Dual Sword God - Chapter 9

Published at 21st of July 2019 07:39:15 PM

Chapter 9

The harsh rain soon ended abruptly, as if nature could feel something wrong . The clouds slowly began to part away revealing rays of light that shone down upon the forestry within the mountain range .

A shadow was immersed by one of the sun rays creating a golden luminance throughout the area . It stood on top of a broken tree that was once a towering construct of nature reaching towards the vastness of the heavens .

The air in the field was now very thick, and it was as if a knife could be used to slice the tense atmosphere . The Golden Furred Ape King stared at the injured members of its tribe in anger . Seeing that the Golden Crown Red Tiger King was still dazed, it swiftly rushed towards him creating sonic booms as it traversed the distance almost within a flash .


"YOU DARE TO INJURE MY CHILDREN! I, APE KING, WILL NOT LET THIS REST!" The Golden Furred Ape King shouted as it approached, with a blinding speed that touched the limit of the sound barrier, the Golden Crown Red Tiger King .

Suddenly, a tornado formed in the region resulting from the Golden Furred Ape King's swift charge . It began to expand, collapsing most of the nearby bushes and smaller trees . Some of the injured apes were pushed towards further trees while the stronger elder apes were capable of holding their positions . The Golden Furred Ape King was not slow due to its size . In fact, besides having an immense amount of strength, it had great speed .


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Recovering from its fear-stricken state and letting out a roar of might, the tiger king immediately prepared for battle knowing full well that trying to escape would be meaningless . A furious expression formed on its face and a sharp light shone within its eyes . It quickly gathered power into its legs, crushing the ground where it stood, as it propelled itself forward towards the Golden Furred Ape King for a head-on collision .


Their clash caused the already turbulent environment to become even more of a disorder . As if assaulted by a hurricane, all the silver-furred apes were tossed into the air flying tens of meters away from the central location .

Feng Yu, who hid in some shrubbery nearby, was instantly exposed because of the powerful shockwave caused by the 9 Star Essence Beasts collisions . While being blown away through the air, he swiftly stabilized himself by performing a spinning motion with his body . Then he immediately used <Lightning Flash Steps> to avoid the remaining wind pressure .


Instantly, he arrived on top of a large tree a couple of meters away from the battle zone . Feng Yu looked towards the distant battling creatures . They seemed to reshape the environment with a single swipe of their hands . He then glanced at the unguarded Jar of Monkey Liquor resting between sturdy stones at the center of the field .

"Not Good! Why would a 'Variation Essence Beast' be here? Dammit! Who cares? It's all or nothing!!" Screaming out in defiance towards the heavens for playing such a trick, Feng Yu decided to take this opportunity to steal the Jar of Monkey Liquor .

Variation Essence Beast are creatures born with unique talents different from ordinary essence beasts . Some awaken with ancient bloodlines and others with unique gifts bestowed by the Heavens . These creatures are said to be Invincible in the same rank and are capable of realm crossing during combat due to their natural endowments . There are some born with incredible wisdom, no different from that of a human, making them break away from the fetter of needing a high cultivation base to speak .


Moving quickly, Feng Yu transformed into a streak of lightning as he traveled towards the central location at high speeds .

He arrived at the location of the monkey liquor that was positioned between two large rocks firmly holding it in place . He reached for the jar and immediately transferred it into his Storage Ring .

"Good! HAHA! Time to get out of here!" Excited about stealing the monkey liquor, Feng Yu began to run away at top speed .


Soon the battle of the Tiger King and Golden Ape reached the center of the field . The Golden Fur Ape King took a quick glance at the location of the Jar and saw that it was missing . It was shocked, looking around the area then it eventually spotted Feng Yu's retreating figure causing a feeling of rage boil within its core .


With rage-filled eyes, the Golden Furred Ape King's put the Golden Crown Red Tiger King into a pincer hold as it roared giving commands to nearby uninjured Silver Furred Ape Elders .


Suddenly, it started glowing with a red shade as it quickly grew two times its previous size, burst out of the pincer hold, dashed forwards, and repositioned itself for another attack towards the Golden Furred Ape King .

Seeing that the red tiger king was not giving up anytime soon, the Golden Furred Ape King became even more furious . It vanished from its position and attacked the Golden Crown Red Tiger King from its right side .

