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Chapter 16

Roland Kingdom.

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At this time, three knights on horses could be seen riding through the city in a quick and urgent manner. Everyone saw that they were knights and immediately gave way for them, they didn't dare to offend these people as they were protectors of the country.

They rushed to the castle at neck-breaking speed. The guards around the castle didn't stop them and opened the gates upon their arrival. Once they were at the castle door, they got off their horses as some men came over to take their horses away.

A man dressed in a black suit came out of the castle. "The border knights, is there something wrong for you to be rushing here like that?" This man was a butler of the castle, he handled a few things around the castle, but he wasn't that important.

"Yes! We have an urgent message from the Order of Light and the Paladin Corp! This is a message straight from the City Of Light!" The butler's face changed dramatically, who didn't know these important Organizations and their influence?

"This way please, the King just got done with a meeting so you're right on time!" The Butler quickly led the Knights into the castle. The knights knew the magnitude of this message, it couldn't be ignored! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The Castle was armed to the tooth with guards in almost every corner, they were all highly trained soldiers. They were stopped by many guards to confirm what they wanted, they were really cautious people and didn't take bullshit.

After hearing what needed to be done and who was involved, they immediately let them through. Eventually, they came to the throne room, the King had already gotten word about them from some maid.

The knights walked into the throne room with grave expressions on their faces. The councilmen in the room grew silent and listened closely.

"Speak, my hardworking border knights, what is the message that you bring that's so grave?" The King said in a calm and smooth voice.

"Please be at ease when I say this, but...." The knight paused and continued "The Demon King has been born!"

The room immediately went into an uproar hearing this, everyone was shocked, the Demon King has spawned!?

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"Order! Order in the presence of the King!" It was a Knight wearing Golden armor that stood behind the king, he spoke loudly to calm the situation. The man was exuding pressure from his voice and body, this man was really powerful!

Everyone quieted down and the King spoke up. "Tell me, is there more to it, there must be for the Order of Light and the Paladins to send you this message." The King stared at the three, he was seeking an answer.

The three Knights Gulped "Yes, they have confirmed that there are in fact 4 Demon Kings on the rise!" Everyone's faces turned ugly, there was usually just 1, why was there 4 all of a sudden!?

"This..." The King was stunned, there was nowhere in history where 4 would make an appearance!

"This isn't it, there's more!" The knight's forehead began to sweat, it was even sending him chills just saying it.

The King sucked in a mouth full of cold air and said: "Speak, there is no need to hold back, the more we know the better we can prepare for the worse!" The King sighed, but he thought, what could be worse than Demon Kings being born, and four at that!

"The abyssal brink has opened up, this could mean only one thing!" The knight took a deep breath, but everyone's faces in the room were getting darker and darker.

"The Devil Race has also made an appearance!" One of the councilmen fainted on the spot, it was too much for his mind to handle! The Devil Race was much worse than the Demon Race, they actually drew their power from despair, grief, and Hate of any race. They also loved to eat humans, Elves or any race they could get their hands on.

"This is a disaster, how are any of us going to deal with this situation!? The Hero of the Human race can't handle this alone!" The King's attitude had completely changed, he was truly worried now.

"The hero Runa and his party can't handle it alone, they've hired several S-rank Adventures to keep an eye on the Dark Isles for the time being." One of the knights spoke like there was hope.

"Don't talk crazy, we'll need more than S-rank adventurers, they may be strong but it isn't enough, it's never enough! These are Devils and Demons, what if they started to work together!?"

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King Roland especially hated the Incubus, it was the male version of the succubus. These were abyssal Fiends Monster that preyed on Women while the Succubus preyed on men. His wife had become a victim of this creature, after having intercourse with her, it sucked her dry, she even died saying its name!

The King almost died from anger on that day! If a succubus or incubus is spotted anywhere in his Kingdom or around it, it must be put to death without exception!

