Dual Sword God - Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

With the rise of Xiang Shu claiming the Pseudo Chosen title, so followed the remaining top-class geniuses . The battles were intense as most of these individuals were of the same league of strength . However, only a few individuals were proven to stand far above the pack .

Feng Yu, Dai Lin, Hui Ying, Xin Qing, Zang Xu, Xia Rou, Ye Wang, Wuqi Shouzhi, and the southern wasteland youth each defeated all of their opponents with relative ease, displaying a crushing might that deterred all remaining foes .

Now, each of them had successfully gained a bronze token and was currently standing within the outer square looking at the Ancient Dragon for signs of change .

The major influences and rogue practitioners remained in silence as they felt a strange atmosphere lingering in the air, while the Feng Clan and Divine Prophet's group stood on high alert for any moments of unexpected change .

Buzz! A loud buzzing noise sounded throughout the area, and the eyes of the Ancient Dragon Construct started to glow once more in a bright white and black light . Soon the voice of ancient times resounded throughout the battle arena once again .

"The War for Pseudo Chosen has now been completed! Now the War for True Chosen shall begin, each Pseudo Chosen will regardless of their defeat be allowed entry into the Ancient Dragon Battlefield and your tokens will allow for you and ten individuals to enter the outer regions of the battlefield . If you win your opponent and become a 'True Chosen,' you shall be allowed to enter the inner regions with 100 individuals . Lastly, for the 'Chosen One' Title, you will be allowed to bring a maximum of 1000 individuals to the central battlefield regions . "

The Ancient Dragon Construct said as its eyes glowed seeming to be looking around at everyone's reaction . As the major parties heard this, a bright gleam shone in many of their eyes, as the Xun Yanshan, Xin Zhu, the Midnight Temple, the Southern Wasteland and the Feng Clan observed in silence .

"Allowed entry with ten times the individuals for each token, it seems that this battlefield is as the rumors say, a very ruthless place . . . " Feng Yunlong muttered as he thought about the details .

"No matter, where there are risks there are also good opportunities . With the resources stored in this Pre-Calamity Era Mystic Realm, we should be able to recover most of our strength at a faster rate," Feng Junling stated while calmly standing at the side .

As the powers discussed amongst themselves, the Ancient Dragon Construct continued to speak once more, "Good! Present your desired titles and the True Chosen Wars will commence!"

It said as its voice resounded inside of the minds of the Pseudo Chosens, quickly they each willed their thoughts to the Ancient Dragon . After which, there was another change in the battle arena .

Rumble! The Chosen Battle Arena started to shake once again as the Pseudo Chosens were now placed to stand on top of a bronze square surrounding the five silver squares and golden square .

Phew! A bright light then shone from each of the bronze squares which then began to draw a new chart above the battlefield, soon a series of lines interconnecting with each other were depicted as the battle match-ups were finally revealed for all to see .

The major powers and rogue practitioners couldn't help but grow tense as they saw the current battle matchups .

"It's . . . it's actually that faction from the south!" A man said in shock as he saw the title regarding the Southern Wasteland Group .

"A Star Body Practitioner! To think that clan from the Golden Dragon Empire is also here! Who would have thought?" A famous character said in shock .

"That girl, no wonder her fighting style was so strange . It turns out she was a mage after all . . . " Another individual said as he saw a female's name on the listings .

"Such a terrifying set of matches, I don't know who will claim the top in this kind of listing!" A rogue practitioner said .

"I would have never thought that the geniuses belonging to those major powers were actually those famous characters…" An influential figure said as he looked in shock at the names displayed .

The Townlord also looked at the names with fear in his heart, as did the affiliate powers such as the Sheng Imperial Clan, and the Xuan Imperial Clan . It was only the Xin Clan and Tang Clan who did not feel too many deep oppressions from the names .

Of course, the Feng Clan remained indifferent to all as they calmly observed their surrounding along with the white-robed men seated around the white-robed woman, who turned her gaze towards the Feng Clan, with a deep look in her eyes .

"Un . This will be an intense bout far above the level of the previous wars . . . " A scholarly looking man said as he observed the listings . They were as follows:

[Unknown Hui Ying vs . Weapon Prodigy Wuqi Shouzhi]

[Spear Child Zang Xu vs . Shadow Child Xin Qing]

[Blue Thunder Dai Lin vs . Southern Revolution Faction's Nei Dongyuan]

[Red Haired Sword fiend Feng Yu vs . Star Body Ye Wang]

[The Ghostly Xiang Shu vs . Arcane Mage Xia Rou]

Feng Yu looked at the names in surprise as he didn't think that everyone would reveal their details so suddenly . Dai Lin who saw the names on the list couldn't help but grip his fists in excitement as he spoke, "It looks like this is where the true battle begins . . . " He said in a soft but deep voice .

Hui Ying remained in silence as he observed the paring at the top of the list, as each of the Ten Pseudo Chosen scoped out their competitions . After a while, the Ancient Dragon Construct's eyes glowed with a bright light once more filling its voice in the area, "True Chosen Wars commence!"

Phew! Quickly, the bronze squares of Hui Ying and Wuqi Shouzhi began to move towards a silver square, soon combining with the silver square creating a large battle platform .

"Oh!! It's the genius from the weapon clan fighting once more so soon," An influential figure said .

