Dual Sword God - Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

At the summit of the sky, above Machen Town . Feng Yu and Dai Lin watched as the form of Miren Fei disappeared following a flash of light, quickly she appeared on the golden square along with her competitor . It was a woman with short black hair, wearing a blue martial robe shouldering a thin one-meter sword on her back, a symbol of a raindrop was on the right corner of her martial robe .

She looked at Miren Fei with a look of pure indifference .

As Hui Ying saw this girl, he couldn't help but speak, "It seems that this will be a tough battle for your female retainer Brother Feng . " He said with a slightly serious tone of voice .

Feng Yu hearing this did not knit his brows but looked on calmly, he then cased his gaze towards Dai Lin as he asked, "Dai Lin, how would you truly assess Miren Fei's and Lang Kuang's strength?"

Dai Lin paused for a moment as he tapped his forehead with his finger slightly, he then responded, "Young Master, if we were to talk about pure offensive power and dominating might, then Lang Kuang would dominate most opponents within his realm due to his special body . As for Miren Fei, while she lacks offensive power, her special traits and unique cultivation technique make up for her weakness as she has unrivaled defensive power and control-based skills . "

As he heard Dai Lin's analysis Feng Yu nodded, Lang Kuang who was at the side looked on in shock as he cautiously observed Dai Lin, he thought to himself, "It seems the group leader was doing more than just offering training during our spars . "

"See Brother Ying! My Dawnwing members will be capable of handling themselves," Feng Yu said with favorable light shining in his eyes .

"Oh! We'll see then," Hui Ying replied as he looked at Miren Fei interested in her unique traits and abilities .

"Isn't that Charming Jade!" An ordinary cultivator shouted as he saw her jade-like form .

The major influences observing started to discuss amongst themselves the moment they saw the girl with the rain symbol engraved on her robes .

"That girl is an outer disciple of the Rain Sword Sect, while she is not among the top brass her strength is no matter to joke about," A man that seemed to know a great deal .

"Eh? What's that symbol on the jade haired girl's qigong robes? Is it a sun behind a mountain? Is this supposed to represent the rising sun?" A man asked curiously .

"It seems to be a representation of dawn, but if one looked closely around its edges, some wings are connected to the left and right of that sun and mountain . So, it should be 'Dawn' and 'Wing,' an influence probably called Dawnwing!" A scholarly looking man replied as he inspected the design .

"Ah! Dawnwing! An interesting name where does it come from?" An individual from influential party inquired .

"I have not the slightest clue, but I do know that the young girl with the jade hair is called Charming Jade in the circle of rogues . She is also the servant of that youth from the Feng Clan of Machen Town," The scholar looking man once more replied as he observed Feng Yu .

"His confidence is something, it seems we are in for quite the show . . . " The scholar looking man muttered quietly .

The Golden Dragon Empire Xun Yanshan, Bright Flame Kingdom Xin Lie and a few other powers paid close attention to the female with jade hair .

At the side of the Feng Clan, Feng Yunlong looked at this battle with interest as he spoke to Junling, "Junling, what do you think of Yu'er's little group?"

"Hmm, I'd say it's a group that has quite a lot of possibilities, he has two individuals with a 'special trait' and the other a 'special physique . ' This girl's origins are certainly by no means simple, after doing an investigation including the death of her father was rather strange . However, I believe that with her and that guy with his ancient wolf clan special body, along with the strangest one of them all, the retainer that can grasp the 'Way of Electricity' at its fundamental essence . They will be capable of growing to a scale no inferior to middle-class influences even in the Sacred Domain, maybe they might have a shot of advancing to upper-class leagues," Feng Junling replied after he thought for a moment with a profound expression on his face .

"Heh, I don't know how Feng Yu managed to find such talented individuals that could rarely be found in such a degraded place as the outer continent," Feng Junling once again as he looked at Feng Yu puzzledly .

"It's probably his blessing, oh well, no need to overthink it," Feng Yunlong responded as he focused his attention back on the golden square .

"Em," Feng Junling said as he looked on silently .

Feng Xingyu, Elder Duan, and Elder Chen with a few of the core family members were currently discussing something while looking around at the gathered major influences .


As Miren Fei saw this girl in front of her with an indifferent expression on her face, she couldn't help but frown slightly . However, a smile soon followed which charmed the souls of many male candidates as well as practitioners who were watching the battle .

"I am Dawnwing Miren Fei and may the best of us women win . As a sign of courtesy, you may make the first move!" Miren Fei said in a polite but confident voice that spread around the arena .

"You are not my match! It's best if you leave before you embarrass yourself fellow Sister Miren!" The blue martial robed girl said as she looked at Miren Fie with a sharp light shining her eyes, the power of a peak 8 Tier Body Training realm expert erupted from her body giving her a more dignifying air .

