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Eclipse Hunter - Volume 3 - Chapter 3

Published at 26th of January 2016 03:49:00 PM

Chapter 3
Volume 3 Chapter 3Translator: LilsxDProofreader: Arc, CatchkatchHow come Ezart and the others still haven’t come over to warn Dark Sun? Elian thought desperately . At the least, Dark Sun has already signed over one or two hundred photographs . After all that, regardless of how sharp his awareness might be, I’m afraid he’s bound to have let his guard down . Not to mention, the principal is pretty sneaky . Right after he saw the situation going on in the plaza, the principal had called Sin and him urgently . He had even created a chance for them to go undercover as a part of the crowd to find the best chance to launch a surprise attack . He looked around his surroundings . Sin and he weren’t the only ones there . There were many others from the Elite Combat Section lying low, all of them ready to surround and ambush Dark Sun, closing off any opportunity to escape . It seemed like the principal had put quite a lot of money into this . “Please sign this for me!”By now Sin had already worked his way to the front of the line, right in front of Dark Sun . Dark Sun was the same as usual, never showing any emotions . In comparison, Sin was smiling and holding up a huge autograph board and pen to give Dark Sun . Is Sin planning on ambushing Dark Sun while he signs the autograph?Elian furrowed his eyebrows . That is definitely a good opportunity…After all, if you’re signing an autograph your concentration would be on writing and nothing else . The large autograph board also helps block Dark Sun’s vision . Seeing this, if I really let Sin’s ambush succeed, allowing Dar to be injured, then this situation could really become dangerous . In any case, I haven’t forgotten that the person supporting Dar from the shadows is ‘that person’ .  I have to think of a way to warn Dark Sun…God! Haven’t those three come over yet!?However, before Elian even had the time to confirm it, he saw Dark Sun reach out his hand to receive the autograph board in Sin’s hands . It was impossible for him to warn Dark Sun directly, since the principal was definitely using cameras to observe the developing situation . If by chance he informed Dark Sun, he would definitely be closely watched by the principal afterwards, making the state of affairs even worse . As Elian was in a bind, Dark Sun’s hand reached out but stopped just before taking Sin’s autograph board . Instead, he slowly raised his head and looked at Sin and Elian with his face maintaining no expression whatsoever . This made it impossible for him to discern what Dark Sun’s actions meant . Did he notice there’s something wrong? Elian thought delightedly . He opened his mouth and said in a flat voice, “You guys…”“Dark Sun!”Dark Sun stopped mid-sentence and turned his head towards the direction of the voice . It was Eloise’s voice, so Dark Sun–or rather Dar–turned his head and looked towards it without thinking . He saw Eloise, Ezart, and Eli running towards him . Eloise looked panicked, and even Ezart was frowning . Oh, no! I forgot about our meeting… Dar became flustered, and, in that moment, Dark Sun’s personality changed to Daren Solaris . Now!Sin’s face still wore a smile but this time he silently kicked out the knife in his shoe and charged towards Dark Sun, successfully piercing his knee…Seeing Dark Sun’s figure immediately stoop down, he felt exhilarated . I actually got him!“Ha!”Sin haughtily laughed at his accomplishment and in that same moment he ruthlessly charged towards Dark Sun’s other leg . But Dark Sun had already been tipped off by the last attack . He dodged to the side in a flash, but because of the effects of his knee injury, Sin managed to draw a streak of blood on his thigh . This is bad! With one of his knees damaged, Dark Sun won’t be able to use his superiour movement to deliver attacks . Elian’s face paled . Like this, with me and Sin’s joint attack on Dark Sun, coupled with the other members of the Elite Combat Section surrounding them…even if it’s Dark Sun, there’s no escape!Just then, the campus loudspeakers suddenly announced a broadcast . “Good afternoon, students . I am Principal Antonias . We are now undergoing a battle exercise with the Elite Combat Section . If you are not an Elite Combat Section student, please do not join the battle, and leave the plaza’s central circular space . ”The students began chattering and grumbling . “What’s happening? It took me so long to work my way up to the front!”However, under the orders of the principal, everyone obediently left the central space and went to stand at the rear of the plaza to watch . At this moment, the Elite Combat Section students hidden in the crowd came out . They broke into pairs