Dual Sword God - Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

It was a dark and cold night, however, the battles occurring in the Chosen Battle Arena where enough to fill any practitioner with warmth as their blood boiled with excitement . The war for the title of Pseudo Chosen was almost over, and now only the best of the best candidates remained .

All of the top-class geniuses from the major influences had already won more than four battles requiring each to gain one more token from one more victory . However, for any candidate to win these rounds, they are not going to be able to win so smoothly .

Bang! Miren Fei was knocked unconscious by a powerful attack launched by Xin Qing who stood at the center of the golden square with a terrifying shadow shade surrounding her body .

Her eyes radiated a dim light as she looked at Miren Fei and she spoke, "You did well to make it this far, but it is not enough to take you any further . If your cultivation were to rise to my standard, then this would have been a more appealing battle . "

Upon saying this, the power of the Ancient Dragon shrouded their forms soon after sending Miren Fei to the platform of the vanquished and returning Xin Qing to her square .

Feng Yu seeing this seen thought to himself, "Sigh, so it seems that they have finally reached their current limits . It looks like I'll need to find ways to help them increase their strength at a faster rate . "

As he thought to here, he couldn't help but feel regretful when he saw both Miren Fei's and Lang Kuang's figures standing on the quiet platform of the vanquished .

Dai Lin looked at them and then spoke to Feng Yu, "Young Master does not need to be worried, for once their cultivation catches up . I'm afraid no one amongst these geniuses gathered here would be any of their matches . "

Hui Ying on the side also spoke, "Un . What Dai Lin says is right, even I would have to use my true strength to take someone like Lang Kuang down when he reaches a higher level . "

As they continued to chat, a light soon surrounded another two forms quickly transporting them to the battle stage . Upon seeing these two forms, the crowd couldn't help but grow wild .

"So, the Genius of the West is finally going to battle once more," An influential character said in excitement .

"Hmm, who is that?" Another influential character said as he looked at Ji Weng's opponent .

"Eh? Why is it that I've never seen this individual before?" The individual asked in confusion .

The Midnight Temple strange man wearing a bamboo hat smiled as he saw the bamboo hat youth appeared on the platform .

"I wonder, what choice will you make?" He said interestedly as he looked at the form on the battle arena .

As the influences discussed amongst themselves, the two candidates on the stage were just about ready to go on a full offensive .

Ji Weng looked at the strange bamboo hat youth in front of him with a peculiar expression as he spoke, "I've been watching you for quite some time now! Your fighting style is different from typical disciples of the Midnight Temple . I don't know who you are or what your goal, but this is where you will reach your end!"

The bamboo hat youth smiled as heard this and responded, "Haha! It seems that keeping my identity hidden has drawn a lot of unexpected interests . Oh well, it doesn't matter if I reveal it now does it?"

As he said this, he raised his hands slowly to his head taking off the bamboo hat that covered his face and throwing it to the ground with a flick of his wrist .

Pat! As the hat fell on the ground the face that was revealed was that of a youth similar in age to Hui Ying . He had a cross scar at the center of his face trailing across his forehead to his nose and then to both his left and right cheeks . With a lowcut hair, and two odd rings placed on both of his earlobes .

Swoosh! The sound of the night wind grew as silence filled the entire Chosen Battle Arena; a few top-class figures looked at the form in pure shock .

Xun Yanshan showed a look of surprise when he saw the face that was revealed, even the mysterious spear youth's group were surprised when they saw that familiar face as a hint of battle intent rose in their eyes .

Hui Ying looked at the figure with a sharp look in his eyes as he spoke beside Feng Yu, "So it was you after all . . . "

Feng Yu and Dai Lin looked on silently .

As Ji Weng saw the face, he felt stunned but soon after his eyes glowed with excitement, he quickly assumed an odd battle posture and spoke, "The Prodigy of the Weapon Masters Empire, Wuqi Shouzhi! It's an honor to meet a character of your standard!"

Wuqi Shouzhi looked at Ji Weng with a smile on his face as he spoke, "You are not my match . It's best you give up now than rather waste both of our times . "

"Hmph! I'll see that for myself!! Drunken Monkey Style - Staggering Boxing Stance!" As Ji Weng shouted, his body started to sway oddly similar to that of a drunken man staggering on the streets .

Soon, his form began to leave untraceable remnant shades that moved around Wuqi Shouzhi in an elusive manner as he attacked from various positions with either his fists, palms or feet .


"Hmm, it seems that Weng child has already reached a high-level of comprehension regarding the essence of the 'Staggering Boxing Stance'" An elder said from the Sheng Imperial Clan .

