Dual Sword God - Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

A streak of green lightning snaked through the dark clouds, as oppressive energies filled the world below . The chosen candidates, major influences, and ordinary practitioners couldn't help but feel a slight change in their moods . The strange old man looked at the sky and furrowed his brows for a moment before fading away .

On the side of the Feng Clan, Feng Junling was currently observing the two figures in the center of the battle arena . However, as soon as the subtle oppressive energies filled the environment, a wave of shock appeared on his face as he gravely glanced towards the sky . He then looked towards Feng Yunlong and Feng Xingyu who were both also looking at the sky with a frown on their face .

"This aura… so familiar . . . I can't seem to remember where I felt it before . . . " Feng Junling said with a frown on his face .

"Sigh, it's only natural that our senses will be dulled Junling, we are still a very long ways from our previous levels of strength," Feng Yunlong said in a helpless tone .

He then looked towards the crimson masked man and spoke, "Change of plans, these influences are no longer priority one, relay my message to all units to be ready . "

The crimson masked man hearing this nodded his head as he took out a small artifact with a strange kind of energy . A complex set of runes were engraved into its surface, as it glowed with a bright light for a moment before the crimson masked man placed it away .

"This mood . . . " The woman in white robes said .

The individuals seated beside her also had a grave expression their faces, one of them looked at the woman in with a look as if asking what to do .

"What will be . . . must be . . . let fate decide the rest . . . " The woman replied while looking at the night sky, she then returned her gaze towards the chosen candidates or rather a particular candidate .

"Quite strange . . . " She said once more .

As if subtlety feeling something odd from a unique kind of power existing in the bodies Feng Yu, Hui Ying, the mysterious spear youth, the southern wasteland youth, and Xiang Shu, she couldn't help but frown for a moment . However, after realizing that she couldn't understand it clearly, she paid no further attention .

Lang Kuang and Miren Fei who had lower cultivation bases only slight felt a strange sense that something was not right, while the Midnight Temple, Southern Wasteland, Rain Sword Sect, Dark Sky Pavilion, and the Golden Dragon Empire each had individuals who felt something strange in the atmosphere, but no one could pinpoint what it was .

Swoosh! Flap! Flap! A dark and chilly wind blew towards the golden square, causing the battle robes that both individuals wore to make noises as they swayed with the night wind . Tang Wu looked at Dai Lin standing before with a deep oppressive gaze . However, he suddenly realized that Dai Lin was also unfocused gazing towards the sky for a short moment before redirecting his vision towards him .

"Blue Thunder Dai Lin now isn't the time to be unfocused you know," Tang Wu said with a deep voice as his essence-energies exploded .

Bang! The power of mid-grade 9 Tier Body Training realm exploded from his body as his entire being became filled with a brutal and dominant force .

Feng Yu seeing this felt surprised, "Hmm, he doesn't walk the path of Body Refining Practitioner, yet he can still produce a degree of strength almost double those of the same realm . Could it be that he's using an Earth Realm or Heaven Realm Cultivation Technique? Or is it that he was born with Innate Divine Power?" As Feng Yu was lost in thought, back on the golden square, there was a reaction from Dai Lin .

Dai Lin hearing his words only smiled in response, quickly he circulated his <Heavenly Shocking Circuit Scripture> .

KA-BANG! A field of electricity quickly enveloped his entire form, as all the natural thunder essence within heaven and earth flowed around his body . It was as if the Electric Emperor had descended, as the power of an initial peak stage 9 Tier Body Training expert was revealed once more to the world .

"Bright Flame List's Number 1 Tang Wu! Let's see if you're worthy of your fame!" Dai Lin yelled as he pointed his finger towards Tang Wu's body .

Crackle! Zzzz! "Prison of Lightning!" Dai Lin roared as his collected electrical essences gathered around his form and flowed towards Tang Wu, quickly enclosing his frame in a 10-meter Prison of Thunder .

"He got caught into Brother Dai's signature move! It's over!" A common practitioner shouted in glee .

"Hmph! You still don't know what it means for an individual to stand at the top of the Bright Flame List!" Another individual standing to the side replied with a mocking tone .

