Dual Sword God - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Within the town of Machen, inside of the battle arena square . The mood went dark as a towering figure soon made his way towards the platform, following behind him were two individuals . As he reached the center of the audience, the towering figure promptly pulled out two decorated chairs from his storage ring, skillfully placing them on the ground near the battle platform . He then calmly went to the side and watched the two individuals took their seats .

Suddenly, one of the individuals focused their vision on the two combatants on the platform and clapped his hands together .

Clap! Clap! As if backed by a strange power the soundwave of the clap instantly traversed the square, causing a few weaker practitioners to spit blood with the stronger ones among them feeling slightly uncomfortable .

"Hello-Hello! Everyone, so far, your performance has been mediocre at best . So, this Young Master would like to offer a new rule to this game," The arrogant looking young man said .

"Hehe! Xuan Bei, if you keep acting like this everywhere you go, you're bound to get into trouble," The voluptuous Young Woman beside him said as she snickered .

"Humph! In my Bright Flame Kingdom, what can this Young Master not do?" Xuan Bei said proudly, he then looked towards the towering figure who was quietly standing by the side as a smirk came on his face .

"If anyone is capable of defeating this servant of mine, I will grant that person the right to follow me on my path to glory," Xuan Bei said as he glanced around at the individuals especially the two people on the stage .

"What the hell is this? Who the hell does this guy think he is?" A practitioner who was disturbed by their sudden appearance said .

"Yeah, do they think this arena belong to them? They can randomly waltz on over and start breaking the rules," Another individual said .

As the practitioners and locals started to complain, Lang Kuang and Miren Fei halted their battle as they looked over at the figure with displeased expressions on their faces .

"Oh! Look what we have here, to think I'd meet my first of these 'hidden visitors' so quickly," Feng Yu said with a smile on his face he then looked towards Dai Lin and nodded .

"Understood!" Dai Lin replied .

Flash! With a movement, he transformed into a streak of lightning as he headed outside of the battle arena, while Feng Yu continued to observe the scenario in front of him with a look of interest on his face . With a flip of his wrist, he took out a scarlet chair from his storage ring and sat while observing .

Bang! "Mother Fu--er! Who do you think you are? You dare to harm my girl! I will kill you!" An enraged practitioner shouted as his female companion coughed out a mouth full of blood because of the 'clap . ' His energies instantly rose to the peak of 7 Tier Body Training realm and with a sway of his body, he swiftly traversed the distance of a few meters as he launched his assault towards Xuan Bei .

Seeing this scene, Madam Xuan sneered as she thought inwardly, "How foolish, a local bumpkin like you wants to beat Bei child is no different from seeking death . "

Looking the guy in front of him Xuan Bei frowned as a look of disdain came across his face, without even moving his arms he looked towards the towering servant . Without waiting for his master to command him, the towering man rushed out and cut off the path of the assaulting man .

"Daring to get into my Young Master's way, truly seeking death! Allow me to send you off," As he said this, the towering figure gathered all the energy he could into his right palm and launched out a swift and overbearing attack towards the assaulting practitioner .

Bang-ka! Swoosh! Following a loud sound, the body of the practitioner was soon sent hurling through the air as he flew out of the square crashing into a shop in the distant street . The servant soon after blew his fist as he left his combat stance .

"Hiss . . . . " Seeing the power of the servant's attack, the crowd couldn't help but draw in a breath of fresh snowy air . Feng Yu who was observing couldn't help but raise his eyebrows slightly as he muttered, "Oh . . . Innate Divine Power, very interesting . I wonder how many more surprises I'll see," As he said this, he scanned his vision around the crowd and noticed a few individuals who seemed unmoved towards the scene .

"When the tiger moves, the dragon uncoils," Feng Yu muttered mysteriously, as the corners of his lips rose into a playful smirk while observing the scene before him .

"Hahaha! Well-well, if it isn't little Prince Xuan, what did you come here to make? It seems that your 'Armstrong' has made a few breakthroughs compared to our last meeting," A swarthy youth with a bald head said, he wore a set of extremely luxurious robes and had small eyes that glared at Xuan Bei with a tinge of superiority .

"Prince? It can't be! Could he be the kingdom's Xuan Bei?!" An observing practitioner replied .

"Heavens! How can the prince be here? Just what is going on?" Another said in shock as he could now clearly see Xuan Bei's profile .

