Dual Sword God - Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: 61

The atmosphere was filled with tension as the major parties, and rogue practitioners became lost into an in-depth discussion about the events that had just occurred on the battle platform . A few of them even had looks of confusion on their faces as they questioned nearby individuals .

"What the hell just happened?" A rogue practitioner asked in confusion .

"That was a Grade 5 Void Transference Talisman!" An elder from the Rain Sword Sect exclaimed in shock .

"Not only did this Hui Ying displayed an unusual power, but he also had access to such a rare talisman . Who is he? And what does he have to do with the Wuqi Clan of Margerum Empire?" Xun Yanshan asked with his face filled with puzzlement .

Xin Qing and Tang Fei looked at each other while shaking their heads slightly, as Xuan Lie was too preoccupied with his anger for his son's death to care about anything else as he calmly eyed Xiang Shu .

Xiang Shu smiled as if he didn't feel anything while a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes when he recalled the transformation of Hui Ying .

Wuqi Shouzhi who still stood blankly on the platform woke from his dazed with an angry expression before returning to his earlier confident and calm state of mind .

Phew! The Ancient Dragon soon glowed with a bright light gifting Wuqi Shouzhi a silvery token as it spoke to the world once more .

"Competitor Hui Ying has left the battle platform and is automatically disqualified, as such, I will declare Wuqi Shouzhi as the first True Chosen!"

As it said this the entire platform that Wuqi Shouzhi stood on became pure silver in color as the two bronze squares were turned into a silver-tone .

"Haha! I didn't think dog hunting would yield such an interesting turn of results . I should hunt more often," Wuqi Shouzhi said with excitement shining in his eyes .

Feng Yu who stood on his square had a cold light shining at the depths of his eyes, he thought to himself, "Hmph! Dare to compel my brother? You do not know who you're dealing with! This major event will be your last," Quickly his energies began to grow as his bloodline started to boil slightly causing his hair to rise and fall almost imperceptibly .

Dai Lin looked on with a fierce light in his eyes as electricity ran over his form as if sensing something Wuqi Shouzhi looked towards both individuals with a trace surprise then mock, "Eh? Are you two angry about my Trash Dog! Haha! Well, this is interesting . I look forward to your challenges," He said as he then placed his hands in his sleeves and closed his eyes while sitting on his square in a crossed-legged posture .

Feng Junling looked at Feng Yu with an understanding gaze, "Hmm, it looks like Yu child plans to get involved in Hui Ying's conflict . Oh well, not that it will matter to us, this and the Dark Sky Pavilion will serve as great whetstones . "

Feng Yunlong also nodded with a smile on his face, as everyone pondered to themselves, the Ancient Dragons eyes started to glow once more .

Rumble! The squares belonging to the Spear Child Zang Xu and the Shadow Child Xin Qing started to move towards an unoccupied silver square . Quickly, they combined creating another battle platform, and the figures of Zang Xu and Xin Qing stood silently on the platform .

"Well, it seems that is this is where your goddaughter is going to lose Old Zhu!" Tang Fie said with no remorse in his tone .

Xin Zhu frowned as he saw that they were about to begin, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of unwillingness as he prepared for the inevitable .

"This girl's talent in the Path of Shadows is good! What a pity she had to go against one of the empire's four Supreme Prodigies!" An elder said from the Rain Sword Sect .

Dai Lin looked on with a strange interest in his eyes .

As Zang Xu and Xin Qing stood on the platform, strange suppressive energies started to flow around their surrounds .

Xin Qing who was of a weaker cultivation base started to grow uncomfortable as she felt this suppressive energy around her form . However, she promptly circulated her cultivation technique .

"Art of Shadows - Shadow Guard!" She shouted as her shadow slowly overlapped with her form creating a type of barrier over her skin, aiding her to resist the suppressive force .

Zang Xu seeing this raised his brows slightly as he spoke, "You are incredibly talented in the Path of Shadows . . . if you have had to chance to encounter a Shadow Path Prestige Art your future will be limitless . However, as you are now, you are not my match . " As he said this, he couldn't help but slightly increase the pressure emitting from his body .

Bang! Xin Qing fell to her knees as her arms were placed before her body struggling to lift her form up off the ground .

