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Chapter 11


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Chapter 11 Initiation-MoboReader


Though her trip was an excuse to visit the Ningguo Temple, Yun Shang still had to pretend otherwise . As planned, she lingered at the Temple with Qin Yi and Qin Meng for a few days . But it was only on her last day there that she requested an opportunity to meet with Master Wu Na .

Master Wu Na was greatly esteemed in the State of Ning . Through his wisdom, he earned tremendous respect from the people of Ning . However, Yun Shang did not get the chance to see him . She enlisted the help of a young Buddhist monk to carry her message to the Master for a talk, but the young Buddhist monk only brought back for her an old parchment made of sheep skin from the Master . Yun Shang could not help but feel startled while reading his message . Master Wu Na was, it seems, aware of the purpose of her visit . What a clever man! It would be terribly awful if he should become her enemy one day in the future .

As Yun Shang had gotten what she wanted from this journey, she ordered Qin Yi and Qin Meng to pack up . Soon, they were on their way back to the Imperial Palace in a carriage .

Yun Shang rested on her first night back in court . The subsequent day, she rose at the fifth watch* . She ordered her maids to help her with a court dress suitable a princess as she intended to go to Jinluan Hall where Chinese Emperors held administrative meetings with their ministers and senior officials .

(*TN: In ancient China, the night was divided into five watches . The fifth watch is the last period, which comes before dawn . )

Emperor Ning was listening to his courtiers' reports when he heard the singing tone of a young eunuch announcing her arrival, "Princess Yun Shang is requesting a presence . . . "

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Yun Shang? Emperor Ning was a little surprised . He had not expected Yun Shang at this moment when a morning meeting was being held in the court . Minsters and courtiers were also at a loss . They exchanged looks of confusion with each other .

With a slight cough, Emperor Ning said, "Call her . . . "

Yun Shang entered Jinluan Hall, and, after finishing the three-kneel-and-nine-kowtow etiquette* to Emperor Ning, she said, "I have something to report, Your Majesty . I visited the Ningguo Temple a couple of days ago to pray for the people . Master Wu Na gave me some revelations from Buddha . He asked me to present them to Your Majesty . . . "

(*TN: the three-kneel-and-nine-kowtow etiquette is the most solemn and highest rite of politeness . It is usually used in grand situations like in the presence of an Emperor or when paying tribute to parents . )

"Master Wu Na?" Emperor Ning was startled . Though just a master monk at the Ningguo Temple, Master Wu Na had once been named as the National Consultant by the previous Emperor Ning . However, Master Wu Na had turned down that honor . Master Wu Na had never practiced divination or foretold destiny for any one . But today, he sent Yun Shang to present the revelations of Buddha . . .

"Hurry up! Show it to me . . . " said Emperor Ning impatiently .

The Eunuch-in-Chief stepped away from the Emperor's side and scurried down the stairs . He fetched the parchment from Yun Shang, and presented it to Emperor Ning, who then unrolled it . The Emperor burst into ecstasy after reading it . "According to Master Wu Na, the drought of Ning has led people to a miserable life . Pitying the suffering people, Princess Yun Shang prayed with an honest heart . Due to her kindness, the benevolent Buddha will arrange a rainfall on the seventeenth day of this month . Ensure that no grand ceremony is held on that day . "

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"Good! Good! Good!" Emperor Ning descended from his crown chair toward Yun Shang, and hugged her . "Yun Shang, you are indeed my good daughter . Ha, ha, ha . . . If it really rains on that day as Master Wu Na has foretold, I will award you generously . . . "

With a modest smile, Yun Shang replied, "I didn't pray to earn a reward . I was just hoping that all populace under the sky would be able to live in peace and contentment . I truly believe that if the people are happy then Your Majesty will be happy . And I will be happy if Your Majesty is happy . "

Emperor Ning was so thrilled to hear of Yun Shang's selflessness . But Li Jingyan wasn't . "But isn't Princess Hua Jing's Coming-of-age Ceremony being held on the seventeenth day of this month?" He spoke all of a sudden in the court .

Yun Shang felt a sense of elation at his words . She felt extra pleased to see Li Jingyan's irritation . As the Grand Councilor of Ning, he was really stupid to behave so rushed .

