Dual Sword God - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Inside the Feng Clan Manor, within the meeting room . The mood in the Feng clan was a solemn one, as all the core elders and clan officials had gathered to the meeting hall for an emergency conference . Seated at the head of the table was Feng Yunlong and Feng Junling while Elder Duan and Elder Chen sat to the right and left sides respectively . Currently, they were discussing the methods to scout the groups hidden within Machen town .

"Reporting to the Clan Leader, Supreme Elder, and Elders, so far we have found trails regarding the followers of the Prince of the Bright Flame Kingdom and the Genius of the Western Shengyin Kingdom . With regards to Tang Wu and Xin Qing, while we have yet to locate their forces, we do have some trails," A man dressed in black said, as he wore a hawk-masquerade mask on his face .

Hearing his report, the elders relieved pondering expressions after a few moments of time Elder Chen asked another question, "What about the group from the Southern Wasteland? Who are they and where are their remaining followers?"

Feng Yunlong, Feng Junling and the rest of the core family members looked towards the man with the hawk-masquerade mask intently .

Hearing the question about the unknown youth from the Southern Wasteland, the hawk-masquerade masked man smiled wearily as he replied, "Replying to elders and core members, after deploying the zero team we have found no further information on the group from the Southern Wasteland, it's as though they are wrapped in a thick layer of mystery . Subordinate assumes that they are from a very complex organization with strict training as they have left no trails to follow or glean information . "

"Hmmm . . . " Feng Yunlong frowned as he heard the reply and started to tap his finger on the table while lost in his thoughts .

Tap . Tap . Tap . The elders went silent as they saw the Clan Leaders expression . Soon, however, Feng Junling having thought of something decided to speak .

"Brother, there is no point in excessively pondering over the unknown, even if they pose to be a variable . They would still not know about our bottom line, in fact, no one does, and that is our basis of counter-assault during the unexpected . If we worry about such small fry, then how would we have the face to go back to the Sacred Domain?"

Hearing Feng Junling speak the mood soon turned a bit lighter as Elder Duan added, "Haha! Supreme Elder Junling speaks right . Why should we the Feng Clan fret about anyone from this land?"

All the elders and core members who heard him had confident smiles on their faces as they made similar commentaries .

Hearing their comments, Feng Yunlong sighed, "Fine! We will not deploy excessive manpower to scout them . Instead, we will keep an eye out for unexpected changes, tell the crimson-mask unit 1 to report any changes," as he spoke, he looked towards the man with the hawk-masquerade mask .

"By your command!" The hawk-masquerade masked man replied .

Sou! With a sway of his body, he transformed into a blur disappearing from the courtyard altogether . After which Feng Yunlong looked towards the elders and clan officials before speaking once more .

"Even though we were once powerful and stood amongst the very best of this world, it does not do us any good to become overconfident because we have regained some of our prowess . It would do us good to have a certain degree of caution especially towards the unknown!" Feng Yunlong said in a solemn tone .

Soon, everyone became silent as they realized their mistakes a moment ago, even the martial crazy supreme elder Feng Junling kept quiet as he stared at his brother with a slightly embarrassed look .

Seeing their expressions of understanding, Feng Yunlong smiled and clapped his hand together .

"Good! Now that we have got that over with, we can begin the next phase of our meeting," Feng Yunlong said as he took out a scroll from his storage ring .

"Clan Leader, but what of the kids at the battle arena, do we send aid to little Yu'er?" Elder Chen asked as his hands stroked his beard .

Hearing Elder Chen's question everyone focused their visions to Feng Yunlong once more, Feng Junling looked towards Feng Yunlong and nodded silently . Seeing this Feng Yunlong smiled as he moved his eyes to the hall window, his gaze bypassing the Feng mansion walls and myriad of buildings traveling all the way to the battle platform .

"Yu'er will be fine . . . " He said in a confident tone .


The scene at the battle arena was a 'shocking' one indeed .

The essence of pure electricity gathered and surrounded the figure of a blue-haired man, looking at him from a distance it seemed as if a lightning deity had descended to the mortal plane . Thunderous crackling noises sounded like an almost endless amount of lightning snaked around the battle platform, surrounding the two gaping figures who stood still momentarily .

Dai Lin smiled as he thought to himself, "So, it seems my conjecture was right as I can manipulate my new lightning essence power to a certain degree . Hmm, let's call this move <Prison of Thunder>"

Feng Yu seeing this scene became filled with surprise as he pondered, "Could it be that Dai Lin has a unique lightning physique that could allow him to grasp the power of lightning as if it was second nature? What type of body is this?" He thought to himself as he observed Dai Lin's decent control of his lightning essence energies .

The talents and other hidden geniuses watching were also surprised as they looked at each other and revealed pondering expressions .

"Who the hell is this guy?" Xuan Bei said as he looked towards Dai Lin with a bit of apprehension .

"Incredible skill, his current momentum is no weaker than my servants," Tang Wu said as he looked towards the group standing at his previously located corner .

