Dual Sword God - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Inside of the Mystery Pavilion, the auction was beginning to grow further intense as more and more top-class influences were starting to take part in the bidding war for the various items being auctioned . Currently, there was a pair of ancient-looking shoes that had golden feather wings attached to its edges . It gave off a noble aura as if it was above the standard of rare graded treasures while it floated silently above the exhibition platform .

The auctioneer WhiteMask looked at the audience as he spoke of this unique pair of shoes, "Guests and Honored Guests, our 30th item for auction today was created by a Grandmaster Level craftsman from the craftsman empire Margerum . It is an artifact that can gift its user the ability of primary flight but only for a short period . While it is not comparable to actual flying, it could still prove to be useful for anyone below the realm of great True Soul realm experts!" As he said this, he waved his hand, and a series of recorded images began to display in front of the audience of the item being used by an individual .

The audience seeing these images were surprised some of them started to make a commotion .

"I must have this item at all costs!" An individual from the bottom layer said as he looked at the shoes with greed .

"If I have his Treasured Artefact, it should be able to increase my chances of exploring the upcoming mystic realm," Ji Weng said as he looked at this artifact with fire in his eyes .

Seeing the look in Ji Weng's eyes, Xuan Bei frowned as he looked towards Mistress Xuan, upon seeing his look Mistress Xuan sighed as she nodded her head giving him the go-ahead .

"Hmm, the grade of this item must at least be that of upper-rank earth tier for it to be capable of utilizing the fragments of the natural laws that govern flight," An expert from the fifth layer said in slight admiration as he looked at the floating shoes .

"Great! Introductions are now over, the starting price for this item is five hundred and fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!" WhiteMask said as the competitors immediately began to bid once more with even more outrageous prices .

"The Molten Axe Sect offers six hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!" An influential individual from the sect said .

"I Ji Weng offers six hundred and fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!" Ji Weng said as he raised his auction plate .

"I Xuan Bei offers seven hundred and fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!" Xuan Bei said .

The crowd who were observing the proceedings started to chatter as they heard these two characters competed .

"The Western Genius versus the Eastern Prince, hmm, this should make for quite an entertaining bout," A man seated on the second layer said .

Tang Wu and Xin Qing looked at the two in surprise, but soon they came to realize why they were bidding for the item . Tang Wu looked at the pair of floating shoes and shook his head while saying, "It's pointless to waste money for such an artifact, after all, even if one could fly for a short time inside of the mystic realm who's to say there won't be unexpected dangers in flight . "

Xin Qing who shared a similar idea also observed the two who were bidding with a look of mockery on her face as she thought inwardly, "Hmph! Such big dummies! I wonder what they do if they found that getting such item only increases the risks they will face?"

As the auction continued Feng Yu, Dai Lin, and Hui Ying had also been paying attention towards its proceedings . Currently, the two swords were resting on Feng Yu's legs, bounded together as if trying to achieve resonance .

"Young Master, do you not want anything more for yourself?" Dai Lin asked who was now playing with a sparkling black gauntlet with his hands . Vaguely, a spark of blue electric current would flow over the hard edges on its surface .

Feng Yu looked towards Dai Lin and replied, "I'm fine, I've already gotten what I've set out to acquire, now I only need to wait and see if this final auction item is actually as special as what is listed in the catalog . "

He then placed on a sly smirk when he saw the gauntlet in Dai Lin's hands and spoke once more, "Heh, Dai Lin it seems you've taken quite a liking for those gauntlets . "

"Haha! Of course, these fist weapons are very suitable to my combat style I can't wait to try it out in actual combat," Dai Lin replied as a look of confidence came over his face .

"Hmm, then why not we have a match when we head back to the Manor? I'd like to test my swords as well," Feng Yu said with a teasing look in his eyes .

"Eh? Young Master is joking! I . . . I've only just gotten the items; I think I'll need to consolidate my cultivation base and train the new members of Dawnwing a bit . . . " Dai Lin who was now feeling a bit flustered said nervously .

Hui Ying seeing his laughed as he added, "Hahaha! Brother Feng, looking to bully your retainer why not add me to the fun?"

"The more the merrier!" Feng Yu said as his eyes boiled with fighting spirit .