and formed a circle, each team standing at the hour marks of a clock . There were twelve pairs, so with Sin and Elian in the middle, it made a grand total of twenty six people . “T-t-the entire Elite Combat Section…has been mobilised?” Elian gasped as he looked around him . Including Eloise and Eli, there would be twenty eight people . Even though they were still missing two people, those two were rumoured to be in the middle of a secret mission . No one in the Elite Combat Section had seen them before . The principal relayed more orders . “Eloise and Eli, move to the team in the 3 o’clock position . Ezart, leave the central space . ”Ezart frowned . Seeing Dark Sun’s injured knee and the surrounding members of the Elite Combat Section, numbering twenty eight and more students, he snorted . “Interesting . I’ve always wanted to fight against the Elite Combat Section and see who’s stronger!” he said . After he finished speaking, he stubbornly remained in the middle of the plaza, pounding his fists eagerly with hands already equipped with battle gloves . Elian secretly cheered on Ezart’s actions . But clearly the principal was prepared for something like this happening . The loudspeaker sounded again . “Any students not belonging to the Elite Combat Section who choose to remain in the centre of the plaza after the next ten seconds will be expelled!”Ezart and Elian were both startled by the words, especially Ezart, who was suddenly undecided about whether he should leave . Regardless of the order, the battle in the plaza couldn’t wait ten more seconds . Sin had already unleashed his attack . His leg moved so fast that it left an afterimage . The knives attached to the front of his shoes were extremely sharp and so deadly that Dark Sun was forced to use his injured leg to handle the superior speed he needed to dodge the attack . But, because of his leg injury, his ability to evade attacks properly was compromised several times and he was forced to use his hand to block . Dark Sun’s nails had been extended long ago, sharp as knives . While he was blocking Sin’s leg attack, he planned to use his nails to attack his leg and hinder his opponent’s movements . During one of Sin’s attacks, Dark Sun clawed and destroyed the fabric of the pants covering his shin . But what he heard was not the sound of a sharp knife slicing through flesh, but the sharp, ear-piercing sound of steel clashing and scraping against steel . In the end, after several sharp and piercing sounds rang out, the two men engaged in battle broke apart . Sin began laughing hysterically . On the other hand, Dark Sun remained unaffected, with no expression on his face . Everyone focused their eyes on the situation . On the floor lay a few long, broken nails with sparkling metal fragments on them . Everyone looked at Sin’s leg in shock . But they didn’t see the skin dripping with blood they expected . Instead, they saw a plated boot . Apparently Sin didn’t only have a trick in the toe of his boots; it turned out that the entire boot was a weapon . And, looking at Dark Sun, they could see that his left hand had three broken nails . The two fingers that were unaffected were the two that couldn’t deal damage by themselves: the ring finger and the pinky . Against the thick and solid plate boots, Dark Sun’s nails were just too thin . There was no way to pierce it, which was clear from the fact that they broke in their first encounter . Sin didn’t give Dark Sun a moment to breathe . He immediately rushed in to attack . This time, Dark Sun decided not try to fight him head on . He chose to let loose his superior speed to dodge the attack . If it really became impossible for him to avoid the attack outright, he would evade the knife and proceed to attack Sin’s flank, aiming for his calf . But it didn’t matter whether he used his speed to dodge or if he used his instantaneous movement to avoid the knives’ attacks, it was obvious that it increased the stress on his injured leg . If he were a normal person he would have been rolling on the floor writhing in pain already . However, he didn’t even let out a whimper of agony . To the spectators, the two that were battling before them didn’t seem really human at all…As the two in the middle were engaged in a heated battle, on one side Ezart had reluctantly moved towards the outside of the grounds under the threat of being expelled if he had not left after ten seconds . He stood firmly in place at the boundary between the inside and outside grounds, with his eyes focused on the battle going on before him . Elian’s face turned white . He never thought that Dark Sun would actually be lose . The surprise attack at the beginning had affected his abilities too much . Dark Sun had always relied on his perfect and accurate movements as the basis for his