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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 135

Published at 13th of February 2019 11:10:04 PM

Chapter 135: 135

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Wang Yao thought about a licorice root called Kang wood, which could be used to get rid of the pests . It was a kind of wooden plant as well as licorice root . It grew extremely slowly and could distribute a special smell to drive the pests away . It also had other wonderful effects .

"What are you doing here?!" Someone broke Wang Yao's thoughts . It was Wang Ru, who had a knife one hand and a rooster in the other . It seemed that Wang Ru was going to kill the rooster .

"Sis, are you going to kill the rooster?" asked Wang Yao .

"Yeah, I tried to kill it twice now, but it is still alive! I can't find its artery . Since you're some sort of pharmacist, tell me where its artery is," said Wang Ru .

"You tried to kill it twice and couldn't find the artery?" Wang Yao took a look at the rooster . He seemed to be able to see the pain and despair in its eyes . This was torture, even worse than death .

"Sis, I'm a pharmacist, not a vet . You don't need to find its artery to kill it . You are simply torturing the rooster . How about getting Mom and Dad to deal with it?" suggested Wang Yao .

"No way, I don't have many chances to kill a rooster," said Wang Ru .

"You are just meddling with it," said Wang Yao .

Because Wang Ru couldn't kill the rooster, Wang Yao and his family had chicken soup at night instead of at noon .

Wang Yao stayed at home for a short while before leaving for Nanshan hill . As he was walking towards the hill, he saw the party secretary of the county with two men in suits . They were looking at something the party secretary was pointing at . It was the abandoned cottage of a previous village production team .

"Yes, this location is suitable," said a plump middle-aged man standing in the middle .

What are they doing here? Wang Yao didn't pay a lot of attention to them . He turned around instead and headed to Nanshan hill .

Wang Yao opened the system after he had returned to Nanshan hill . He found Kang wood in the medicine shop . One Kang wood cost 100 bonus points, and Wang Yao didn't have enough points at the moment . He had to find an alternative way to get Kang wood .

He had planted some mint and pungent plants, which could be used to get rid of pests . But those herbs wouldn't be able to remove all the pests completely . Wang Yao required other methods to stop the pests from breeding and spreading . For this purpose, Wang Yao read The Catalogue of Magic Herbs again to look for suitable licorice roots to kill pests . He finally found one .

Miasma grass: Removes miasma and kills poisonous insects .

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According to The Catalogue of Magic Herbs, miasma grass initially grew in areas full of miasma and poisonous insects . But, there were no poisonous insects around it . The "killing poisonous insects" part meant it could kill parasites inside the human body as well .

Wang Yao could also purchase miasma grass from the medicine shop, which would cost him five herbal seeds and 50 bonus points . Those were all that Wang Yao had at the moment .

Still, Wang Yao didn't hesitate to use up all he had to buy the miasma grass . He then picked five different locations inside the herbal field to plant the miasma grass seeds and watered them with ancient spring water .

I hope this will work . The only thing is I don't have many bonus points left . I need to get some common herbs .

Wang Yao managed to gain some herbs in the afternoon, and he gave all these herbs to the medicine shop to exchange for rewarding points . He then started to brew a decoction for Zhou Xiong's son but found that he didn't have enough herbs . So, he called Li Maoshuang from the medicine shop in town to get some more . Fortunately, there were still some left in the stock .  

Wang Yao didn't delay . He drove to Lianshan town center straight away .

When Wang Yao met Li Maoshuang, he found Li Maoshuang looked much better than the last time he saw him . Wang Yao checked his pulse and found it much stronger . He presumed that Li Maoshuang had been having a much healthier lifestyle .

"Your health has improved," said Wang Yao .

"Really? I haven't smoked or drank alcohol since you saw me last time . I've been only drinking tea and bought a gym membership . Now, I feel energetic . Changing my lifestyle really worked!" said Li Maoshuang with a smile .

"It's good to work-out regularly . You'll become more and more fit if you can continue going to the gym," said Wang Yao .

"I will . I actually quite enjoy my current lifestyle now," said Li Maoshuang with a smile .

Since he was warned by Wang Yao last time, he went to do a full body check-up and realized that if he didn't do anything about his health, there would be severe consequences . His point of view towards life had changed significantly . Previously, he existed only to make money . But now he was living, not just existing . He had turned down a number of dinner parties and no longer hung out with flaky friends . He spent more time with his family . So after a while, both his physical and mental health had improved . He hadn't felt so good in a long time .

Sometimes, being ill was not completely bad . It was a warning sign from your body reminding you to treat your body well . If some bad habits were stopped due to an illness, it would be a blessing in disguise .

"Don't worry about going home tonight; stay with me for dinner here," suggested Li Maoshuang .

"Thank you, but I've got an arrangement . Shall we catch up another day?" said Wang Yao . Wang Yao's mother asked him to go home for dinner as she was going to cook chicken soup . For Wang Yao, nothing was more important than having a nice meal with his family .

"Okay, let's catch up another day," agreed Li Maoshuang .

