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Chapter 19


Chapter 19 Master Wu Na's Visit-MoboReader


The next morning, Qin Meng came in early just as she had promised, "Qin Yi, is the Princess awake?"

Qin Yi turned around . She followed Qin Meng's stare and noticed that her eyes were firmly fixed on the bowl of cold medicine on top of the bedside stool . A flicker of hatred passed through Qin Yi's eyes . However, she did not behave any differently, "She did wake up last night, and the fever subsided . But when I brought the medicine for the Princess, she would not drink it no matter what, saying that it was too bitter . It was in the middle of the night, and I couldn't find any candied fruit . I didn't know what to do . . . "

Qin Meng listened and smiled, "Is the Princess still asleep? You've been caring for her the entire night . You must be really tired . You should get some rest . Since the Princess is not up yet, I'll boil the medicine again, and prepare some candied fruit . When the Princess wakes up, I can serve her the medicine . "

Qin Yi's eyes turned to Yun Shang who was in bed . She nodded after a while, "I appreciate your kindness . I'll go get some rest then . " As she spoke, she turned and left the inner hall .

Qin Meng watched Qin Yi exit . Then she quickly turned and ran to the bedside . She held up Yun Shang and brought the medicine to her mouth, hoping to feed her . Yun Shang seemed to be dreaming . In her disturbed sleep, her body would not stay still . Qin Meng tried several times but still could not make Yun Shang drink the medicine .

Qin Meng frowned and put the medicine back . She stared at Yun Shang for a while before she laid her body down . Then she stood up and walked out with the medicine . As soon as Qin Meng left, Yun Shang opened her eyes . Her suspicions had just been confirmed .

A moment later, Qin Meng returned . Seeing that Yun Shang was still asleep, she waited by her side . It was almost noon when she heard the Princess murmur before finally waking .

Qin Meng was taken by surprise . She immediately bowed and asked, "Princess, are you awake? I'll fetch your medicine . . . "

She quickly ran out of the inner hall .

Yun Shang opened her eyes . She smiled disdainfully at the maid's silhouette . She had suspected many people before, but she always felt that Qin Meng was too straightforward to hide any schemes . That was why Yun Shang never wanted to suspect her, but she did not expect . . .

Now Qin Meng had finally shown her true motives .

"Princess! Princess . Here's the medicine . When I came in this morning, I was worried that the medicine had gone cold . So I kept it warm over the stove . It's just the right temperature for you to drink it . " The sound made by lifting the curtains was followed by Qin Meng's voice .

"It's bitter, I don't want to drink it . " Yun Shang frowned and turned away in disgust . Defiance was written all over her face .

Qin Meng sat down by the bed with a smile, coaxing the Princess, "Good medicine is often bitter, but it's good for your health . I knew the Princess would hate the bitter taste, so I took some candied fruit when I passed by the . Drink this and have some candied fruit . Then it won't be bitter at all . "

"Humph, " Yun Shang grumbled . "Liar . When I was sick before, the maids said the same thing . But when I tried it, the trick didn't work at all!"

Qin Meng was just about to answer, but Yun Shang interrupted, "I am a Princess . I said I don't want to drink it, and I mean it . Qin Yi . . . Lin . . . " Yun Shang suddenly raised her voice and cried out .

"Yes, Princess!" The curtains were pulled open . Lin walked in, approached the bed, and bowed before Yun Shang, "Princess, is there anything I can do for you?"

Yun Shang cocked her head and thought for a moment, "I want to eat shrimp omelette . Have the kitchen make some . I want big shrimps . "

Lin quickly answered, "That's not a good idea, princess . You are still ill . You shouldn't eat something so heavily flavored . Why don't you allow me to have some red bean porridge made for you?"

Yun Shang pouted, "No . Why porridge? It's so bland . If I can't eat shrimp omelette, then I'll have fried crab cakes . "

Lin shook her head, "Princess, do you want to stay in bed like this all the time?"

Yun Shang shook her head . Lin continued, "If the Princess doesn't want that, then please listen to my advice . You can't have shrimps or crabs . No other meat is allowed either . I believe it's best for you to have some porridge . "

Before Yun Shang could reply, Qin Meng interjected, "Yes . Lin is right . If the Princess wishes a speedy recovery, she should take her medicine on time as well . . . "

A sardonic glimmer flashed in Yun Shang's eyes . Qin Meng was indeed looking for any chance she could find . As Yun Shang was about to speak, a voice could be heard from outside, "The Emperor has arrived . . . "

"My father! The Emperor is here!" Yun Shang was delighted . She raised her head and looked towards the entrance curtain . As the curtain was pulled open, she called out, "Father, father . Did you bring me something delicious to eat?"

A figure dressed in purple walked past the curtain . It was Emperor Ning in his casual attire . He was followed by another man dressed in a monk's robe . His long white beard gave him an unearthly aura .

Yun Shang froze for a second . This man, if she remembered correctly, was Master Wu Na from Ning'guo Temple . She had seen him twice at the Ning'guo Temple in her previous life, but . . . Why was he here? And why did the Emperor bring him here?

"I see your illness does not look serious . Although your face seems pale, you are still asking me for treats, so you must be fine . Master Wu Na is here . Look at you . Don't make a fool of yourself in front of the Master . . . " Emperor Ning laughed as he sat down beside Yun Shang . Both, Qin Meng and Lin had fallen to their knees the moment the Emperor entered .

Yun Shang smiled back, "How could I know that Master Wu Na was coming . I thought it was just you, father . Good to see you, Master . Last time, the Master said that there would be rain on the seventeenth, and then it really did rain . Master Wu Na is quite impressive . "

Master Wu Na put his palms together in a Buddhist salute, "Amitabha, the Princess has a connection with the Buddha . Therefore, the Buddha cares for you . The Buddha in his earnestness prayed for the Princess, so here we meet again under this circumstance . "

Emperor Ning listened carefully . Then he looked at Yun Shang . With a smile, he turned to Wu Na, "The Master has met Shang'er now . Now can you tell me the reason for your sudden visit to the Palace? You startled me . Asking to see Shang'er without saying anything else . . . "

"Huh?" Yun Shang was surprised . She had no relations with the Master whether in her previous life or in this one . She met him no more than twice before she died . The first time, he provided divination for her . At the Coming-of-age Ceremonies of royal children, people would invite renowned priests or monks to divine the children's fates . Yun Shang remembered that it was Wu Na who divined for her in her previous life . Wu Na surmised for her after the ritual that she would "experience seven sufferings, and start from the beginning . "

Yun Shang was astonished . In her previous life, she simply thought this comment to be inauspicious and forgot about it soon afterwards . She now recalled that everything was exactly as the Master had predicted . This man could not be underestimated .

Yet, Master Wu Na came to the Palace today . What was he here for?