attacking and dodging . Therefore, the moment his joints were injured, it affected Dark Sun much more than it would others . By now Eloise and Eli had already moved to the 3 o’clock position . Their faces paled as they watched the battle scene unfold before them, but they didn’t know what they could do to help the situation . Then, a moment later, Eli suddenly froze for a second . He lowered his voice and whispered to Eloise . “Dark Sun he…he’s talking to me…”“What? What did Dar say?!” Eloise asked frantically . “Avery, Scythe, Reaper . ”“What’s that? I only understood the Avery part . He’s Dar’s Dad, right?” Eloise said, furrowing her eyebrows . “Eloise, call me so I can pretend to pick up and then leave to make a call and inform Avery of this,” Eli whispered . “Okay . ”As soon as Eloise finished listening to his instructions, she secretly reached her hand into her pocket and dialled Eli’s number on her phone . Before long, Eli’s phone rang . He apologised to the students of the Elite Combat Section near him and walked to the side . Of course he wasn’t answering a phone call but instead hurriedly calling Dar’s house . At the same time Eli was making a phone call, Sin hastened Elian to take action . “What are you doing? Hurry up and come aid me!”Hearing Sin rush him, Elian’s heart skipped a beat . However, on the surface, he presented a calm demeanour . “I thought that you wanted to have a one-on-one battle with Dark Sun . Didn’t you want to prove that you’re stronger than Dark Sun?” he asked . “If you win, then you’re strong . Whether it is one-on-one or being surrounded by numerous enemies,” Sin said impatiently . This guy has no fighting spirit at all! Elian secretly scolded him in his mind . Nevertheless, he could only bear this and move to flank Dark Sun . Otherwise Sin and the principal would definitely begin to doubt and suspect Dark Sun’s and his relationship . Then Daren would be suspected, since he was always hanging around them but right now he hadn’t appeared at all . Additionally, Daren and Dark Sun had the same hair colour; it would be difficult for them not to notice the similarities . Dark Sun and Daren Solaris were the same person . The only reason this hadn’t been discovered yet was because no one had compared the two . The moment that they were suspected to be the same person and were measured up against each other, he would definitely be exposed . After all, they were the same person . Whether it be their hair colour or body shape, they were exactly the same . At that moment, Dark Sun drew back and turned his head to look at Sin and Elian coming towards him . Just when Sin dashed in to attack, not caring about any consequences or responsibilities, Dark Sun opened his mouth . “I’ll see the principal . ”The second he spoke, the broadcaster blasted through the speakers . “Stop, Sin!”The leg that Sin was using to kick Dark Sun stopped abruptly, with the toe of his shoe only ten centimeters away from Dark Sun’s face . Although his leg had stopped moving, his facial expression couldn’t keep up, making his cool face to look distorted . It looked like he was forced to suppress the fiery battle spirit in his heart . But, in the end, he still slowly lowered his leg back to the ground . “Elian and Sin, bring Dark Sun to the principal’s office . ”“Yes,” the two replied in unison . The only difference they showed was that Elian’s face was smiling and Sin’s was sullen . As for Dark Sun, after he finished speaking he didn’t open his mouth again . As Elian moved forward towards Dark Sun, displaying an inviting gesture with his hand, Dark Sun silently followed behind, while Sin followed behind him . The Elian walking in the front may have been smiling on the surface but on the inside he was desperate to find a way out of this . The moment Dark Sun enters the principal’s office, like a tiger’s lair, he would unquestionably have no chance of escaping . And the principal doesn’t like taking no for an answer . Looking at how he deployed the whole of the Elite Combat Section in order to capture Dark Sun, it’s obvious that he wants Dark Sun no matter what . The principal wants to possess Dark Sun…But Dark Sun only listens to the Solaris Emperor’s words . God, please don’t let this lure the Solaris Emperor out . Otherwise the situation will become more serious than I can even imagine . The Solaris Emperor’s wrath is not something little Yelan Academy can take on . ********************Ring…Ring ring…Avery was currently in his science lab . His experiment had progressed to a very important stage . He carefully dropped one drop of the brown liquid onto the petri dish that had a kind of meatball-looking, unknown substance squirming around on it . The instant the liquid dropped onto the meatball, it stopped squirming around for a second and then