Dual Sword God - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: 56

Darkness shrouded the world, as a pure dark natured essence energy enveloped the audiences' field of vision . Looking carefully, two figures could be seen at the center of the darkness, a youth with long red hair who stood in the mantis battle stance and another who stood in the crane battle stance .

"I must admit your essence energy is quite saturated, almost one step away from truly condensing wisps of aura . However," Feng Yu said as he revolved his essence-energies within his body .

Blaze! The power of a peak 8 Tier Body Training realm erupted causing a fiery storm to form around his entire being, shooting towards the sky .

The energy was to such a scale that it burnt away the covering created by the dark essence power released from Sheng Bing . Soon, the golden square was filled with two areas one filled with red essence flame-like energies and the other half filled with dark energies . The audience looked at the scene in shock, especially the local practitioners of Machen Town .

"8 Tier Body Training realm!" An individual shouted with shock as the practitioners in the surrounding looked at Feng Yu with reverence .

"How could this be?" Both Huan Mang and Xiang Tian exclaimed in shock as they felt the power released from Feng Yu .

"Wasn't his coming of age ceremony roughly two months ago? How can he grow to such a scale so fast?!" The Townlord asked in puzzlement as he looked at Feng Yu with shock .

"To be able resists Bing child's dark essence curtain with his essence energy an entire tier lower, such an incredible foundation!" An elder from the Dark Sky Pavilion exclaimed .

Xun Yanshan, Xuan Lie, Xin Zhu, Tang Fei as well as many of the major characters looked at the battle platform with a sharp light in their eyes .

"Only the tip of the iceberg . . . " The mysterious spear youth said as he looked on not missing any details .

Back on the battle square, Sheng Bing looked at Feng Yu resisting his dark energies in surprise . However, he quickly recalled his dark essence energy gathering all of it over his entire form looking like the dark lord from the realms of darkness .

"You are very good! Still, that was only a clash of essence power . Let's see how you block an actual martial skill from my <Dark Crane Arts>!" As Sheng Bing said this, all the dark energies surrounding his body started to gather towards his side at his hand that was clenched into a fist . He then looked at Feng Yu and leaped from the ground into the air transforming into a beam of black light instantly appearing a few meters above Feng Yu .

Sou! "First Style - Fist of the Darkness!" Sheng Bing roared as he unleashed a punch towards Feng Yu holding nothing back . In an instant, a dark fist shade appeared on his fist which expanded to about 10 meters completely eclipsing Feng Yu's field of vision towards the sky as it descended towards him with full momentum .

Feng Yu smiled as he saw this scene, quickly he revolved his <Lightning Flash Steps> turning into a streak of red lightning that shot to the sky, instantly appearing before the descending fist shade and thrusting his palm towards the attack .

"Blazing Mantis Palm Arts - Scorching Mantis Palm Strike!" Feng shouted as his Palm glowed with a red hue as his fire essence-energies collected on its surface . In a moment, both attacks collided creating a terrifying explosion of essence power .

KA-BOOM! A wave of both dark and fire essence-energies rippled throughout the sky above the golden square platform, as two forms struggled with each other .

One figure was struggling to descend from the air with his dark fist connected to a fiery red palm of the other who seemed as if he was trying to thrust his palm to the heavens .

Bang! Bang! Bang! As they struggled, their powers continued to generate rippling shockwaves that caused a suffocating pressure to fall upon the weaker geniuses within the square . After a short while, the energies quickly receded as both forms separated from each other .

The red-haired figure fell to the ground like a red meteor descending to the earth . However, with a sway of his body, he landed softly keeping the mantis battle stance .

The dark cape figure also skillfully maneuvered himself in the air soon after falling to the ground with one leg on the floor, and his other leg lifted supporting his crane stance .

"Good powerful strength! Your mortal body's strength is astounding, even being slightly above my own . I didn't think someone at the peak of 8 Tier could match my 9 Tier body in a head-on collision," Sheng Bing said as he looked at this fist that was shaking slightly .

"The world is a large place, there are many things you won't see unless you travel it yourself . " Feng Yu replied with a calm look on his face .

Hearing this Sheng Bing frowned but soon replied, "Indeed you are right! The world is large, but I know I've certainly seen more than you . I hope for your sake this isn't your limit . "

As he said this his posture change slightly, as both of his arms were now lifted above his head with three fingers arranged to look like claws . Feng Yu hearing this and seeing his opponent's new stance also changed his posture and spoke, "Come, you still have a long way to go if you want to earn the right to see my sword!" He stretched both his arms out wide as and leaned forwards slightly while crouching his legs .

"I hope you're ready! Dark Crane Steps!" Sheng Bing roared as he launched himself forward once more towards Feng Yu's form .

Swish!! Like a beam of black light, he quickly arrived in front of Feng Yu once again lifting both his arms and them swiping his crane-like fingers towards Feng Yu's vital spots .