"What are you---?" As the man tried to respond his words were cut short .

Bang! The Prison of Thunder exploded into a myriad of pieces of straggling electric currents snaking their way about the surface of the golden square, as Tang Wu casually walked out of the prison while cracking his neck side to side as he gripped his battle blade with one arm .

Crack! Crack! After cracking his neck a few times, Tang Wu smiled and looked at Dai Lin while speaking, "Blue Thunder Dai Lin, that's not good! I hardly broke a sweat in there . You're going to have to do better than that if you want to trap me . Hmm, well then, now it's my turn to make a move,"

As Tang Wu said this, he took a standard battle stance used by men who wielded large blades, positioning one of his legs slightly forwards and his other leg placed behind with its feet facing outwards, his upper body was twisted to the side as both of his arms now held the handle of the battle blade .

Bang! Very quickly, his overpowering essence-energies gathered around his form flowing towards the large battle blade filling it with a bright glow .

He then looked towards Dai Lin once more and roared, "Ascended Toad Battle Style - Leaping Breaker Slash!"

As he said this, his body leaped into the sky transforming in a series of blurs soon reaching above Dai Lin's form, he then slashed his blade downwards descending in a tyrannical fashion .

Swoosh! The wind kicked up as the force from the technique blew across Dai Lin's body causing his clothing to flap in disarray .

As Dai Lin saw this scene a feeling of doom soon rose within his senses, however, he remained calm as he changed his combat stance to that of a brawler . His sparkling black gauntlet started to glow with pure blue electrical light, as he stretched one arm forward and pulled one of his arms to his side prepared to launch a strike forward .

Crackle! A terrifying amount of electrical power formed around the arm that was pulled backward generating a blue electrical current above his palm . Dai Lin then looked towards Tang Wu's descending blade attack and roared, "Shock Fists!"

As he roared, he transformed into a streak of blue lightning that instantly arrive before the attack of Tang Wu, as he punched his fist towards the glowing battle blade filled with torrents of energies .

BOOM! As they collided a field of electricity and essence energy scattered about the golden square creating a spectacular scenery . However, after a moment, the energies receded leaving behind only Dai Lin with his black gauntlet and Tang Wu with his battle blade locked in a fierce struggle .

Boom! Following a shockwave, both Dai Lin and Tang Wu promptly retreated landing on the ground of the square at the same time as they looked at each other silently .

"It seems my guess was right, even though my cultivation is slightly higher than yours and I am born with the natural endowments of Innate Divine Power . We are roughly equal in power, Blue Thunder Dai Lin, you are the first amongst this kingdom's talents to have ever taken my blow at the same cultivation stage," Tang Wu said with a bit of praise in his words .

Dai Lin hearing this responded, "Haha! Daoist Wu is a talent as well . You are the second person to have managed to face my thunder blows head-on and come out unscathed . However, this is only the beginning,"

Dai Lin then assumed battle stance once more only this time he pulled back his elbows placing both of his palms at his sides . His electrical essence-energies then started to gather once more creating two currents of electricity at his arms pulled behind his back . Soon, the electricity became too condensed and began to snake about the surface of the golden square for a radius of 10 meters .

Tang Wu's face became solemn as he raised his blade to his side with both arms pointing the tip of his blade towards the sky . He then changed his battle stance to that of a crouching position with one of his legs stretched forward with its knees bent and his other leg facing outwards to the side also with its knees bent .

"Second? Haha! Your Master truly is, a monster among monsters . A 'fiend' worth praising to the highest degree," Tang Wu said as his towering essence-energies grew stronger and stronger soon erupting .

BANG! "Shock Palm Barrage!" roared Dai Lin as he transformed once more turned into a streak of blue lightning rushing towards Tang Wu .

"Leaping Slash Waves!" Tang Wu yelled as his body leaped forward once more turning into another series of blurs .

Soon, both forms collided creating another exciting scene, as the chosen candidates and spectators observed the battle scene, they couldn't help but fall into a trance as they saw the terrific battle occurring before them .

"Is this level of a kingdom's peak genius? Amazing!" A common practitioner exclaimed .

"This has got to be the best fight I've seen in my life!" Another practitioner said .