immediately began to wriggle around crazily . Ring ring…“It seems like that was too high a dosage…” Avery stared unblinkingly at the meatball struggling . His facial expression revealed a bit of his vexation . Bang!The meatball in the petri dish struggled wildly for quite a while before it suddenly exploded, causing tiny pink pieces of meat to spray all over the experiment table . Ring ring…“This is really troublsome…It seems like this drug’s effect may be too strong . It can only be used once on the parental substance and then the substance will be destroyed . I don’t know how I should change it . Should I decrease the dosage amount or weaken the drug’s concentration? I wonder what would lessen the damage to the parental substance…”Ring ring…Ring ring? What does that mean? Avery stood there dumbfounded, wondering what it was . Then, after thinking for a while, he finally remembered . “Ah! It’s the phone ringing!” he exclaimed . It’s not Devon calling home, right? Avery’s face darkened suddenly at the thought . He immediately rushed out of the isolated science lab, not realising that he was still holding the measuring glass in his hand . He dashed into the adjoining room and picked up the phone in a flash . “Hello! This is Avery speaking . ”“Uncle, you finally picked up the phone…” Although Eli wasn’t sure anymore if there was any use in him picking up now . “Unc-what?!”Avery’s face twisted for a moment . Uncle? I’m only in my early 30s! How could I be called an uncle!?“Uncle, Dark Sun’s in trouble . ”“Idiot, call me Big Brother…What? Something happened to Dar?” Avery’s heart jumped in fright . Why has something happened again?Eli briefly informed him about the situation . “In the end his heart’s voice conveyed Uncle’s name and the words ‘scythe’ and ‘reaper’ . ”“Call me Big Brother!” Avery frowned . “I understand . I’ll come immediately; meet me at the school gates . ”“Okay,” Eli replied simply and hung up . After disconnecting, Avery hurriedly raced upstairs to where Daren’s weapon exhibitions room, battle training site, marksmanship training site, and more were located . He scanned everything to his left and right and quickly found the suitcase containing the Reaper’s Scythe . When he reached his hand out to grab the case he finally realised that he had been so frantic that the measuring glass he had been holding was still firmly grasped in his hand, the brown liquid inside it swirling around . Luckily it didn’t spill…He put the glass down and proceeded to pick up the Reaper’s Scythe while talking to himself . “Dar’s school life sure is colourful! It seems like Devon has been going about this too carelessly . His brother never had the potential to be a normal person . ”********************Dark Sun was silent . During the whole incident he had only said he would be willing to see the principal, and then had quietly left, following Elian and Sin . No one in the crowd had any idea what he was thinking, causing some to even think that maybe he had chosen to slaughter the principal directly instead . In truth, this decision was not chosen using Dark Sun’s rational thinking but using Daren Solaris, who acted according to his emotions . Dar’s reasoning was extremely straightforward and simple . He believed that as long as he clarified things with the principal, that he told him he only followed his brother, and that he refused to join the Elite Combat Section, then everything would be solved and the principal won’t look for him again . However, Dark Sun only thought of this as his last resort . If the other side refused to surrender it would be quite difficult for him to get out of the situation, considering the damage his knee joint had suffered and the fact that he didn’t have the Reaper’s Scythe with him . But his emotions won out against his logical reasoning . Daren stubbornly thought that it would be okay as long as he explained everything to the principal . He believed that the principal wouldn’t force him to do things against his will . As his rational thinking and emotive side came to completely different conclusions, Daren chose to follow his brother’s words and went with his emotions . This was the reason Dark Sun obediently followed Elian and Sin to the principal’s office . He had no idea that he had made Elian and Eli worried to death . Elian was intimately familiar with the principal’s personality; he wasn’t the type to easily give up in any situation . If Dark Sun were to enter the principal’s office it would be practically impossible for him to leave . At that moment, Eli was troubled by the fact that he had finally reached Avery, but, now that Dark Sun was about to enter the principal’s office, he and Eloise had no way of actually getting Avery to the principal’s office . This is too terrible! everyone thought . But Dark Sun