Seeing this young man appear out of nowhere, Xuan Bei expression fluctuated slightly, but soon it became filled with arrogance once more as he replied, "Hmm, I didn't think Brother Ji Weng would have been visiting my Bright Flame Kingdom, how was the journey from the Western Regions?"

Hearing his reply, Ji Weng smiled, "It was quite a wonderful journey, granted there were some 'nuisances . ' However, my team and I made it here in one piece," As he said this, he couldn't help but eye the surroundings for a bit and with a smirk on his face called out loudly, "Since so many of us have gathered here today, why not come out and greet each other?!"

The crowd in the arena hearing this couldn't help but be surprised, as they looked around at each other . Shortly though, a few individuals started to reveal themselves to the open .

A sturdy looking young man with short black hair walked out, he was garbed in a loosely designed red battle robe with no sleeves, as he shouldered a giant blade on his back as he crossed his arms together and looked towards Ji Weng then replied, "Humph! The Western Region's number one genius dares to interfere with Bright Flame Kingdom's matters, I wonder if you think that you have the right to make any speech here . "

The crowd seeing him were shocked as they exclaimed, "Tang Wu!"

"What's he doing here? Why would he pay attention to the local battle arena?" A few practitioners said as they observed the number one genius from the 'Bright Flame Listing .

Seeing a fellow member of the kingdom's 'Bright Flame Listing' Xuan Bei felt happy, he promptly greeted, "Brother Wu, I didn't know you were in the vicinity . If so, I'd have found you earlier and we would have made our way here together . "

Hearing the friendly means of address used by Xuan Bei, Tang Wu frowned as he snorted with a hint of disgust, "Humph!" No longer paying any attention to him, he focused his gaze back to Ji Weng .

Xuan Bei seeing this instantly became angered as he muttered, "Damn! You dare not to give me face! If it wasn't because your father is a big shot in the Golden Dragon Empire, why would I the prince of this kingdom bother to give notice to you . "

Madam Xuan seeing Xuan Bei's expression spoke in a severe tone, "Bei child, it would do no good to get upset here, remember we can't offend the Tang Family as they may very soon become a branch family in our Bright Flame Kingdom moving their main clan to the Golden Dragon Empire . It is in our best interest to maintain friendly relations . "

Hearing her words, Xuan Bei regained control of his mood and soon his superior expression return, "Humph! I know that!"

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"Brother Tang! You're so mean, why did you ignore Xuan Bei like that? Hehe!" A sweet-sounding voice said as it resounded throughout the area with no set position .

Shortly after, a beautiful looking female appeared within the region of all parties; she wore a black shenyi with gold sleeves, with a white cloth wrapped around her arms and feet . Her hair was parted into two sides and braided flowing all the way down to her feet that were covered by a pair of decorated sandals .

As Feng Yu saw this girl appear, he revealed an expression of surprise, "She walks the 'Shadow Path' and has a fairly high comprehension at that too . "

Swish! A figure abruptly appeared beside him once more and calmly observed the scene before him .

"Did you deliver the information?" Asked Feng Yu .

"Yes, Young Master Yu, the Clan Leader has already sent for scouting," Dai Lin replied .

"Good . " Feng Yu said as he continued to observe the scene before him .

As Tang Wu saw the beautiful girl who appeared, he made a weary expression he replied weakly, "So, Sister Xin Qing is here too . . . "

"What do you mean I'm here too? Are you expecting me to be somewhere else?" She asked loudly .

Ji Weng who was watching in silence smiled as he motioned towards a corner, not long after, a dark looking young man appeared dressed in shaolin style clothing with baggy pants . He had a turban on his head, with strange tattoos on his body that were vaguely visible due to his dense amounts of clothing, following behind him was a few individuals dressed in similar clothing with turbans over their heads .

As they saw this young man appear, the people that were watching became filled with shock .

"The Southern Wasteland is here too! Just what the hell is going on here?!" A man exclaimed .

"The Southern Wasteland… I heard the journey from there to here is especially difficult, filled with dangers one cannot begin to imagine . How did these people manage to even get within the domain of the Golden Dragon Empire much less our remote Bright Flame Kingdom?"

"Hmm, good! Since we've all gathered . Why not do something special for this occasion?" Ji Weng said .

Hearing Ji Weng spoke once more everyone's attention quickly gathered towards him . Xuan Bei, Madam Xuan, Tang Wu, Xin Qing, and the Southern Wasteland Youth also looked towards him silently .

"Oh! What does the illustrious genius of the Western Regions want us to do today?" Xuan Bei said as he stared at Ji Weng .

