great, father . I . . . am . . . . s . . . so . . . sorry . . . . " With his final breath, Feng Yu was tossed into unconsciousness .

His bloodline form vanished, and his body started to fall from the air descending towards the ground at a rapid pace .

"Fellow Daoist Feng!" Seeing the falling form that turned out to be Feng Yu, Hui Ying was shocked . He quickly dashed forward, displaying his stunning movement technique once more, as he grabbed Feng Yu on his back and started to make a run for it .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Feeling the coldness radiating from Feng Yu's body, Hui Ying was uncertain, "This cold energy is eating away his insides . If I don't do something now, he may not be able to make it alive . "

"Hmm, not dead . It seems that I have underestimated the aura that lies deep within you . No matter what, your attempt to escape shall only serve to be futile!"

After seeing that the previous attempt to kill Feng Yu failed, the creature decided to act more seriously as he formed his hand into that of a palm, which faced towards the retreating figure of Hui Ying carrying Feng Yu . Soon, clusters of energies began to gather within the sky as a massive palm came into existence . It shrouded the entirety of the mountain range and began to radiate an immense might threatening to freeze all things .

The creature's eyes shone with coldness as it proclaimed its will towards the world .

"All shall cease, and coldness shall reign for all eternity!"

"NETHER . . . COLD . . . PALM!" A voice that seemed to trail away with the wind sounded into the mind of all beings residing in the area of the mountain, as the palm descended with full momentum turning everything in the proximity to eternal stillness .

Hui Ying soon began to slow down as traces of ice started to show on his skin . His body was beginning to enter a state of stillness with unstoppable momentum . Feng Yu's body that was already on the brink of death seemed to have begun to flicker away his final moments of life .

Realizing that the situation was not good, Hui Ying became deathly pale . His vision began to blur as his once fast speed started to dwindle, only leaving him capable of dragging his legs forward with a slow movement .

Soon, his mind began to disappear, and as soon as he was about to enter the state of eternal stillness, a vision came before him…

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It was a scene that could only be described as a truly brutal massacre .

Countless bodies were scattered inside of a ruined temple, their blood soaking the marble . Red flowing endlessly towards the distant reaches of a burning kingdom .

The call of death sounded in the area as endless amounts of souls began to swirl around their bodies, filled with grievances that could not be solved . At the center of this bloody massacre, a small body was lying down in the arms of a decapitated woman .

The boy was only four years old, but strangely he didn't utter a single cry; he just looked towards the sky with a look filled with endless hatred .

A silhouette standing in the air said, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, return what is to what was once thus . . . "

Soon the scene faded away, leaving only a voice that lingered within the boy's mind .

"Damnit! Damnit!! I will not give up, not here . . . not… not until I get my answers!" With his pure willpower, he forced himself to remain conscious as he dragged his body further and further towards the distance while fighting the coldness that seeped into his body .

The creature frowned as it spoke, "Pitiful Mortal! Your struggle is in vain!"

It reached out his hand further, as the descending palm pushed forward faster . It seemed to be just moments away from a full collision with the entire mountain range . But right when this palm was about to connect with the ground, a disturbance was felt .

"HMPH! . . . HMPH! . . . HMPH!" A snort resounded throughout the region carrying with it a power that instantly destroyed the gigantic palm that was almost about to collide with the ground .


With an explosion, all of the gray fog scattered among the area dispersed along with the palm, leaving only the massive figure of the creature floating within the void . The beast was angry . As it looked towards the sky in a rage, it shouted .

"You dare to block my path! You're seeking death!"

Swiiiiii! The sky glowed brightly as the night within the mountain range seemed to have turned into daytime once more . An ordinary man appeared standing proudly in the air . He was wearing a grand imperial robe with an ancient imperial crown on his head . His long silver hair danced in the wind as he glanced indifferently at the form of the creature below him .