wasn’t aware of their worries at all . He followed Elian all the way to the principal’s office . Actually, instead of an ‘office’, it was more like an entire building . On the surface, this building was the Elite Combat Section’s classroom, but everyone knew that the Elite Combat Section never went to class . Therefore, this building was actually the principal’s office, delegated for giving the Elite Combat Section missions . The three of them entered the building one after the other . The entire building’s security was extremely tight, as it was only possible to go in with the special cards held by Elite Combat Section students . Elian took out his card and swiped it . After that, he pressed his thumb to the fingerprint recognition device, and only then did the building’s large door open . The moment Dark Sun stepped into the building he naturally scanned his surroundings . He noticed that just the entrance and the lounge had at least ten security cameras, which could rotate three hundred and sixty degrees . There were many cameras out in the open, and many hidden . And, looking at them, it didn’t seem like the building’s walls were made out of normal reinforced steel and concrete . Instinctively, Dark Sun wanted to escape while the door was still open, but this was once again prevented by his emotions . Thus, the three finally arrived at the highest floor, consisting of the principal’s office . Once the door opened to the principal’s office, Dark Sun once again saw the Principal Antonias who had appeared when he first entered the battle simulator . He was sitting next to a coffee table, leisurely pouring tea . The second he saw Dark Sun and the others, he immediately smiled broadly . “Dark Sun! You’re finally here! I’ve been waiting for you for so long!” Antonias greeted him happily . “Come here and sit down! Let this old man see what a handsome young man you are!”But Dark Sun stood quietly at the entrance . If it was possible, Dark Sun wanted to quickly explain everything to the principal and then leave . He was planning to do exactly that . “I have a Master . I don’t want to enter the Elite Combat Section and I request to take my leave . ”“…”It wasn’t only Principal Antonias who was shocked . Even Sin, who was always eccentric and behaved oddly, looked sideways at Dark Sun . This guy’s fighting capabilities are completely inversely proportional to his speaking ability, he thought . Elian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . Dar… he thought . When you don’t say anything, you’re only seen as cold and indifferent, but the moment you open your mouth people can immediately recognise that there’s something wrong with you…“Don’t be like that . Is it too much to ask for you to sit down and have some tea with this old man?”As expected of the principal, he only stood there dumbstruck for a moment before he regained his composure and quickly changed to a face full of smiles . Still beaming he tried to pull Dark Sun over, but Dark Sun evaded him by dodging to the side . If it wasn’t necessary Dark Sun didn’t want to have any physical contact with anyone, since it could be extremely dangerous . Additionally, after being surrounded by Sin and the others earlier, he had become extra cautious about these things . “Just sit down, Dark Sun . I mean, it’s not like you can leave at the moment, correct?” Antonias said cheerily, glancing down at Dark Sun’s knee . Although the blood had already dried, his wound still looked rather hideous . Before, in the plaza, if it weren’t for his wound Dark Sun would have chosen to turn and run, rather than remain entangled in a fight with Sin . But, considering the circumstances, with his knee being wounded Dark Sun’s speed had taken a heavy blow . It was highly probable that Sin would have taken the chance and executed a crippling blow to him if he were to turn his back . He hadn’t had the choice of turning around to flee back then . The situation at hand had become much more disastrous . This room was perfectly enclosed from the inside while Sin and Elian guarded the door, so the only way to escape was to perhaps capture the principal and use him as a hostage to force Sin and Elian to move out of the way . Sit down and listen to what the principal has to say first! Daren Solaris shouted persistently in his heart . So Dark Sun decided to sit down . The principal smiled as he followed and even passed a cup of tea to him . Naturally, Dark Sun didn’t appreciate his actions and the cup of tea sat on the table untouched . “I wonder who has the wonderful good luck of being able to hire such an amazing fighter as you,” Antonias said, not minding Dark Sun’s rude gesture one bit . He spoke as if he were an old neighbourhood man talking to a teenager . He didn’t know what Antonias was planning, so Dark Sun made sure to watch his every movement . “I have nothing to say,” he was his only reply . “Why did you come to Yelan Academy? It wasn’t really to use the battle simulator, right?” Antonias chuckled a bit . “A fighter like you should be really busy, right?”However, Dark Sun ignored Antonias’ speech . “What do you want?” he asked in a straightforward manner . “You really do get straight to the point . ” Antonias sighed in admiration . He stopped his gentle and warm act, and switched to the demeanor of a businessman . “Then I won’t waste our time with small talk . Ten missions .   