Dual Sword God - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Inside of the Feng Clan's Manor, within Feng Yu's room, after being seated in a crossed-legged position for most of the daytime, Feng Yu finally let out a breath of fresh air . "Whew! These medicinal pills are quite effective despite being mortal tier pills . I'm roughly 90 percent recovered . Hmm, now let's have a look at this body shall we," Feng Yu said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead and began to look inside his inner consciousness .

Within his sea of consciousness was a vast misty space filled with water that continued to stretch seemingly without end . As Feng Yu inspected the size of his inner-space within his inner-consciousness, he was shocked!

"Such an incredibly powerful soul! The size of this space is about 500 meters . Could this be an after effect of our souls merging? In my previous life, the largest my inner consciousness could be before training was roughly about 250 meters . I wonder how large it will grow once I start to cultivate . " He muttered while admiring the strength of his soul .

Typically, a mortal would have about 50 to 100 meters width of space before they started cultivating . Any higher than that was considered the talent range .

The power the soul had did not affect battle strength in the early stages of cultivation, but instead, assists in the comprehension of martial skills . The stronger the soul one has, the quicker and easier it is to comprehend and gain insights into not only martial skills but also laws governing heaven and earth .

Feng Yu's soul was considered a 'top-level soul' in his previous life . He could easily and quickly comprehend even the most complex of skills, but that was the limit of his abilities . He did not have an aura pulse which made it hard for him to progress in cultivation . In fact, cultivating to the peak of Warrior realm was already an incredible feat .

After looking around the region within his consciousness for a bit, he soon came across something unique . Floating at the center of the misty space was a black spheroid pulsating at a regular interval . It had nine rings circling it each with a different color; he noticed that another ring was slowly forming around the central position of the sphere .

The spheroid was about 10 meters in width, and within it, flames and lightning were dancing about as if trying to compete for supremacy . The aura it gave off was that of pure dominance and supreme might .

Shocked by what he saw, Feng Yu called out in alarm, "What! What kind of aura pulse is this? Dual elements, lightning, and flame, incredible! Both are of a destructive nature . Hmm, nine rings, he truly is a Top-Tier Talent . Even within my old world, this kind of talent is of top grade . Wait, that's not right! A 10th Ring is forming, could this be the fabled Half-Step Supreme Tier Talent? Is it possible that my talent has mutated as well?"

Supreme Tier Aura Pulse was a myth thought to be something that can only exist in legends . A type of talent that belongs only to the most powerful beings of ancient primordial times . If one were to ask any figure whether there was a likelihood of a supreme grade talent appearing in the current era, they would all give the same reply, 'one in a trillion of every hundredth thousand years .

"Great! With this kind of talent, even I don't know the heights I can achieve . Perfect, now I only need to find a cultivation technique . Hmm, the main element of this body seems to be that of fire, with lighting as its sub-element . I don't have any cultivation techniques that fit either of these categories . Maybe I should look at what Uncle Junling brought me," Feng Yu said still excited about his talent .

He promptly left his inner consciousness space returning to the scene inside the room .

Feng Yu looked towards the storage ring on his finger and sent his will inside it . Soon, a space of about ten cubic meters appeared within his mind, quickly browsing through it, he counted a total of two Low-Level Mortal Tier Skills, one Advance Level Mortal Tier Skill, and an Ungraded Cultivation Technique .

He willed for it, and the cultivation technique quickly appeared in his hand . Looking at the old and ancient looking scroll he pondered "Strange . . . such a unique aura it's as if this scroll came from ancient times . What secret could it be hiding?" Opening the scroll, he saw a drawing of a small flame with complicated runes surrounding it .

After inspecting it further, he gained no results; he couldn't understand how to cultivate it .

Feng Yu pondered, after a short while he decided to try and bind it as one would do a magic treasure . He bit his finger to let it bleed and swiped it across the scroll following a strange line on the center of the drawing .

Suddenly, the scroll that was in his hands began to shine radiantly, quickly filling the entire room with a hot light, "Could this be?" Feeling surprised by the sudden reaction of the scroll, Feng Yu was once again excited .

