Dual Sword God - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

Somewhere in a distant land… the stars of the night shone brightly, as a myriad of colorful lights illuminated the vast sky across its endless horizon . If one looked carefully, they would see a few special stars, each with their own unique traits, some with a vibrant hue, and others shining in more dull tone .

On top of a huge mountain, a young man stood silently as he gazed at these strange stars in the night, his eyes were fixed on a lone bright red star giving off a brilliant kind of energy . It seemed as if this star was the source of eternity itself as no other stellar stars within the cosmos were located in its vicinity .

A look of longing came across the face of the young man as he reached his hand out as if to try and pick this star from the night sky itself, as he spoke in a soft voice, "The Eternal Star . . . "

After a while, Xiang Fang slowly started to remove his vision from the star . However, as he was about to continue his journey his eyes couldn't help but stop at a very dull star which also occupied a quiet and remote corner of the starry cosmos . It was a dead star seeming to have been forgotten by all including the universe itself .

"A destined trash will always be destined trash . . . " He said with a trace of mock upon his face, but soon his gaze became filled with shock .

Instantly, a strange color started to glow from that star, filling it with a life of its own, it now emitted a lonely but noble prestige, one that remained determined to walk its path of loneliness even to the ends of time itself .

Xiang Fang looked at this star in shock as a wave of anger and curiosity filled his mind, he gripped his fists tightly and shouted at the night sky .

"Who did it? Who changed his fate?" His voice echoed throughout the world filling the region with a dark aura that continued to spread for hundreds of kilometers, soon after fading into the darkness of the night . . .


Within the Chosen Battle Arena, on the golden square battle platform .

Two forms faced each other with different expressions, as the figure on the left looked at the figure on the right with an arrogant and disdainful expression, while the latter merely observed with a strangely indifferent and cloudy smile .

"Nothing but trash from a small-time family clan, get down from the platform!" Xuan Bei commanded as he looked at Xiang Shu with unhindered disdain .

As the spectators heard this, they couldn't help but mock in disdain .

"Haha! The prince doesn't even want to waste time-fighting such a small-time character!" An individual said .

"Xiang Shu should just give up now, he's not like his older brother there is no way he will be capable of handling Crown Prince Xuan Bei!" A Machen Town local practitioner said .

As the practitioners continued to discuss among themselves, Xiang Shu finally spoke, "Hehehe! Xuan Clan's Young Master, I wonder what will happen if a kingdom loses its prince?"

Xiang Shu asked in a creepy and dark tone, Xuan Bei looked at Xiang Shu in surprise for a moment before a fierce light begun to shine in his eyes .

Xiang Tian hearing this was stunned as a look of shock appeared on his face, as Xuan Lie and Madam Xuan looked towards Xiang Shu with a sharp light .

"Hahaha! This has got to be the funniest thing I've heard in a very long time! You, Xiang Shu certainly are quite the comedian!" As Xuan Bei said this, he couldn't help putting on a mocking expression his face as he spoke once more .

"Tell me! Is your brother also the same? The so-called genius of the Xiang Clan never seen in a hundred years who just so happened to run away after gaining his title 10 years ago!" Xuan Bei said with a sneering expression .

As Xiang Shu heard Xiang Fang being mentioned a sudden and strange emotion soon erupted from deep within his entire being, quickly a look of struggle could be seen on his face before promptly returning to his previous indifferent expression .

He looked at Xuan Bei and spoke, "That's enough chatter! It is time for you to accept your demise . . . "

As he said this, he quickly assumed a strange posture as the winds in the surrounding environment flowed towards his form .

Xuan Bei seeing this sneered inwardly, but he didn't let his guard down quickly he circulated his <Bright Fire Serpent Steps> and rushed towards Xiang Shu hoping to put an end to this life .

"You filthy and lowly commoner! If I don't kill you for disrespecting me in front of my kingdom's audience, then I am not fitted to be a prince . Prepare to die!" Xuan Bei roared as his form swayed like a serpent rushing towards his prey leaving bright red marks on the ground for each of his steps moved forward .