If you can do ten missions for me, you won’t need to pay school fees and I will give you your graduation certificate . All graduate students of the Elite Combat Section in Yelan Academy are given the highest priority when they are entrusted with missions to complete for the school . Don’t you think these conditions are excellent?”Nevertheless, Dark Sun didn’t show any reaction . “These conditions are really very good . The other Elite Combat Section students have to carry out thirty missions in order to graduate . If they were to fail a mission, they would have to carry out three additional missions as well . But I believe that you will not fail any, so I won’t add that condition . ”“No,” Dark Sun rejected his offer without even considering it . “If you have a certificate from Yelan Academy as a graduate of the Elite Combat Section, it’s practically guaranteed that wherever you apply for as a bodyguard, you’ll definitely get a position as team leader at the very least . ”At this moment Elian, who was standing near the door, showed a strange expression . Headmaster! he really wanted to say . The conditions you’re offering are really good but unfortunately the person in front of you is the Solaris Emperor’s younger brother . The Solaris Emperor’s doting affection for Dar has already reached the point that, no matter what Dar wants, he will give it to him . How could Dar possibly care about a graduation certificate or special privileges? In this world, I don’t think there is anyone who would dare to hire the Solaris Emperor’s younger brother as his bodyguard, right?“No . ” Dark Sun remained firm in his decision . By this point principal Antonias seemed at his wits end . He raised his offer again . “Eight missions; the other conditions remain the same . ”“No . ”“Six! I can’t give you any fewer than that,” Antonias said his limit in one breath . This should be around the number of missions the Academy has been delegated that students have failed because of the high level of  difficulty . Dark Sun said each word distinctly to make his point clear . “I only listen to my current master’s orders . ”Antonias didn’t seem to know the meaning of rejection; he continued bargaining, trying to persuade Dark Sun . “It doesn’t matter . I’m not in any rush . When does your contract as a bodyguard end?”Dark Sun remained silent for a moment . “When I die,” he replied . His words stunned Antonias, and he didn’t know how to respond . Even Sin couldn’t help but clap his hands, thinking how admirable it was . How straightforward!“You can’t accept any other jobs?” the principal asked, refusing to give up . He had no choice . Some assigned missions were much too dangerous and difficult for students to undertake . But if he didn’t get them completed, then Yelan Academy’s reputation would fall rapidly . Now that he had actually found a student with the same fighting capabilities as Sin he couldn’t just let him go . He had to try his best to persuade him . If he and Sin were to work together on a mission nothing would stand in their way, no matter how difficult the mission may be . Even if it was Antonias, if Dark Sun were to reply straight away with the word ‘no’ the principal knew he wouldn’t be able to sway him . Then today’s events would most likely come to an end . But, unexpectedly, influenced by his emotions, Dark Sun hesitated . He had qualms about whether or not he should lie to the principal . This second of uncertainty gave Antonias a chance to realise that it wasn’t that Dark Sun wasn’t able to do side jobs, but just that he wasn’t really willing to . “Five missions . And I won’t ever investigate your private matters, and I will remove the surveillance cameras I installed within the Academy . ”Dark Sun thought about it . If it was like that, then it wasn’t like he couldn’t do it . If the principal stopped investigating Dark Sun’s true self then that would make Daren Solaris much safer . After all, if he were to continue monitoring Dark Sun there was a high probability of the principal finding out that Daren Solaris was actually Dark Sun . Dark Sun chose to accept, but with one condition . “The missions that I don’t want to accept, I won’t accept . ”“It’s a deal!” Antonias hurriedly