Emperor Ning frowned at the objection . "Both Yun Shang and Hua Jing are my daughters . Shang'er has gone all the way to the Ningguo Temple to pray for the populace . For her kindness, Buddha grants his blessing to us . As for Hua Jing's Coming-of-age Ceremony, we are not canceling it . However, it can be a simple one to comply with Buddha's wishes . "

"Long live Your Majesty . Long live Your Imperial Highness . . . " Cheers and acclaims prevailed in the Jinluan Hall .

When this news spread to Hua Jing's chamber at Jinglin Hall, she shivered with anger, and said with clenched teeth, "Yun Shang, you really are a bitch . I will ensure that you are miserable for as long as I live . "

Seeing Hua Jing's anger, all maids and eunuchs in her chamber fell to their knees lest they anger her more . Sounds of things breaking could be heard out in the Hall . Hua Jing was so furious that she smashed everything that could be smashed in her chamber .

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"Let's go to Qiwu Palace . I wanna to hear what my mother has to say . " Hua Jing frowned when a dull ache spread across her bottom . The reminder of the dog bite only seemed to further aggravate her rage .

When Hua Jing arrived at Qiwu Palace, she grew more irritated when she saw Empress Yuan Zhen drinking peacefully . She ran to the Empress and took her hands . "Mother, that vile Yun Shang, she must have done this on purpose . She knew that the seventeenth day of this month is my day of Coming-of-age Ceremony . Mother, you must help me . . . "

Empress Yuan Zhen frowned, "Shut up . It's been a waste of time teaching you how to behave properly all these years . If I were you, I would go to your father . I would tell him how I felt inferior to Yun Shang as she has shared your father's burden while you have done nothing . However, as a Princess of the State of Ning, you are willing to do your part in to ease the nation's hardships by cancelling your Coming-of-age Ceremony which happens to be on the seventeenth day of this month . . . "

Hua Jing pouted and tugged at the Queen's sleeve, "Mother, this is obviously a trick by that little whore . She is jealous of my Coming-of-age Ceremony . So she designed this . "

Putting down the cup, Empress Yuan Zhen shook her head, "She is just an eight-year-old girl . How could she know about all this? She cannot even read a single word . How could she speak words like that? Besides, she has been under my control all these years, and there isn't a person in her employ who can devise such an plan . This is a serious matter . We cannot speak about it as a trivial matter . I do not believe that a little girl could be capable of commanding the Heavenly God to call for rains or winds . "

Hua Jing sighed, taking a seat by the Empress' side . She accepted defeat, "So I should just let it go? I hate her for this . I wish she would just die . "

Empress Yuan Zhen lowered her head to look at her scarlet nails, a gentle smile dancing on her face . "There will definitely be an opportunity . Just wait and see . It's fine if it rains on the seventeenth day . If not, I won't even have to kill her myself . Someone will eliminate her for us . "

"Hmm, " Hua Jing said, "It is hard to believe that it will rain on the seventeenth day of this month just because Yun Shang prayed . I'll see what that little bitch will do to cover her lies on that day . Thank you, mother . I will leave now . . . "

Empress Yuan Zhen nodded and then frowned at Hua Jing's ungraceful posture while getting up, "You are behaving unbecomingly . No ladies from noble families would rise to their feet like you just did . You will be deemed as a girl without grace and politeness if that was seen by outsiders . "

Hua Jing's agitation returned . "That's all due to the damned Taoist priest . I meant to humiliate Yun Shang in everyone's presence, but that beast bit me instead . I cannot figure out what's going on, as the wound is always aching . "

Empress Yuan Zhen had not considered this . She frowned, "Your discomfort may be because of the heat . I will ask the Imperial Physicians to prepare some medicines for you . Remember to take them on time . "

"Got it . Got it . . . " Hua Jing waved a hasty goodbye, and walked out of Qiwu Palace .

"Your Imperial Highness . Just let it be? You agree to let Princess Yun Shang be pardoned? Your Imperial Highness is too noble and too treasured to accept such humiliation . That Princess Yun Shang is too stupid to figure out who she is . " Maid Die'er was resentful and murmured her disapproval .

A coldness surged in Hua Jing's eyes when she heard this . Her expression changed from anger to rage, "Pardon her? Don't even dream about it! As mother will not help me with this, I'll do it myself . Wipe out that little bitch no matter what the cost . " Hua Jing's eyes sparkled and a grin emerged as a thought occurred to her . "Come here . . . "

The maid walked up to Hua Jing and stood close . Hua Jing whispered something in her ear, to which the maid nodded . Then Hua Jing left . The maid looked around tentatively before turning and leaving in the opposite direction .