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Chapter 26

The Ghostly Figure .

The night was a lonely one, with the cold moonlight seemingly pouring into the forest and only glimmers of silver light seeping through the canopy . The moonlight Illuminating the Baiyun Mountains .

“Ah, finally! Success!” .

After five hours Ye Chenfeng had finally absorbed the last fire .

Continuously absorbing the two powers of Dan, Ye Chenfeng’s body had undergone a transformative change . All the cells in his body had split to the limit and a large amount of impurities had been discharged from his body .

Now, Ye Chenfeng’s muscles were at full strength, it was like tasting sugar for the first time, it was sweet and incomparable .

However, the physical change is only the first step in completing the transformation . Ye Chenfeng wanted to draw power from the second realm of the Six-Pulse God, this transformation requires a lot of blood in order to satisfy this physical potential .

His body was now like a lake that has an infinite potential . He can only be successful however, if he fills the lake with water .

The elixir for qi and blood is extremely rare . Only very occasionally appearing at high value auctions in Zijin . Even is if Ji Dianxue gave 700,000 silver tickets to Ye Chenfeng, it would still be very difficult for him to buy this bloody supplement .

“It is of most importance to enter the Tianhuo Wufu as soon as possible . Maybe only because of where I am may I have the opportunity to get the elixir supplement for my blood . ” . Ye Chenfeng muttered this to himself as he pondered his situation .

The transformation of the body succeeded so Ye Chenfeng sat down on the ground to rest for a while . He took something out to eat and also took out two pieces of Soul Crystals which were usually used to smash souls together at high speeds .

Just as the night became quiet and Ye Chenfeng had become absorbed in his own thoughts, suddenly, a loud noise disturbed him, making him open his thoughtful eyes in order to look into the distance .

“Ji Dianxue, I see where you are going in your attempt to escape . ” . The body was made of blood, the blood of the chest was blurred and the leader of the kidnappers who was not hurt, shall we call him Black-Collar was fast, quickly intercepting the two women .

Looking at his now unsettled victims, the eyes of Black-Collar penetrated through the night . The long sword that he held in his hands was like a poisonous snake which lunged out to bite the two women .

“Ice Bird, Attack!” .

Although, Black-Collar was not particularly hurt, he was a first-class illusionist . After all, Ji Dianxue dared not to attack him . He could summon the Soul Beast and Ice Bird .

“Split sword!” .

The Ice Bird fanned its white wings of snow and with a cold wind, the experience Black-Collar did not dodge and quickly lunged with the sword in his hand . This wiped the lights through shadows and with indistinguishable speed, it hit the Ice Bird .

The swords sharpness pierced through the Ice Bird’s soul defence into its body, vaporising it in mid-air .


And just like that the Ice Bird was broken, and Ji Dianxue was immediately attacked by the soul . Blood sprayed into her mouth and the ground became red as her body fell weak .

“White Snake, Entangle!” .

When Black-Collar used his soul skills and hit the Ice Bird, Bai Xiya controlled the soul beast . The White Snake suddenly came close, slithering along, it’s body more than ten meters long coiled around his body and opening its mouth to bike his head .

Seeing what was unfolding before him, Black-Collar hit hard with a fierce roar that echoed around the mountains .

“Soul Beast, Black Bear . ” .

Black-Collars soul burst out and the Soul Beast Black Bear emerged from his body . Bursting out with an earth-shattering force, tearing the hard skin of the White Snake .

The White Snake was torn, and Bai Xiya was then also attacked by its soul . A lot of blood flowed from her seven wounds . Going limp she fells to the ground .

“Since you were so ignorant, you can’t blame me for not being polite . ” .

Looking at the two women who fell to the ground seriously injured, Black-Collar’s eyes lit up . He approached them step by step being careful to hold on to his long sword .

“Don’t make things difficult, I will go with you . ” .

Ji Dianxue could see the smugness in the cold eyes of Black-Collar and panicked .

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“It’s too late for that I’m afraid . ” .

The companions had almost died and they were seriously injured . They looked on at the malicious Black-Collar and he looked back at Ji Dianxue and Bai Xiya’s beautiful faces . He was very happy indeed .     

“If you dare to hurt us . No matter what family you are from, I will not let you go” . Ji Dianxue let off in warning .

“The Jiang Household?”

Thinking of the identity of his victim and then thinking of his master, Black-Collar became a little calmer and cast his cold eyes over to the beautiful Bai Xiya .

“Do you know who I am? Do you know who my father is? If you hurt me, my father will kill you . ” . Looking at Black-Collar and then looking at herself, Bai Xiya immediately felt akin to that of prey staring at a hungry world . Goosebumps all over, her hair standing on end .

“Ah, so you are the daughter of Emperor Bai . I say you are so beautiful and it is not in my old nature to be so ungenerous . ” .

Black-Collar showed a vile smile, releasing the Soul to bind the body of Ji Dianxue, weak and helplessly resisting Bai Xiya was being held down by her shoulders .

“Let me down you beast, you won’t die a good death . You will not be let free . ” .

Black-Collar had her shoulders pinned . Bai Xiya struggled fiercely waving her hands and hitting Black-Collars body, but it was no use, she couldn’t harm him .

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“Shout out? It is useless to shout out here, no one can save you here . ” Black-Collar said fiercely as he threw Bai Xiya into the icy rock .

Looking upon Bai Xiya in danger, Ji Dianxue, still bound by the soul force, panicked . The Soul Beast Ice Bird was severely damaged which in turn caused her body to be unusually weak and unable to break the grip .

“You are a beast, I swear before Bai Xiya that I will smash you in the future . ” . Watching Bai Xiya fade from life bit by bit, Ji Dianxue’s heart was breaking .

“Be reassured, Master Jiang will not give you this opportunity I give you now . When you fall into his hands, your fate will be far worse than the fate of hers . ” . Black-Collar said with delight .

“Jiang Shanshui, he also came to Baidi City?” . Knowing this news, Ji Dianxue’s eyes filled with fear .

She did not think that Jiang could be so crazy, or that his revenge would be so swift .

“Beast! I will not let you go!” . Bai Xiya shouted tearfully as she revealed a decisive colour .

Under the moonlight of the night, Bai Xiya gave up resisting and prepared to capitulate .

Just as Black-Collar was pushing her further and further from life and when Bai Xiya was ready to give up . Her pupils suddenly widened .

She couldn’t believe it, a vague figure, almost ghost like figure appeared and launched a fatal blow at Black-Collar .