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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 150

Published at 24th of February 2019 10:45:04 AM

Chapter 150: 150

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"Leave it to me . By the way, this is a lot of herbs you are requesting . I thought you had enough herbs as you have your own herbal field . So, you are really treating patients?" asked Li Maoshuang after he had a glance at the list .

"Yes . I almost forget, I need another favor from you," said Wang Yao .

"That's fine," said Li Maoshuang .

"I'm interested in antiques that are related to medicine, like the herb cabinet you gave me last time . Price isn't an issue," said Wang Yao .

"No problem . When did you start to be interested in antiques?" asked Li Maoshuang .

"They are wonderful things," said Wang Yao with a smile . Wang Yao had started to use the herb cabinets and found it really easy to use .

Wang Yao went home shortly and then returned to Nanshan hill after leaving Li Maoshuang's place .

He practiced Tai Chi on the hill for a while . He had been really busy recently but hadn't been slack with Tai Chi practice . He always squeezed in some time in the morning and at night to practice Tai Chi, and had made good progress . The only thing was that he didn't have a practice partner to improve his skills in attacking .

After two days of careful consideration, Wang Yao decided to make some herbal pills for easy storage . He had chosen the suitable herbs .

Apart from valuable herbs such as ginseng and glossy ganoderma, licorice roots were also suitable to make pills . Wang Yao was determined to make the best herbal pills . Of course, he had used common herbs to make pills using the ancient method to familiarize himself with the process .

Making herbal pills was different from brewing decoctions . Herbs resolved in the water to become a decoction, while the pills were made of herbal powder . Herbal pills were not precious medicine; they were not magical . But the process of making herbal pills was much more complicated than brewing decoction .

Let me make some pills out of common formula first, thought Wang Yao .

He decided to choose from the existing formulas to make pills, then started to prepare for herbs .

Wang Yao also required more tools to make herbal pills . He hadn't got tools to smash and sieve the herbs, so he made another list of tools and sent it to Li Maoshuang . A moment later, he received a call from Li Maoshuang .

"What do you need for smashing and sieving herbs?" asked Li Maoshuang .

"I need tools to make herbal pills," said Wang Yao with a smile . "It would be better if the tools are ancient . "

"I see . When do you need it?" asked Li Maoshuang .

"As soon as possible . It's kind of an urgent situation," said Wang Yao .

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"Okay, I'll try my best," said Li Maoshuang before hanging up .

No unnecessary words were required between friends . Only action was needed .

Wang Yao presumed that it would only take Li Maoshuang a few days to find the tools for him . At the moment, Wang Yao was also thinking of another matter—the Spirit Gathering Battle Array, which he had built the frame .

Wang Yao found that the licorice roots had grown better with the assistance of the Spirit Gathering Battle Array .

According to ancient classical herb books, herbs had medicinal roles: monarch, minister, assistant, and guide .

According to The Divine Farmer's Herb-Root Classic, herbs could be divided into top, medium, and low in relation to their effect . There were about 120 most powerful herbs, which were called monarch herbs . They could save lives . Another 120 herbs with medium power, which were called minister herbs, could improve health . The rest of 120 herbs, which were called assistant and guide herbs, could cure diseases . It was important to include herbs with different medicinal roles when prescribing a formula .

A balanced herbal formula should include monarch, minister, assistant and guide herbs . A balanced battle array should also include these components .

A battle array was like a tree, which had root, trunk, branches, and leaves . At the moment Wang Yao had built the root and trunk; he needed to add branches and leaves gradually . He required a few small bushes such as Chinese littleleaf boxes and tea trees .

I need to visit Cheng Kun tomorrow .

Wang Yao checked the battle array plan again in the evening and didn't go to sleep until late night .

Wang Yao visited Cheng Kun's nursery the next day and found he was doing some renovation . It looked like Cheng Kun was going to expand his nursery .

"Hello, long time no see!" greeted Cheng Kun with a smile .

"Hello, are you going to expand your nursery?" asked Wang Yao .

"Yes, I want to build another shed . What can I do for you this time?" said Cheng Kun .

"I need some small bushes, like Chinese littleleaf boxes," said Wang Yao .

"No problem . I'll show you around," said Cheng Kun .

Cheng Kun showed Wang Yao his plants in the nursery . Wang Yao picked some and made an order .

"Shall I deliver them to you tomorrow?" asked Cheng Kun .

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"Yes," said Wang Yao .

"Okay . By the way, do you have ginseng?" asked Cheng Kun suddenly .

"Yes, but they are not ready to use, why?" said Wang Yao .

"I want to buy some ginseng for the elders in my family, but I can only find artificial ginseng at the herbal stores . I want to buy wild ginseng," said Cheng Kun .

"You don't need wild ginseng if you just want to improve general health . Wild ginseng is very rare, and it is not easy to separate them from artificial ones . You could potentially spend a lot of money on low-quality stuff," said Wang Yao .

"I see . But I still want to get wild ginseng . Like the plants in my nursery, artificial plants cannot compare to wild ones . In addition, I just want to buy stuff of the best quality for the elders in my family," said Cheng Kun .

