Elixir Supplier - Chapter 146

Published at 21st of February 2019 10:45:14 PM

Chapter 146: 146

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"They are now far ahead," Pan Jun said .

"Never mind then . " Wang Yao smiled . From the reaction of the mother and daughter, he knew that they distrusted him . This was due to his youth . If they did not personally experience it, they would not believe that such a young doctor would have exceptional medical skills . Young people with exceptional skills would generally only appear in novels or movies . He was aware that Pan Jun's faith in him was probably 30% faith and 70% doubt . If not for the system's task, he would not have come to the clinic .

"If you meet Mrs . Guo again, please tell her to bring her mother to a hospital that specializes in neurology . Her mother has hypochondria and tends to worry excessively . She can't sleep well at night, and in the day, she's usually alone at home . They need to take her out for walks so that she can maintain ease of mind," said Wang Yao .

"Why didn't you mention this just now?" Pan Jun was surprised that Wang Yao knew Mrs . Guo's mother's symptoms, and that she had insomnia . As for hypochondria, he had not heard Mrs . Guo mention it before .

"Even if I said it, she may not believe me . Hence I did not," Wang Yao smiled and replied . He did not say those words, partially because he felt a bit wronged and also because of his sense of loftiness .

You are a patient; I am a doctor . If you believe in me, I will try my best; if you do not, saying anything more is useless, Wang Yao thought .

"Okay, this matter can be done," Pan Jun clapped his hands and said .

"If there's nothing else, I shall leave," Wang Yao said as he got up .

"Don't be in such a rush to leave . Look, it's already past 10 am . Wait for a while, and we can have lunch together . I feel bad for having you make a wasted trip here . "

"No issue . I have other matters to attend to . I won't be staying . "

Despite Pan Jun's persistence, Wang Yao still drove his car and left .

"Pan, who is that young man?" an old doctor in the clinic asked .

"He's an interesting fellow!" Pan Jun smiled bitterly . "He knew what the illness was, but did not reveal what exactly he knew . "

"Is it because he's afraid he may be wrong about it? If he knew it, can he treat it?" the old doctor remarked .

"Damn, my scatterbrain; I forgot to ask him this!" Pan Jun slapped his head . "I will call him in a bit to ask him . "

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After he exited Renhe Clinic, Wang Yao was not in a rush to return home . Instead, he drove to Wang Mingbao's shop .

Upon seeing Wang Yao, Wang Mingbao smiled and teased him .

"Hey, are you free lately? Not living your deity life on the hill?"

"I happen to have matters to attend to in the city . Conveniently, I have come to see you . Look at you, all radiant and nourished!" Wang Yao smiled and commented . Wang Mingbao's complexion was glowing . A good complexion was not just indicative of a healthy body; it was also reflective of good fortune .

"Here, try this tea . " Wang Mingbao poured Wang Yao a cup of tea . "I went to Fu Jian a few days ago and brought back some white tea . "

"Not bad . " Wang Yao had drunk a lot of tea recently and had a developed a palate for quality tea .

"Oh yes, remember the last time you mentioned about a factory being built in our village? It's a machinery project," Wang Mingbao commented . "The boss has some connections with the county's leader . "

"Machinery? With connections to the county leader? Why would they come to an inaccessible ravine?" Wang Yao smilingly asked . In his mind, only those corporations that needed the locality's resources and was up to no good would choose to locate their factory in an inaccessible place .

"Why? Do you think there is a problem with the factory?"

"No, I'm just curious . I'd rather there be no problem!" Wang Yao replied .

After staying at Wang Mingbao's for a while, Wang Yao departed and took home two packages of white tea .

On his way, when he passed by the factory, he stopped his car and took a look . The people inside looked exceedingly busy . He could vaguely see a black pipe at the side of the building; its diameter was about 30 centimeters .

"What's this pipe for?"

. . .

He returned home for lunch and then headed up to Nanshan hill . He recorded the symptoms of Mrs . Guo's mother . He now possessed two notebooks that separately recorded two types of illnesses . One recorded the difficult-to-treat types of illnesses; the other was for relatively common illnesses . He was prepared to use different treatment plans . Currently, the difficult-to-treat illnesses required the use of the system's licorice roots since their efficacy was astounding . For common maladies, he would try to use the more common herbs .

While he was busy, he received a phone call . It was Pan Jun who inquired if he could treat Mrs . Guo's mother .

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"If she is willing, I can try . "

"I will contact her as soon as possible . "

"Okay . "

Comparatively speaking, Mrs . Guo's mother's illness was not too serious and relatively easier to treat .

At night, when Wang Yao was at home having dinner, Pan Jun called again . He said that the mother and daughter were willing to try and asked when Wang Yao was free .

"Tomorrow, 11 am in the morning . " Wang Yao fixed the time .