"Second Style - Claws of the Dark Crane!" Sheng roared as his dark essence-energies loomed over his claw-like fingers on both hands, causing them to shimmer with a sharp light like that of blades . Swiftly, his hands began to move in a formless manner creating the illusion of many claws attacking Feng Yu's vital spots .


As if not feeling any threat before him Feng Yu stood calmly and looked at his opponent's assault with a smile on his face . Soon, time began to slow down as he started to move his hand in an elusive manner .

Whoosh- Whoosh- Whoosh- Whoosh!

"Blazing Mantis Palm Arts - Blurry Mantis Palms…" Feng Yu said softly . Quickly, his palms blurred as they swiped across the claw shades unleashed by Sheng Bing .

Clang-Clang-Clang-Clang! As if his palms were colliding with metal Feng Yu couldn't help but be slightly surprised at the hardness of Sheng Bing's palms .

"Such an interesting technique," Feng Yu said as a look of curiosity shone in his eyes, he wanted to see how far this genius could push him when not using his sword .

Sheng Bing felt angry as he realized that Feng Yu was not going to be easy to deal with, quickly he back up appearing a few meters away with a flash of black light .

Feng Yu frowned as he held his position and returned to his Mantis Stance . He then asked in a disappointed tone, "Is this your limit, Sheng Bing?"

Hui Ying who saw this scene laughed, "Haha! Brother Yu is vicious! Playing around with Sheng Bing like that why does he not quickly finish the battle?"

"I think Young Master seeks to test the limits of his normal strength against top-class talents," Dai Lin replied as he observed with keen interest .

"Heh! Then that would mean only an extreme minority here would actually be capable of making him draw his sword," Hui Ying replied with a large amount of battle lust in his eyes .

"Un," Dai Lin said with a similar gaze .

The mysterious spear youth, bamboo hat youth and southern wasteland youth slightly gripped their fists in excitement .

"This brat is not bad by the outer continent standards such a pity his first opponent is Yu child!" Feng Junling said as Feng Yunlong and Feng Xingyu nodded while laughing .

"It's a given, while he does not have the battle techniques our clan used to have for his level, he's already found his own path, though it doesn't seem that this level of talent will be enough for him to use it," Feng Yunlong said .

The Dark Sky Pavilion elders who had been seeing the battle before them were shocked as a 'dark' expression came over their faces, they would have never believed that such a scene would have occurred in this battle against their Number 2 Prodigy .

As Feng Yu saw Sheng Bing remained at the distance of a few meters, he couldn't help but feel disappointed . Quickly he started to revolve his essence-energies as he spoke .

"Such a pity, well then I guess it's my turn to be in the lead . I'll be using one last palm technique, if you can survive this blow then you'll have earned yourself the right to see one of my swords!" Feng Yu said as he lifted his right hand to his side .

Blaze! Quickly, a fiery essence light erupted over his palm creating a heatwave within the five-meter radius of Feng Yu .

Sensing the danger from the palm technique a feeling of deep crisis came over Sheng Bing . He cursed, "Damn! How could he be this strong? What kind of Palm Technique is this?" Quickly though, he resolved himself to gather more power for his own final counterattack .

"I'm not finished yet! I'll show you the limits of the Dark Sky!" Sheng Bing roared as his eye's lost focus in his state of desperation . Powerful dark essence energy soon erupted from his body creating an image of a crane above his form, one which carried with it a strange fluctuation of energies, the people observing exclaimed .

"Aura fluctuation! Did Sheng Bing managed to condense a few wisps of aura in his desperation?" The elder from the Dark Sky Pavilion exclaimed as he looked at Sheng Bing with excitement .

Bang! A vague suppression soon fell on Feng Yu's body which disrupted his 'Blazing Mantis Palm Strike' causing it to become unstable, seeing this Feng Yu smiled as he abruptly ended his attack .

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"Oh! You seemed to have reached the turning point between Body Training realm and Aura Disciple realm . Good! As a sign of respect for your success, I will show you one of my swords . . . " Feng Yu said as he changed his stance and placed one of hand on the hilt of Black-Lightning that was on is back .

Clank! As he saw Feng Yu gripping his sword, Sheng Bing did not feel any danger . He was enjoying the feeling brought about by his condensed wisps of aura, soon he looked at Feng Yu with a new-found confidence as he raised his fists once more towards Feng Yu .

"Prepare yourself!" As he said this, all the terrifying energies and condensed aura collected together in his fists, as he bent his body backward forming an arc with his fists held behind him .

"Good! Show me your strongest move!" Feng Yu said as he collected a bit of essence energy and poured it into his sword .

"Die! Third Style - Descending Dark Claw!" As Sheng Bing roared, he moved his body appearing like an arrow shot from its bow, punching his fist towards Feng Yu . Quickly, his energies erupted forth creating a massive dark crane claw that instantly arrived in front of Feng Yu leaving no way out .