"Argh! I will not give in!" She roared with all her might until her knees and arm started to bleed even with the protection from the shadow . In a few moments, she managed to barely lift herself up back onto her feet as she struggled to keep her standing posture .

"Very Good! How about three times my common spear force?" Zang Xu said with a look of interest in his eyes .

Buzz! As he spoke, the powerful oppression instantly grew stronger threatening to crush anything within the vicinity of the battle platform . Xin Qing who was enduring the most of this pressure started to feel as if she would break into pieces .

"I . . . I won't lose like this . . . not until I . . . I face him . . . " She roared with determination as she went above her limits and utilized a different technique .

Dai Lin seeing this struggling form felt a hint of softness in his heart, deep in his eyes was an electrical current that sparked with a brutal light .

"Art of Shadows - Shadow Walk!" She said as her form started to fade away into the darkness melding with the night itself .

"Such incredible mastery over the Shadow Path, this is impossible for a Body Training realm!" Feng Yu said in surprise as he saw this scene .

The major influences and common practitioners were shocked as Xin Zhu smiled and said, "While my Qing'er is not his match she is no easy target!"

Zang Xu seeing this was surprised once more as he spoke with a different tone, "Well, to think that you would be able to perform such a technique while still at Body Training realm! You are quite special as it isn't a normal feat to become an almost formless shade . Hmm, it seems you are also an individual with an unusual body or trait . "

As he said this, he couldn't help but remove his spear from his back and hold it vertically .

"However, there are forces which even the void itself cannot prevent . . . " As he spoke, a terrifying pressure soon poured out from his spear eclipsing the entire platform .

Bang! The spear power seemed infinite and invincible as Zang Xu stood proudly at the center of the battle platform, shortly after a figure materialized out of thin air as it fell to the ground in an unconscious state .

Thud! As he saw the collapsed form on the ground, Zang Xu spoke softly, "You should be proud! To make me unleash a fraction of my Absolute Spear is the greatest of all honors," As he said this, he placed his spear back on his shoulder and turned to face the Ancient Dragon .

Flash! The figure of Xin Qing was sent back to her bronze square as it was moved back to the location of the other bronze squares, while Zang Xu stood proudly on his now silver square in a confident manner .

"Incredible! Spear Child Zang Xu of the Supreme Talents certainly lives up to his reputation," The man from the Midnight Temple said, as the Dark Sky Pavilion, Rain Sword Sect, Blood Rose Union and Seven Blade Mercenaries elders also shared similar opinions .

Feng Yu looked at Zang Xu with a deep gaze as he recalled the power he felt before, he said to himself, "It seems that this one will be quite the challenge if I don't use my bloodline . "

Dai Lin looked on silently at the unconscious form on her bronze square with a pondering expression . However, it wasn't long before the Ancient Dragon made its next move .

"The match is over! I declare Zang Xu as the second True Chosen! Commence with the next match!" As it said this, the platforms for Dai Lin and Nei Dongyuan started to move towards the next platform .

Rumble! As Feng Yu saw who Dai Lin was about to fight, he couldn't help but send him a voice transmission message, "Dai Lin, be careful . . . "

Dai Lin who now stood on the battle platform responded, "Un . "

The audience looked with interest as they saw Dai Lin and Nei Dongyuan prepare to compete .

"Show him the might of the Blue Thunder!" A rogue practitioner said .

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"I've never heard of this Nei Dongyuan, is he even worth Dai Lin's time?" Another rogue practitioner said .

A more knowledgeable individual sneered and responded, "Of course you wouldn't, not in this backwater region . The south is more terrifying than you can imagine, and the youth you see before you is only the tip of its iceberg," The individual with a deep look in his eyes .

"Nei Dongyuan, the rising genius of the Southern Revolution Faction amongst the four great factions of Southern Wasteland . A truly gifted prodigy or so I've heard, I must have a look to see what extent does the skill of a 'Wastelander' True Prodigy falls," A man from the Sheng Imperial Clan said as he carefully observed the fight .

"Squad Leader, don't lose now!" Lang Kuang cheered as he looked at Dai Lin from the platform of the vanquished .

As the audience continued to chatter, Dai Lin and Nei Dongyuan were observing each other in silence . Soon, Nei Dongyuan was the first to act .