Miren Fei did not respond but only positioned herself into her battle stance, placing both of her arms together with her palms meeting each other . Soon, her essence-energies erupted showing the power of an initial stage 8 Tier Body Training realm expert .

"Ah! So, she's finally broken through, this is good news!" Feng Yu said as he observed Miren Fei's battle stance .

Seeing this scene, the Rain Sword Sect female disciple was not upset but changed her stance, she leaned forward and lifted her right to grasp the hilt of her sword that was placed on her back .

Clank! The sword echoed as she firmly gripped its hilt and looked at Miren Fei, she then took a step forward instantly vanishing appearing like a drop of rain that fell towards the ground, only in her scenario the raindrop moved towards a target .

Whoosh! "Falling Rain Sword Arts - Dripping Rain Slash!" She shouted as she sheathed and quickly unsheathed her sword from its scabbard and stabbed it towards Miren Fei's abdomen at a speed hard to follow with the naked eyes .

Shing! Drip . In a moment, the sword that was drawn by the Rain Sword Sect female disciple was right upon Miren Fei, as if connecting with her abdomen the moment the sword had left its sheath, much like a drop of rain that fell on the floor in a moment's notice unavoidable and untraceable .

"Good quick sword! Its speed is impressive, that attack would be unavoidable for most practitioners in the same realm . But she is still quite a distance from grasping the sword realm," Feng Yu said as he observed her sword skill .

A look of disappointment came over the Rain Sword Sect female disciple's face as she moved her hand to remove her sword from Miren Fei's abdomen . However, when lifting her sword, she felt something strange, carefully looking at Miren Fei's stomach she became shocked as there was no wound .

As she was caught in a daze, Miren Fei who was still in attack stance suddenly smiled as she spoke softly, "Unbreakable Jade Body . . . "

She said as she used the 'Jade Form' of her <Jade Mirror Arts>, her skin slowly started to change as it became glossier and harder . She gripped her fist and then made a palm with her right hand looking as if her hand had turned into a sword .

A feeling of danger arose in the Rain Sword Sect female disciple's senses as she jumped backward flipping in the air a few times, quickly trying to escape Miren Fei's attack range, but sadly it was too late .

Miren Fei who was now ready revolved her entire essence energy into her palm which started to emit the strange sensation felt by the Rain Sword Sect female disciple's sword attack .

"Mirror Form - Dripping Jade Sword!" She rushed forwards transforming into a drop of rain that was green in color as she instantly appeared in front of the Rain Sword Sect female disciple's body slashing her palm downwards .

"Darn! I can't escape it . I must counterattack!" Thought the Rain Sword Sect female disciple, she waved her sword once more doing another stance from her 'Falling Rain Sword Arts' a serene light shone in the depths of her eyes .

"Falling Rain Swords!" She shouted as her swords danced within her hands created an elusive scene of many raindrops soaring towards Miren Fei's body .

Clank! The sound of metal connecting with a sword resounded throughout the battle arena as the chosen candidates, and major influential characters looked at the battle before them in shock .

"How can she be this powerful? Resisting the sword arts of the Rain Sword Sect with her body? Then going as far as to replicate it!" An elder from the Rain Sword Sect exclaimed in surprise .

Lang Kuang looked at this scene with a strange light in his eyes as he gripped his fists excitedly, as Dai Lin, Feng Yu, and Hui Ying nodded .

"It seems Brother Feng truly has remarkable retainers," Hui Ying said with a hint of slight envy visible in his eyes .

"How about it? Want to join?" Feng Yu said teasingly .

"Hmph! As if I need to join, this Young Mas-- Ah, I mean . . . I will get some of my own no inferior!" Hui Ying said flustered .

"Hmm . . . Fine, I'll look forward to meeting them someday," Feng Yu then replied as if he didn't notice his behavior .

The battle raged on, as Miren Fei alternated between her opponent's Raindrop Sword and Falling Rain Swords using both of her attacks in a fierce but beautiful manner . It was if the 'jade princess' from the heavens descended to the mortal plane, her beautiful jade-like hair danced about with every motion of her body while her eyes glistened with a pleasant flavor creating a spectacular scene on stage .

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As Feng Yu watched her fight, he couldn't help but subconsciously fall into an entranced state of mind as her figure overlapped with another beautiful figure in his thoughts, with bright golden long hair, and a smile that could break the soul of emperors as she showed excitement while locked in combat . However, as if he realized something, he quickly restrained his state of mind .

"Interesting, I never thought I'd have this day . . . " Thought Feng Yu as he recalled his state of mind from his not so distant past affairs .

The two women fought without holding back as beads of sweat trickled down their skin, soaking the slender figures creating a warm scenery that grasped the hearts of young men in the arena .

"Beautiful . . . " Whispered even the arrogant and haughty Xuan Bei as his personality faded revealing the true nature of man's appreciation .

