Dual Sword God - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

It was a bright and cheerful morning . The birds were singing along with a rustling sound of footsteps as a few travelers were slowly making their way towards their destinations . The gentle wind carrying with a slight coldness as the winter was drawing ever so close, while pellets of snow were beginning to paint the world in an everlasting hue white .

Crunch . Crunch . Crunch .

The sound of rough footsteps rang in the distance, as the shadow of a man soon became visible within a snowy path surrounded by dense trees . This man had long red hair and was wearing a tattered looking gray robe . Hoisted to his side was a black sheath holding a long sword with a black hilt .

It's been one day since the celebration of a new friendship that both Feng Yu and Hui Ying shared through liquor at a tavern . After parting ways, Hui Ying decided to travel to his home to handle some personal matters before heading towards the Talent Selection, while Feng Yu chose to head straight home by traveling the fastest and shortest route .

"Whew! After traveling for less than half a day, I've already covered more than half the distance . It seems that I've gotten quite fast . At this pace, even if I were to take occasional resting periods such as this, I'll be able to reach home by the nightfall . " Feng Yu said as he casually looked around at his surroundings .

As he was traveling, he was also consolidating his knowledge from the battle with the Golden Furred Ape King and the sword techniques he used . Occasionally, he would wave his fingers causing a small amount of sword energy to shoot towards trees and rocks within the surroundings, creating splits and gaps within every object they contacted . It was fortunate that he took the less populated path to travel home, as he would have been a disaster in human form towards regular travelers .

Inside of his consciousness, a tiny sword was floating below a giant black orb . It was about 9 inches tall with streams of energy traveling towards it from a hovering sword manual . Inspecting the sword seed, Feng Yu began to ponder .

"Hmm, my sword foundation is still lacking, although my techniques have improved after the battle . I have still yet to reach the level where using the sword is like an extension of myself . This must be the reason why my sword seed has remained stagnant at 9 inches, despite being increased by a great amount from the battle with the Golden Furred Ape King . It seems that I should try to use the remaining days while I'm home to integrate my <Lightning Flash Steps> into the <Sword Foundation Tactics> . " As he said this, he quickly withdrew his thoughts from his inner consciousness and focused on his journey .

"Speaking of ape, I wonder if he managed to escape that scene . If he did, it would be troublesome to find him in the future . Sigh, I guess I'll have to keep an extra layer of vigilance," he muttered softly .

Soon, he came to a vast region that was about 15 meters wide . There were tall trees that surrounded each of the corners, and the current pathway was connected to a smaller channel located at the end of the region only about a few meters wide . It seems that this area was one that random travelers choose to rest, as a few spots with abandoned tents and pots were placed in those areas .

Looking around at those spots closely, Feng Yu began to feel something strange as the area seemed to have recently been used .

"Could it be that these individuals have left so quickly because of some sort of danger, or were it that they wanted to remove the excess weight to speed up their travels?" While pondering this, Feng Yu had already arrived at the center of the wide space .

Swoosh! Suddenly, his ear twitched and with a movement of his body, he transformed into a blur as he backed up a few meters away from the central position .


Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Following a massive explosion, four figures instantly dashed out from the surrounding trees . Each of these figures was wearing a black hooded cloak, and underneath their hoods, their eyes gleamed with a sharp and ruthless light as they looked towards Feng Yu .

Realizing that the men had already surrounded all his escape routes, Feng Yu stayed calm as he observed these individuals .

"Timely activating an explosive talisman that was set beforehand, I do not believe that you are bandits . Who are you and who sent you here?" While saying this, Feng Yu kept his guard up as he already had a clue as to who could have sent these people .

Seeing their target trapped like a rabbit before their eyes, the hooded figures sneered at him in their hearts as they had already started to view him as they would a corpse .

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sound of clapping began to resound throughout the silent space as a man dressed in luxurious clothing soon walked out from within the surrounding trees . He had an average semblance and deep within his eyes was a cunning and ruthless intent .

