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Chapter 91: A Fresh Flower on a Heap Of Cow Dung--

Wen Xuxu was shocked for a moment before she turned around joyfully . "Zhou Shuang!"

The girl was wearing an orange chiffon sweater and had a bob hairstyle . She spread her arms wide and hugged her . "Wen Xuxu, it's been so long!"

"It really has . " Wen Xuxu returned the hug .

After lunch and an afternoon of shopping, they both began feeling closer to each other once again .

Thanks to the Yan family, she had attended prestigious schools ever since she was a child . Her classmates were either the children of high-ranking officials or rich entrepreneurs .

Zhou Shuang's mother was a diplomat and her father was a businessman . Both of them were stationed overseas .

She was an only child and had spent her whole life not knowing what the word 'thrifty' meant .

She dragged Xuxu to all the luxury brands in town .

Bags, shoes, and clothes .

"Xuxu, what do you think of this bag?"

They passed by Hermes and Zhou Shuang spotted a pink bag at the display window . She pulled at Wen Xuxu excitedly .

"It's quite nice . " Wen Xuxu nodded at first before she saw the bag's brand . Her mouth twitched involuntarily .

Fortunately, she knew what Zhou Shuang was like . If not, she would have thought that her friend was bringing her to these expensive stores to provoke her on purpose .

She couldn't see herself buying any of the items in this mall .

It's not that she couldn't afford them; she just couldn't bear to buy them, and she wouldn't let herself buy them .

The price of the cheapest pair of shoes was equivalent to half of her monthly salary at Flourish & Prosper . She had worked for merely a year and her savings were limited . Not to mention that she was jobless now .

Even if the item's cost was only in the hundreds, she would still need to consider it before buying something .

After she got Xuxu's approval, Zhou Shuang put her hand around hers and dragged her towards Hermes . "Come on, let's take a look inside . "

Xuxu could tell from her expression that she was determined to get it .

She felt that as her friend, she was obliged to stop her from squandering her money whenever it was appropriate . "Shuang, let's go, I'm famished . "

She pouted and touched her belly . They had shopped for hours after lunch and it was getting dark .

"I'll just take a look . " Zhou Shuang was adamant about entering the shop .

Wen Xuxu didn't retreat and ended up following her inside . She scolded her as they walked . "Why didn't you buy it when you were overseas? You came back here to splurge instead . The money saved from the tax refund, are you afraid it will attack your wallet?"

Zhou Shuang turned around and hugged her waist, behaving like a spoiled child . "But you weren't there to accompany me when I was overseas . "

Wen Xuxu calmly gave a knock to her head . "So mushy . "

"Welcome . "

A pretty salesgirl welcomed them the second they stepped in . She was wearing an outfit from the brand's current season .

The salesgirl swiftly surveyed Zhou Shuang and Wen Xuxu and she decided to focus her attention on Zhou Shuang .

She smiled and nodded . "Miss, please feel free to browse around . Most of our designs are from the current season . "

Wen Xuxu didn't want to buy anything so naturally, she didn't feel like browsing . She was not only hungry but exhausted too .

"Let me hold it, you take your time . "

She stretched her hands out to hold Zhou Shuang's shopping bags and then walked towards the white leather couch inside the store .

"This bag looks really pretty . "

Xuxu had just sat down when she heard a familiar voice at the entrance .

She automatically turned her head and saw a tall and pretty lady walking in . She wore a sexy red floral slip dress which ended above her knees .

She had a pair of long and attractive legs which even girls couldn't help wanting to pinch .

She was with a man wearing a blue shirt . Looks-wise, she was like a fresh flower which was stuck on a heap of cow dung .

But if it comes to who had a fatter wallet, that was an entirely different story .

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