As the audience clamored, the major influences discussed amongst themselves .

"This Affiliate Kingdom certainly has quite the collection of talents, as both Tang Wu and Dai Lin are talented despite having lower cultivation bases . They are no inferior to geniuses on the scale of Dark Sky Pavilions Sheng Bing, Xia Clan's Xia Rou and Ye Clan's Ye Wang," Xun Yanshan said as he looked at the two forms battling it out on the golden square .

"A pity they are still no match for Zang Xu's strength, after all, he's the only pupil of that man," Xun Yanshan once more said as he looked at Zang Xu with slight reverence .

Xuan Lie looked on the scene with a surprised looked, "How could so many geniuses hide under the noses of my Kingdom . Sigh, how could these idiots not even discover a talent like Dai Lin's who has such potential?" He cursed silently as he looked towards a few elders from the Sky Splitting Sword School .

Tang Fei and Xin Zhu looked at the scene in shock as they saw how Tang Wu had been forced to use his full strength .

"This Dai Lin character is astounding if we had someone like this in our clan it would certainly increase our ratings in the future, whether it is in the kingdom or the empire," Tang Fei said .

"Em . This Dai Lin is most definitely a character with a Special Physique . Do you see how his electrical essence-energies flow around his form? I've never seen or heard of a physique like this before not even in the legacy records," Xin Zhu said as he sighed in amazement .

The mysterious spear youth smiled as he watched their battles, while the brawny youth Ye Wang and Xia Rou felt a wave of battle intent rose within them .

Xin Qing also observed the scene in a trance-like state as she watched both Tang Wu's and Dai Lin's forms do battle, she couldn't help but feel a strange heat rising within her chest, her breathing started to grow erratic while looking at Dai Lin's every action .

"What, what's wrong with me? Why do I feel this way?" She said softly as she watched Dai Lin fight . She thought for a while but couldn't find an answer, as she gripped her fists tightly and watched the battle quietly .

Feng Yu and Hui Ying smiled as they watched the battle before them in silence while locked in their own thoughts .

"Dai Lin's gotten stronger yet again, his power to control the essence is increasing as his cultivation base grows," Feng Yu muttered .

Within the golden square, or rather around the square itself . Two streaks of light bounced around from the air to the ground creating a spectacular 'light-show' of blue lightning snakes dancing around with a red-light shade .

As they snaked around the battle arena and collided with their blows, multiple ripples of energy would scatter from their collisions generating a shockwave spreading for a few meters .

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Flash! As Dai Lin streaked about the square, he couldn't help but frown as he realized the battle seemed to be at a stalemate, he clenched his fists tightly as a firm look came over his eyes .

"This isn't going well . I'll have to finish this with that technique," Dai Lin said in a soft voice .

Tang Wu frowned as he momentarily stopped his assault; looking at Dai Lin who continued to move around his form like a lightning bolt .

He gripped his battle blade and spoke, "Dai Lin! We'll get nowhere like this, I hope you're ready for I will no longer hold back, now it is all or nothing!"

As he said this, he leaned his body forwards and positioned his battle blade behind his back holding it as one would do a dagger . Soon, all of the overbearing essence-energies gathered once more to his battle blade as he poured all of his strength into this attack .

Feeling the threat behind the attack, Dai Lin gripped his fists and stopped his movements facing Tang Wu from a distance of 50 meters .

"Bright Flame Tang Wu! You are right, now it's time to finish our battle! I'll let you see a new technique I've recently learned . However, I won't be able to guarantee total control of its strength, don't die now!" As Dai Lin said this, he also leaned his body forward as he gently placed both his knuckles on the ground .

Crackle! A blue thunder current instantly formed above his body . Soon, his body began to ripple with the natural essence of electrical power, and lightning streaked about the golden square for a radius of 30 meters .

ZAP! In an instant, a blue thunder seemed to have descended from the world itself striking his body, creating a few scorched areas on the surface of his flesh . However, despite the damage, Dai Lin remained in a battle posture with an unfazed expression looking towards Tang Wu with lightning shining in his eyes .

"Heavenly Shocking Circuit - Electroshock Blast!" Dai Lin roared as he rushed forward with more wounds appearing on his skin .