promised . ********************“Dar, is it all right for you to accept the principal’s missions?” Elian asked worriedly . A line of people stood at the school gates waiting for Avery, who was about to arrive to pick up Daren Solaris and go home . As for the reason why he was leaving early . . . it was to give Avery time to fix up Daren’s knee wound before Devon noticed, of course, thus avoiding the calamity of all the Yelan Academy students never being able to come to class again . By now Dark Sun had already reverted back to the appearance of Daren Solaris . “It should be all right . As long as…Gege doesn’t find out,” he replied quietly . This response really makes us feel very worried! everyone thought, laughing bitterly inside . “Your dad is here,” Ezart said lazily, pointing towards the school gates . Everyone’s eyes followed and they looked over . There, an extremely desperate Avery got out of a taxi with a large suitcase held in his hands . As he jumped out of the taxi he naturally looked toward the school gates and found a line of people there, including Daren . Seeing a seemingly safe and sound Daren, Avery stood there confused, clutching the case . Elian patted Daren Solaris’ back . “Hurry up and go over . Your father must have been so worried,” he said . “Yes!” Daren Solaris turned his head and said his goodbyes with a smile . “Goodbye Ezart, Elian-ge, Eloise, and Eli . ”“Goodbye, Dar…” everyone said one after another . Suddenly Eli’s expression changed . “Uncle! Danger!” he shouted . Everyone was a bit stunned, not really understanding what Eli was talking about . The only one who reacted immediately was Eli’s partner, Eloise . The moment she heard Eli’s words, Eloise instantly ran towards the grounds outside the school, where Avery was standing . “Huh?”Avery was suspicious as he saw Eloise suddenly rushing towards him . His suspicion didn’t last long, however, as a motorbike zoomed up right in front of him . There were two people on the bike and they were both clad in leather jackets, leather pants and full face protective helmets, making it impossible to see their faces . Then the person sitting at the back punched Avery in the stomach, making him pass out . The rider grabbed him with one arm, using his other hand to hold the suitcase that was in Avery’s hands . “Hya!”Eloise had finally reached them, and without further ado she used all her strength to kick the rear rider’s side, hoping to kick him off the motorbike . The kick definitely hit him straight on, and, with her power, even if it was an elephant he should have fallen off . But the rider didn’t move an inch, instead gunning the accelerator as though he were unaffected . The moment he gunned it, the motorbike sped away like lightning . Eloise chased after it for a few steps but soon realised that it was impossible for her to catch up . She was forced to unwillingly give up . “Papa Avery!”At that moment Daren sped after them, refusing to give up chasing after the motorbike . This burst of intense movement made the wound on his knee instantly open up, making blood flow down his calf and onto the street, spilling as he continued running after them . Elian hurriedly rushed up and grabbed hold of Daren, stopping him from going any further . “Dar, don’t chase after him . It’s impossible to catch up . ”“No!” Daren said, struggling with all his strength . “Papa Avery has been captured! I need to rescue him!” he shouted . “Dar…” Looking at his frenzied and frantic manner, Eloise also felt desperate, wondering how she should comfort him . Smack!Ezart slapped Daren hard in the face . It had so much power that Daren immediately fell to the ground on his bottom . As Daren sat on the ground, he couldn’t quite believe he had been hit . He held back his tears and raised his head, looking at Ezart with a dumbstruck expression . But Ezart shouted down at him instead . “What are you looking at me for? Hurry up and call your brother; that would be more useful in this situation! Call him right now!”“Oh . Okay . ”Daren quickly reached for the phone in his bag and punched in his brother’s number . The moment it went through, he shouted in tears . “Gege, Gege!”“Dar! What’s wrong? What happened?” Hearing Dar’s cries, Devon became flustered . “P-Papa Avery has been captured!”The phone went silent for a minute . “Are those four classmates by your side?” Devon asked . “They’re here…” Daren replied, wiping away his tears . “Push the loudspeaker button . I need to speak with them . ”“Okay,” Daren said obediently, pushing the button . “The four of you will immediately take Dar home and guard him closely . Don’t leave him for a single moment, and don’t leave the house . ”******************** Eclipse Hunter v03c03 END ******************** -

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