"Good! Good! Brother Feng, your improvement is truly astounding . Truly indeed a Top-Tier Talent . If I didn't see you avoid my family's grade 1 burst talisman, I would not have believed it . " He said this while smiling as if he just found his long-lost friend .

Seeing the figure appear before him, the memories deep within Feng Yu's mind began to churn as a wave of killing intent started to shine from the very depths of his soul . However, on the outside, he only looked on with an even calmer expression .

"Huan Shan! Heaven has given you a chance, yet, here you came looking for the door to hell yourself . I have to wonder whether you're prepared to face the consequences for the foolish actions you guys have done at our last meeting?" Feng Yu said as he looked at Huan Shan with a smile on his face .

Hearing his statement, a look of surprise came on the faces of the surrounding men, but soon laughter began to fill the surroundings .

"Hahaha! Feng Yu, did you also learn a sense of humor? A great talent you are indeed . I wonder, what kind of cultivation can a 'Supreme Talent' like yours have in such a short time span for you to have become so arrogant . Even if there were to be some godly miracle and you had attained a high cultivation base, how could you defeat the remaining guards that I have brought with me here today? I'll have you know that each of their cultivations is above the 7th Tier of Body Training realm, and, if I didn't lose more than half of my men due that Damn demon incident, there would be more men at an even higher tier . " Huan Shan sneered as he bantered away in mock towards Feng Yu .

Feng Yu smiled carefully looking at the men that surrounded him inspecting their cultivation levels seeing that three of them were at the 8 Tier and one of them at the early stages of the 9 Tier .

He looked at Huan Shan and said, "What a pity? Not only did you lose men because of your silly attempt to find me within the mountain range . Now you will lose more men and also your own life, because of you stubbornly trying to kill me . "

Hearing Feng Yu's reply, Huan Shan was quickly enraged . He shouted towards the guards as he pointed towards Feng Yu with disdain .

"You want to take my life? Ha, it seems that not only have you gained a sense of humor . You've also learned to spout nonsense . Men!!! Break his limbs and keep him half alive, I must have a look to see if you will act so tough when I torture you to death!"

Hearing their master's command, the three 8 Tier hooded men rushed forward at the top of their speed while the 9 Tier servant stood back to watch with an aloof expression on his face .

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

"Hmph! Don't blame me, kid . If you are given another life, remember not to offend those that are above offending," said the closest figure that was charging towards Feng Yu, as he ruthlessly stretched his hands out to grab both of his arms to rip them off .

Seeing that the man was reaching for his arms, a cold light shone within Feng Yu's eyes as he stretched his right arm out at blinding speeds leaving behind only a blur . Quickly, his palm was placed around the servant's neck gripping him firmly in the air .

The servant looked on in shock as his neck was tightly held by Feng Yu who looked on with eyes filled with dense killing intent .

"Remember to take your words with you towards your grave . Your journey is now over . " Feng Yu said as he gripped down violently without any shred of hesitation .

"Wai----" Before he could beg for his life, his eyes went dead, as his soul faded away after a dreadful sound .

Snap! Thud!

After breaking his neck, Feng Yu tossed the corpse to the side with a flip of his wrist as if he was throwing away a piece of paper . He then focused his vision on the men that were stunned into a stop because of witnessing the scene before them .

"How could you?!" One of the men said .

"8 Tier Body Training realm, how could you grow so quickly in just this short amount of time? Growing to such a degree in less than two months, I do not believe you could have grown so fast, even if you had some miraculous treasure!" Huan Shan said as looked towards Feng Yu with shock and disbelief .

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The 9 Tier Body Training realm servants looked towards Feng Yu with a solemn expression . He quickly rushed forward while commanding the remaining two servants .

"This boy is in the middle stages of 8 Tier Body Training realm and his body is a lot stronger than those within the same stage . Quickly fall back and join me!!! We will attack together with Tri-Blade Formation!"

"Yes!" Quickly recovering from their shock, the two servants soon retreated with full speed, positioning themselves at both corners of the 9-tier servant .

Soon after, they each placed their hands together with palms forming the shape of a triangle . While channeling their auras to maximum power, a wave of blinding blade light soon shone above all tree forms .