"It's simple since we all came here for the Talent Selection, it makes no sense to fight amongst ourselves so soon . Why not have our servants compete for a bit to see who's the best among them?"

" . . . " Hearing his suggestion, the group state silent for a while as they started to ponder about it, after a while they had each accepted his proposal .

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"Fine, I agree!" Tang Wu replied .

"Me too," Xin Qing said who stuck to Tang Wu like a tail .

"Count me in!" Xuan Bei replied .

" . . . Em . . . . " The strange young man from the Southern Wasteland replied .

Feng Yu seated in the distance smiled, he then looked towards Dai Lin and saw that his eyes had a hint of fire sparking within .

"Dai Lin, do you wish to partake in their game?" Feng Yu asked .

Hearing Feng Yu's question Dai Lin bowed slightly and responded, "Replying to the Young Master, I would like to test my new-found skills . "

After pondering for a bit Feng Yu decided to permit him, he looked towards Dai Lin and spoke, "Hmm, fine, but remember our main goal . It is to recruit those two talented individuals standing on the platform . "

"Dai Lin thanks the Young Master, as for persuading the two of them, I already have an idea," Dai Lin said as he looked towards the two standing on the battle platform with confidence on his face .

"Interesting… then go, show me how you will bring these two to my side," Feng Yu said with great curiosity in his eyes as he saw the confident expression on Dai Lin's face .

"As the Young Master wishes!" Dai Lin responded .

Flash! Instantly he transformed into a streak of lightning appearing on the battle platform, his sudden movements startling the two combatants, the spectating crowd, and the talents who were discussing how to proceed with their servants' competition .

"Who is he? Such a remarkable movement technique, where did he come from?" Xuan Bei said as he looked towards Dai Lin in surprise .

Tang Wu observed with slight praise, "Hmm, such cultivation at his age, he could be considered a fairly talented expert in the world of rogue practitioners . "

The rest looked on in silence as Lang Kuang and Miren Fei had started to speak upon seeing him land on the battle platform .

"Who… who the hell are you?" Lang Kuang who recovered from his dazed expression asked in a solemn tone .

" . . . . " Miren Fei also looked on silently with her guard up .

Seeing the two of their reactions, Dai Lin smiled as he responded, "Wildwolf and Charming Jade, you two are quite talented as such I would like to offer you an opportunity," As he said this a spoon soon appeared within his right hand, gripped firmly with his finger .

Miren Fei, who was silent upon hearing his words frowned as she decided to ask, "Opportunity? And why should I even care about your so-called opportunity?"

Lang Kuang looked on with a fierce look in his eyes .

Seeing this Dai Lin revealed a mysterious smile and replied, "Because this chance I'm offering is more than enough to help Miss Jade grow strong enough for her vengeance, as well as solving Mr . Lang Kuang's family issues . "

"You don't mean?" Shocked by Dai Lin's sudden declaration, both Lang Kuang and Miren Fei replied .

"We can talk about that later, the question here is, do you accept?" Asked Dai Lin .

After pondering for a short while both Lang Kuang and Miren Fei decided to accept the proposal, they looked at Dai Lin and nodded their heads, a firm light shining intensely in both of their eyes .

"Good! Now then, the test is simple," Dai Lin said .

"All you have to do is make me drop this spoon," As he said this, he moved the spoon and placed it in a vertical position on top of his index finger .

The crowd who saw this behavior went quiet as the entire square became filled with deafening silence, the snow continuing to fall creating a strange kind of mood . However, the crowd soon woke up from the shock .

"He is extremely arrogant!" One of the spectators roared in anger .

"Hahaha! And here I thought he was some big deal, now I see he's only a fool looking for fame," Xuan Bei said as he looked at Dai Lin with scorn .

The other talents observing felt it strange but continue to watch quietly .

Both Lang Kuang and Miren Fei thought he was joking, but they didn't bother to care too much about it . Lang Kuang walked forwards and positioned himself for battle once more .

"Come! I'll be the first to try your challenge!" He said in a competitive tone as he was ready to battle .

Dai Lin smiled as he pointed his other hand at them, before waving his index finger in a no-no, manner .

"That's not good enough, both of you…" As he said this, the lightning energy within his body started to gather bit by bit creating a static field around him .

KA-BANG! A thunderous boom sounded as his entire body became suffused with electrical power, and his conical hat fell to the floor .

The audience that saw his sudden power up felt shocked, however, his next words resounded throughout the battle platform echoing deep within the minds of all spectators, "Come at me together!"