Dual Sword God - Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

The sky was gloomy, as a strange atmosphere lingered within the vicinity . A series of dark clouds now looming over Machen, as the snow started to fall once again, but this time the snow that fell gave off a faint chilly aura . Most of the citizens and wanderers who had not gone to attend the Talent Selection were out about partaking in various activities, as the festive mood was still at its peak .

In a local pub in a district, that was close to the central square . Many individuals sat and discussed amongst themselves about the recent events of the day, at one lively section sat four individuals around a table, two seated on the chairs and the other two sat on one of the men's lap .

"Who do you think is going to come out on top in this Talent Selection?" asked a local who did not know much about the chosen wars .

One of the men responded as he played with two beautiful girls who sat on his laps, "Eh? I don't know! Hiccup! That Xiang Guy or that Prince Guy maybe . . . I don't pay much attention to these kinds of things . . . you know! Hiccup!" He said as he burped seeming to be drunk .

"Why do I even bother to discuss these kinds of things with a drunkard like yourself?" The man replied angrily as he ate his food .

The handsome drunkard smiled as he spoke, "Don't mind! Don't mind! Hey---! Why not have some fun with one of my chicks? Go on now play with my new friend!"

He said with a wink to the sexy curvaceous girl with purple hair who sat on his left leg .

"Hehe! As master wishes!" The woman replied by kissing the handsome drunkard on his cheeks before walking over to the other man and wrapping arms around his neck .

"Does mister want to go and play~?" She said in an ambiguous tone as she pressed her well-endowed chest against him while seductively licking his earlobes .

"Eh? I . . . I . . . " The man who didn't expect this kind of intimate treatment mumbled in shock as his heart started to race, he then looked towards the handsome drunkard and spoke .

"Brother . . . is . . . is this ok?" The man stuttered while asking .

"Haha! Hiccup! A man has got to know when to let loose, even though it's still daytime . . . its dark out…" The handsome drunkard muttered strangely as he gave a meaningful look at the man, his eyes soon after wandering towards the dark clouds that loomed above .

"Good! Brother, I'll make sure to treat you next time," He said as he got up and went to one of the private rooms available for guests with his arms wrapped around the waist of the curvaceous woman .

As their figures disappeared, the handsome drunkard looked towards their location with a smile on his face as he continued to play with the remaining girl on his lap .


Inside of the private room, two forms could be seen wrapped tightly together as exciting moans resounded throughout the silent room . The bed they were on danced as their vibrant movements continued to shake up the stillness of the room .

"You . . . you are amazing . . . " The man said as he looked at the woman who straddled his body . However, a strange light could be seen in the depths of this woman's eyes, as the corners of her lips rose into a devious curve .

"You've had your fun . . . now it's my turn . Mister~" She said in a sweet and seductive tone while moving her head towards his neck, as the man was about to reply, he suddenly felt something strange .

"Beauty you can do any . . . eh? What's going on? Argh----!" Before he could finish his statement, he screamed as the female bit onto his neck harshly while sucking .

Slurp! "What are you? Argghh!" As he tried to resist, he realized that he couldn't move any part of his body . Soon, his skin started to grow pale as a green light shade that looked similar to the man flowed from within his body towards the mouth of the female who quickly swallowed .

Gulp! With the sound of her swallowing the man finally ceased movement, his body was cold as no sign of life could be felt from it . The woman seated on top of his body frowned as she spoke in a dissatisfied manner, "Che! How distasteful! Eating these lower-class souls really leave a bad taste in my mouth no matter how many times I do it . "

She said as she wiped her mouth and got down from the body of the dead man .

"Jie Jie Jie! You looked like you were having fun just now . Why complain now about his bad taste?" A voice said with creepy laughter that came from the darkness, soon the drunkard materialized into the room .

Beside him was the other gorgeous woman that was previously seated on his leg . The two of them wore a dark smile as they looked at the corpse of the man on the bed and mocked the sexy curvaceous woman .

"Hmph! I would have enjoyed it more if he had a decent cultivation base, why did you let me devour a useless guy like him?" She said while pouting .

"Jie! Jie! That's because . . . " The handsome man spoke as he smiled while taking out a bottle from his sleeves and putting his finger on top of its cover .

Pop! Swoosh! As soon as the cover came off the bottle a shadow swiftly came out and quickly plunged towards the corpse, after a moment a bit of color came back on the once lifeless looking body .

