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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 300

Published at 9th of June 2019 01:20:04 PM

Chapter 300: 300

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"What? What made you make such promise?!" asked Wei Hai angrily .

"I just wanted to save Yang!" said Wei Hai's wife . She was also upset . "What else can I do?"

"You . . . " said Wei Hai .

"What is going on?" asked an elderly woman who came out of the hospital as she thought Wei Hai and his wife were having an argument .

"Nothing," said Wei Hai who tried to calm himself .

"I'll get some water," said the elderly woman .

"I'll go . " Wei Hai took the water jar from the elderly woman .

"What is going on?" asked the elderly woman .

"Nothing really, Mom," said Wei Hai's wife .

"That's good . Stop arguing with your husband because of Yang," said the elderly woman . She was already upset enough to see her son lying on the hospital bed . She didn't want anything bad to happen to her daughter .

Wei Hai took a few deep breaths when filling the water jar .

How am I going to convince Wang Yao? thought Wei Hai .

His wife had promised that professor that Wang Yao would meet him, so he had to help her keep her promise . He hoped that Wang Yao would be more flexible and willing to meet other doctors as Wang Yao had started to run his own clinic .

I'll find a chance to ask him first, thought Wei Hai .

Meanwhile, Tian Yuantu had a visitor at Jiahui Group .

He looked at this distinguished guest while thinking about what to do .

This was Sun Zhengrong's third visit during a month . Tian Yuantu knew clearly the purpose of his visit .

He wanted to meet with Wang Yao, the free and unfettered doctor on Nanshan hill .

"Mr . Sun, wait a minute, let me call him," said Tian Yuantu .

He went out of the meeting room to call Wang Yao .

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"He's here again?" said Wang Yao in surprise . "Well, bring him to my clinic . "

"Okay . " Tian Yuantu hanged up the phone .

"He said he is available now, you can meet him at his clinic," said Tian Yuantu to Sun Zhengrong .

"Really?!" Sun Zhengrong was thrilled .

"Of course . Would you like me to go with you?" asked Tian Yuantu .

"That will be wonderful . Thank you," said Sun Zhengrong .

It was very hot outside . Tian Yuantu drove Sun Zhengrong to Wang Yao's clinic from Lianshan town center in his luxurious car . They arrived at Wang Yao's clinic 20 minutes later .

"His clinic is among the hills?" said Sun Zhengrong with surprise as he looked at the hills through the window . He didn't expect the young doctor lived among the hills .

Wang Yao's village was surrounded by hills from all directions .

The car stopped at the southern end of village, where Wang Yao's clinic was located .

"Here it is . " Tian Yuantu pointed at the newly built clinic, which looked quite nice .

"Newly built?" asked Sun Zhengrong .

"Yes, it was built less than a month ago," said Tian Yuantu .

The two of them knocked at the door, but no one answered . Wang Yao was at Wang Fengming's house at the moment .

"Take the decoction as instructed . Auntie, don't go out in the next few days . Make sure you have enough, otherwise your condition could get worse," said Wang Yao .

"Okay . Thank you, Yao," said Wang Fengming's wife .

Wang Yao was not going to charge Wang Fengming, but Wang Fengming insisted to pay Wang Yao . Therefore Wang Yao charged him a small amount of fee .

It was really hot outside, Tian Yuantu and Sun Zhengrong were still waiting for Wang Yao . Soon their clothes were drenched by sweat .

"How about waiting in the car?" suggested Tian Yuantu . He wipe the sweat off his forehead . It was really uncomfortable to stay under the sun in such a hot weather .

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"I don't mind waiting here," said Sun Zhengrong with a smile .

So they continued to wait outside .

If their friends knew they were waiting for a person under the sun for lengthy of time, their friends would be shocked . Sun Zhengrong and Tian Yuantu were distinguished personnel in their own area . It was very hard to imagine what kind of people could keep them wait under the sun .

Wang Yao wanted to go home after leaving Wang Fengming's house, but he changed his mind after noticing a car parking at the southern end of the village . The car's number plate was from Dao City, so Wang Yao knew Sun Zhengrong must be waiting for him . He went to his clinic right away .

Tian Yuantu and Sun Zhengrong were sweating under the sun .

"Hi . . . " Wang Yao was surprised to see them waiting outside . He was about to ask why they didn't wait inside the car before realizing that it must Sun Zhengrong who wanted to wait for him outside .

"Sorry to keep you waiting, please come in," said Wang Yao .

Wang Yao had also been exposed to the sun, and he had walked for a while under the sun, but he didn't sweat at all . Sun Zhengrong was very curious about it .

