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Chapter 24

Qin Meng couldn't suppress her emotions . "Your Highness, you were cruel to have left me in the Palace . Since you left for Ning'guo temple, I have been longing for your return . It has been seven years!"


Yun Shang chuckled . When she opened her mouth, she couldn't stop coughing . Qin Yi hurried to help her to breathe . Seeing this, Qin Meng sobbed loudly, "Your Highness, you were fine when you left . When did you become so weak? Your Highness, please rest . I'll take good care of you . "


Yun Shang's brow was glistening with sweat as she coughed . Qin Yi helped by wiping her perspiration . Yun Shang raised her head and said, "Silly girl . I am fine now . See? I'm a bit tired . Take me to Qinxin Hall . "


As Qin Yi lifted her from bed, Yun Shang noticed that Hua Jing and Qin Meng exchanged looks before the maid hurriedly took a step to support Yun Shang . "Your Highness, let me help you . "


Hua Jing nodded with satisfaction and said, "Shang'er, I have a gift for you . I made these osmanthus cakes myself . Mother says they taste sweet . I remember that they're one of your favorite dishes . Please accept them . "


Yun Shang smiled and said, "Thank you, sister Jing . " Qin Yi graciously accepted the cakes and handed them to a maid standing behind Qin Meng . Then she took Yun Shang's arm and guided her outside .

The Emperor Ning had ordered the preparation of a sedan chair for Yun Shang . She sat in the chair and was carried to Qinxin Hall .

Just as The Empress had said, Qinxin Hall hadn't changed at all; neither the servants nor the furnishings . Yun Shang and Qin Yi led the way . As soon as they drew back the curtain, a sound of meowing was followed by a fuzzy staff member that rushed at Yun Shang .

"Ah . . . " Yun Shang screamed and passed out .

"Your Highness, Your Highness . . . " The servants following the Princess panicked . Qin Yi frowned and rebuked, "Stop shouting . Her Highness needs to rest . Take the stray cat out, and then do your chores . . . "


However, the servants all stood still until Qin Meng nodded her head . Noticing this, Qin Yi understood immediately . She frowned and walked Yun Shang to bed .

Having settled down, Qin Yi gave Qin Meng a prescription and said, "These are Her Highness's medicines . I have to look after her . I cannot leave . So I need you to pick up the medicines, for I don't trust the others . "


Qin Meng grinned, "I will do as you ask . I will be back in a little while . " Then she bowed before Yun Shang and left .

"Bah! Qin Meng, the vile scum . She has been Mistress of Qinxin Hall for seven years . " Qin Yi sniffed and went to the bed .

Glancing at Qin Yi, Yun Shang chuckled, "All of them must have been bought by The Empress . In order to break her control, I will have to replace them with Ning Qian and the other followers . She smiled at Qin Yi and said, "Lean closer to me . "


As Qin Yi approached, Yun Shang whispered in her ear . Qin Yi smiled and said, "I am ready and eager to begin . " Then she turned round and went outside .

Once Qin Yi left, Yun Shang could hear the maids gossiping . "So that is Princess Hui Guo . She is pretty . How did she get so weak? I remember that she often created trouble before . "


"Yes . I also remember that she often reproved her servants at every turn . So much so that no one was willing to serve her . Now she is as weak as water . She really deserves her retribution . What an ill-fortune . "


"It is said that she has lived in Ning'guo temple for a few years . No wonder she looks like a village girl . Unlike the noble Princess Hua Jing, she dresses too dowdy . "


Yun Shang listened and smirked . Seven years had passed, but the ethos of the Imperial Hoousehold hadn't changed . Concubines schemed against each other, and the maids gossiped at their leisure .

"Look at the cheeky girl, with the Princess . She dares to order us . Except Qin Meng, no one can instruct us, not even the weak Princess . " "Alas! We are so unlucky to be assigned to serve her . The cat, which I left in the Hall, scared her . Her reaction was so funny . "


Yun Shang then heard a deeper voice . "You dare to gossip about Her Highness? Drag them away and flog them 100 times!" She smiled at the punishment . A maid who had been gossiping became terrified and could be heard groveling, "Please spare me, Lord Zheng . I know that I break the rules . . . "


"Carry out my order!" As Lord Zheng gave the order, Yun Shang heard the maid crying, "Forgive me Lord Zheng, forgive me . . . "


"Drag them far away . Don't disturb Her Highness with their screams . " Lord Zhang shouted . Then he said in a lower voice, "Though Princess Hui Guo left Qinxin Hall for seven years, she's still the master here . More so, she is one of the masters in the Palace . Don't forget that you are her servants . "


After Lord Zheng reminded the maids of their place, the courtyard was filled with silence . For a long moment, she heard nothing . Then Yun Shang heard footsteps moving forward and stopping outside her door .

"You must be Lord Zheng . Come in please . " Yun Shang smiled and said .

Lord Zheng open the door and entered . "Your Highness . His Majesty received a rare warm jade pendant which is said to be good for health . His Majesty commanded me to bring it to you . . . " With a quick bow, he gave a jade pendant to Yun Shang .

Yun Shang smiled and accepted the gift, "Thank you, Lord Zheng . . . "


Lord Zheng nodded and smiled, "Please rest well, Your Highness . I will leave now as I have other matters to attend to . " After a short pause, he lowered his voice, "Your Highness, you are the only master in Qinxin Hall . Even though you have been gone for seven years, you can punish any servants who dares to offend you . If you don't, they will not respect you . "


Yun Shang was surprised . It was unexpected that Lord Zheng would exhort her like that . After thinking on his advise, she smiled and spoke, "I know . But I'm too weak to manage them now . I'd like to rest for a few days before making rules for them .

Lord Zheng assented and said, "Her Highness, then I will excuse myself . "