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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 250

Published at 5th of May 2019 01:40:03 PM

Chapter 250: 250

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He did not know where the motorcyclist went .

The street light was a bit dim due to the vicious incident a few days ago . It was still the outer ring there and there were very few cars .

Where was the person?

Wang Yao frowned a little .

"Hello . " A somewhat sharp voice rang behind him .

Wang Yao turned around slowly and saw a man in black . His face was somewhat pale .

"Hello . "

The smell of blood . He faintly smelled blood on the young man .

"Isn't the night sky very beautiful?" The man smiled and looked at Wang Yao .

"What's your name?" Wang Yao said with a smile .

"There's no need to say 'your' . My surname is Sun," the young man replied with a laugh .

"You're insane . "

"Huh? Yes . "

"I want to eat meat . Fresh meat . "

"Human flesh?" Since this man appeared, Wang Yao's gaze had never left the man . This man was really sick, seriously sick .

"Have you eaten it before too?" The man's had a surprised look in his eyes .

Sure enough, the person in front of Wang Yao should be the murderer of the two vicious incidents that happened in this calm, small town . The entire small town apprehended danger in every sound because of the person in front of him . There were not many people who dared to walk around, even during night time .

"I like to eat hearts the most, those which are freshly taken out of the human body and still beating . "

Paranoia, psychopathy, dissociative identity disorder?

"I can't resist it anymore!" He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips .

Then, he extended his hand with a very fast speed .

However, he grabbed nothing . The "food" in front of him suddenly slid and escaped the blow .

Wang Yao gave out a punch and his speed was indescribably fast . Pop, the air made a gas explosion sound .


There was an exclamation . The man ducked in a ghostly manner . Wang Yao lifted his leg and stepped across . He then quickly caught up, followed by another punch .

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Pokong Punch, the punch pierced through the air .

This was the Chinese boxing in Quan Jing . It looked simple, but in fact it was extremely tough instead .

The man's figure was like a ghost and his palms were like blades . He was a rare Kungfu ace and his approach used was evil .

After hearing the man's voice, the breath in Wang Yao's body was spurred up like the water of a big river . Once he exercised it, it would be like destroying mountains and cracking stones with an enormous power .

The young man's pale face turned flushed . He did not expect to actually encounter such a scary young man here . He originally wanted to eat Wang Yao's heart, but he was suppressed tightly by Wang Yao instead . The tough and strong method of boxing made him go out of breath and Wang Yao's speed would definitely become faster and faster .

"This won't do . I need to escape!"

Swish swish swish, something was piercing through the air .

Wang Yao hurriedly dodged . The man wanted to take the opportunity to leave .

Wang Yao stamped the ground . There was a click and the ground immediately cracked . He instantly went behind the man . Then, there was a light sheet like a fog in between his palms .

Click, there was a rattle .

Swish, the man was immediately beaten to fly with a spat and rolled to the side of the road .

Wang Yao quickly followed and saw a silver light .

Moving, he fiercely raised his palms and the silver light was suddenly lifted into the air . Looking at the man again, he was nowhere to be seen .

Wang Yao did not chase, although he knew that he would be able to catch up with the man if he quickly followed . However, it was really impossible to guard against the man's strange tactics . Therefore, he stopped and took out his mobile phone to make a call . He chose to call the police .

After making the call, he went to the front of the car and the car was started . The car had not gone far when the car was suddenly braked . Then, the car was turned around fiercely and it headed for the county town .

After a while, several police cars rushed over . A large number of policemen began to search, as well as three police dogs .

"Is it the same mobile number as last time?"

"Yes . "

"Check this person!"

"Yes, sir . "

In a residential area somewhere in Lianshan County .

"Wei, sleep earlier . "

"I know, Mother . " Wearing a pajamas, Tong Wei had just finished showering and prepared to return to her bedroom to rest .

There was a clicking sound . A crisp sound came from the door .

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"Oh?" She looked in the direction of the door .

Squeak, the door actually opened .

"What's going on?!" She was shocked . She clearly remembered that she had already locked the door .

The door opened . A young man dressed in black stood outside . His lips were blood red and his face was a bit pale .

This person was?!

Tong Wei's heart jolted . She was frozen .

This was the stranger who said hello to her in front of the bus stop sign . Why was he here? Why would he open the door of her house?

Call the police!

After regaining her senses, Tong Wei immediately turned around and wanted to take the mobile phone on the table, but she felt a chill on her throat .

"You're really beautiful!"

Tong Wei felt a trace of heat blowing in her ear . Then, a hand rested on her waist and slowly moved upwards . In an instant, she had goosebumps all over her body .

"Don't disturb your parents . You must be very delicious . "

Tong Wei was somewhat desperate .

Creak, there was another sound .

