Dungeon Core Online - Chapter 175

Published at 14th of March 2020 07:15:05 PM

Chapter 175: 175

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Chapter 175

In most games, and movies, and books, people always talk about slaying dragons. They mention felling the massive beasts, bringing them down in some epic manor, and that's that. In video games, most of the time once you kill it, the creature just disappears, or the scene fades to black. Even if it doesn't, nothing really happens after you slay it.

In DCO, that was not the case. DCO seemed to take monster deaths as literal and realistic as possible. Case in point, James watched in horror and surprise as The Candy Crush-Ur fell from the sky, wings torn to pieces, armor shattered and cracked, to smash hard into the ground. Trees splintered apart, the earth shook, and dozens, if not hundreds, of players from both side were instantly turned into glowing orbs as it literally crushed them all. Even in death, the world boss from BLANK's dungeon lived up to its name.

"Our bad." Z called out as his Voltron mech, made up of all five Knights Who Go Ni, descended onto the battlefield. They waived their hand sheepishly towards James, and it was all he could do to shake his head in disbelief. It was a given that the Knights, combined with the anti-air guns provided by the M.I.N.E. Craft's appearance would bring the dragon down. Just, really, on the middle of their forces?

"Make up for it by killing the enemy." James called out even as he applied a quick heal to Z's dicken. The faithful bird had done its best to stay as close to the man as possible, even flapping its wings frantically to try and get closer while the robot had been in the sky. Now, it was standing proudly besides Voltron, glaring at anything that came near. The dicken was injured, but thankfully still alive.

"Will do-" Z was cut off as an orb, glowing with a myriad of colors, crashed into Voltron. It erupted with rainbows of light, and blasted the mech apart instantly. Thankfully, the Knight's weren't killed in the hit, though all of them, other than Z, had taken a massive blow to their life. The Dicken, which had been caught in the blast, as well as soaked the damage for Z, let out a surprised bawk before it disappeared. James didn't even have to guess where that attack had come from.

"Aw, did that attack leave a sour taste in your mouth?" The Candied King called out, even as it held its glowing scepter high. Energy was flowing into it, causing lights to flicker within. The Avatar was channeling another one of those blasts, and while James didn't know how long it took to channel, he also could tell it was going to do a crazy amount of damage when it launched. They needed to interrupt it, and fast.

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"I'll show you sour." James muttered as he looked to Rue. The mass of mobs that had been caught by the Giant Plaython had just vanished, and the berserker had managed to cut down the Bearhemoth even more. James figured the third-floor boss had been shrunk enough that his players would be able to take care of what remained. They needed to stop The Candied King from launching any more of those attacks.

"Go commit Regicide, dear beast."

"With pleasure." Rue purred, and she turned the Giant Plaython away from the gummies, and towards The Candied King. He was still a distance away, choosing to continue attacking the battlefield from a distance with his ridiculous long-range attacks, but that didn't matter to Rue. When you were riding atop a 100ft Giant Plaython, you could cover a good amount of distance quite quickly.

"We'll help finish off those bears, if you want." Z waived for his party to rush towards the bears, even as Med Ic's healing spell completed around the party. They all let out a cry of excitement and joy as they rushed forward, a group of other players besides them as well. James, on the other hand, needed to get closer to The Candied King as well, otherwise he wouldn't be able to continue healing the Giant Plaython. And he really didn't need Rue going down.

"Come with me, help me keep the beast alive." James began running past the bears, glancing around the battlefield as he did. There was massive thread dome erected in one corner of the map, the result of Grandma Jenkins entering the battle. The moment a group of adventurers had stepped within range of her, the dome had erected. James knew it wouldn't fall until all the adventurers were killed, or Grandma Jenkins fell. He was just curious how many adventurers she had managed to capture within the dome. He was also pretty sure Old Man Jenkins, and a good dozen dickens, had been within the dome as well.

"We can do that too." Z grinned up towards James, and did his best to keep up. While James was a giant compared to him, his party did consist of elves, who had increased movement speed within the forest. Meaning they were much nimbler than some of the other races. With their rush towards The Candied King, and The Candied Queen, a group of players began following him as well. It seemed Rue's reckless charge had blasted another hole in BLANKs forces, considering all of the players jumping out of the way of the massive Giant Plaython and crazed berserker. That path of broken trees was what James and his players were running through as well.

"For the White Beast of Chaos! For the Mad Mage." Z yelled as his party, and what seemed to be almost a hundred other players, formed up near James. He had an honor guard, it seemed, of brave warriors following him into death. Logically, rushing The Candied King and Queen was probably not the best idea. The closer they got to the enemy Avatars, the denser it seemed BLANK's players were. However, if they let BLANK continue launching their powerful long-range attacks, they were bound to lose as well. No, James needed to make them suffer enough here and now to cause them to pull back. He needed to capitalize on the chaos that was the battlefield, and it was now or never. He just really hoped they could pull it off.

"Check." James heard Rue's roar, and he looked at her form just in time to see her leap ferociously from the back of the Giant Plaython. Her axe was raised high over her head, and her entire body seemed to bristle and glow with a white energy. As her form approached The Candied King, who was still working on casting his next attack, Rue's form took on its more beastlike appearance, as she burned her Beastkin passive. For a short amount of time, her physical stats, including her attack speed and strength, would be increased. Additionally, James saw her eyes flash and begin glowing red, a berserker cooldown that greatly increased her damage output, at the cost of her defense. While that skill was up though, she also couldn't be reduced to 0 HP. Of course…the same couldn't be said for poor 'Monty Python' who would be taking a lot more damage now every time Rue got hit.

"Crazy fairy." James muttered as he paused, preparing to cast a powerful HoT spell on 'Monty Python.' If Rue was about to go all in, James needed to make sure he was supporting her the best he could.

"Checkmate." A female voice responded to Rue's cry, and with amazing speed, The Candied Queen was in front of the Candied King, her massive jawbreaker shield raised to intercept Rue's oncoming axe, her spear at the ready by her side, angled dangerously towards Rue. James immediately changed what spell he was casting. This was about to hurt.