"Blue Thunder Dai Lin, I know that you are strong . However, it seems as if you have only recently acquired your strength . You will not be able to defeat me with only a few weeks or months of training . "

He said as a pressuring light shone from his eyes that were barely visible due to head covering and clothes he was wearing .

Dai Lin hearing his words smiled and responded, "You are correct! My strength is a gift from my young master, and I have yet to truly gain control over it . Still, I will not give up or back away from a challenge . If you want me to yield . . . "

As Dai Lin said this, he couldn't help but circulate his <Heavenly Shocking Circuit Scripture> .

Crackle! The terrifying electrical energy field soon surrounded his form turning him to the 'Thunder Lord,' as his hair straightened upwards and his eyes shone with electrical sparks .

Instantly, his essence energy rose to its peak as he looked at Nei Dongyuan and spoke once more, "Then, do so with your strength!"

Dai Lin roared as his body turned into a streak of blue lightning flashing before appearing in front of Nei Dongyuan, he then stretched out his palms that became suffused with a blue electrical light and launch a myriad of palm attacks towards Nei Dongyuan while shouting, "Heavenly Shocking Circuit - Shock Palm Barrage!"

As Nei Dongyuan saw all of Dai Lin's actions, he only observed calmly as if nothing could disturb his state of mind . With both of his arms behind his back, he stood as if he was a mountain that shouldered the world's most magnificent waves .

"What a pity! If only you had time to master your skills, maybe we could have enjoyed a much better battle," Nei Dongyuan replied calmly as he shook his head, his eyes then started to glow brightly, as a strange power filled the area .

BANG! An oppressive force quickly surrounded Dai Lin's form as if he was being crushed from all angles .

"What? What is this?" Dai Lin said in shock as he tried to free himself from this strange power, but his struggles were futile .

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Nei Dongyuan hearing this responded, "This is my specialty, as you see I do not follow the standard route of cultivation . I don't have a cultivation base for my path needs no such limitations, be honored although what I'm using right now is only the most common technique it is leagues above mortal tier skills . "

"Mind Heart Sutra - Oppressing Arm!" As he said this, the powers surrounding Dai Lin soon congealed to look similar to that of a large semi-transparent arm that had grasped Dai Lin tightly .

Soon, it increased its grip force causing the bones within Dai Lin's body to start to break apart .

The audience seeing this scene was silent as only the common practitioners of Machen Town went into a turmoil .

"How can this be?" A practitioner shouted in an unbelieving manner .

"This fellow is too strong even Blue Thunder Dai Lin can't withstand his first move," Another practitioner said .

Feng Yu frowned as he saw the scene and thought to himself, "Mental Power . . . I would have never believed that a practitioner of that path was also in this world . . . "

"Shit! If I don't do something now, I'll lose . . . " Dai Lin said inwardly as he tried to risk the third style of the <Heavenly Shocking Circuit Scripture> once again . Sadly, Nei Dongyuan did not give him this chance .

"Ah, thinking of doing that technique again . Sorry, but I won't give you that chance!" Nei Dongyuan said once more as he saw the look on Dai Lin's face, he couldn't help but smile as he lifted his right hand and made a gripping motion .

"Arghh!" Dai Lin roared in pain as he couldn't withstand the force behind the grip of the palm, after a few moments the electrical power surrounding his body started to fade as his eyes became lost and he slipped into an unconscious state .

Thud! Looking at the collapsed body before him Nei Dongyuan shook his head before looking at the Ancient Dragon . The major figures looked on with a deep expression as they saw Nei Dongyuan's strength which easily oppressed Dai Lin's power .

Xun Yanshan looked on with a common expression as if the result was expected while Zang Xu, Xiang Shu, Feng Yu, Ye Wang, Wuqi Shouzhi, and Xia Rou looked with a serious expression .

Flash! A bright light shone which sent Dai Lin back his Pseudo Chosen square, and the ancient voice sounded once more .

"The match is over! I declare Nei Dongyuan as the Third True Chosen! Commence Next Match!" As it said this, the squares began to shake once more .

Rumble! Quickly, a light shone which shrouded both Feng Yu's and Ye Wang's forms sending both along with their squares to a silver square .

The Feng Clan members seeing this watched silently, while the woman in white looked towards the stage with a smile on her face .

"This should be interesting . . . " She said as her voice faded once more into the wind .

Time flew by as a new wind started to flow within the Chosen Battle Arena…