Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 147

Published at 20th of January 2020 09:10:09 PM

Chapter 147

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Chapter 147

"I've been expecting you." The Terminus's voice growled as his massive form stepped out of his hole. Just as James had expected, SoulDemon's party had destroyed B.L.U. and rushed quickly towards the coliseum. It seemed some of the previous adventurers from BLANKs dungeon had actually worked together to map out James's second floor. Which was how SoulDemon's party knew exactly where to go so quickly, and also how the party of player killers camping the adventurer portal knew where to go. It was the type of thing James expected though. Knowledge was power, and maps were key to any plan. He would really be disappointed if his players weren't doing the same thing.

"It…can talk?" BurningJazzHands was starring hard at the emerging Terminus even as SpinToWin's shield wall activated around the party. SoulDemon was already moving in a wide circle away from the party, while Crikey was fiddling with a few of his traps.

"I can indeed good sir." The Terminus tipped his head partially down towards the party. It seemed formal, but James could tell the Terminus was using the move to keep a glowing eye on SoulDemon. The PhantomBlade was doing his best to stay quiet, likely attempting to enter a blind spot of the boss. Of course, the Terminus wasn't just a regular boss, and had increased intelligence for a reason. He may be at a disadvantage level wise, but he still had a wickedly brilliant AI controlling his form.

"Now then," The Terminus lifted his head back up, even as he quickly turned one of his little arms towards SoulDemon. Thunk, thunk, thunk. In rapid succession three grenades launched in a deadly arc towards the man. It was apparent that SoulDemon was caught by surprise. Everyone was. However, this was obviously not the Phatnom Blade's first rodeo, nor boss fight. He reacted with blinding speed with the one ability that would keep him completely safe. He burned his ethereal cool down. His body faded from existence, leaving just his glowing eyes. While in that state, James also knew he had enhanced speed, which he was taking advantage of.

"Put him down." SoulDemon called out as the two glowing eyes of his moved rapidly towards the Terminus. He closed the gap in a mere instance, the phantom images of his blades slashing rapidly against the Terminus's massive armored leg.
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"You heard the man." SpinToWin glanced from Crikey to BurningJazzHands and shrugged. He was a straight up tank. His job was to keep the others alive. They were the DPS.

"Right." Crikey was still fiddling with his traps, intermittently glancing up at the Terminus's massive form as it fought against SoulDemon. "I'm going to need a bigger trap." The man muttered as he tossed the two he had been looking at onto the ground.

"Jazzy?" SpinToWin nudged the sorcerer, who was still staring dumbfounded at the massive steampunk T-rex. The terminus was currently smashing large areas of the arena with his tail, while launching the occasional grenade near his feet. It looked like he was rampaging, in order to try and damage the phantom blade. But James knew otherwise. James had toyed with the Terminus's Little Arms skill a little when dungeon wars started. Normally, the grenades just had a variety of impact types, including impact detonation, a bouncing timed version, a sticky version, and a shrapnel version. James had modified that with an upgraded called Spliced Evolution. The upgrade allowed the Terminus to actively modify the grenades he had in his weapon, to fit his needs. While they were on cooldown, the Terminus could actually change the rounds that were loading in, to have a variety of differing effects.

Which was why, as the next set of three blasted into the ground, a blue gas began to settle around his feet. Blue gas, of course, was the MMO standard for a sleeping effect.

"Cleanse." SoulDemon called out the moment the gas appeared, and on command the party's healer began chanting his spell. James knew the Terminus was just going to keep cycling effects that applied status debuffs against the Phantom Blade, until the ethereal cooldown wore off. After all, while he barely had a chance to hit someone without a form, he could still stack debuffs. Annnd, there was still the AOE burn from the Terminus's Terminal Fire. He was a level 35 Boss, he was going to put up a fight.

Of course, James was still certain the Terminus would be brought down in no time. His health was steadily getting chipped away from SoulDemon's attacks, and BurningJazzHands was finally starting to release his rainbow cooldown worth of spells as well. Between the two of them, they were going to be able to lay a lot of damage into the Terminus. And as long as SpinToWin's defensive skills kept the majority of the party safe, CheapHealz would be able to keep SoulDemon healed and debuff free.

"You almost done with that?" SpinToWin glanced down at Crikey, who had still been working on his new and improved trap. It looked like a crazy mixture between a pitfall trap, a bear trap, and a net trap all combined into one. James watched in surprise and astonishment as the trap minimized the moment Crikey picked it up. With a grin, he tossed it forward a good 20 feet away from the party, towards the center of the room. When the trap hit the ground, it deployed once more, before disappearing completely.

"Just need to bait it." Crikey muttered, and he flipped through his menu screen for a moment. A second later, a scapegoat pet appeared at his side. "I love the pets this dungeon drops. Totally worth the 50 gold I paid for this guy"

"Crikey." SoulDemon's voice cut the trapper off. It seemed the Phantom Blade was not appreciative of their lax behavior while he was mid fight with the boss. Especially because the Terminus was not only launching an ever changing volley of attacks on SoulDemon, but James's boss was mocking the PhantomBlade the entire time.

Crikey sent his scapegoat pet walking slowly towards the middle of the room, until it was standing directly in the middle of where Crikeyh's trap had been placed.

"Oy, dinobot." Crikey's call was obviously meant to get the Terminus's attention, but the boss simply ignored him. The Terminus was likely intending on killing the foolish melee dps, before he would switch to the party. After all, the Terminus knew the cleric would run out of mana sooner or later.

"If that was a taunt, it was terrible." SpinToWin whispered to Crikey, who stuck his tongue out at him in return. It seemed the two of them were a little more laid back than Soul Demon. Of course, their skills allowed them to be.

"Right, let me try this one." Crikey grinned and looked at his goat. "Come get a free snack you ugly boss."

"Really now? You should work on your trap placement. They are a bit, obvious and predictable." The Terminus let out a dark chuckle and swung his tail down towards SoulDemon. The Phantom Blade's cooldown faded just at that instant, and he was sent flying backwards. Luckily, he had managed to block the attack. Unluckily, it still did a lot of damage.

"Then why are you walking towards it?" Crikey called out. As he did, his scapegoat pet let out a loud bleeting sound, and James watched the Terminus's head spin towards the goat and lock on. Of course, the scapegoat pet had a taunt skill. And while it was a rather short one, and pointless generally considering the Terminus could kill it with a single melee attack. It still did what Crikey needed. James watched the Terminus, his posh, intelligent, impressive second floor boss, loss all since of intelligence as it rushed, headfirst, towards a scapegoat standing in the middle of a trap.

"Alright, I've had enough of that." James mumbled, pulling up a menu of his own. It was time to put the second part of his plan into motion.