Yes, the person turned his head fiercely and the blades crossed .

Pop, a fist pierced through the air .

The man flew straight out and slammed against the wall .

It was not known when another person appeared in the room .

"Wang Yao!" Tong Wei exclaimed .

Things were changing too quickly and the surprise came all of a sudden . There was a fine line between heaven and hell .

"Call the police," Wang Yao said calmly .

"What's the noise?!" The door of the inner room opened . Tong Wei's father popped his head out and saw his daughter in her pajamas, Wang Yao, and an unfamiliar young man .

"This is?" He was confused .

"Uncle, go back to your room," Wang Yao said with a smile .

"Hello, . . . " Tong Wei's call had already been put through .

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"How do you know that I'll come here?"

"This . " Wang Yao threw a button on the table . It was the button on Tong Wei's shirt, which was very inconspicuous . It dropped onto the ground when they were fighting just now .

"What a waste!" The young man let out a sigh .

The two of them were intertwined in the narrow room for several times . There was a faint sound of the wind .

Ding ding, there was a row of silver light nailed onto the wall .

Boom, a silhouette flew out of the doorway and banged onto the stairs . Creak, the stairs made of cast iron was bent .

Wang Yao quickly chased after him . He did not forget to close the door before leaving .

"Don't come out . "

"You can still run?!"

Wang Yao was also very astonished at the man's capability . He knew very well of the strength of his method of boxing and spat . He once tried it on Nanshan hill . His punch could break open the mountain rocks on the hill . If this was hit on somebody else, there would definitely be a fracture and hemorrhaging in the internal organs . The young man fled down the stairs as if nothing happened .

In fact, the man was not as relaxed as he seemed to be . He was severely injured, just that his body was a little unique .

Hoot, the siren whistled outside . Police cars had already arrived .

Due to the vicious incident a few days ago, these police cars were exceptionally diligent now . They would immediately rush to the scene with an emergency call . They must know that the people from the province and the city were watching this place . If anyone dared to create a problem at this time, their posts were most likely to be adjusted .

The young man rushed out of the corridor first . He looked shabby and had blood on the corner of his lips . After seeing the police, he shouted .

"There's a murderer behind me!"

Wang Yao rushed out of the corridor right after .

Suddenly, all the policemen outside were as if they were confronted by a formidable enemy .

Each of them looked at Wang Yao anxiously .

"He's the murderer!" Of course, Wang Yao heard the young man's words just now .

Hehe, the young man smiled .

"Yes, he's the murderer!" There was another voice . Being worried about Wang Yao, Tong Wei came down and happened to hear the conversation just now .

At this moment, most of the policemen started to stare at the young man .

The young man's body suddenly moved like a ghost .

Be careful!

Thud, a policeman's body softened and he fell to the ground, with a blood wound on his chest .


Wang Yao gave out a punch .

Swish, bang, the young man banged against a car and it became deformed . Instead, he kept stuffing things into his mouth . It was a bloody heart .


In an instant, there were policemen who started throwing up . Tong Wei's face also turned pale, only to feel that something in her stomach was tumbling and moving upwards .

Wang Yao stepped forward and smacked a few times . With a crisp sound, the young man immediately collapsed onto the ground .

The lights were still flashing . At this point, the criminal who murdered six people in the small Lianshan County was arrested . The bones of his limbs were mostly broken and he became a disabled person .

That night, be it the criminal investigation expert from the province or the policemen who had been busy for several days, they were relieved .

Wang Yao was also invited to the police station to be questioned . Tong Wei accompanied him .

Soon, he was let out because the police chief on duty recognized him at a glance . He was the young man who once had a friendly conversation with the Municipal Party Secretary at Song Bai County .

"Did you see it with your own eyes?"

"Of course . I was at the scene . He stretched out his hand, took out Lao Li's heart and even stuffed it into his own mouth . . . "

"Okay, stop!"

"Also, there was a young man who went forward and gave a few spats, smashing all his bones . I heard that it was completely because of the young man that they were able to catch the man this time . "

"Really? It's surprising to have such a powerful figure in this small county of ours . "


After coming out from the police station, Wang Yao did not return home because it was already past 11 o'clock at night . Tong Wei was not at ease as well, so he stayed at Tong Wei's house for a night .

That night, Tong Wei had a nightmare about the horrifying man . She dreamed that she was alone in a room with him and could not go anywhere . She was then roused up from the nightmare, with cold sweat all over her body .

Outside a special ward in the county hospital, several armed police took turns to be on duty .

"Why would that person eat hearts?"

"How do I know?"

In the ward was a patient who was receiving treatment .

"He's so tough . The bones in his entire body were smashed, but he could actually stay alive . "

"Let's keep our eyes on him . Don't make any bad suggestions . "

The next day, the sun rose up as usual .

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