Xin Qing seeing this felt a slight sting for every scorch mark appearing .

"Ascended Toad Battle Style - Soaring Sky Breaker!" Tang Wu shouted as he leaped to the air once more slashing a wave of terrifying essence-energy towards Dai Lin's form .

As Dai Lin reached the radius of Tang Wu' attack, he punched his fist forward releasing all of the gather electrical power, quickly both of their attacks collided .


The terrifying power covered the entire arena in a glow of pure electrical and essence-energies, but as the remaining candidates were quite strong, they were able to withstand the pressure .

After a while, the energies receded as both the forms of Dai Lin and Tang Wu were once more revealed to the world, standing on the golden square silently .

Swoosh! A gentle wind blew between them as Tang Wu was the first to speak .

"Cough! You've won more than this battle . . . " Tang Wu said while coughing out a mouthful of blood as a few streaks of blue lightning snaked around his body .

He glanced at Xin Qing's figure through the corner of his eyes before looking at Dai Lin with a sharp light .

Dai Lin's stood quietly appearing as if he didn't hear Tang Wu's statement, after a while, Tan Wu realized Dai Lin's state and couldn't help but smile wearily before his focus started to fade .

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"You truly . . . are . . . something . . . else . . . " As he said this, he fell to the ground falling into an unconscious state .

Thud! The practitioners observing where shocked but before they could react there was a change, a terrifying amount of lightning streak from inside of Dai Lin's form causing the latter to cry out in pain .

"Arghh----!" Dai Lin roared as his body convulsed due to the severe pain, however, after a while he collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily .

"Shit! The backlash from using that technique at the Body Training realm is more than I can currently handle," Dai Lin cursed inwardly .

Flash! A flash of light occurred sending both figures to their respected platforms . Dai Lin was sent back to Feng Yu and the others as Tang Wu was sent to the platform of the Vanquished .

Tang Fei looked at the scene in shock as he shouted in anger, "Did my Wu'er actually lost? Dammit!"

"Ha! Brother Fei don't worry, this loss might be what he needed the most, a man grows from failure," Xin Zhu said as he also looked surprised, but he soon became filled with glee .

As Feng Yu saw Dai Lin's state, he grew angry as he was about to reprimand him for his foolish action, a beautiful figure soon walked over from her square, passing a small medicine pill to Dai Lin .

Dai Lin seeing this was surprised he spoke, "Cough! Fellow . . . Daoist Qing what's the . . . "

However, before he could finish, she flipped her finger causing the pill to go down his mouth then responded .

"I . . . I . . . I'm only helping you recover so . . . so that I can take revenge in the battle platform . . . don't take it as any other way," She said in a soft voice, then quickly leaving in a flurry with a slightly red face .

"Eh?" Hui Ying seeing this scene was shocked, as he looked at Dai Lin with a deep gaze . Soon, he looked at Feng Yu noticing the latter's expression he smirked .

"Brother Feng! It looks like Dai Lin's got quite the charms, enchanting the kingdom's young beauty!" He said in a teasing tone .

Feng Yu quickly recovered from his shock and spoke with a smile, "Dai Lin, it seems that you've got more than just a special physique . "

Dai Lin hearing them couldn't help but clear his throat and scratched his head, "Haha! I'm not so sure, it could be that she simply just wants to take revenge for Tang Wu's defeat," Dai Lin replied with a slightly red face .

"Right---!" Both Hui Ying and Feng Yu in a sarcastic manner .

However, as the trio continued to converse, another flash of light occurred covering another two unexpected forms .

Flap! Flap! Their battle robes danced with the wind as they looked at each other silently, the crowd seeing them felt surprised, but an exciting look soon came over the eyes of Xiang Tian .

Feng Junling also directed his gaze towards the battle as an in-depth look came over his eyes, Feng Yu who realized this form became silent as he looked at the scene .

The woman in white who remained silent for a while finally spoke in a soft voice as she looked at one of the forms, "The destined dragon has risen and the one who changed his fate . . . has started to take action . . . "

Her voice faded into the wind traveling far away to a distant land . . .