A looked of mock came across Wuqi Shouzhi's face as he reached his hands within his sleeves and closed his eyes, tilting his body to side as he easily dodged each of Ji Weng's strange and unpredictable attacks .

Whoosh! A fist that Ji Weng punched towards Wuqi Shouzhi was avoided in a timely and precise manner making it seem as if it was a narrow escape, as Wuqi Shouzhi spun his body around Ji Weng's form standing at his blind spot while taunting .

"I wonder what would happen if I were to attack right now?" Wuqi Shouzhi sarcastically asked as he sneered at Ji Weng while standing behind him with both of his hands in his sleeves .

Ji Weng instantly felt a wave of anger as he realized his opponent was toying with him . However, he continued to revolve his 'Staggering Boxing Stance' as he once more turned into multiple staggering remnant shades that attacked Wuqi Shouzhi from all angles .

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Wuqi Shouzhi smiled as he once more fluidly flowed between each of Ji Weng's attacks with ease, as each tilt and sway of his body took him to one of Ji Weng's blind spots . However, right when he was about to continue his game, there was a sudden change .

Ji Weng's body that was approaching him from a flanking position instantly vanished following which a voice sounded behind Wuqi Shouzhi's form .

"Drunken Monkey Style - Shapeless Strikes!" Ji Weng roared as he launched a barrage of formless attacks with his hands towards Wuqi Shouzhi's back .

Wuqi Shouzhi eyes shone as he sensed the odd fluctuations of Ji Weng's strange attacks, promptly twirling his body to face the shapeless assaults as he flexed his fingers that were within his sleeves .

"Try my Special Weapon Arts! Hidden Style - Sealing Dragon Needles…" He muttered in a soft voice .

Swish-swish-swish! Instantly a group of hidden needles soared through the air as they quickly and accurately pierced the formless attacks of Ji Weng, a few of the needles were so precise that they firmly lodged themselves into the pressure points of Ji Weng's body .

"Argh! What the hell is this?" Ji Weng yelled in pain while cursing .

His body now resembled a porcupine, as he tried to react, he soon realized that not only could he not move, his body also ached with severe pain in the areas that the needles pierced .

"You did well, a pity that your best was not enough to match me, rest now genius of the west . . . " Wuqi Shouzhi said, he then flexed his finger once again caused a different needle to shoot towards Ji Weng .

Swish! The needle flew accurately and pierced a section of his neck, instantly Ji Weng fell into an unconscious state as his body fell to the ground .

The audience looked at this scene in silence, as the Sheng Imperial Clan members grew angry and disappointed at the same time . However, they did not react rashly as the character that defeated Ji Weng was not a character their clan could provoke .

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"Such incredible weapon control, it seems like the rumors about him mastering the arts of secret weaponry are no joke," A top-class character said as he observed Wuqi Shouzhi in surprise .

"Strong . . . I didn't think that he would also come to attend this Talent Selection rather than prepare for the 'Dragon Talent Meet . ' Hmm, could it be that the Wuqi Clan also has a diviner? Or is it that he came here for something else?" The mysterious spear youth said as he looked at Wuqi Shouzhi .

The brawny youth and Xia Rou also looked on with a bit of puzzlement in their eyes as they found it strange for such a character of the younger generation to be here .

Hui Ying looked at the form standing on the stage in silence, Feng Yu noticing this decided to speak, "Brother Ying, what's the matter? Do you know this fellow?"

Hearing his question Hui Ying nodded as he looked at the night sky towards the dark clouds and responded, "Yes, I know him . . . "

"Who is he?" Feng Yu asked as he looked at the figure that had now appeared outside of the golden square after a flash of light .

A wave of battle intent rose within his heart as he gently rubbed the two swords on his back .

"He is . . . " Hu Ying spoke and paused for a moment and looked towards the figure of Wuqi Shouzhi seeing the latter was also eyeing him from his square .

"My Brother . . . " As his voice sounded the brilliant light shone from the Ancient Dragon once again illuminating two forms .

Looking at the two forms illuminated Feng Yu eyes jumped as he was now too preoccupied with the upcoming battle between these two individuals rather than Hui Ying's words .

Ka-Bang! The dark clouds hovering above the sky released a streak of lightning which collapsed onto the golden square within the battle arena .

The two forms stood silently within this lightning field, a blue-haired young man with the symbol of dawn on his emblem and a young man with a large blade shouldered on his back . The night growing colder, as the chilly winds began to set the tone for the fierce battle . . .