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Chapter 964: 964

“We should be the one thanking you for saving our son . ” Mu Li rubbed her eyes, feeling grateful .

“Where’s Bai Jing?” Xuxu peered at the bathroom but there was no sight of Bai Jing .

Su Yue answered, “She went out after answering a call . I don’t know . ”

Before Su Yue could even finish her sentence, a petite figure entered through the door . It was Bai Jing .

She was holding her old-looking cellphone and had kept her head bowed as if something preoccupied her mind . She was dumbfounded when she saw Xuxu and the rest as she entered the ward . She immediately recomposed herself, lifted her spirits a little and nodded at them .

“Bai Jing . ” Xuxu smiled and walked up to her .

Bai Jing greeted her lightly . “Third sister-in-law . ”


As they walked towards the bed, Mu Li stood up and looked at Bai Jing before gently telling her, “My child, you’ve been staying here for the past two nights . Go home and take a rest first . There are people here to look after your father . ”

“It’s all right . I want to accompany my dad . ” Bai Jing shook her head . Although her voice was soft, she sounded determined .

She took a step forward and sat down by the bedside .

Then she took two pieces of tissue to wipe off the beads of perspiration from Bai Lisong’s face .

Mu Li stood by the side, and as she observed the scrawny Bai Jing, she sighed in helplessness .

“Bai Jing, this is Brother Qi Lei, whom I’ve told you about . ” Su Yue smiled as she introduced him to Bai Jing .

Bai Jing looked up and glanced at Qi Lei before answering with an ‘oh’ .

When Su Yue sensed that something was not quite right with Bai Jing, she held back her smile .

Bai Lisong who was lying on the bed could roughly guess what was on her mind . She asked Bai Jing, “Xiaojing, was that your mom who called?”

Bai Jing didn’t answer him . Instead, she asked, “Are you hungry?”

Bai Lisong didn’t press further . But from her expression, he already knew the answer . He nodded and replied, “I want to drink some water . ”

Xuxu felt that the presence of so many people would affect Bai Jing’s mood, hence, she expressed to Mu Li and Yan Weihong, “Father, Mother, shall we make a move first and let Uncle Bai take a good rest?”

Yan Weihong nodded . “Okay . ”

Xuxu was walking towards the door when she recalled something . She turned back to speak to Su Yue . “Yueyue, your brother is on a work trip . I’ll come and bring you back to our home tonight . ”

Su Yan had called her while she was on the way to the hospital and it nearly slipped her mind .

Su Yue shook her head . “It’s all right . I can go home myself . ”

Xuxu frowned and her tone was firm . “You wait here for me . Your Third Brother will come if I can’t come . ”

After that, she turned back and caught up with Mu Li and the rest without giving Su Yue a chance to speak .

Once they stepped out of the entrance, Xuxu looked at Yan Weihong and Mu Li and said, “Father, Mother, I’m going back to my studio now . Be careful on your way home . ”

“I thought you said that there’s not much work to do?” Mu Li held on to Xuxu’s hand and looked at her bulging and round belly with concern in her eyes . “Don’t go to work . ”

Xuxu smiled and answered, “There’s still some work to be done . Recently, I’ve been learning to sew from a master tailor, and I’m getting enthusiastic about it . ”

Sensing that Mu Li was worrying for her, she added, “I’ll be fine . I’ll be more careful and will go back early tonight . ”

Hearing this, Mu Li couldn’t bear to stop her . After all, it was her interest . “Then your Father and I will send you there . ”

Xuxu shook her head . “It’s okay . I can take a taxi . ”

“We’ll send you there since we have nothing to do when we get home . Let’s go for lunch first and you can go back to your studio after eating,” Yan Weihong spoke all of a sudden . His tone was deep and commanding, with no room for refuting .