"Well, I know someone who can get you wild ginseng, but the price is not cheap," said Wang Yao . He naturally thought of Li Maoshuang . Although Li Maoshuang always gave Wang Yao good prices, he wouldn't charge other people the same amount . After all, Li Maoshuang was a businessman .

"That's okay," said Cheng Kun .

Wang Yao left Li Maoshuang's contact number to Cheng Kun, then called Li Maoshuang to explain the situation .

Wang Yao passed the processing factory on his way back to the village and smelt a strong odor . He stopped his vehicle .

What is that smell?

He got out of the car and smelled the air again . Soon, he found that the origin of the odor was from the river in the village . Black polluted water coming out of a pipe were running into the river, dying the river to black . The pipe was from the processing factory .

That's why they have the factory in an isolated village! They are secretly draining polluted water! Wang Yao took out his phone and took a few photos .

Suddenly, a man came out of the factory . The man was in his 30's, and looked very strong, like a butcher . He was staring at Wang Yao .

"What are you doing here?" said the man in a low and muffled voice .

"It has nothing to do with you," said Wang Yao in a cold voice, as the man looked rude .

The man suddenly came closer to Wang Yao and tried to grab Wang Yao's clothes .

Interesting! thought Wang Yao .

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Wang Yao dodged and stretched his arm to transfer the strength from the man aside . The man stumbled, but he came back trying to hit Wang Yao with his fists .

How dare you! thought Wang Yao .

Wang Yao's face was sullen .

Wang Yao half squatted and then pushed the man with his palms . The man flew up in the air and hit the door of the factory .

Before the man stood up, Wang Yao took out his phone again and took a photo of the man .

The man didn't speak after he got up . He turned around and went inside the factory . Wang Yao didn't speak either . He walked towards his vehicle, but he suddenly heard someone shouting behind him . It was the same man, but this time, he had an iron bar in his hand .

"What are you doing?!" shouted Wang Yao .

Some villagers stopped to see what was going on .

They knew Wang Yao, but they didn't know the other man . Wang Yao was from the same village, of course, they were going to help Wang Yao against an outsider .

Suddenly, the man from the factory was surrounded by seven villagers, some of whom even had a hoe in their hands .

"Yao, are you okay?" said a villager in his 40's .

"I'm fine, Uncle," said Wang Yao with a smile . He was touched by the villagers and looked around to remember who supported him .

"You! Wait!" The man from the factory pointed his finger at Wang Yao .

The man's looks reminded Wang Yao of some movies he saw . Most people would stay away from people like the man from the factory, so Wang Yao just ignored the man and got in his vehicle .

He quickly sent Wang Mingbao the man's picture, and Wang Mingbao called him two minutes later .

"Whose picture is this? A most-wanted person?" asked Wang Mingbao on the phone .

"No, he's an employee of the new factory in the village; he's very rude . Can you help me find who he is?" asked Wang Yao .

"Rude? In our village? How rude?" shouted Wang Mingbao at the other side of the phone . Wang Mingbao knew Wang Yao well . When Wang Yao commented someone as rude, the person must be really rude, probably to the point of crossing the line . Wang Mingbao was unsettled now; he wanted to meet this rude guy immediately .

"Wait for me, I'm going back to the village now," said Wang Mingbao .

"You don't need to rush . I've sent his photo to you . Could you ask your friend in the police department to check on him?" said Wang Yao .

"Well, how can they check on a person with just a photo?" said Wang Mingbao .

"They can't? I thought they could find the person after uploading his photo onto the computer system," said Wang Yao .

"You are talking about the CIA in the USA and the Committee of State Security! Not our people's police!" said Wang Mingbao .

"I see . I forgot to ask his name . Never mind, I'll let you know tomorrow," said Wang Yao .

"Okay, hurry up," said Wang Mingbao .

How can I find out his name? thought Wang Yao .

He couldn't ask himself, so he decided to ask his mother for help .

"Are you talking about that vicious guy from the factory?" said Zhang Xiuying excitedly .

"Yes, do you know his name?" asked Wang Yao .

"His name is Li Dong . He beat up someone from the other side of the village yesterday just because the person said something rude . Why do you ask about him?" asked Zhang Xiuying .

"Nothing, I just think he doesn't look like a nice person," said Wang Yao .

Wang Yao told Wang Mingbao about Li Dong after dinner .

"Can you check if the person's got any criminal history?" said Wang Yao .

"You always like to make things complicated . For me, it's easy; just beat him up," said Wang Mingbao . If Wang Yao hadn't stopped him, Wang Mingbao would have already had a fight with Li Dong .

But for Wang Yao, there were rules that needed to be followed . This was how Wang Yao dealt with things .

If he couldn't sort things out the normal way, he would seek for alternative ways .

Wang Mingbao soon found all the information about Li Dong . After all, Wang Mingbao was a very efficient and reliable friend . Li Dong had a criminal history, and he was in jail once due to intentional assault .

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