Dual Sword God - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Sitting on a mat in the center of the hut, Feng Junling reached for a jar of wine and started to chug it down . He looked at Feng Yu, who currently sat before him, with an earnest appearance on his face .

"Our Feng Family Clan has an extremely ancient history . It was only about 100 years ago that we used to reside in a place far away from here . This place was known as, the 'Sacred Domain' . It is a land situated within the core of this continent we live in, which is known as the True Yuan Continent . "

Listening carefully to his uncle, Feng Yu was suddenly enlightened . He thought, "So that's how it is . No wonder our bloodline is so special . It seems that this world is as vast as my old world . "

Not paying much attention to his nephew, Feng Junling continued with a lost look on his face, "There are 7 Supreme Bloodline Families in the world, each of them unique due to being connected to a mighty Primordial Ancient Being . The Thunder Dragon Clan, Elf Monarch Clan, Fairy Tribe, Devil Emperor Clan, Beastman Clan, White Tiger Clan, and lastly our Ancestral Phoenix Clan . "

"Apart from these clans, there are hundreds of other groups with minor bloodlines from beings of a common heritage . But this does not mean our bloodline clans are the strongest . Apart from bloodline clans, there are Ancient War Saint Heritages, these clans are in no way inferior to either our Supreme Bloodline Clans or Lesser Bloodline Clans . These Families practice Inherited Techniques classed as Supreme Tier . These typically emphasize a weapon of mastery and 'Secret Techniques' that can increase battle prestige no inferior to bloodline prestige .

Curious Feng Yu suddenly asked, "Uncle Junling, I find it strange that they can still compare to bloodline might . Couldn't we use those mystical techniques to increase our bloodline might?"

Smiling at Feng Yu's question, Feng Junling gestured towards a table . Following his gesture, Feng Yu was even more confused as he looked at a full glass jar of water .

Suddenly, Feng Junling motioned his hand towards another jug of water which was so full, it flew over . Then, he looked at Feng Yu and said, "A Jar can only hold so much water, what do you think will happen if you constantly add more water while preventing any of it from escaping?"

Snapping his finger, one of the Jars floated and began to pour water into the already filled jar . Strangely enough, it seemed that some force was preventing the water inside of the jar from overflowing . Soon, cracking noises could be heard from the pot .

Bang! After a loud noise, the jar broke into pieces spreading water all over the table . Its parts scattered about the floor .

Surprised and more enlightened, Feng Yu blurted out "Ah! So that's how it is! No wonder those bloodline warriors didn't overthrow my----" as if realizing his mistake, he quickly rephrased his statement, "My . . . my idea of the world in the past . . . "

A confused expression appeared on Feng Junling's face . He looked at Feng Yu's face carefully, but then he paid no more attention and continued to speak .

"That's right . Mystical Techniques are from a similar source of power that increases the power of the blood that exists within the hosts of its practice . Because of this, it will not do bloodline cultivators any good, seeing as we can already summon our prestige through our powerful bloodline . Doing so would cause a conflict between both forces . This would prove to be rather catastrophic . It is because of this that Ancient War Saints Clans and Minor War Heritage Clans keep up with our Bloodline Lineages . "

"As our clan was once a powerful Supreme Bloodline family that existed within Sacred Domain, we naturally would have better-inherited techniques and roots compared to any other clans within this small and remote empire . Sigh, but as fate would have it, our clan has declined to this state . "

With a sad look on his face, Feng Junling continued, "Among all of the Supreme Clan bloodlines, our Phoenix's clans X Tier Technique was too complex to practice . If the individual did not have a deep understanding of the 'Nirvana' intent as well as an extremely high concentration of our bloodline, it would be impossible to cultivate it . "

Feng Yu was baffled "Nirvana . . . Nirvana, could it be . . . " he muttered in a soft voice while listening to his uncle .

Feng Junling scratched his chin nodded "Hmmm, I believe the reason that you must have been able to cultivate it was because you have such a strong bloodline concentration . The near-death experience you recently suffered must have given you a decent comprehension of Nirvana . "

Seeing that Feng Junling was so focused on the cultivation of the technique Feng Yu asked . "Uncle Junling, is there a drawback for not having someone cultivate using the <Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique>?"

Feng Junling replied, "Indeed so, if there is no one to cultivate using the <Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique> to awaken his bloodline, then all of the clan members suffer a backlash . This restricts their ability to draw upon their bloodline powers, which also hinders their cultivation . The reason is that the strength of our ancestral bloodline is too powerful . It requires a talent worthy of its standard to cultivate its technique . This means all successful generation cultivators of the technique would be closest in terms of bloodline concentration to that of the ancestor, which makes them the core of the bloodline for the entire clan . "

Feng Yu frowned feeling puzzled then said, "But if it's like this for our bloodline, what of the bloodlines of those other Supreme Family Clans . "

"All Supreme Bloodlines have a similar setback but are manageable due to their families having multiple individuals capable of sharing the bloodline's burden . The easier it is to cultivate, the more people will be able to cultivate the art . This keeps the supreme bloodline clans in order . Sadly, our Phoenix clan has only had one successful cultivator in every era . Since the previous successor to our bloodline died in a calamity 10,000 years ago, our clan kept declining which led to an eventual disaster . "

In recalling memories from the past, Feng Junling's face became filled with extreme hatred . He looked out the window of his hut staring deep into the sky on the clouds . Soon, a scene started to become visible . A palace could be seen far upon a grand mountain hidden by the clouds . He began to reminisce about a story that happened a long time ago .