Suddenly, the wind began to change . As the coldness in the air started to diminish, three large blades formed above their heads, each of them being roughly 15 meters in length and 2 meters wide . They floated in the sky silently as the glow around them began to form a triangular diagram positioning them at its center . After entirely forming, the layout shone brightly releasing endless blade-light within the surrounding space .

Feng Yu, feeling the oppressive aura, revealed a curious expression as he mocked, "An excellent group combination technique you have there! Sadly, it's not enough . Let's see what's sharper, your blade or my sword!"

With one hand placed on his sword sheath and the other gripping firmly on the hilt of black lightning, his hair began to rise into the air as his fire essence energy rose along with sharp sword energy that started to emerge from his body .


The scorching sharp aura began to melt away the surrounding snow within a 2-meter radius . As Huan Shan saw this scene, his face was overcome with an expression of terror . He looked towards his family servants and roared .

"Kill him now!" He shouted at the top of his voice .

"Kill!" Hearing their young master's order, the servants who had just finished gathering energy into the formation shouted, as they gestured their hands towards Feng Yu's form .

Swing! The blades, hovering within the formation, instantly shot forwards at insanely high speeds . Like a beam of light, the three blades quickly converged creating a single edge, increasing their energies by three-fold .

The world slowed down, as Feng Yu saw the incoming blades moving at the speed of a turtle trying its best to cross the plains . He stepped forward once, instantly appearing in front of the converging edges and drew his sword swiftly and fluidly and used a sword technique .

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"Sword Foundation Arts: Attack Stance - Scorching Mantis Sword Strike . . . " he said with a low voice .

Shing! The scorching hot flame essence merged with the bright and sharp sword energy released from the sword . Feng Yu's figure instantly transformed into a beam of red light; drawing a line that trailed from the tip of the enemies <Tri Blade Technique> all the way towards the back of the 3 figures that remained in attack position facing the direction of Feng Yu's previous location .

Time returned to normal, and the shocking energies quickly faded away as the three servants and Feng Yu remained motionless, facing opposite directions .

Swoooossssh! Flap! Flap! Flap!

The wind blew softly as the clothing of everyone started to sound with 'flapping' noises due to its momentum . However, there was finally movement as Feng Yu began to slowly sheath his sword creating a sound that beckoned the end .

Clink! Finally, the sword was sheathed .

Puff! Puff! Puff! Thud! Thud! Thud!

A geyser of blood had shot towards the sky as all of the servants collapsed on the ground with their body's in two pieces, leaving their organs and intestines on the ground . The smell of burnt meat lingered in the air along with a scent of blood giving the scene a bloody ' flavor . '

Bluaarg! Vomiting out his last supper, Huan Shan was filled with dread as he looked towards Feng Yu . It seems this kind of scene was above the level of violence could handle, even after previously beating Feng Yu to death . Seeing his reaction, Feng Yu could only shake his head silently as he started to make his way towards him .

"You! You! You! Don't come any closer stay where you are . If you dare to kill me, my father will---" Before he could finish Feng Yu tightly gripped his throat and he lifted him upwards with his hand .

"I . . . a . . . m . . . S-o . . . r . . . . y . . . . " As he tried to beg for forgiveness, the light in Huan Shan eyes began to disappear as tears started to flow from the corner of his eyes .

Seeing this, Feng Yu remained indifferent as he coldly looked into Huan Shan's eyes and said in a soft whispering tone .

"Don't take it personally . It's only karma . . . " Following which, Feng Yu's eyes changed to a golden color as he called upon the sacred flames within his bloodline .


"Ahhh-----!" Following a loud scream, Huan Shan was burnt alive quickly turning into ashes leaving not even his bones behind .

Feng Yu looked at the ashes flowing away into the cold wind silently for a while as he muttered to himself . "'A debt made is a debt that will eventually be paid!' Don't worry . You won't be lonely for too long…" He then flashed his wrist, removing the last strands of ashes, as he continued his journey homeward with a bright mood: slowly fading away into the distance .