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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 304

Published at 12th of June 2019 01:55:04 AM

Chapter 304: 304

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He was lethargic . His Yin and Yang energies were out of balance . There was also a deficiency in his corporeity .

Just by listening, Wang Yao would be able to pinpoint a few things wrong, but he would not be able to judge more confidently unless he was doing a full check-up .

"Uncle, be careful . "

"Okay," Wang Fenglong smiled .

His body was extremely weak now . He was weaker than a child . He had once been a farmer who cultivated a few acres of land in a row in the past . Now, he was so physically weak that, from just walking a few steps, he grew tired and he had to sit down and rest .

That night, Wang Yao received an invitation from Tian Yuantu . He invited Wang Yao to attend the test-market ceremony for a new project he developed in town the next day .

"Okay," Wang Yao agreed after thinking for a while .

He had not gone out for quite some time .

On the 8th of August of the Gregorian calendar and the 18th day of the sixth month of the Lunar calendar, everything was good .

As usual, Wang Yao tidied up the herb field and went up the hill to practice his martial arts . Then, he went to the medical center to water the plants in the small courtyard . He only drove to town after all of that was finished .

The project developed by Tian Yuantu was in the middle of a mountain forest . It was to the north, along the fork in town . The road was built according to the structure of the mountain . The cement had hardened and the road was very wide . It was not a problem for two cars to pass parallel to each other . There were mostly hills on both sides of the road . There were some trees and mountain stones . Looking at it carefully, it was somewhat meaningful . Not far away, a building which looked like a monastery with the words "Lake Xinyue" engraved on it could be seen .

Eh, when did the name change?

Wang Yao recalled that this was not the name when he came last time .

"Welcome . "

The security guard was very polite .

Along the way, Wang Yao saw a few cars in front .

He drove the car for quite a distance along the mountain road . A lake could be seen in between the two hills . It looked like a crescent moon . It was aquamarine in color and clear .

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This lake, or precisely speaking, this large reservoir, was called Lake Xinyue .

On the edge of the lake, villas were built according to the hill structure .

Wang Yao found a spot to park his car . After getting out of the car, he realized that there were already a lot of people who were there . Furthermore, judging from the cars parked outside, there were a lot of rich people . There were many common luxury cars, such as Audis, Mercedes-Benzes, BMWs, Land Rovers, and Porsches .

There were villas, a club, and a restaurant here . There was even a swimming pool near the lake . These houses were designed very beautifully .

Although Lianshan County was small, there were still a lot of wealthy people .

The test-market ceremony was held in a club . The club was built according to the four-star standard . It integrated accommodation, dining, entertainment, conference, along with many other functions . It was extraordinarily grand, yet elegant in the middle of this hill .

The sale was held in the form of a reception on the second floor .

The organizer, Jia Hui Group, had prepared for this event very well . Most of the guests of the reception were dressed very nicely . On the other hand, Wang Yao came without thinking about his clothing . He wore a simple pants and a pure cotton short-sleeved t-shirt . He was noticeably different from the rest of the guests .

Wine and refreshments were available, along with a variety of snacks too .

Some of the people who came here already knew each other . They took the opportunity to communicate with each other .

Wang Yao looked around and found a corner to take a seat out of the way .

"Eh, you actually came . " Holding a glass of champagne, Wei Hai walked over with a smile .

"Why, do you plan to buy a villa here?" Wang Yao replied with a smile . Finally, there was someone he knew here, with whom he could have a chat with .

"Yes . This location is pretty good . It's situated at the foot of the hill and next to the lake . I think the Feng Shui is quite good as well, so I'm thinking of buying a villa here!" Wei Hai answered with a smile .

"Do you know Feng Shui too?"

"I don't, but I know someone else who does . When the building was built, Director Tian invited a master . You have to know that things like architecture have a lot of supersitions . It's situated at the foot of the hill and beside the lake, so it is indeed valuable land with good Feng Shui," Wei Hai said while sitting beside Wang Yao .

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After a while, the person everyone was waiting to see appeared .

Tian Yuantu was dressed formally .

The reception had officially started .

This was the first time that Wang Yao had witnessed Tian Yuantu's ability of giving a speech in public . It was indeed quite excellent .