"Only weaklings make the best vessels . . . " The man said as a strange green light shone in his eyes .

The two female's eyes also glowed similarly, as the curvaceous woman was about to reply a strange aura could be felt coming from the dark clouds as it spread across the entire Machen Town .

Quickly, a scene that was invisible to the naked eye appeared as an unidentifiable light started to rise from multiple areas scattered across the town numbering into the thousands .

Phew! The corpse behind the trio in the room suddenly started to glow with that strange light which shot to the air amongst the rest .

"Oh? It seems leader is about ready to make his move . . . Jie Jie Jie! I wonder what kind of wild scenery we will be blessed with this time . It's been far . . . too . . . long . . . . after all…" The man as his voice started to grow soft like the wind itself giving off a dark and cloudy vibe .

The trio looked towards the sky in excitement, as if their gazes could pierce the now ominous dark clouds falling on the grand battle arena that floated above the void .


The battles raged on as the chosen candidate continued their struggles for the position of Pseudo Chosen, the victors held their heads up high with excitement as they received their opponent's tokens, and the losers grew silent as they were sent to the platform of the vanquished .

Currently, almost all of the talents from top-class influences have already taken part in a battle, and they crushed all oppositions in an extremely dominating fashion .

The mysterious spear youth's group defeat each of their opponents in less than five breaths time for each of their respected matches not even utilizing a fraction of their real power .

As the southern wasteland youth, the mysterious bamboo hat youth, as well as Xiang Shu had already completed their battles . Feng Yu and Dai Lin looked at the figure of Hui Ying who was currently battling on stage with a bit of excitement .

"Young Master, Brother Hui Ying's bow techniques are sharp and precise . Do you think you could beat him if he had the time to prepare an ambush?" Dai Lin asked .

"Hmm, it depends, if I don't use my battle form I would at most be capable of fighting him on par . However, that is only in the situation of me using one sword," Feng Yu said confidently .

"Young Master has a battle form?" Miren Fei asked as eyes glowed with curiosity, Lang Kuang also looked on in shock .

Dai Lin smiled and replied mysteriously, "Indeed, but even I have only ever seen it once, and that was when I wanted to test my full power against Young Master's true might . "

"But how could the Young Master have a battle form isn't that something that could only be used . . . " As Lang Kuang asked in puzzlement, Dai Lin responded by finishing his statement .

"Used by a Bloodline Practitioner or individual with a Special Body Physique is what you want to say right? Ha Ha! Today I'll tell you both a little secret . . . " As Dai Lin said this, he sent two voice transmission messages to both Lang Kuang and Miren Fei .

Instantly their eyes widen in shock, as a look of awe came over Lang Kuang's face followed by Miren Fei whose heart started to beat faster as a colorful light shone in her eyes .

Feng Yu looked back at Dai Lin and frowned, however upon seeing their expressions he did not complain . As he was about to move his vision back to the battle, he couldn't help but notice the look on Miren Fei's face, quickly, and his heart couldn't help but grow slightly unstable .

Thump . Thump . In a moment it was as if Feng Yu wandered off into the memory of her fight on stage recalling her alluring charm that brought him into a daze . However, the form of the blond-haired goddess once again floated into his mind creating a strange confusion deep within his soul .

After a moment, he managed to pull his state of mind away from that scene and focused his gaze back on the platform while murmuring to himself .

"Old Master did not teach me how to handle this sort of thing . . . I should wait until I truly understand it myself," As he said this, a chuckle could be heard somewhere deep within his mind however after a moment, it vanished .

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The scene on stage was a spectacular one, as a young girl dressed in red was dancing around the square leaving multiple remnant shades with every movement of her feet, narrowly dodging arrows that tore various parts her clothes revealing bits of her flesh with each bolt .

She had a blood-red rose in her hair acting as a sort of clip that held her hair together in a bun, as a long ponytail trailed all the way down her back swaying about with each movement of her body .

She brandished a long red whip that looked like a thorn in her slender hands and gracefully attacked the robust and lax looking youth who stood with a bow in his hands at the center of the golden square .

Her face now covered with beads of sweat that trickled down her cheeks falling on her slim neck into the cleavage of her battle dress, as she waved her whip with all her might creating an elusive scene of multiple thorny rose whips that struck towards the form calmly standing at the center of the stage .