Swoosh! The Golden Crown Red Tiger king dodged the attack and swiped out its claws towards the Golden Furred Ape Kings chest . It seemed that both its power and speed had increased by a sizable amount in relation to its size . Observing the claw attack that was approaching its chest, the Ape King sneered at the Red Tiger King as it proudly puffed out its chest to receive the attack .

KLANK! The sound of hard iron being hit rang loudly as if its claw had hit metal . Sparks went flying into the air . White claw marks appeared from the attack . The Red Tiger was surprised once more .

As if it hadn't played with a decent opponent in a long time, the Golden Furred Ape King stretched its hand out towards the Red Tiger King and waved mockingly .

"Hmph! Is that all you've got Red Tiger King! Such a pity . Give me more of a challenge!"

Not liking the feeling of being mocked, the Red Tiger king rushed back into combat with the Ape King . Booms rang out as they continued to ruin the environment from clashing back and forth producing shockwave after shockwave seemingly to no end .

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Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou!

With the discipline commonly seen by soldiers, the silver-furred ape elders soon responded after determining the position of the retreating Feng Yu .

Looking at the four Six-Star Tier 1 Silver Furred Apes approaching fast from behind him, Feng Yu cursed in his heart, "Damn! They noticed too quickly; I have to get out of here fast!"

He pushed all of his efforts into deploying his <Lightning Flash Steps> movement skill . Sadly, these Silver Furred Apes were not ordinary essence beasts . Not only were they known for their brute strength, but they were also well versed in speed .

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Very quickly, he was overtaken and flanked by the apes on all four sides .

HOU! One of the apes walked forward in a dignified manner with a smirk on its face, as it gestured towards Feng Yu with its fingers .

Seeing that he was flanked from all corners, Feng Yu did not panic . Instead, he was calm . He observed the situation and realized that there was indeed no way out . Thus, he decided to give it his all .

"Hmph! You think you can have your way with me because I'm cornered . Well, guess again!"

Feng Yu instantly assumed his combat stance starting with the 'Mantis Form' of the <Blazing Mantis Palms Arts> . Seeing that Feng Yu had refused to answer to its request, a ruthless gleam shone in its eyes, glancing towards the other apes for a moment .

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Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In an instant, they collectively charged, reaching out there arms as if they intended to grab him then rip him to pieces from all four sides .

Feeling an imminent sense of doom, Feng Yu closed his eyes with his right hand positioned above his head, and his hand to his left side stretched out in front . He began to sense the changes in the air with his powerful Soulforce . Shortly, he figured out the attacking points of the silver-furred apes and decided to strike before they could reach him .

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

"Blazing Mantis Palm Arts: Second Stance: Blurry Mantis Palms!" Feng Yu shouted, utilizing the most powerful stance he currently grasped within the <Blazing Mantis Palm Arts> Martial Skill . Quickly, his arms started to move, leaving blurry images in the air at all angles, accurately striking the silver-furred apes' chests with his palms . The strike pushed the apes a few meters away creating a narrow opening .

Seeing the opening, Feng Yu was about to take the opportunity to escape the encirclement . However, the Silver Furred Apes quickly recovered from being pushed back by repositioning themselves surrounding Feng Yu on four sides . They looked at the burn marks on their chests and started to beat them furiously while staring at Feng Yu .


"Shit! Even though my strength would put me on par with ordinary cultivators of the 6 Tier of body training realm and the <Blazing Mantis Palm Arts> second stance is quite powerful, it is not enough to make up the gap in strength between essence beasts and cultivators of the same rank . I need to acquire a weapon; something to make up for my weak attacking power . Wait . . . " while complaining about his current circumstance Feng Yu suddenly remembered that he had a weapon within his storage ring .

He reached his consciousness into the ring and quickly willed for the sword his uncle, Feng Junling, had given him .

It was a dark-colored sword with a black handle that had wrappings around it . The edge of the sword gave off an ominous glint proving its sharpness .

Using his soul to inspect the sword in his hand, Feng Yu was happy, "This is a great sword! It seems to be of top-tier mortal rank . With this weapon, I should be able to injure these bastards at least to the point of being able to escape . "

Looking at the silver-furred apes, Feng Yu shouted, "Now then, let's try this again . Come at me!"