Easy Cultivation - Chapter 27

Published at 6th of May 2019 10:44:31 AM

Chapter 27

Outside the Exquisite Pagoda, the spectating crowd was completely silent . But from among the crowd, a thick-browed youth suddenly murmured profoundly, "If silence were loudness, this would be the loudest place in the kingdom . . . "

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The big-eared youth beside him turned to look at him as if he were an idiot, "That's a terrible metaphor . "

"He . . . he actually reached the sixth floor . . . " A man dressed in a servant's attire suddenly gasped .

"Half an hour has passed and nearly all the candidates have already been kicked out, but that freak is actually still alive at the sixth floor!"

"This must be a dream, right?"

"AHH! Why the hell did you pinch me?!"

"I wanted to make sure if this was real . "

Among the elders of the Seven Profound Martial House, Elder Sun suddenly said, "Looks like we have our first place candidate . "

The other elders nodded . In truth, the third trial accounted for most of the exam's results . Even if one didn't get very favorable results in the first two trials, as long as one got the top result in the third trial, it was still possible to win first place .

Even the elder who wanted to oppose the result decided to shut up, venting his frustrations on the two jade balls in his hand instead . If he still continued to push the reward for first place to Wang Yanfeng, his reputation would be ruined .

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Even if he were friends with Wang Yanfeng's father, he could only do so much .

Soon, the last few candidates were ejected from the Exquisite Pagoda .

"Quick, catch them and don't let them injure themselves from the fall . " Elder Sun immediately issued an order .

Soon, the newly ejected candidates were brought to them and they finally saw who it was .

"Not bad, this Wang Yanfeng managed to reach the fourth floor and lasted for a long time . But this Liang Tieshan is also impressive . Even with just a cultivation at the Peak of the Second Stage, he managed to struggle on the third floor for a long time as well . These two are worth cultivating . " The elders commented in slight praise . Liang Tieshan was the name of the tall and burly youth who possessed inborn divine strength .

Back inside the Exquisite Pagoda .

Standing alone in the dark space, a young man was covered in bloody injuries . His hair was disheveled, his eyes bloodshot, and his clothes ripped in various places . However, a happy smile could be seen on his face .

"Haha . . . Absolute Cleansing Pill, you are mine now . . . " I laughed weakly . By this point, I couldn't care less about the first place reward, the Crimson Gold Dragon Marrow Pill, anymore .

All around me, there were ten beasts covered in deep wounds . Similar to the fifth floor, two of them were leader-like figures . But this time, the two were third level vicious beasts similar to Fifth Stage martial artists while the eight lackeys were second level vicious beasts comparable to Peak Fourth Stage martial artists .

Even with my near unlimited true essence reserves because of my unlimited supplies and generation of true essence stones, handling a group of ten beasts that were each way more powerful than me was an exceedingly difficult task .

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Maybe it would've been fine if the group didn't know how to coordinate, but sadly, they did . Another unfortunate thing was that even though I could cheat with my weapons and true essence, I couldn't actually heal myself! Even with the priceless Blood Ginseng, I couldn't heal because I was in an illusion!

Even if I got beaten to death over and over, it was all an illusion and my real body wasn't affected in any way at all .

So in the end, I could only grumble helplessly and struggle with all my might, bearing with all the pain and keep moving forward .

Fortunately for me, my techniques gradually got polished and I got more familiar with their patterns over time as I fought, asserting my dominance over these damned beasts . Unfortunately for me, the price in exchange was my accumulating injuries .

Currently, all ten beasts were slowly dying due to excessive loss of blood . However, I wasn't faring any better . But the thought of never giving up never crossed my mind, and with a fierce shout, I activated 'Galewing Flow' and sprinted towards the last few struggling beasts .

Puff! Puff! Puff!

In the end, I managed to slash and pierce their open and vulnerable spots in exchange for a grisly hole in my chest and a few missing chunks of flesh . The result was an internecine outcome .

Thud .

"Agh . . . " I heavily kneeled with my hands on the floor as I coughed blood, my vision blurring .

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"Not yet . . . not until I reach the top floor . . . " I breathed heavily, forcing myself to stay awake .

In a moment, the scattered carcasses of the vicious beasts slowly turned to thick smoke as they vanished into thin air .

In a few more moments, thick smoke began to appear once more as it slowly congealed into various humanoid shapes . . .

"Hehe . . . I guess this is the end for me . " I chuckled self-deprecatingly .

. . .

Outside, a heavy silence draped over the entire scene as the crowd witnessed a miracle .

The magic array of the seventh floor flashed with a brilliant light . However, the figure of a young man was quickly ejected soon after .


Without needing any reminders, a few people dashed forward to catch the falling figure . But before they could even get close, Muyi and Qin Xingxuan already appeared in a flash, ready to catch Lin Ming themselves .

With a light jump, Muyi caught my unconscious self and landed safely . Qin Xingxuan approached and took out a pearl with a tinge of gold . This was the Cleaning Pearl that I bought from the fair three months ago . However, the only difference was that it was covered in runic patterns, clearly it was from an inscription .

Opening my hand, Qin Xingxuan put the golden pearl inside and closed it shyly .

A few seconds later, my eyes opened up to the sight of the Inscription Master-Disciple pair, "Ah, this is so relaxing . Let me stay like this for a while more . . . "

"Congratulations, Brother Lin . You've created a miracle and won first place . " Qin Xingxuan smiled .

I smiled back, "I really have thank you, Xingxuan . I guess the saying is true . Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman . "

Hearing that reply, Qin Xingxuan looked away with a slight blush, not denying anything .

"Ahem . " Muyi suddenly gave a dry cough, "Little Brother Lin, I'll be putting you down now . "

"Oh, of course," I replied with slight embarrassment and separated myself from Mister Muyi's princess carry . It was a weird sight to have a gray-haired old man with a flowing white beard and mustache carrying me .

Standing up, I noticed something in my hand . Seeing the pearl tinged with gold on my hand, I couldn't help smiling . This pearl was originally just a Cleaning Pearl which would help myself stay naturally clean . However, ever since I added the 'Serenity' symbol to this Cleaning Pearl, it had become much more than just an item with a sanitary purpose .

Right now, aside from a drastic increase in its ability to maintain one's cleanliness, it can also provide a soothing effect where one's heart would calm down and the true essence would flow smoothly . It was a great tool against' one's inner demons or simply for cultivation .

And this precious pearl was given to Qin Xingxuan as my gift to her when she completed her first ever inscription symbol .