He suddenly heard an ancient voice resounding in his mind, "It was from the fire we came, and it is through fire, we shall live again . The blaze of the nirvana shall exist for all, eternity . . . " .

Boom! His mind became filled with an explosive amount of knowledge coming from the scroll . After what seemed like an eternity, the lights filling the room began to fade away, and the scroll that sat within his hand started to burn slowly and turn into ash .

Suddenly, Feng Yu opened his eyes . He looked at the remnants of the faded scroll in his hands and smiled while pondering, "Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique, such an incredible technique . It truly is beyond what it seems! If I draw on the fire essences of heaven and earth to temper my body it will become stronger, and as my cultivation levels increases, the stronger the flames I will be able to cultivate will be . A different tier for every level . There is no grade because it needs no grade . A technique that grows only with bloodline users, to think I'd get my hands on such a rare X Tier Cultivation Technique!"

Cultivation techniques are divided into different ranks, as known by all cultivators . Separately, they were called Mortal Tier, Earth Tier, Heaven Tier, Mystical Tier, and the highest known to all Supreme Tier . Each of these affects cultivators in different ways . Typically, the higher the tier, the faster the cultivation speed, and the stronger the cultivator would be over the lower tiers . However, there are exceptions . In family clans with ancient bloodlines passed down from old generations, there are cultivation techniques which were created by powerful ancient individuals .

X Tier Cultivation Techniques can be very rare and powerful depending on the Family's ancient legacy . These techniques can only be cultivated by people of the highest talent and most concentration of ancient family blood . The higher the cultivation requirements, the stronger the techniques .

Looking around the room, Feng Yu frowned "I need to find a better place to cultivate . The essences here are too weak . Hmm, traveling outside of Machen Town with no cultivation is the same as seeking death, not to mention being wanted dead by those of the Xiang and Huan Family Clans . " Thinking for a while, he came up with a simple solution . Getting up from the lotus position, he went to the small courtyard connected to his room .

The night drew close once again in Machen Town, and the sky looked dusky as the sun was slowly beginning to fade away into the distance . Within the courtyard, Feng Yu looked towards the sunset in surprise, "Well! It seems that it took me quite a while to digest the information on <Nirvana Cultivation Technique> . Oh well, it's time to cultivate . "

Choosing a random location, he took out a stone half the size of a fist from his storage ring . This stone was glowing in many different colors, and it gave off an aura similar to that of heaven and earth .

"A pity that this is a normal 'Essence Stone' and not an elemental one . Using it would only waste cultivation time, but if I were to use it as the core of a simple <Fire Essence Gathering Formation> things would be different . "

With a smile on his face, Feng Yu tried to recall a primary gathering formation he studied in his previous life . Quickly, he willed for his sword to appear and began to draw on the ground a pentagram 10 meters wide with stars and mountains circling a small flame placed at the center of a pentagram .

"Great! Now for the finishing touches . " Reviewing it carefully, Feng Yu crushed the essence stone into a star-like powder carefully sprinkling it along its outlines, giving the formation a strange bright gloss, which illuminated the surrounding area .

As night has now approached, some of the main family descendants that were lingering about started to notice his strange activities . Curious, they began to make their way over to observe .

"Eh! What's Cousin Yu doing over there?" a tall man asked in a loud surprised manner .

"Hmm . . . I'm not sure it looks like a type of a Formation Array?" said another person close by .

Quickly more and more individuals got interested . The once vacant section of the courtyard was becoming crowded with people .

"Look! Look! Something is happening . " Shouted one in surprise, while pointing towards Feng Yu who made a strange movement .

Soon all onlookers calmed down and were observing Feng Yu quietly as not to cause any disturbances . The Clan Leader Fen Yunlong was also standing at a distance on top of a tree, as he saw the behavior of the clansmen, and seeing his son working on the formation filled his heart with pride .

"When was it that Yu'er learned the Way of Formations?" A questioning look passed over Feng Yunlong's face .

Standing to the side, Feng Junling muttered, "It seems to be a type of Essence Gathering Formation, but not like any I've ever seen recorded before . I've never heard of one that uses these strange chants either . How interesting! It seems my little nephew must have come across some good fortune at the Mystery Pavilion . "

"Hmmm it seems so indeed" Feng Yunlong then started to observe more seriously .