Xin Qing looked at Dai Lin with puzzled eyes she couldn't help but cast her gaze towards Feng Yu seated in the distance . As if sensing something, Feng Yu turned and glanced towards Xin Qing with a smile on his face, after giving a quick wink he focused his vision back to the platform .

Seeing that the random stranger had sensed her gaze, Xin Qing felt surprised as she pondered to herself, "What's their relationship?"

Tang Wu noticing Xin Qing's unusual silence asked, "Little Sister Qing, what's troubling you?" He asked with slight concern .

"It's nothing!" Xing Qing replied as she focused her gaze back towards the battle platform .

The Southern Wasteland Youth who noticed this also send a vision to Feng Yu but seeing that the latter did not have any response, he focused his sight back on the battle platform .

Lang Kuang and Miren Fie soon recovered from their state of shock, as they saw the clusters of snake-like lightning essence surrounding them . Quickly, Lang Kuang was the first to act .

"Wolf Transformation!" Lang Kuang roared as if calling on the energies of heaven and earth, his body quickly changing as furry white silver hair soon appeared on his skin, as his eyes became dyed with a shade of light red .

A silvery-white essence power erupted from his body giving him the battle prestige of a peak 8 Tier Body Training realm practitioner . Seeing this Feng Yu was surprised as he exclaimed inwardly, "A Special Physique! And it seems as if it's no way inferior to a Lesser-Bloodline . Good talent! I wonder, could the body of Dai Lin also be similar?" He pondered as he continued to observe the scene on stage .

As he finished his transformation, Lang Kuang position himself in wolf stance looking as if was transformed into a wolf itself preparing to pounce on his prey . Miren Fei seeing this leaped backward as her body began to turn the color of jade . Eventually, she had arrived before the edge of Dai Lin's <Prison of Lightning>, and the clusters of lightning surrounding them started to bombard her figure with torrents of lightning bolts .

Zap! As the lightning strikes collided with her figure, the jade-like skin that covered her body started to weaken at an alarming rate as the color slowly began to fade away .

"Argh! It's not good I have to get out now!" As she realized that the situation wasn't too good, she roared and quickly made a swaying movement with her body still airborne twirling until she finally made her way out of Dai Lin's <Prison of Lightning> .

Clank! As if metal collided with the hard floor of the battle platform, her feet left deep imprints as she landed a few meters close to the edge of the arena . Standing at that distance, she then raised her hand and pointed her finger towards Dai Lin .

"My 'Jade Mirror Arts: Jade Form' was almost entirely destroyed by his strange lightning prison . If I were to be one second too late, I would have been severely injured," Miren Fei thought to herself as she looked at Dai Lin with slight fear .

Dai Lin seeing this was surprised as she had successfully managed to make her way out of his <Prison of Lightning> despite having such low cultivation . However, he no longer paid her any attention as he looked at the white silver wolfman in front of him with expectation . He pointed his left hand's finger towards Lang Kuang and spoke while gesturing with his finger, "Come!"

Hearing his calling, Lang Kuang wasted no time as he gathered his essence power into his fist and lunged towards Dai Lin transforming into a blur of silver-white light .

Swoosh! "Arcane Wolf Style: Explosive Wolf Fist!" Lang Kuang roared as the silver-white essence-energies formed a bright wolf shade above his fist .

"Awooo!" With the sound of a wolf's howl, the attack launched itself towards Dai Lin .

Flash! Dai Lin seeing this quickly reacted by transforming into a blue streak of lightning, although he wasn't as fast as true lightning, he had still managed to swiftly make his way around Lang Kuang's offensive assault arriving at his now unguarded back .

KA-BOOM! With a loud explosion, the <Prison of Thunder> soon exploded from the collision caused by the shunned <Explosive Wolf Fist>, scattering groups of lightning essence energies across the battle platform .

"Your strength is good, but it won't do you any good if you can't hit me!" Dai Lin said as he formed a palm with his left hand, while his right hand firmly balanced the spoon on his index finger .

"Now then, try my 'Shock Palm'" As Dai Lin said this, some of the lightning essence energies that were scattered from the destroyed <Prison of Thunder> started to gather towards his palm, illuminating it with a small field of electrical energy .

Buzz! "Not Good!" Hearing a buzzing noise and sensing the danger coming from behind him, Lang Kuang exclaimed as he tried to avoid the incoming attack, but it was too late .

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Swish! Dai Lin's palm shot through the air like lightning itself as it was only a few inches from connecting with Lang Kuang's back . Upon realizing that he could not avoid it in time, Lang Kuang could only grit his teeth as he prepared to endure most of the technique . However, in his moment of despair a voice soon flowed into his mind awakening him from his desperate straits . Quickly, he gathered all his power as he turned himself to face Dai Lin's attack .

"Eh? Want to take my 'Shock Palm' directly you're asking for trouble!" Dai Lin said as he saw Lang Kuang turned around to face him directly .

Ka-Bang! Zap! As Dai Lin's palm collided with Lang Kuang, a shockwave filled with torrents of electricity spread out across the battle platform . Lang Kuang felt as if thousands of volts of lightning were running through him, his entire body started to make popping noises as if he was being fried .