Wang Yao didn't linger in Lianshan town after leaving Li Maoshuang's place . He went home straight away . He could smell the delicious chicken soup as soon as he walked through the door .

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"Smells nice!" said Wang Yao .

"You are back; wash your hands, dinner is ready," said Zhang Xiuying .

"Okay," said Wang Yao .

Wang Yao had a bowl of warm chicken soup, which was made from the rooster his family raised . No chemical was added to the rooster's diet, so the taste was very natural . What a nice treat!

"Mom, your soup is amazing!" said Wang Ru after finishing two bowls of soup .

"Mom could have had the soup ready by lunchtime," said Wang Yao with a smile .

"What do you mean?" Wang Ru rolled her eyes .

"Nothing, I just thought about that poor rooster," said Wang Yao with a smile . He was thinking of Wang Ru holding the rooster in one hand and a knife in the other .

Crunch! Wang Ru was grinding her teeth towards Wang Yao .

Wang Yao and his family watched TV and chatted for a while after dinner . He left home after 9 pm .

The sky was high, and the stars were bright .

Wang Yao walked alone in the dark in a strange way . He didn't walk straight ahead . He was practicing his Tai Chi steps . He practiced Tai Chi steps whenever he had a chance .

Martial arts had different meanings, similar to the scriptures he read .

There were rules between static and motion . Tai Chi was a combination of Yin and Yang .

After practicing the Tai Chi steps, Wang Yao's blood was pumping fast . He then used the induction method he had learned from the scriptures to inhale and exhale for a number of times . Finally, he calmed down . He looked at the sky for a while before returning to his cottage to read scriptures . He went to bed at around 10 pm .

Wang Yao repeated this routine day after day .

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In the morning, warm sunshine was nurturing the land, suggesting a new day had begun .

Wang Yao had already prepared the herbs for the herbal formula and started to brew a decoction in his cottage . He put the herbs into the multifunctional pot one-by-one and waited for the ancient spring water to boil . The effect of the herbs slowly mingled into the water .

Wang Yao kept an eye on the pot and added firewood from time to time . He was very concentrated . An herbal formula required high-quality herbs, water, and his heart and soul to make .

The cottage was full of the smell of herbs .

Woof! Woof! Woof! Wang Yao heard San Xian barking . He knew he had a visitor .

"Hi, brewing decoction again?" It was Wang Mingbao . Wang Yao recognized Mingbao's voice before he saw him . Wang Mingbao was stopped by San Xian before he tried to enter the cottage .

"San Xian, let him in," said Wang Yao .

San Xiao moved aside .

"What's wrong with your dog!" asked Wang Mingbao as he entered the cottage .

"Make yourself a cup of tea . I still need some time to finish this," said Wang Yao .

"Sure, don't worry about me . " Wang Mingbao found some tea leaves and made himself a cup of tea . He took his cup and walked into Wang Yao's room .

"What decoction are you brewing?" asked Wang Mingbao .

"I'm brewing Regather soup; it consolidates the corporeity . By the way, why are you here today? Shouldn't you be very busy during the weekends?" asked Wang Yao .

"I have staff in the store . I came back to see my grandparents and wanted to visit you since I was back," said Wang Mingbao .

"I see . It's almost done," said Wang Yao . He had a look at the decoction and stopped adding firewood . He let the residual heat keep the decoction simmering .

Wang Yao filtered the dregs after he had finished brewing decoction . He then poured the decoction into a porcelain bottle .

Wang Yao took a glass of water from Wang Mingbao after he had washed his face .

"How are your parents?" asked Wang Yao .

"They are fine," said Wang Mingbao .

"How about your business?" asked Wang Yao .

"It's been good, and I had a big order recently," replied Wang Mingbao with a smile .

"Really? Good for you!" said Wang Yao happily .

"The order is from Jia Hui Group," said Wang Mingbao .

"Jia Hui? Tian Yuantu?" asked Wang Yao .

"Yes," replied Wang Mingbao .

Real estate was Jia Hui Group's main business . Jia Hui had projects in Lianshan county, Haiqu, and Dao City . Internal decoration was a very important component of real estate, even basic decoration . Getting involved in a small proportion of Jia Hui Group's business could be a big deal for Wang Mingbao .

If Wang Yao didn't organize a get-together last time, he wouldn't have known Tian Yuantu and wouldn't have had a chance to work with the Jia Hui Group . He knew Tian Yuantu gave him work because of Wang Yao .

"I need to thank you," said Wang Mingbao .

"You are like my brother, so no need to thank me," said Wang Yao with a smile .

"How about asking Tian Yuantu to have dinner with us one day?" suggested Wang Mingbao .

"Probably not now," said Wang Yao after thinking for a while .

Wang Mingbao thought he really should do something to thank Tian Yuantu, but for Tian Yuantu it was nothing big . He could give the business to any traders which made no difference to him . He did the same thing for Wang Yao's youngest uncle .

"I'll let you know the best time to catch up," said Wang Yao .

"Okay!" said Wang Mingbao .

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