"This unknown youngster he's up against is called Hui Ying, I've never heard of a Hui clan before," An individual said .

As these influences and practitioners conversed, the two individuals finally faced each other . They stared at each other as if they didn't need to speak to convey words, however soon the silence was broken .

"A dog who left its home is not a good dog but a mutt that needs punishment! Do you know how angry father was when he found out you had disappeared?" Wuqi Shouzhi questioned through voice transmission message, as he looked at Hui Ying with a hint of hatred .

Hui Ying hearing this smiled with a trace of mock on his face, "What do my matters have to do with him? And when was it your place to tell me about my position?" He said with indifference .

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"It became my place when you came into our clan as nothing more than sheltered trash, renegades of some eradicated unknown clan from distant lands . Nothing more than stragglers eating away at my family's resources . You should know your place and your standing as you and that vagabond sister of yours are now properties of the Wuqi Clan," Wuqi Shouzhi said with a smile on his face .

"Say what you will about my family, but it will serve you no good! I have my own matters to handle, as such, it is not your turn nor the clans to tell me what I need to do!" Hui Ying replied with a firm and indifferent look on the face .

"Hahaha! Is that so, very well then, I suppose you do not care about what will happen to that adorable little sister of yours then am I correct?" Wuqi Shouzhi then replied with a sly tone .

A terrifying, murderous intent quick arose from Hui Ying's body quickly surrounding the body of Wuqi Shouzhi .

"Such terrifying, murderous aura!" A common practitioner exclaimed .

"Why did he suddenly release such a dark intent? Could it be they actually have some sort of grudge?" An influential character said .

The major influences observed the battle platform with interest as they saw the two Pseudo Chosen standing in silence as if they were discussing amongst themselves until the sudden release of murderous intent .

Feng Yu and Dai Lin looked at the scene with a deep gaze as they observed the rage-filled expression of Hui Ying and the mocking expression of Wuqi Shouzhi .

Hui Ying looked at Wuqi Shouzhi with dense killing intent as he spoke out in a loud and terrifying voice, "What have you done to my sister?!"

As he roared a powerful aura released itself from his body, in an instant his cultivation base soared to the peak of Body Training with wisps of Aura scattering from his body . His muscles bulged as his hair became longer making him take on a strange change .

Wuqi Shouzhi looked on with a trace of fear . However, he soon recovered his expression and spoke once more, "Haha! What good will come from trying to fight me? Do you think we wouldn't be able to find where you hid your sister if we could so easily trace your whereabouts? You are truly naive, you have two options, return to the family or accept a punishment which naturally will be applied to that sister of yours as well . "

Hearing this Hui Ying recovered his state of mind, calming himself down as his powerful energies receded into his body changing back to normal .

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The rogue practitioners and major influences looked on in shock .

"What? What kind of strange power is this?!" Xun Yanshan exclaimed as he looked at Hui Ying in shock .

The Midnight Temple strange man and Southern Wasteland elder's eyes were stunned as he looked at Hui Ying . Zang Xu gripped his spear firmly as a sharp light shone in his eyes filled with the excitement for battle, as the other Pseudo Chosen felt a tinge of fear in their hearts .

Feng Yu and Dai Lin were also shocked by the scene before them, as Feng Yu pondered deeply while looking at Hui Ying, "Brother Ying, it seems you've hidden your strength really well . . . "

On the side of the Feng Clan, Feng Junling, Feng Yunlong, and Feng Xingyu looked at Hui Ying with a deep gaze .

"This brat is of no ordinary lineage, that was the true War Saint Prestige . How could this be?" Feng Junling said as he looked at Hui Ying in surprise .

Back on the battle platform, Hui Ying who had finally calm down his emotions spoke, "Haha! You did well, and you came fully prepared too . Well done . However, you've also underestimated my own preparations," As he said this, he took out a strange looking talisman emitting strange fluctuations in the void and crushed it to pieces .

"Oh, shit! It's a void transference talisman! Hui Ying, you son of a bitch!" Wuqi Shouzhi roared as he launched a counter space locking talisman .

A pity though, for it was too late . Hui Ying's form became ethereal as his figure started to float towards the void slowly fading away as he looked towards Feng Yu and Dai Lin before saying, "Brother Yu, Brother Lin, sorry I couldn't see this trial out with you guys to the end . It seems my problems have caught up with me sooner than I had expected . However, I believe that one day we will meet again, so until then take care,"

As his voice resounded throughout their mind, his figure became more transparent . He then looked towards Wuqi Shouzhi and spoke, "Wuqi Shouzhi of the Wuqi Weapon Clan, pass my words on to your father - The day my arrow descends, is the day Wuqi Clan ends . "

"Ends . . . Ends . . . Ends . . . " His voice reverberated throughout the chosen battle arena as all major influential characters looked up in shock as the form of Hui Ying then vanished, fading away into the darkness of the night .

Instantly the common practitioners and major influential characters were sent into a frenzied state, a few individuals had certain thoughts of their own .

Feng Yu looked at the form of Wuqi Shouzhi on the battle platform with a hidden seed of hatred boiling in his heart, as the white-robed woman looked towards the location Hui Ying vanished as she muttered in her thoughts .

"Destiny divines and so it follows . . . " Her voice faded into the wind as a considerable commotion soon followed .