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Chapter 1274: 1274

Su Yue went out of the room and hastily shut the door . She slumped against the door and took deep breaths to calm herself, before slapping herself .

Oh, dear… how embarrassing! Uncle Ming thought that she wanted to watch him as he changed his clothes .

Ming Ansheng was used to wearing formal suits .

Su Yue stood beside this towering man and she looked exactly like a little child .

Su Yue raised her head and observed Ming Ansheng’s face . She chided him lightly . “You are already a grown-up, yet you’re also acting like a child . ”

Ming Ansheng chuckled lightly and his lips curled into a smile . He was still dashing and suave despite looking a little solemn .

He silently held Su Yue’s hand and they walked to the elevator .

Su Yue felt a little conscious as her eyes darted around . She was afraid of being photographed and hitting the headlines .

She kept trying to pull her hand away from Ming Ansheng’s grip, but he didn’t let her have her way .

The carpark was quiet and Ming Ansheng led Su Yue to his car .

Su Yue spotted a man in his car and she halted her footsteps . She hid behind Ming Ansheng .

Ming Ansheng certainly knew what was on her mind . He whispered, “Don’t be afraid . He is my chauffeur . ”

There was no way he could have an underground relationship in the long term . He felt as though he was deceiving a little girl so he needed to announce that they were in a relationship .

However, he couldn’t just make an announcement openly like that . This little lass would be sure to fall out with him and throw a tantrum .

Su Yue heaved a sigh of relief after Ming Ansheng reassured her . She continued towards the car .

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Ming Ansheng opened the car door, and Su Yue got in first .

Su Yue scrutinized the chauffeur carefully and recognized him as Ming Ansheng’s long-time chauffeur . She had met him on several occasions .

“Go to Union University Hospital,” Ming Ansheng instructed the chauffeur .

The moment he sat down, Su Yue could feel the car shifting to his side .

“Alright . ” The chauffeur pressed the ignition button .

Ming Ansheng inched nearer and wrapped his arm around Su Yue .

Su Yue nudged him and her eyes nervously darted to the chauffeur . His intimate actions really embarrassed her .

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Ming Ansheng glanced at her and noticed a few strands of her hair sticking to her cheek . He tucked them gently behind her ear and softly whispered, “Don’t be afraid, he won’t breathe a word . ”

The chauffeur heard him and immediately nodded . “That’s right Miss Su . Pretend I’m invisible . ”

Su Yue’s face turned as red as a tomato and her fists were clenched tightly . She turned her face to look out of the window awkwardly .

Other than putting his arm around her, Ming Ansheng didn’t do anything else .

This was the only way to make sure that she was really by his side .

Union University Hospital was located on the outskirts and was close to Union University and A University .

Su Yue was puzzled and she asked, “Why did you choose such a faraway hospital?”

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There were so many hospitals in the city and they were more convenient .

Ming Ansheng answered, “It’s inconvenient for you to visit me if it’s too far away . ”

He glanced askew at Su Yue and prodded, “Or are you thinking of staying in the hospital with me?”

Su Yue shook her head . “No . ”

Ming Ansheng appeared disappointed as he quipped, “I thought you would stay to keep me company . ”