"Urrooaagghhhhh!" Lang Kuang roared then he gritted his teeth fiercely as he used all his willpower to grab Dai Lin's left hand .

"You!" Realizing Lang Kuang's determination Dai Lin felt something was wrong, but it was too late .

Miren Fei who was still outside of the lightning prison finally made her move, she condensed all her jade essence-energies into her index finger, and she accurately aimed it at the spoon on top of Dai Lin's right index finger .

"Humph! Since you dare to ignore me, then you shall taste the 'Mirror Form' of my 'Jade Mirror Arts Technique' - Jade Lightning Strikes!" She shouted as a ray of condensed green lightning shot forth from her fingertip, beaming towards the spoon on top of Dai Lin's index finger .

Zap! As if it didn't need to wait for time to describe its speed, the green streak of lightning vanished as soon as it appeared leaving behind only a clinking sound of a metallic object hitting the ground .

Clink! Clink! Seeing this Lang Kuang had a smile on his face as he collapsed on the floor breathing heavily . Dai Lin looked at the spoon on the floor with a smile on his face, he then looked at the two individuals on the battle platform and clapped .

Clap! Clap! "Well Done! This is what I wanted to see, your teamwork, you've earned the right to meet my Young Master, follow me! "As he said this, he transformed into a streak of blue thunder once more soon after appearing beside Feng Yu .

Lang Kuang and Miren Fei seeing this felt slightly surprised in their hearts as they didn't think such a powerful expert was under someone's command . Promptly, they got off the platform while slowly constraining their injuries with their essence-energies .

The audience seeing this felt shock, as they recalled his last words .

"Young Master? You're telling me that such an expert is the subordinate of another!" Xuan Bei said as he looked towards the seated Feng Yu in shock and envy, after a fleeting moment he recovered to his usual state of mind as he thought to himself with an arrogant and confident look on his face .

"It does not matter, who can I Xuan Bei not be able to get at my side in this kingdom," As he said this, he then looked towards Madam Xuan and sent a mental transmission .

Madam Xuan hearing his request smiled while replying, "Fine! If it's Bei child's wish, then it shall be done . "

"You there, come here!" She said as she pointed towards the towering figure who upon hearing her shout promptly made his way over and bowed politely .

"This servant greets madam!" He said politely .

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"Find out all you can about that lightning rogue cultivator immediately, and get this to Captain Niu," She said as she tossed a jade slip towards the towering figure and no longer paid any attention to him .

"Understood!" The figure said after which he transformed into a blur as he rushed outside of the square .

"It seems that I was wrong about him, his strength has already far surpassed the leagues of my servants . He's also already someone's follower, hmm, no matter, it looks like I'll need to keep on my toes at the selections," Tang Wu said as a strange smile came on his face when looking at Feng Yu .

The Southern Wasteland Youth had a bright light in his eyes as he looked at Dai Lin standing beside Feng Yu, he then looked towards one of his followers and nodded his head .

Swish! The follower soon after vanished .

Ji Weng couldn't help but frown when he saw Dai Lin standing nearby Feng Yu, he looked towards a random man sitting in a corner and murmured some words . As the man saw Ji Weng and heard his transmission, he got up slowly and made his way out of the square .

Feng Yu looked towards Dai Lin and nodded as he commended, "Dai Lin, your strength has exceeded my expectations . Well done, are you sure you still want to partake in the games of these young masters and mistresses?"

Hearing this Dai Lin pondered for a moment as he replied, "Young Master Yu, I have decided to finish consolidating my realms strength a bit more first . It seems that my comprehension towards effectively utilizing my 'Heavenly Shocking Circuits Scripture' is still a bit limited," As he recalled the scene of Lang Kuang's attack destroying his <Prison of Thunder> .

"Fine then, we are leaving as I've already seen enough!" Feng Yu said as he received his chair and looked at the two injured fellows behind Dai Lin .

"Do you seek strength?" Feng Yu said .

Hearing his question both Lang Kuang and Miren Fei looked at each other before replying .

"Yes, we do!" They replied in unison .

"Good! Then follow me back to my home where I will enlighten you," Feng Yu said as he started to make his way to the outside of the square, followed by Dai Lin as the two of them began to walk in a unique pattern, noticing this both Lang Kuang and Miren Fei also followed suit .

Xin Qing who was watching for a while couldn't help but walk over towards Feng Yu inquiringly, seeing the pretty young miss walking towards him Feng Yu revealed a curious expression, he gestured towards Dai Lin who then paused and moved towards his side . As she saw that, Xin Qing's curiosity only continued to grow the more she looked at Feng Yu, she asked, "Who are you, Fellow Daoist?"

Her voice even though it was small resounded throughout the now quiet field as everyone was now looking at Feng Yu .

"Eh? It's… what's he doing here?!" A familiar-looking peddler said as he looked at Feng Yu in shock .

Feng Yu smiled and replied, "Me?"

He then looked at everyone in the field and then focused his gaze back on Xin Qing to speak once more, "I'm just a passer-by!"