Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 168

Published at 9th of March 2020 07:50:08 AM

Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

Chaos erupted around James as all of the players began rushing to and fro. Some had half set up camps already made, preparing for the long haul for day 3 of Dungeon Wars. Hell, the Dicken Shack had apparently set up a tent, providing food with buffs for the players. Apparently, everyone had thought the spawn zone safe. So had James. But now, the enemy was approaching them, and fast.

"How's it looking?" James asked Rue as he glanced around nervously at his players. The object in the sky had drawn a little closer, but James knew it was still outside of the range for any of his players attacks. What worried him, was what awaited them in the area between them, and the massive creature. He had a sinking feeling that BLANKs players wouldn't be sending just a lone monster towards them again, no matter how impressive that monster.

And it was impressive. Now that it had drawn a little closer, James was able to make out some of its features. First and foremost…it was a freaking dragon. Just another reason for James to hate BLANK, the bastards had a dragon. James wanted a dragon… Next, as with all of BLANK's mobs, the creature in the sky definitely appeared to be made out of candy. Or at least, a wide variety of candy.

The webbing on the wings, as far as James could see, were made out of taffy, which seemed to billow and flex with each flap of the massive wings. The actual wings themselves seemed almost crystalline, making James guess they were some sort of jolly rancher or hard sugary candy. From what he could tell of the body, it seemed to be armored with bits of jawbreaker, while its joints revealed underneath an almost nougat type of material.

It's eyes, if James had to speculate, were made out of differing types of chocolate, considering their white and dark brown contrast. And, as it opened its mouth to let out a massive roar, James could see its teether were orange and white striped, candy corn. As it roared, James mentally tried to pull up its information. To his dismay, he wasn't able to gather any more information than he had previously. That is, he could still only see BLANK's mobs' names, type, and level.

Candy Crush-ur

Sweet Tooth Dragon World Boss

Level 40

"Hey, uh, Mad Mage." A voice pulled James from his analysis of the giant candy dragon. He looked down to see Z and the Knights Who Go Ni all looking up at him. While many of the other players had scrambled in a panicked attempt to prepare for the battle, the Knights had stood fast.

James stared blankly down at Z for a moment, before he remembered the role play he was supposed to be keeping up. No matter what the situation, it was imperative that he remember he was the Mad Mage of Chaos.
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"What is it elf?" James, glanced to Rue as he spoke, who pointed underneath the giant world boss and shook her head. As he feared, BLANKs players had advanced, and moved the fog of war with them. Meaning Rue couldn't scout out what was waiting for them, if they tried to get within range of the dragon.

"Random, crazy thought." Z grinned his trademark grin, and James couldn't help but turn all of his attention onto the man. Part of him screamed that he needed to do something, and fast, to help his players take down that world boss. However, he also knew just how capable Z was, and was extremely interested in hearing what the man had to say.

"What is it?" James asked.

"Well, I'm sure you know the dungeon has used Sacrificial Lambs as traps before, yeah?"

"Yes, it's quite amusing watching adventurers blow up from the lambs." That was how a mad mage would respond, yeah?

"Do you think you could summon some of them…and load them into the catapults over there?" Z motioned towards two of the catapults that James had summoned. They were clearly visible, and as best as he could tell, outside of the range of the dragon, and anything BLANK may have sent towards them.

"You want to launch my sacrificial lambs with the catapults…" James trailed off as his mind processed that fact. Sure, they did explosive damage when they died. But everything out there would barely take much damage from that detonation. Though, with James being able to summon them, they would be able to ignore the essence cost needed to keep summoning ammunition for the catapults. However, James really wasn't seeing where-

"Oh." His mind concluded at that moment, and he began moving rapidly towards the catapults. Given his massive size, the movement drew the attention of not only his adventurers, but also the dragon. After all, a 25-foot-tall avatar, mismatched in crazy gear, and with enormous glowing skeletal wings, was not subtle. However, he didn't need to be for what was going to happen next. Also, James made a mental note to really step up his game. If he was going to be the Mad Mage of Chaos, he really needed to start taking more opportunities to be creative. Because, as he reminded himself while he moved, BLANK was likely expecting him to make logical decisions, like what they would do. In order to win, he needed to be unpredictable. He needed to fight in a way that no one would see coming. He needed to launch explosive sheep from a catapult at a giant candy dragon.