Dual Sword God - Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

A few straggling clouds floated around an arena that stood proudly at the limits of the sky, if one looked carefully, they would see a few strange looking clouds that were a bit dark in color . They started to float towards the battle arena resting themselves silently at an area that stood above a large head of an Ancient Dragon .

"Hmm . . . dark clouds at such an altitude, how strange?" Feng Xingyu said as she looked at the sky with a bit of puzzlement .

As she continued to observe this particular scene, the third battle of the Chosen Wars was about to begin .

"This will be an interesting battle . . . " An individual said from the audience of rogue practitioners .

"Yeah, I think so too . That guy with the silver-white hair is called 'Wild Wolf', I've been a fan of his for some time now," Another rogue practitioner said .

On the side of the various influences, the scholarly man once again looked at the scene before him and spoke, "So, another one of Dawnwing's members has appeared so quickly . . . "

"Un . I heard this one is quite powerful, saying that even in the local town's battle arena, he did not display his strongest strength against any adversaries . That is until he encountered Blue Thunder Dai Lin," The man standing by the scholarly man's side stated .

"Oh! Well then, it seems we're about to find out if he's as good as the rumors say . The brat from the Seven Blade Mercenaries is no mediocre talent," The scholar man replied with a bright gleam as he looked at the opposing youth on the golden square .

A man from the Seven Blade Mercenaries looked at the scene with pride in his eyes, as he spoke to himself, "While this is not the Dragon Talent Meet, it will serve as the precursor to Wen'er who will show the world his true potential . My disciple will not lose to any of the Zang, Xia, and Ye Clan's Chosens . . . "

While he said this, he couldn't help but look at the mysterious spear youth, Xia Ruo and brawny youth that stood indifferently in the corner .

Hui Ying looked at the scene and spoke, "I believe this guy goes by the title Ni Wen of the Seven Blades, he uses an odd martial style that allows one to use their entire body to control seven knives while fighting . An exceedingly rare technique said to have been created by a legendary figure that had belonged to their group many years ago . "

Feng Yu hearing this felt interested he pondered, "It seems there are quite a few unique styles in this world . I wonder if it is similar to how I utilize my two swords . . . "

The wind kicked up, and the scene shifted to the center of the battle arena, within the golden square . Lang Kuang stood in battle position as a fierce light shone in his eyes while looking at the youth standing a few meters away from him .

This youth had a bald head with a huge strand of braided hair flowing from its center towards his back like a ponytail, with narrow eyes, and a slim face . He wore no shirt, revealing a well-toned and muscular body with a few scars on its surface with spacious trousers and sash around his waist .

On his back were seven large knives, each giving off a sharp baleful light . He stood proudly in the golden square as he looked at Lang Kuang standing before him and spoke, "Wild Wolf, I've recently heard of your small fame . You seem to hold a type of Special Physique which is quite rare in our True Yuan Continent, very much so like those secluded bloodlines and ancient warrior clans . But I will prove to you why a rogue will never be a match for a 'True Talent . '"

Ni Wen said confidently as he assumed an odd combat stance, like a dancer preparing for ballet .

Bang! The power of 8 Tier Body Training realm erupted from Lang Kuang's body; he then gripped his fists firmly while leaning forward placing both his fists on the ground assuming running posture .

He then lifted his head and looked at Ni Wen while yelling, "You talk too much! Arcane Wolf Style - Assaulting Wolf Dash!"

As he shouted, his figure vanished kicking up strong winds as he dashed towards Ni Wen on all fours .

"Awoouuu!" The sound of a wolf echoed throughout the area as his figure soon became superimposed with that of a wolf from the wildlands, quickly his form shortened the distance of a few meters as his head was ready to collide with Ni Wen's body .

The eyes of Ni Wen glistened as they shone with a sharp light no inferior to his blades, quickly he fluidly twirled his body while moving his feet as if performing a waltz, easily avoiding Lang Kuang's charge .

As he stood behind Lang Kuang, he then twirled his body once more unsheathing one of the knives from its holster on his back . Quickly he slashed it towards Lang Kuang using the momentum from his twisting dance .

Swing! "Seven Blade Dance - First Blade!" He shouted as the blade was soon about to hit Lang Kuang's unguarded back .

"Che! How troublesome you are!" Sensing the danger coming from behind him Lang Kuang complained as he ducked his body to the ground and pivoted to the side .