Swish! Swish! Xiang Shu looked on with an indifferent expression as he slowly spread open his arms appearing as if he was spreading his wings . Soon, an illusion appeared that shrouded his figure as a dark jade-like wind gathered around his entire being creating a formless wing .

Brush! A gentle breeze blew which instantly caused his body to glide into the air, appearing like a kite floating around due to the wind .

"Dark Jade Wind Arts - Arial Gliding Wings!" Xiang Shu said as his form continued to rise higher and higher, soon coming to a step above Xuan Bei's head .

Bang! "Flying! How could he be flying?" Xuan Lie said as he saw this scene, he couldn't help but stomp the ground in his surprise .

"No! He's not flying but floating or rather gliding! He's making use of the forces of the wind to pull off this incredible feat, his talent for the Wind is not inferior to that Dai Lin's talent for Lightning . " Fei Tan replied as he stood beside Xuan Lie .

"When did Shu'er advance his jade wind arts? What is this Dark Jade Wind? Did he customize it himself?" Xiang Tian asked puzzledly .

The Golden Dragon Empire, Midnight Temple, Southern Wasteland and other major influences each continued to observe the scene with surprised looks on their faces, while the woman in white robes observed silently .

Zang Xu, Xia Rou, Ye Wang, Wuqi Shouzhi, Feng Yu, Dai Lin, Hui Ying, Xin Qing and the southern wasteland youth each had a profound expression as they felt a strange power surrounding Xiang Shu's form .

Feng Junling who had been observing for a while now finally shook his head and an intense light shone in his eyes as he spoke, "I am certain now . . . after seeing his use of their family technique and feeling this presence shrouding his form . "

As the individuals and influences continued with their thoughts, the battle scene was about to shake up wildly .

Xuan Bei who had now been forced to stop his movement technique looked up at the hovering form of Xiang Shu in shock and anger .

"You damn coward! Get down here now!" He roared and started to gather his strength to perform his <Bright Fire Serpent Arts> 'Flaming Finger . '

Bang! His bright fiery initial stage 9 Tier Body Training essence-energies burst forth surrounding his entire form, they flowed towards his finger which he aimed towards Xiang Shu who was hovering in the sky like a hawk looking at its prey .

As Xiang Shu saw Xuan Bei's technique, he looked down calmly at Xuan Bei's form as he stretched his palm out and spoke indifferently .

"Dark Jade Wind Arts - Dark Wind Palm!" Xiang Shu yelled as clusters of dark wind energies began to gather from the surrounding environment, including the dark clouds scattered about they sky . Not long after, his palm became covered in dark-windy energies which he launched towards Xuan Bei while remaining hovering in the air .

Swoosh! A terrifying wind pressure shot towards Xuan Bei, filled with a cold and dark energy that seemed capable of draining the life of all living things . Xuan Bei feeling this energy was shocked, he quickly finished gathering his power into his flaming finger and fired the essence-energies towards Xiang Shu's form .

"Bright Fire Serpent Arts - Flaming Finger!" He roared as the bright fire essence-energies rushed towards Xiang Shu's attack quickly colliding with the assault .

Bang! An explosion followed soon after which scattered many bright flames within the region of the golden square burning around the entire battle platform, the dark and chilly winds further added to the fire causing a chilly blaze to expand around the platform .

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Xuan Bei stood within the center of these flames with a dark expression as he tried to fight off this cold burning aura, he then raised his head still saw Xiang Shu's form that floated proudly in the air .

"You son of a bitch! I dare you to get down here and . . . " Before he could finish his words suddenly his vision began to get blurry, as his footsteps started to grow unstable, blood could be seen flowing from the corner of his lips .

"What, what's going on?" Xuan Bei asked in a panic, as he seemed to have no idea what just happened . Soon, he could only feel a chilliness growing inside of his body .