Whap-whap-whap! Yet, for every strike struck at the youth he would only slightly tilt his body efficiently avoiding the attack of each thorny whip strike which ended up colliding with the ground, as he lifted his bow and fired normal but precise arrows towards her .

"Why . . . why can't I hit him?" She said with a look of grievance on her face as she narrowly dodged an arrow that went across her red martial dress ripping a new hole its surface . The female couldn't help but grow angry as she saw the newly exposed flesh being shown to the audience .

The audience observing or rather the males from the crowd couldn't help but feel pity for the pretty female .

"Sigh . . . who would have thought that the glorious female disciple Luo Sha of the Bloody Rose Union would be toyed with in such a manner?" A youth from a significant influence said as he observed the scene .

The Bloody Rose Union female elder sighed as she saw her disciple's distress, "Little Sha, has finally reached her limit . "

"Beautiful woman as you can see, I do not like to harm beautiful 'flowers . ' However, a rose is a different story? Why not throw in the towel? Know when to yield and withdraw!" Hui Ying said as he smiled while playing with the bow in his arms .

"Never!" Luo Sha yelled as she whirled her whip in the air once more preparing to unleash her attack once again .

"Sigh . . . I guess I'll have to get a little rough, beauty, don't blame me now!" Hui Ying responded while sighing, he then repositioned himself in a serious posture and pulled his bow .

"Bloody Rose Style - Thorn Dance!" She roared and waved her hand as the thorn whip in her hands moved like a snake . Quickly, it transformed into multiple shades of thorns that launched themselves towards Hui Ying's form once more .

"HuiMan Bow Arts - Dazzling Arrow!" As Hui Ying said this, a bright blinding arrow shot forth instantly arriving in the front of Luo Sha and exploded creating a 'flash-bang' effect .

"My Eyes!" Luo Sha screamed as she closed her eyes holding them with her hands as they were in a state of burning pain .

Sou! Not wasting any time Hui Ying instantly vanished arriving directly behind her form, using the corner of his palm to hit her on the side of her neck . Quickly, she lost all signs of thought as she fell into an unconscious state falling towards the ground .

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The whip technique was canceled as the whip wrapped itself around her arms on its own accord .

"Sleep now beauty . . . " Whispered Hui Ying as he held the unconscious Luo Sha and placed her to rest on the ground gently, the rose that was within her hair fell to the ground .

Swish! Hui Ying waved his hand and caught the rose a strange light shone in his eyes as he looked at the red rose .

Flash! A flash of light soon followed from the Ancient Dragon returning Hui Ying to Feng Yu's side and the defeated Luo Sha to the platform of the vanquished .

The top-class talents looked towards Hui Ying in shock as a solemn look came over the eyes of many .

"This guy, who the hell is he?" Xuan Bei said as he looked at Hui Ying's display of strength in fear .

"That girl Luo Sha from the Bloody Rose Union was not inferior to Xuan Bei . Brother Tang, it seems that this man will be one of our greatest opponents," Xin Qing as she looked at Hui Ying with a solemn gaze .

"Un . If my guess is correct, then this character should be if not the same level even stronger than Blue Thunder Dai Lin . However, the question that puzzles me the most is the strength of that guy from the Feng Clan," Tang Wu as he looked at Feng Yu with a deep gaze .

Xin Qing looked on silently with a sharp look in her eyes the shadows below her feet dancing about as if expressing her current mood .

The mysterious spear youth, the brawny youth, the southern wasteland youth, the bamboo hat youth along with Xia Rou and Xiang Shu looked at Hui Ying with a deep gaze .

"Junling, what do you think about Yu'er's benefactor?" Feng Yunlong asked while looking at Hui Ying .

"He reminds me of the story of an incident that I heard about from the years of Beast Monarch's rampage . . . " Feng Junling muttered .

"Something from that long . . . what could that be?" Feng Yunlong with shock .

Feng Junling looked at Hui Ying's form and soon a figure superimposed with his form .

A powerful-looking man who emitted an energy that seemed as if it could pierce all things, he shouldered a gigantic bow on his back and carried only one arrow .

"The tale of the man that raided the Palace of the Rose Fiend . . . " As Feng Junling said this, his voice trailed off into the wind, as the voice of the man in the image spoke softly .

His words synced with those spoken by Hui Ying who looked at the red rose he picked up from Luo Sha with a deep look on his face, "I hate roses . . . "