Feeling the power behind this attack, many in the audience felt fear .

"Kya! he's going to die!" A soft-hearted 8 Tier female practitioner said .

Tang Wu, Xing Qing and their others who felt the power of this attack frowned as a solemn look appeared on their faces .

"This is an attack that would cause even me to use more than half of my strength to resist it, for his sake I hope that his sword techniques are as good as he portrays, or he's bound to die a tragic death!" Tang Wu said with a serious look on his face .

As many of the influences were pondering whether Feng Yu could survive this technique, only a few individuals remained silent and indifferent . The Feng Clan, Dawnwing with Hui Ying and the others being the mysterious spear youth, southern wasteland youth, and the bamboo hat youth .

As the attack arrived at Feng Yu, time seemed to have stopped as a calm expression came on his face . Slowly, he unsheathed Black-Lightning from the sheath and made a chopping motion towards the towering Dark Crane Claw that stood before him .

Shing! Quickly, time reverted to normal, as Feng Yu appeared behind the crane attack which continued to move towards the opposite direction . However, after a short moment, the attack then separated into two pieces which both exploded causing strong winds to blow that raised Feng Yu's hair as he slowly sheathed his sword .

Clank! Finally, the sword was sheathed, Feng Yu then looked silently at the figure of Sheng Bing who stood motionlessly in the arena with an empty look on his face . Quickly, Feng Yu turned around with his back now facing Sheng Being as he spoke .

"I am Feng Yu, Feng Yu of the Feng Clan . . . " As he said this, a light wind blew which soon followed by the sound of something being sliced opened .

Puchi! Puff! A rain of blood shot forth from the body of Sheng Being who then fell to the ground in a lifeless manner, however, a bit of breath could still be felt in his body .

Flash! A flash of light occurred which quickly sent Feng Yu back to the square with Hui Ying and others as Sheng Bing was sent to Dark Sky Pavilion due to the seriousness of his injuries .

"You bastard! You dare critically injure my Dark Sky Pavilion's Disciple!" A terrifying aura of Peak True Foundation realm erupted as a member of the Dark Sky Pavilion saw Sheng Bing's condition .

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Feng Yu looked at the man with an indifferent smile on his face .

"Hmph!" A snort resounded throughout the field instantly suppressing the Dark Sky Pavilion elder's strength before speaking .

"This is the Chosen Wars! All rules must be obeyed! If you feel the need to settle your conflicts do that after the event has ended," One of the men, who stood beside the white-robed woman .

"Damn! My Dark Sky Pavilion will not let this matter rest! I will expect an answer from your Feng Clan the moment this Chosen War has ended!" The elder said as he looked towards the Feng Clan with hatred .

Xiang Tian seeing felt glee as he thought to himself, "Haha! Finally did something stupid, this foolish brat has only caused his family trouble . So what if you now have a bit of strength? It does not matter if you don't know how to use it with discretion . The strong eat the weak suppressing all who poses a threat, now I don't have to do anything to become the number one clan in Machen Town . "

Feng Yunlong, Feng Junling, Feng Xingyu along with Elder Duan and Elder Chen with even the man in the crimson masked felt shocked as they listened to the outburst from the Dark Sky Pavilion . However, after a short while, they no longer paid any attention to the words of the Dark Sky Pavilion .

"I can't believe that the Feng Clan kid won against Sheng Bing, he has such incredible strength and his sword realm is unexpectedly so high . . . " Xun Yanshan said in surprise as he looked at Feng Yu .

Xuan Lie spoke softly, "This brat has an incredible achievement on the sword understanding its fundamental nature, not even afraid to critically injure or kill anyone that crosses the path of his sword . If he doesn't die, he will certainly become a sword genius beyond even those hidden groups talents in the Golden Dragon Empire . "

The local practitioners were stunned as they saw the bloody scene, some of them couldn't help but feel a tinge of fear when they saw the smile Feng Yu gave the elder that threatened him .

"He's like a demon . . . a demon of the sword . . . " A random man said .

"No…" A voice beside the man said .

"If he's not a demon then what is he?" The man asked in anger after being retorted .

"He is a fiend, a Red-Haired Sword Fiend . . . " A familiar-looking old man who sat in the center of the audience, appearing as if he was there and not there at the same time .

A man who heard this spoke, "Red Haired Sword Fiend! A good name, truly a name befitting this brutal swordsman . "

Quickly, the name began to spread amongst the crowd soon reaching Feng Yu's ears as he smiled spoke, "A fiend they say, Haha! Then, a fiend I will become . . . "

He said as a ruthlessly sharp light shone in his eyes as he looked at the elder from the Dark Sky Pavilion .

"I only critically wounded your disciple leaving him with a breath of life out of respect, but you dare to threaten my family over this minor issue . Good! I'll make sure to visit your pavilion in the future . . . " As he said this, his voice quickly faded into the wind as the battles continued all the way to the darkness of the night .