"You want to know what's happening inside, don't you?" A dark and chilly voice coming from behind Xuan Bei said .

Xuan Bei looked around in shock, as he saw Xiang Shu's form that now stood behind him and the after image that was hovering above the sky slowly fading away .

"When did you---?" Xuan Bei felt so shocked he couldn't even think straight and began to ask a different question, however before he could finish another stunning scene happened .

Puchi! The sound of flesh being pierced through resounded throughout the battle platform, as droplets of blood could be seen falling onto the ground from the tip of the finger belonging to a hand that was plunged through the heart of Xuan Bei from behind .

Xuan Bei tried to move his head to look at the form again, but his life had already started to fade away, and he could only speak in a soft, lifeless tone, "I . . . how could I fall here? How can you . . . do . . . this?" As he spoke up to here, the hand that was plunged into his back was violently removed .

Puchi! Puff! The instant it was removed, a wave of blood then shot towards the sky soon scattering around Xuan Bei's entire form .

Thud! He collapsed on the floor losing all signs of life, as his blood trickled about slowly spreading across the battle stage .

The spectators which included the common practitioners, chosen candidates and major influences looked at this scene in shock . Xiang Shu who now stood silently within the field waved his bloodied arm flashing off all the blood onto Xuan Bei's corpse as he spoke in an emotionless and indifferent manner, "You ask too many questions! So just die already . . . "

As he said this, he turned his back to Xuan Bei's corpse and looked towards the Ancient Dragon with a strange light shining at the depths of his eyes .

Flash! A flash of light occurred soon sending both forms away to their current positions, only this time the corpse of Xuan Bei was sent directly towards Madam Xuan and Xuan Lie .

"Bei . . . Bei child!" Madam Xuan broke into tears as she saw the dead body of Xuan Bei, which now appeared before her .

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"Ahh!" Her voice reached towards the sky as she grabbed his clothes and sobbed in a miserable state .

Xuan Lie eyes shone with a cold light as he looked at Fei Tan and spoke, "Tend to my wife…"

"Yes! Your Excellency . . . " Fei Tan replied as he moved beside Madam Xuan and started to comfort her while looking at Xuan Bei's corpse with pity . A strange light then flickered in his eyes for a brief moment before vanishing .

Xuan Lie looked towards the form of Xiang Shu who stood quietly and indifferently on the outer square .

"Do you know what you've done?" He said in a deep voice that spread coldness to any who listened .

Xiang Shu smiled and responded, "I've claimed a token from a useless talent and have now become the first to advance as a Pseudo Chosen! Is something wrong?"

The crowd hearing his words were stunned, even the top-class chosen candidates along with Feng Yu, Hui Ying, and Dai Lin looked towards him with a different light .

Huan Mang smiled with a cold light shining at the depths of his eyes as he saw the scene before him, as the Townlord and his wife looked on with shocked gazes .

Xiang Tian who heard this was suddenly awoken from his dazed state as he muttered in a flurried manner .

"Oh, Shit! What has this stupid brat done? I have to stop it now!" he said as he looked towards the extremely angered Xuan Lie and sputtered .

"Your Honored Excellency! Please forgive this foolish brat of mine as he does not know what he's saying! I would like to take this chance to make an announcement! Xiang Shu! From this day forward, we are no longer father and son, you will have nothing to do with the Xiang Family ever again!" Xiang Tian roared with all his heart; the major influential characters who heard his words looked with a hint of pity in their eyes as a few had gazes filled with schadenfreude .

"Your son? Good! Good!! Good!!!" Xuan Lie replied derisively .

Xiang Tian instantly felt that the situation was not right he wanted to speak once more but soon was interrupted by Xuan Lie's next words .

"I Bright Flame King! Will swear to you that from this day forward there will be no Xiang Clan within the entirety of the Bright Flame Kingdom!" Xuan Lie roared in a deep voice .

Swoosh! A dark wind blew as a striking tension filled the air, as the night continued to grow darker and the battles continued . . .