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"It was only about a 100 year before you were born . Your grandfather Feng Tianlong was invited to the Thunder Dragon Clan to celebrate the successful union of your mother and father . All went well, and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary . However, it was only after completely letting our guards down did we realize what a big mistake we had made . At the party was a gathering of three of the Supreme Bloodline clans, two of which we have always been on bad terms with since ancient times: The Devil Emperor Clan and the Beastman Tribe . "

While gritting his teeth and clenching his fist hard, he then continued, "It seemed that without us noticing, the Thunder Dragon Clan had signed some agreement with those two clans . In the past, we had always suppressed the activities of both clans due to their harmful nature and disruptive activities . This unexpected betrayal caused many casualties to both parties including our own . This caused the hatred between our clans to grow and over time, it was irreconcilable . These three Clans Leaders had suppressed your grandfather and began to carry out a slaughter prepared beforehand towards our clansman at the headquarters . During this conflict, your mother, who was pregnant with you and unable to properly fight, suffered an unexpected attack launched by a member of the Devil Emperor Clan . "

"Filled with rage, your father and I went on a massacring spree, killing most of the enemies . As we were about to find a way breakthrough, an individual who was among our family captured your injured mother Lei Shangan and threatened us by using hostage tactics . Seeing that he couldn't do anything to help us, your grandfather offered a plea towards the three clans to give the remaining members a slim chance . The Clan Leaders, who had already achieved their goal, then agreed by setting the harshest condition possible . They discarded all the cultivation of the clan elders and destroyed all the techniques handed down from within our clan's Ancient Heritage . After which, they fatally wounded your grandfather and forced the clan to leave the Sacred Yuan Domain . "

A teardrop could be seen falling from the eyes of Feng Junling, as he continued his recollection . "It was while traveling from the treacherous Sacred Domain Border to the Outer Continent . Your grandfather exhausted his last bits of strength to teleport us to an extremely distant location after being ambushed by powerful creatures that seemed to know of our traveling route . After being teleported, we found ourselves in a location close to the current kingdom we now reside in . All forms of communication with your grandfather have been lost since then . "

Feng Junling sighed as he circulated his aura within his palm . "We had no power to go back and had only a limited amount of resources remaining . I, along with your father, your mother and your aunt as well as the remaining elders, eventually decided to settle down in this small town . However, because of our severe injuries, we suffered from the crippling of our cultivation . Even when we tried to re-cultivate, we remained unable to progress as smoothly as we did before . This is why our cultivation bases remained at this stage, despite using dozens of years to rebuild . Our enemies let us go due to this very fact . Without unsealing our bloodlines, we have not been able to recover our strength… destined to fade away by the fetters of time . "

Suddenly hearing about his grandfather's and mother's tragedies, imperceptible to Feng Yu's noticing, a wave of emotion instantly began to fill the deepest part of his soul and began to overflow . Feng Yu suddenly became filled with endless killing intent and hatred .

"They dared to do this to my mother and grandfather! I, Feng Yu, swear to seek Vengeance even if I die trying!" While filled with rage and shouting out his declaration in his mind, there was a glow from the most profound place within his soul . The last remnant of the previous Feng Yu became content . It fully merged its killing intent with the current Feng Yu's, and the two souls became one true new being .

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Subconsciously, Feng Yu no longer considered himself an outsider, but the true Feng Yu of this world with a previous life experience of another .

Recovering from his dry mood, Feng Junling looked at his nephew and started to feel better . "Hearing the might of our enemies and still having the guts to seek revenge on them to the very end, a true Dragon, no . . . a true Phoenix indeed . It's a pity your mother still ended up dying . Even after being treated with all kinds of treasures she bore the burden of suffering a curse . Because of the devilish curse arts used by the devil who attacked her, it was only when you were born that she was finally released from the curse immediately dying, leaving us behind .

Ending his recollection, Feng Junling said, "Now, enough about the past . Seeing that you have managed to cultivate the technique, you should now start to tap into your bloodline and seek out awakening . The best way to do this is through combat experience . Try taking a visit to 'Tydol Mountain Range . ' It would also be an excellent way to consolidate your foundation further, eliminating any hidden injuries . Before you head out, make sure to train at least one of the combat martial arts inside of this storage ring .

Tossing a pouch at Feng Yu, he said, "Don't worry about the other main clansmen . Now they are all trying to inspire their bloodline's sealed potential now that the restriction has been lifted . Here is your allowance for the next two months; your father asked me to pass it on to you before you head off training . "

Looking deeply at Feng Yu he said solemnly, "Little Nephew, your future depends on you . The path of a True Expert lies in continuous tempering and self-reflection through experiences . Now go . "

Bowing deeply to Feng Junling, Feng Yu said "Uncle Junling, thank you for explaining our clan's history to me . I promise to not let down not only our clan members but also Grand Father's sacrificial efforts . "

With that said, he then made his way out of the hut and wandered off to the distant courtyard .

Looking at Feng Yu's back, Feng Junling smiled and then got into a cross-legged position continuing to derive his bloodline .