Swish! The attack of the knife missed Lang Kang's back by a hair's length, singeing a few strands of his silvery-white hair, seeing this scene Ni Wen lifted his brow in surprise .

"You're quite flexible for someone with such a big physique! It seems that I won't be able to win with one knife!" Ni Wen said as he quickly reassumed his dance posture but this time, he unsheathed his second knife now holding one separately in each of his arms .

Bang! The power of 9 Tier Body Training realm erupted from Ni Wen as he collected his essence-energies for his next attack .

As Lang Kuang recovered his wolf stance, he couldn't help but frown when he felt the danger coming from Ni Wen with two knives, he gripped both his fists together and howled towards the sky .

"It seems that I'll have to let you understand why it is I'm called the Wild Wolf!! Wolf Transformation!" He roared as his body began to change with his muscled growing thicker as furry white-silver hair appeared on his skin .

Bang! A powerful silver-white essence energy shot forth from his body which was no inferior to that of essence being unleashed by Ni Wen, after a short while Lang Kuang brutally stared at Ni Wen with his eyes dyed with a shade of light red .

Ni Wen seeing this couldn't help but feel his blood boil with slight excitement .

"Such incredible power! Truly the might of a Special Physique, come! Let me experience your true strength!" Ni Wen said excitedly as he once more rushed towards Lang Kuang's form, moving in a strange manner appearing as if he was in a waltz .

Step-step-step! However, Lang Kaung was ready as he had been gathering power for a while, he leaped from the ground into the air and then dived towards Ni Weng looking like a great silver-white wolf assaulting its prey .

Whoosh! "Arcane Wolf Style - Explosive Wolf Fist!" Lang Kuang cried out as the silver-white essence-energies formed a wolf shade above his fist . It howled as it launched itself towards Ni Wen with an unstoppable force, "Awwoouuuu!"

"Seven Blade Dance - Second Blade!" Ni Wen shouted as his form soon appeared in front of Lang Kuang's Wolf Shade, he spun his body like a top as his two knives cut into the attack .

Ka-Boom! The wolf shade exploded creating an area of silvery-white which lasted for a few moments before fading away .

Sou! The form of Ni Wen quickly appeared a few tens of meters away from the figure of Lang Kuang who stood toweringly like a mighty wolf at the center of the golden square . If one were to look carefully, they would see a bit of blood dripping from the right hand of Ni Wen .

"Good! I was too arrogant previously I will now show you my true strength! Let's see how you handle my final technique!" Ni Wen roared as he spun his body once more revealing all of his knives, they were placed in an unusual position on his body, one in his mouth, two between his toes and the final four of the blades were juggled with both of his hands .

As the audience saw this scene, they became filled excited as most of them didn't expect a rogue to be capable of matching the famous Seven Blade Ni Wen .

"To be able to push Wen'er to the state he has is truly something…" The man from the Seven Blade Mercenaries said .

"This Wild Wolf character is astounding, his Special Physique is capable of not only increasing his battle power but also capable of improving his natural senses," Xun Yanshan said as he observed the scene .

"If he were in the same realm as Zang Child, he might have had a shot of forcing young Zang to display a portion of his true power . A pity he's still only a seedling . " Xun Yanshan muttered .

Feng Yu, Dai Lin, Hui Ying, and Miren Fei looked on silently as they observed the battle before their eyes .

Sou! In an instant, Ni Wen's form vanished leaving behind the sounds of footsteps tapping, as this sound echoed, the sound of slashing knives resounded throughout the arena .

Swing- Swing-Swing-Swing-Swing!

"Seven Blade Dance - Seventh Sword!" The voice of Ni Wen echoed throughout the arena .

A feeling of impending death soon came over Lang Kuang, realizing he couldn't escape he could only close his eyes as he slowed his breathing relying upon the heightened wolf senses of his battle form to find his opponents attacks .

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Quickly he started to shift his body side to side, as streaks of sharp light sliced across his previous locations leaving sharp white lines on the ground of the golden square .

Puff! Puff! However, some of the sharp lights couldn't be avoided as a few bloody lines appeared on Lang Kuang's chest, causing his blood to flow down his body dripping onto the golden floor .

Pat… Pat . . . The figure of Ni Wen soon vaguely appeared as if light itself shrouded his form, he kept fluctuating in and out of the light . As he looked at Lang Kuang, he revealed a mocking smile before vanishing once more, but only this time no sound of his movements could be heard .