The mysterious spear youth, southern wasteland youth, and a few others looked in the scene with slightly interested lights shining in the depths of their eyes, but after a moment, it disappeared leaving only a serious look .

After a bit of time, the two finally pulled away from each other with an in-depth look in their eyes . The Rain Sword Sect female disciple looked at Miren Fei with a slight amount of appreciation in her eyes as she spoke .

"I take back my previous words as you are excellent! However, it is time we end this fight!" She said as she sheathed her sword once more in the sheath on her back and leaned forward with one hand holding the ground and the other holding the hilt of the sword .

"You are very great yourself! You're it's about time we end this . . . " Miren Fei said as she spread her arms wide and a jade mirror-like reflection shone in front of her .

Swoosh! A gentle breeze blew kicking up their clothing which started making flapping noises as their hair gently swayed with the rise of the wind, causing a pleasant scent to waft towards the noses of a few lucky male chosen candidates .

The two women looked at each other silently while their essence-energies grew greater with each passing breath, the battle arena growing silent as all individuals observed not wanting to miss any details .

Shing! In an instant, the sword of the Rain Sword Sect female disciple was unleashed once more but only this time it scattered into multiple raindrops, they gathered together to create a miniature rainstorm that hurried towards Miren Fie in the blink of an eye .

"Tempest Sword!" The Rain Sword Sect Female Disciple roared as she used all her energy to unleash the final attack of the <Falling Rain Sword Arts> .

A feeling of death quickly rose up within Miren Fei, but she only looked on calmly as she tapped the jade-like mirror that stood in front of her .

"True Mirror Form - Jade Sword Tempest!" said Miren Fei as she used the strongest form of her <Jade Mirror Arts>, her mirror reflection starting to shine with a bright light, engulfing the entirety of the golden square .

Very quickly a similar jade-colored 'Tempest Sword' appeared as it launched itself towards the Rain Sword Sect Female Disciple's 'Tempest Sword . '

BOOM! As their attacks collided, they created a massive explosion generating a shockwave that spread out for a few hundreds of meters . However, it was only a moment before the lights faded away revealing the scene underneath its cover .

Miren Fei stood silently with a broken mirror before her while her hands were clasped together holding the sword of the Rain Sword Sect Female Disciple that was right in front of her face .

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The Rain Sword Sect Female Disciple was also standing with her both her hands on the hilt of her sword, which was held by Miren Fei . She looked at Miren Fei and spoke softly . "How did you know?"

"That much energy is impossible to condense without first advancing into the stage of Aura Disciple . I figured that you used your massive amount of essence-energies to create that scene which hid the real sword attack underneath its surface . Normally, this would have worked on many average practitioners, but you just so happened to be paired up against me . My Jade Mirror does not only reflect the styles it copies but also replicates the targets true source . . . " Miren Fei with a slightly exhausted voice .

The Rain Sword Sect female disciple hearing shook her head as he responded, "You . . . win . . . " With that, she fell to the floor with her sword held firmly in her hand .

Thud! The crowd went silent, but soon it became a lively scene once again .

"Incredible, a vagabond defeating a middle-class empire sect genius this 'Charming Jade' is something else . . . " The individual beside the scholarly man said .

"No, she's no longer a vagabond . . . she is now . . . Dawnwing's Miren Fei!" A female nearby said who had a look of adoration in her eyes .

The ordinary cultivators who observed from the platforms were excited as they chattered away nonstop, while the major influences including the Rain Sword Sect increased their appraisals of the world's hidden talents .

"There is a mountain higher than a mountain, a peak beyond a peak and in a vast world where countless beings exist, geniuses that will rise above geniuses . . . " A female elder of the Rain Sword Sect said with a slight pity as she gazed at her defeated sect disciple,

The Feng Clan observed in glee as Feng Yunlong, Feng Junling and Feng Xingyu smiled and conversed while looking at the scene .

Flash! A flash of light shone once more promptly returning Miren Fei to the side of Feng Yu, Dai Lin, and the others as the defeated female was sent to the platform of the vanquished .

Feng Yu looked at Miren Fei with a look of approval as he spoke, "Well done!"

As she heard this Miren Fei became filled with pride as he looked at Lang Kuang and stuck out her tongue .

"You got to do good if you want to keep up big brute!" she said in a prideful tone .

Lang Kuang snorted as he spoke, "Hmph! You took so much time to defeat your first opponent, yet you dare talk back to me . I'll show you how the wild wolf hunts its prey!" Lang Kuang said as he winked .

Flash! A light shone once more which unexpectedly covered Lang Kuang's form, as well as another figure from the candidates .

Seeing this Feng Yu and the others laughed as they mocked, "It seems that dragon has sensed your fighting spirit, don't go losing now!"

In an instant Lang Kuang vanished, leaving behind the expectant group and chattering audience