"You speak like there is hope, then what could be the big hope you think will give us salvation. We may win the fight with the help of the guardians of Light, but we'll still suffer extreme losses!" The man in the Golden armor finally spoke.

Author Note: Guardians of Light refers to the organizations that fight for the light, like most I've named in this chapter and the previous ones. Remember this, it will be used quite a bit. :D

"Ah, yes, Grandmaster Baron, there is hope!" The knight finally smiled for the first time being in the king's presence.

"Oh, and what is that, it better be good, or else!" Baron's face turned cold, this wasn't a joking matter!

The 3 knights instinctively shivered and spoke up. "The Guardians of Light have gathered in the city of light! They plan to summon heroes from another world, they're doing it as we speak!" Everyone's eyes lit up hearing this, who didn't know how powerful heroes were from another world, they were cheat like characters with strength that didn't make sense!

"This, this is....Amazing!" The King felt a great wave of relief wash over him, everyone knew how powerful those type of heroes were.

"You three idiots, why didn't you tell us that first!?" Baron glared at the 3 with visible anger.

"W-we wanted to tell you the bad news first then cheer you up with good news!" One of the knights hurriedly and spoke before things got bad.

"Good, Good, this makes sense! This causes for a celebration, we'll be throwing a banquet tomorrow at noon! Invite the Dukes of the land and the other nobles!" King Roland was feeling happy now, it was nothing but extreme relief!

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Many servants ran off to set up the invitations.


City Of Light.

At this time, many powerful Guardians of the Light were gathering at the Temple of Light! There were many people walking in with Golden and pure white Armor, Robes, and Hoodie Robes, while some had masks on their faces that looked sort of like the Jedi temple guardian mask, at least the coloration.

Three things were for sure, first, their bodies gave off Golden light from time to time, while some even had white light coming from their bodies. Second, was that their main color seemed to be Gold and White, and lastly, they were clearly very powerful at that!

Everyone entered a big hall, it was filled with people from different types of Guardian of Light Affiliations/Organizations. At this point, there were about 1,000 to 2,000 people present in this great hall!

At that moment, a man with hair as white snow walked out, he was an old man with a long beard and a few wrinkles on his face. "Most of you if not all of you know who I am, but I'll say who I am anyway." The old man looked around and scanned the great crowd.

"My Name is Lucas Winchester, and I'll be the one to give you a brief explanation of what is going on now! It's quite simple, the natural order of things are about to turn upside down! The Demon King or should I say, Kings, have been born!"

With those words, everyone went into an uproar, this wasn't acceptable! "We must purge these evil creatures and banish them back from which they came!" A man in white armor roared from the crowd, everyone couldn't agree more with him.

"I'll save them, I'll grant them salvation with my sword, it works every time!" A Paladin's eyes flashed with golden light as he grinned coldly.

"Everyone, settle down!" A man with a white and gold mask on his face yelled to calm the crowd. Everyone slowly calmed down, there were many important figures in the high seats of this room watching quietly, they already knew what was going on.

"With our strength, I am confident we can win to some degree, but we'll suffer very heavy and great losses." The man paused and looked around, everyone remained quiet. "This is why we'll be summoning heroes from another world to aid us in battle!" Everyone was shocked silent, but after a moment, they went into an even louder frenzy!

This was too amazing, everyone knew how strong heroes from another world was!

"Saint Lucas, when does the Temple of Light plan to summon these heroes?" A loud and powerful voice came over, it was really loud but you could tell he used his ability to amp the sound of his voice.

Everyone suddenly quieted down and listened closely to Saint Lucas's answer.

"We plan to summon them in an hour at the alter, we'll summon 10 powerful heroes!"

Everyone smiled and started gossiping with each other joyously.

"I hope one of the heroes is a beauty, I'll have to up my game, haha!"

"Oh, who would want to talk to a middle-age baffoon like you?" A holy knight woman scorned in contempt.

Saint Lucas only smiled, this was to save humanity!