"Ah! The killing style of the Seven Blade Mercenaries is truly a unique one, using their strange blade technique to bend the light around their forms creating the illusion of invisibility," A major character said .

"Not bad . . . " The mysterious spear youth said as he looked at Ni Wen with a slight look of interest .

Xia Rou smiled as she spoke, "Brother Zang! Don't overpraise him, he's not even close to becoming comparable to his brother . It's a pity that he went on a seclusion journey to prepare for the Dragon Talent Meet . . . "

As she said this, she couldn't help but frown . She said in frustration, "I want to go home, why did father bother letting me come to this place? So, what if there is a Mystic Realm? Don't we have a few of those associated with our families? All this time wasted is going to slow our cultivation down!"

" . . . " The brawny youth remained silent, but it could be seen he shared the same opinion .

"Everything has its purpose, as the imperial diviner said, 'Fortune lays in the East . ' It's up to us to seek out these new fortunes . Who knows? We may be able to strive forward with a great leap placing ourselves ahead of our competitors such as the secret Fu Clan for instance," The mysterious spear youth with a smile on his face .

"Hmph! The reason you can say this is because you've already----" As Xia Rou was going to complain once more, the spear youth stopped her from continuing .

"Say no more, the fight is ending . . . " He said as he looked at the battle scene before them .

As Lang Kuang's body was continually experiencing wounds caused by the strange killing style of Ni Wen, he soon reached a point where he stopped avoiding the attacks altogether, staying still waiting patiently for his opponent's next attack .

As Ni Wen saw this, he felt that Lang Kaung was at the end of his ropes, he quickly rushed forwards silently within the field of light that bent with each swirl of his knives that juggled in the air at unusual positions .

Quickly, he appeared behind Lang Kuang as he stabbed two of his knives towards his back . "It's over!" He shouted in his mind while he smiled calmly, but soon a look a shock came over his face .

Lang Kang who had stood still as if he had given up all hope suddenly turned around and opened his eyes looking at his face .

"How can you----?" Before he could finish his statement there was a change, the figure of Lang Kuang soon faded as if it was nothing more than a remnant shade .

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Soon, his voice could be heard coming from the side of Ni Wen, "A wild wolf doesn't only rely on its ears and eyes . Its sense of smell is also one of its major gifts . You did well, now it's time for you to sleep,"

As Lang Kuang said this, his fists were placed in the form a wolf claw . He shouted, "Arcane Wolf Style - Fang of the White Wolf!"

Upon saying this, the fang of a wolf soon appeared over his hand, he waved his hand slashing the white fang towards Ni Wen .

Swish! "No---!" Ni Wen shouted as he twirled his body once more to try and avoid the attack, but it was too late .

"Argh---!" Ni Wen screamed in pain as a bloody wound formed on his back, he then smashed into the ground violently due to the attacks force, shortly after which he lost consciousness .

Bang! Crash! As Lang Kang saw his attack was successful, he stomped his foot onto his back-asserting dominance over the defeated .

"I Wild Wolf am the victor!" He said as he raised his hand to the sky .

"Wild Wolf! Go!" A fan from the Machen Town battle arena cheered .

Lang Kuang's fans and rogue practitioners cheered in excitement, as a few of the core talents were caught by surprise . Xuan Bei and Ji Weng looked at Lang Kuang in shock .

"How could this rogue be so strong? He really defeated Seven Blade Ni Wen . . . " Xuan Bei said in surprise .

"Dawnwing . . . Dawnwing . . . " The scholarly man muttered as if trying to brand the name in his mind .

Tang Wu and Xin Qing had a surprised look in their eyes, as the other talents looked on with various expressions .

"Brother Yu, it seems that Lang Kuang is destined to go far," Hui Ying said with a smile on his face .

Feng Yu nodded as he responded, "Un . I'm eager to see just how much stronger he will grow in the future . . . "

"Che! That brute only beat his opponent by the skin of his teeth!" Miren Fei said as she looked at Lang Kuang's dominating posture with disdain .

Dai Lin laughed, "Let him bask in his glory, he's earned it . . . "

As the commotion continued, a flash of light came over the forms of the competitors, and Lang Kuang was returned to the side of Feng Yu and the others .

The battles continued as more and more chosen candidates were selected and paired up against each other . Yet, as the events continued within the battlefield, changes were occurring in Machen Town unnoticed to all .