"What's the matter?" Wang Yao's mother asked .

"I'm seeing a patient," Wang Yao hung up his phone and replied .

"Eh, you have no certification . Will there be a problem?" As his mother, she was meticulous and concerned .

"No problem, don't worry . " In this aspect, Wang Yao took special heed .

He returned to Nanshan hill . First, he prepared some herbs for decoction the next day . The decoction he prepared was a simpler version of the Anshensan . The quantity of the Moonlight herb was reduced by half . He also added some other common herbs . After he completed the preparation, he started reciting the scriptures and then turned off the lights and rested .

. . .

The next day, early in the morning, the sky looked gloomy .

Wang Yao decocted a formula in his cottage . He put it in a white porcelain bottle .

Eh? He suddenly realized that the cottage was missing a crucial item—a medicinal cabinet . It was also known as the chest of drawers to contain Chinese Medicine and was also called a Seven Star cupboard . This was used to contain all sorts of Chinese herbs and made it easier to locate and retrieve the herbs .

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Although the system provided lattices for storage, it was limited, and it was wasteful to use it . It was primarily used for storing precious items such as system items like the system formulas, ancient spring kettle, and licorice roots .

He would need to purchase several of these medicinal cabinets . Although Wang Yao was an expert in his field, he had no connections . However, he knew of someone who had the means of getting those items—Li Maoshuang . Wang Yao gave him a call, and the other party responded with only a sentence .

"Leave it to me . "

Excellent! Having hung up the phone, Wang Yao went down the hill and drove his car to Lianshan County .

"Is he not here yet?" In Lianshan County, in Renhe clinic, the lady named Guo had repeated this sentence three times . She seemed worried that the person she was waiting for would not come .

She now felt differently from the day before . Yesterday when she saw Wang Yao, she was disdainful and looked down on him . She was displeased because he was such a young man . She did not believe him to be a qualified doctor, let alone an exceptional doctor . However, after Pan Jun called her and explained everything, she was shocked . The young man that she was so biased against had already diagnosed her mother's illness . Because of her attitude, he had not said anything . From what Pan Jun disclosed, the symptoms mentioned were almost exactly her mother's symptoms . She felt upset .

"If only I was more patient then!"

Over the phone, after knowing that the young doctor could treat her mother's illness, she immediately asked Pan Jun to invite the doctor to the clinic once more . She was willing to pay for his consultation fees .

"Do you think he got angry and decided not to come?"

"Don't worry . He said he would come . It's not yet 11 am," Pan Jun smiled and remarked .

Both of them waited at the clinic .

"Mrs . Guo, if you don't mind me asking, based on your abilities, why not bring your mother to a nearby hospital?" Pan Jun questioned .

"This will raise my mom's suspicion," Mrs . Guo sighed and said . "I've tried it before . When I brought her to the county hospital for a check-up, she kept worrying about everything for a week, thinking that she was struck with a serious illness . She even said to start preparing her funeral clothes . Imagine what would happen if we visited other bigger hospitals?"

"That's true," Pan Jun commented .

In fact, the older one got, the more fearful one became of death . It happened that as one aged, the body's respective functions started to deteriorate and all sorts of illnesses started appearing . This was the natural order . Some things were just meant to happen, whether one liked it or not!

While the two waited with anxiety, Wang Yao's car arrived .

"If you didn't arrive any sooner, we would have gone looking for you . " Pan Jun and Mrs . Guo came out of the clinic to greet him .

"Apologies, I got delayed," Wang Yao smiled and apologized .

"Doctor Wang, I was in the wrong yesterday . Sorry if I offended you," Mrs . Guo quickly apologized .

"It's alright . " Wang Yao waved his hands . Her distrust of him was understandable .

"Shall we go in to discuss?"

"Sure . "

Once they entered the clinic, they went into a room . They discussed the illness and this time, it was Wang Yao explaining while the rest listened .

"Actually, your mother has hypochondria . She worries too much and keeps having trepidations which prevents her from sleeping well . When she can't sleep, she thinks about stuff . This is mainly because of her age . Some of the body's functions have deteriorated, but it's not serious . "

"Yes, she always worries and lately, she has been constantly suspicious and ponders a great deal about things," Mrs . Guo said .

"This is not a particularly serious illness . Do accompany her more often; take her out for walks to get some fresh air, and put her mind at ease . Get her to relax . These can help her recover," Wang Yao said .

"Doctor, do you have any other way?"

"If you trust me, I will try . " Wang Yao did not immediately agree .

"I trust you," Mrs . Guo said quickly .

"Okay . I have decocted a formula . Let her try and see how the effects are . " Wang Yao took out the prepared decoction . "Finish it in three days; drink it warm . Each time, drink the quantity of a teacup . "

"Okay, thank you . How much is it?"

"No rush . We'll talk when there are results," said Wang Yao .