Feng Yu had placed his hands on the ground and began to mutter a strange language .

"Shao! Jiao! Shouji! Liushi! Rang! Huo!"

While chanting the unfamiliar words, essences that were in heaven and earth had begun to change . As if drawn to a magnet, all the powerful essences started to flow towards the source kicking up a gust of wind in an exciting manner .

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"What . . . what's going on?" Someone cried out while looking at this phenomenon .

"The essences are beginning to gather . Could it be a gathering formation?" A youth who seemed to have some underlying formation knowledge asked .

"That's impossible! A gathering formation would require more than a single piece of essence stone set in a unique arrangement . There is no way this could be done . Not to mention, he already crushed the stone into powder!" A slightly older family member stated in denial .

"If not, then how do you explain the collecting essences?" A sharp female family member immediately retorted .

Watching the scene in front of him, Feng Yunlong was astounded; he gave a meaningful look to Feng Junling . Seeing the look from his younger brother, he nodded with a strange glint in his eyes .

He quickly waved his hand forming a barrier that instantly isolated the surrounding courtyard . If one were to look at the Feng Manor from the outside, all that could be seen would be a silent and peaceful courtyard .

Suddenly, Feng Yu clasped his hands together, as if driven by an unknown force, all the rampaging essences became still . He then slowly opened his eyes causing a bright red light to shine, if one looked carefully, they would see a fire glowing brightly within him .

Carefully directing his palms at the gathering formation before him, he then shouted out, "Dianran!"

His voice echoed through the wind, lingering throughout the quiet courtyard . In an instant, a beam of scoring scarlet light shot from the sky right onto the formation array .

Phew! The essences gathered within the Formation Array and started swirling at an alarming speed, quickly transforming the entire 10-meter zone into a blazing field of mortal flames . The flames bursted upwards, stretching from the ground up to the sky as if they were trying to create a pillar to heaven . However, before it could grow to a size beyond that of Feng Manor walls, an invisible field appeared, keeping the flames at a fixed height .

"Phew! That was a close one . This nephew of mine certainly knows how to cause trouble . Maybe I was too quick about my earlier judgment . " Feeling exhausted, Feng Junling thought to himself .

As if knowing what was going on in his brother's head, Feng Yunlong sneered, "Serves you right! Think of it as paying for your mistakes . "

It seemed that he was bearing a grudge for Feng Junling that was only now appearing from the coming of age ceremony .

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"Sigh . . . That was more burdensome than I thought it would be . It seems like this can't be attempted easily without any cultivation, thankfully it didn't fall short . " Feng Yu, who was now finished with his chanting, finally took a breath of fresh air .

"Woah!!! It's a Flame Gathering Formation Array!"

"I can't believe it! There's a unique way to create such a complex formation . "

"Cousin Yu! Where did you learn this?" a female member with bright eyes asked .

Quickly, the family members crowded around him, harassing him for answers .

Feeling a bit surprised at the crowd, he scratched his head laughing .

"Ha, I just had a bit of luck . That's all . Sorry guys, I need to start cultivating so let's chat later when I am done . " Not bothering to explain any further, he took off his shirt and plunged into the flames looking like a brave hero .

Before anyone could react to Feng Yu's sudden act of suicide, the flames started to shrink at a visible pace . A figure was sitting in the lotus position, unharmed by the fire .

"Eh! How could he be cultivating inside the flames?" someone said .

Looking at the body that seemed to be gathering endless strength from the flames, Feng Yunlong started to tremble with excitement . He shouted out in a loud manner unbecoming of the Family Leader .

"Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique! Could this be?" Feng Junling said as he looked towards Feng Yunlong in shock .

"The Heavens help me! Did Yu'er manage to cultivate it?" Fen Yunlong said in excitement as he looked towards Feng Junling .

Feng Junling was just as excited, "Hahaha! He did not disappoint me!"

"The Feng Family will rise again!" Feng Yunlong's eyes were filled with flames of ambition, like a dried up well finally recovering its source of water . He gripped his fist in excitement looking at the form bathed by flames .