After a while of talking Hui Ying then asked Feng Yu, "Brother Yu, what do you think of the final item in the catalog?"

As Feng Yu heard this, he was about to reply, but suddenly there was a change in the auction room .

Slam! WhiteMask slammed the cane in his hands onto the ground and looked towards the audience and spoke, "Sold to the Genius of the West!"

"Damn! That bastard!" Xuan Bei cursed as he looked towards Ji Weng with hatred visible in his eyes .

"Heh! Brother Xuan, you're still too early to be challenging me at betting games," Ji Weng said in a voice that reached only Xuan Bei's ears .

Clap-clap! Suddenly, WhiteMask clapped his hands together, and the lights within the auction began to change .

Soon, a collection of multiple different lights collected on the exhibition platform, creating an even more colorful scene as WhiteMask stood silently within the center of the stage . He looked towards the audience as he raised his hands and spoke in a loud voice .

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"Ladies and gentlemen! Honored guests! We have approached the end of today's auction; I'd like to introduce our final item today, that I'm sure many of you will find rather interesting . In fact, it is the very item that many of you esteemed individuals have come to today's auction to claim . I present to you . . . " As he said this, he snapped his fingers causing a change to occur on the stage once more .

Phew! With a bright blinding light beaming from the center of the sage to the ceiling, an ancient and old looking piece of paper soon quickly appeared, on this paper was a series of locations, each mapped out in an incredibly detailed and specific order . The article had an image of a dragon that coiled itself around its edges, seeming to be alive .

As the influential individuals saw this scene, they couldn't help but feel excited, most of the individuals at the most top layer of the betting room had also begun to grip their betting plates firmly .

Feeling that the time was right, WhiteMask smiled underneath his mask and spoke once more .

"I present to you . . . the Ancient Dragon Battlefield Chart!" WhiteMask shouted as is voice resounded throughout the room .

As Feng Yu and Hui Ying saw this item, the two of them couldn't help but feel surprised .

"So, it was actually a chart of the mystic realm . No wonder it didn't clearly describe what the item was in the catalog, as it would have alarmed even more terrifying individuals into struggling to partake in this auction!" Hui Ying exclaimed as he looked at the item floating on the platform .

"Indeed, this is going to be one fierce battle," Feng Yu said as he looked towards this item .

"Brother Yu, does your family want this item? I don't think you'd be able to snatch it away from the noses of these individuals," Hui Ying said as he looked towards Feng Yu curiously .

"Ha! You're mistaken Brother Ying; I never intended to compete with these guys for the unknown item related to the Ancient Dragon Battlefield from the very beginning," Feng Yu said .

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"What!" Both Dai Lin and Hui Ying replied as looked at Feng Yu with surprise .

"Then why did you still bother to stay after acquiring your sword?" Hui Ying then asked puzzledly .

"That's simple! Apart from my objective, I was given one more task to accomplish while attending the Mystery Pavilion's Auction, and that was . . . " Feng Yu once more responded as he looked through the window at the forms seated on the topmost layer .

Soon, a few individuals could be seen seating themselves at the center of the top layer's influences, the influential individuals who sat around them adopted a more docile and passive attitude .

Seeing these individuals seated among these forms Hui Ying looked at Feng Yu in shock as he stated, "Aren't those the three individuals from the last time?"

"Un! That's right, and they are most likely the strongest party that has gathered here in Machen Town . My task was to gather as much information as possible about the hidden influences gathered at the auction . Now that they have made their appearance my duty is now complete, as that symbol gathered on that man's chest says it all," Feng Yu said as he pointed towards the man seated by the three familiar individuals from their last encounter .

Hui Ying following gesture looked at the symbol on the chest of the man; it was a golden dragon embellished with delicate golden threads from of unknown materials .

"That symbol, so they were actually from there . . . " Hui Ying said with a tone of surprise .

"The Golden Dragon Empire's group . . . " Dai Lin said as he looked towards them with a bit of reverence .

Feng Yu looked at the figure of the young man seated among the individuals with a sharp look in his eyes, as if sensing something the young man looked towards the wall directly staring at Feng Yu's position . However, he soon moved away from the wall as he knitted his brow slightly .

"We meet again, unknown youth . . . " Feng Yu murmured as his voice faded away into the commotion taking place .