Tian Yuantu and Sun Zhengrong immediately felt much cooler after entering the courtyard .

"Your courtyard looks quite unique!" said Sun Zhengrong after looking around .

"Thank you," said Wang Yao .

Wang Yao made each of them a cup of tea after entering the clinic .

There was no air condition installed in the clinic, but it was nice and cool in the rooms .

"When will your clinic open?" asked Sun Zhengrong .

"I have to wait for a while . Please try the tea," said Wang Yao .

"Thank you," said Sun Zhengrong .

His purpose of visit was simple and straightforward .

"When can I take Yunsheng here to see you?" asked Sun Zhengrong .

"I can see him as long as I'm available . Just call me before you come," said Wang Yao .

"Really?" Sun Zhengrong was thrilled .

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"Of course," said Wang Yao .

"Great!" said Sun Zhengrong .

This even made him happier than signing a contract worth billions of yuan .

"How is your son's condition at the moment?" asked Wang Yao .

"He is stable at the moment," said Sun Zhengrong .

"The decoction I gave you should be able to keep him from having an episode for at least a month," said Wang Yao after taking a sip of tea .

He needed to try his best to come up with a way to remove the horrible Yang toxin in Sun Yunsheng's body in a month . Otherwise he had to use Frost grass again to suppress the Yang toxin and delay further treatment .  

Sun Zhengrong and Tian Yuantu stayed at Wang Yao's clinic for nearly half an hour .

Although Wang Yao had a few encounters with Sun Zhengrong previously, he just noticed today that this serious-looking Mr . Sun was actually quite funny and knowledgeable .

"Thank you for your tea," said Sun Zhengrong with a smile before leaving the clinic . "The tea is quite nice . "

"It is from a friend . I'm glad you like it," said Wang Yao with a smile .

He watched Tian Yuantu and Sun Zhengrong all the way to their car, then went back to his clinic .

"Do Dr . Wang's parents also live in this village?" asked Sun Zhengrong as soon as they got into the car .

"Yes . I suppose he just came from his home," said Tian Yuantu .

"I see," said Sun Zhengrong . No further question was asked .

The road in the village was quite narrow and bumpy .

A woman riding a scooter suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the road for no reason . Tian Yuantu's driver tried his best to swerve . Fortunately she was not hit from front . Both the woman and her scooter fell on the ground . Sun Zhengrong's car was scratched by the scooter for about one meter .

"Hey, what the hell are you thinking?!" The driver was very angrily as he got out of the car .

"Li!" Sun Zhengrong also got out of the car .

"Are you okay?" Sun Zhengrong helped the woman stand up, and found bruises on her palms and knees . Fortunately she looked fine .

"I'm fine . I'm fine," said the woman anxiously .

She looked at the car and noticed a big scratch . She knew the car was very expensive . She couldn't afford to make compensation for the damage she had caused .

"Would you like me to take you to the hospital?' asked Sun Zhengrong .

"No, no, thank you," said the woman . "I've got something to do . I have to go now . "

She didn't attempt to extort money from Sun Zhengrong . On the contrary, she was scared of being asked to pay for the damage by Sun Zhengrong, who looked like an important person .

"I . . . "

Sun Zhengrong was going to leave his name card to the woman . However, the woman drove her scooter off in a hurry .

"Oh, well . " Sun Zhengrong shook his head with a smile .

Tian Yuantu also got out of the car and had been standing next to Sun Zhengrong . He smiled, too .

"Let's move on," said Sun Zhengrong .

"Okay," said Tian Yuantu .

"Does this Dr . Wang stay at home all the time?" asked Sun Zhengrong suddenly as the car went onto bituminous street from muddy road .

"He's normally at home, to be precise, on the hill," said Tian Yuantu .

"On the hill?" asked Sun Zhengrong .

"Yes, Nanshan hill, the carefree Nanshan hill," said Tian Yuantu . "It's a good place . You should visit one day . "

"I see . I'll pay a visit to Nanshan hill next time," said Sun Zhengrong with a smile .

Sun Zhengrong chatted with Tian Yuantu for a while after they had returned to Jiahui Group . He declined Tian Yuantu's invitation for dinner and went back to Dao City .

This Mr . Sun was so tolerant for his son!

Tian Yuantu had known Sun Zhengrong for a long time . He knew clearly of Sun Zhengrong's personality . Sun Zhengrong was a dominating and tough person, he wouldn't act like such an easygoing person to impress anyone, like what he had done today .

Isn't he tired?

Then he thought about himself . He was no difference to Sun Zhengrong .

He also made an effort to please Wang Yao at the beginning . Even now, does he really treat Wang Yao as a true and equal friend?

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