Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 141

Published at 26th of January 2020 12:54:47 PM

Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

After watching two minutes of SoulDemon's carnage on the battlefield against the adventurers, James had come to one simple conclusion. Phantom Blade's were a bullshit class. Like seriously, the level 40 player seemed purely made to be a PvP player. And it was extremely detrimental to Stryke Force, Axel42, and FlashFyre, for a number of reasons.

First, in the swamp, which was already barely lit by torchlight and dim sunlight fighting to pass through the dense canopy of trees, the two glowing eyes were barely noticeable. In fact, the few times James had looked away from the Phantom Blade as he made his approach on the adventurers, and then engaged them, James had lost track of him. Literally, if you didn't focus on the two glowing bits of red light that were SoulDemon's eyes, you would think they were just flickering reflections of shields or weapons.

Second, he was fast. Like, assassin fast. His already invisible form was darting in and out so fast that the defensive contingent of Stryke Force actually seemed confused when his attacks started coming. It actually took them a few moments to realize they were, indeed, under attack. And those few seconds had been precious. Already, one of the players had been reduced to a glowing orb, that was going to have to wait to respawn. Which was something that the players couldn't truly afford right now.

Third, and the most important fact, was whatever type of ability SoulDemon was using in that form, James was pretty sure it gave him an even larger evade window. James had been watching the fight, and it didn't seem like anyone had managed to even scratch the Phantom Blade. Of course, James was pretty sure SoulDemon was using his class's cooldown skill. There was no way that OP form wasn't his class cooldown. In fact, James was sure he was burning through a couple cooldowns. Those, combined with his already large level advantage, was allowing him to single handedly deal decisive blows to the adventurers.

' As for the other members from BLANKs team, they were at least not working as a one-man army. This was thanks to the fact that they didn't seem to have the destructive power that SoulDemon did, and that their classes, save for the sorcerer, didn't specialize in long range combat. Granted, James had watched Crikey threw out a hell of a lot of traps around SpinToWin's defensive perimeter, so anyone coming up on the party was in for a good dozen or so nasty surprises. However, they were at least advancing a lot slower.

The Steamosaurus was doing an awesome job launching long range attacks, and even though it was only a level 29 player's summon, it was doing a small amount of damage to the higher leveled players. What's more, SpinToWin's spinning shield wall didn't seem able to completely block the splash damage, meaning a few points of damage was making it through to the players. Though, chip damage wasn't going to be decisive in this battle, especially with their healer, CheapHealz, keeping up a heal over time spell on the four of them.

That was where FlashFyre's army came in handy. The skeletal mages were launching long range attacks of their own, and because of their magical nature, they were causing more damage to the party than the physical attacks from the Steamer. With the magical and explosive barrage, BLANKs other adventurers advance had slowed to a crawl. Meaning they were buying James the time he needed to assemble his fluffy friends.

"Oh, look, the sorcerer is doing something." Rue's comment pulled James's attention back to the group of BLANKs adventurers. He had been watching SoulDemon taking on all five of Stryke Force's players at the same time, while Axel42 and Flashfyre watched cautiously from the portal. He was wondering if the duo was thinking about abandoning the fight. It was probably the best move for them, as they were extremely close to level 30. However, if they fled the fight now, James wasn't sure his mob reinforcements would be able to turn the tide. He needed them to stay, at least a little longer.

"What is he-" James's question paused in his mouth. The sorcerer's eyes were glowing a bright white, and all around him rainbow colors swirled. Great, just great. He was blowing his cooldown. Chaotic Sorcerers' had a cooldown that enhanced the elemental damage of all of their spells by 50 percent and added on additional random status effects with a 15 percent chance per spell. On top of that, for the next 30 seconds, his spells wouldn't cost him any mana. Normally this skill was saved for boss mobs in dungeons, during the massive burst burn phase. James figured BurningJazzHands figured this fight constituted the boss fight he would experience on this floor. Which was probably accurate.

Burning his cooldown also spelled trouble for the mob army assembled before him. The tankiest of the two mobs were also the largest, the Breaker and the Greater Skeleton. While they had the highest amount of hit points and defensive stats, because they were the physically largest mobs, they were also going to be hit with a larger amount of the barrage of spells that was about to rain down upon them. And even a large health pool couldn't protect you from a sudden blast of arcane might.

The only saving grace, as James watched yellows and purples and oranges and neon colors of all kinds fly towards the mob army, was that Axel42 and FlashFyre were competent pet class users. After summoning their mobs, they had spread them out, to keep them from falling prey to any large aoe or dps burst spells. So, while James watched the breaker and Giant Skeleton bite the dust, BurningJazzHands 30 seconds of crazy dps only managed to bring down a few of the skeletal warriors and two of the skeletal mages. So, it sucked for James's players, but wasn't the end of the world.
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"Right, well, at least he burned that now." James mumbled, turning his attention quickly back to his other task. Sure, he wanted to help the adventurers as soon as possible, but he also needed to make sure it was the most efficient and effective aid he could send. If he pulled the trigger on his ambush too soon, then there was a chance it would be ineffective.

Which was why he had been carefully gathering up every single mob that existed on his third floor. He had tried to send Grandma Jenkins as well, but she was on the other side of the level, and apparently had an extremely slow walking speed. Of course, James should have seen that coming. She was after all, a very old lady who spent most of her days sitting on a rocking chair. Oops.

Now however, the mobs that he realistically could gather in the proper amount of time had arrived. High above in the trees, James had managed to assemble 17 jolly dollies. On the ground, he had gathered together a combined force of 6 giant playthons, 8 of his 10 total snuggle woofs, 3 funky monkeys, and a grand total of 12 of his teddy bear mobs. Six of those were mounted knights, 3 were light knights, and 3 were regular old teddy knights.

With these mobs assembled, he prepared to unleash his attack. As he had learned from his experience playing real time strategy games such as StarCraft X, he knew just sending in all your units at the same time was often a foolish move. He needed to group them appropriately, and send them in waves that would best disrupt, and then destroy, the enemy. The only positive that James could see right now about the situation, was that SoulDemon had split himself from the party. And you should never split yourself from the party. Especially in a dungeon.