Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 155

Published at 17th of March 2020 03:13:03 PM

Chapter 155

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Chapter 155

"Hurry up and summon him." Cries were spreading throughout the mass of players, many of who were rushing quickly towards the Boss Summon totem in the starting area. BLANKs players had drawn first blood, in a brutal, and extremely deadly way. James's players needed to respond, and now. And the only thing they had, that could stand up to what BLANK had released, was James's most terrifying, most powerful, dungeon mob. The Perfect Cognivore.

Following the arrival of the Gingerbread man, and the gumdrop buttons. BLANKs players had let go of their nets, and then rushed back towards their camp. James's players had launched a few attacks towards them from atop their dicken mounts but had cautiously stayed away from mobs that had suddenly appeared in front of them. James was confident they were simply scouting the area for a larger mass of players and had strict orders not to get themselves killed.

That, or they were embracing the natural instinct of fear that the nearly thirty-foot-tall gingerbread man evoked. Especially considering the small party of scouts were only in their low 20s, while the Gingerbread boss was level 35. James had guessed what was going to happen next. But even so, it had completely taken his breath away. It also made him realize, this dungeon war was going to be extremely bloody. Especially if BLANKs forces were opening with this.

As he had theorized when he watched BLANKs forces try this same tactic against MercerEffect's team, the Gingerbread Man was the second-floor boss for BLANK, and those gumdrops, somehow, were the mini boss. Meaning, combining the two would create a secret boss.

Sure enough, the gingerbread man bent down and grabbed the gumdrops, one at a time. They squirmed for a moment against his grasp, before they went completely still. At that moment, the cookie man placed the gumdrops onto his chest, leading down like three, perfect gumdrop buttons. As the third one was applied, a flash of light surrounded the mob. A moment later, something completely new, and terrifying, stood in its place.

Where the gingerbread man had stood, a new monster towered over the battlefield. Its height had grown from roughly thirty feet, to thirty-five. Not because the monster had actually grown much larger, but because its entire form was now covered, from head to toe, in a gumdrop style of armor. Atop the gingerbread head, a helm of green gumdrops now existed, complete with a flowing plume of what appeared to be cotton candy.

The Gingerbread Man's previous empty hands were not only gauntleted in the gumdrop armor, but also magically seemed to have gained weapons. In one hand, a massive candy cane sword. In the other, a bolas made from what appeared to be some sort of taffy, and jaw breakers. So, now the boss not only had armor, but he had a close- and long-range weapon. As if that wasn't enough, James could tell from the glint in the Gingerbread Man's eyes, that he had also gained a new level of intelligence. Great, just great. Sighing, James looked over the secret boss. He knew he couldn't pull up much information, but he figured he would at lease see what he could learn about this new foe his players were about to face.

The Candy Man – Level 50

Just like James's own secret boss, BLANKs had grown to level 50. On the plus side, that meant James's secret boss would be the exact same level as The Candy Man. However, it also meant James's players were now forced to complete their summoning of both B.L.U. and the Terminus, before they summoned anything else. After all, this was the very first dungeon war. There were no players that existed, on either side, that would be capable of bringing down a level 50 boss mob. Even with the buffs both sides were likely receiving from their respective dungeon's research levels.

To their credit, the scouts likely realized the exact same thing. Unfortunately for them, they didn't realize it quite as quickly as James had. As a result, even as they turned their dickens back towards James's spawn area, The Candy Man launched his attack. The bolas went flying without warning towards the party, with such speed that the targets had no chance to escape. The taffy seemed to stretch as the weapon flew, and it grew large enough to entangle three of the poor scouts at once. The other two didn't even try and help, ordering their dickens away as fast as they could.

Which was the right move. The sticky taffy completely trapped the three scouts, and then, when the jaw breaker parts of the bolas completed spinning around the party, tightening the taffy to likely unbearable levels, they collided. Candy shards blasted everywhere as the bolas literally exploded, instantly killing all three of the trapped players. If James had to guess, that weapon was very similar in design to the Terminus's grenades. Meaning the boss would soon have a brand-new Bolas to throw at his intended targets.

The fleeing scouts reached James's camp just as more players were heading towards the avatar totems. Old Man Jenkins had just been summoned, but to the Ais credit, seemed to be waiting patiently for orders of some kind. Though, the crazed demonic farmer did seem to be eying the crazy amount of 5-foot dickens flocking about.

Word of the giant secret boss spread like wildfire throughout the ranks of James's players, and a mass of players began running quickly towards the world boss totem. The chaos was so strong for a moment that players actually seemed to be shoving each other out of the way. At the same time, a cohort of James's players began running towards few siege weapons James had prepared, likely intending to buy some time while they prepared their counterattack against The Candy Man.
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It was the right move, of course, for James's players to summon the Terminus and B.L.U. He didn't fault them for it at all. However, he couldn't help but feel conflicted as he watched the second-floor boss and mini boss get summoned. He wanted to be out there, fighting. He wanted to amongst the players, preparing to defend themselves in this crazy war. Preparing to fight all the crazy candy type monstrosities that were bound to be thrown at them. He wanted to be down there, fighting.

Instead, he had to wait, as he watched the Terminus turn, grinning, towards B.L.U. The second-floor boss tipped his hat towards the mini boss, even as his intelligent, devious glowing eyes turned upwards towards where James and Rue sat, watching. "Right then chaps. Time for me to come alive." He tipped his hat back atop his head. A moment later, he and B.L.U. began their combination.

As was par for the formation of secret bosses, a bright flash erupted from the two forms as they combined. A moment later, as the light died down, everyone, including James and Rue, looked on with awe at what had been created. James knew many of his players had never seen the secret boss in its living glory. Even though screenshots and videos of it had been shared by players on the forums, they didn't do The Perfect Cognivore justice.

"Alrighty then." The Perfect Cognivore growled, his mechanical face coming up in an impossible, devilish smile. "Time to put on the Greatest Show." The crowd of James's players spread before the monster. He was completely terrifying and appeared to have gained his own unique set of upgrades, courtesy of the upgrades James had applied to both B.L.U. and the Terminus. On top of that, he still had his top hat, as well as the aiming monocle that Philosoraptors had. Light glowed dimly around his form, an aura of some sorts, and James couldn't help but feel his disappointment over the delay in his summoning fade. After all, he now had front row seats to a monster battle between a massive steampunk dinosaur, and a giant, armored gingerbread man. The core chat window that James had up, considering he was broadcasting this event live, was going crazy.

"Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for." Rue hummed as the Perfect Cognivore rushed to battle The Candy Man.