"Brother Tian is fantastic . "

"Yes, he's better than me at this," Wei Hai replied with a smile while sipping his wine .

"How is it? Are you interested in any of the houses here?" a well-off, middle-aged man said to a young woman with a smile while cuddling her .

"It's pretty good . " The woman's voice was sickeningly sweet .

"We'll buy one then," the middle-aged man said . Although the area was remote, the houses built were all detached villas . Besides, the design was terrific . They were all designed by famous teams . It was hard to say how much the villa cost . It was impossible to buy it for less than two million . It might even be more expensive than that . However, the man said it as if it was nothing; like buying a pack of gum . By the looks of it, he must be a rich man .

"You're so nice," the woman said coquettishly .

"You'll have to thank me properly . " The man moved his hand downwards, resting his hand on her plump, peach buttocks .

"Gosh, can they not do that in public?" Seeing this scene, Wei Hai was very uncomfortable . When he spoke, his voice was somewhat louder .

The middle-aged man heard it and turned his head around to have a look . His gaze was hostile .


After seeing the man's face clearly, Wei Hai was a little surprised .

He really was not handsome!

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His head was already half-bald . He had a Mediterranean hairstyle and was wearing gold-rimmed glasses . His face was slightly flushed . It was unknown as to whether it was because he drank a small amount of wine, or if it was because of Wei Hai's words just now .

The woman whom he was cuddling was pretty and had an excellent figure . Her breasts were huge and it was pushed out a bit .

"Wow, it's an old man!" Wei Hai raised the glass in his hand towards the man .

Wang Yao laughed . He did not expect that there was actually such a side to Wei Hai's personality .

"Forget it . Let's go elsewhere . " The woman held the man by his arm and walked to the other side .

"Hey, what are these women thinking?"

"She's making a living on her young age . She can earn money fast that way . I understand it," Wang Yao replied with a smile . "However, this farmland is very fertile and the cattle is old . If it keeps ploughing, something is going to happen . "

"Huh, what?" In an instant, Wei Hai did not understand what Wang Yao said .

When people reached middle age, the body functions had begun to deteriorate . Relations between men and women were actually very energy-consuming . It was indeed right that appropriate exercises were good for physical and mental health, but "exercising" excessively would exhaust one's vitality .

"Are you talking about that man?"

"Yeah," Wang Yao responded .

The reception went very smoothly . Many people already had the intention to make a reservation . Seven villas were already pre-booked in a short period of time .

"Tsk, tsk . I didn't expect that there are really a lot of rich people in Lianshan County . "

At noon, Tian Yuantu specially invited Wang Yao and the others to have lunch together . Professor Lu was sitting at the same table . He was also invited by Tian Yuantu and he happened to be available .

"Did you look around yet?"

"I did . It's not bad here . "

"Of course . Professor Lu led a team and designed it," Tian Yuantu replied with a smile .

"Which villa do you have your eyes on? I'll reserve it for you . "

"Thank you for your kindness . I don't have any intention on getting one for the time being," Wang Yao answered with a smile while waving his hand .

"What about Director Wei?"

"Me? My teahouse is pretty good," Wei Hai said with a smile .

"Hey, is someone selling a house in your village?" Wei Hai suddenly asked Wang Yao, who was beside him .

"What?" Wang Yao was startled .

The villagers all bought houses in the city now . He had never heard of anyone from the city going to the countryside to buy a house, let alone the small mountain village where Wang Yao was .

"I don't really know . "

"Look out for me . Let me know if there is . "

Wei Hai's words made Tian Yuantu pay attention . With their current capabilities, it was too easy for them to buy a house in the countryside, especially when they had a neighbor like Wang Yao . They realized that unless there were special circumstances, Wang Yao would mainly stay in the mountain village .

He and Professor Lu had earned enough money and wanted to find a place with a good environment to stay . They would also have a friend with extraordinary pharmaceutical technology by their side . This seemed to be a good choice!

"Umm, count me in as well," Professor Lu said .


Wang Yao's brain could not process the situation all of a sudden .

What's with these people?

When did his humble mountain village become so attractive?

The reception of the pre-sale of the property lasted for a day . In addition to the free wine, the guests could even enjoy a free buffet with their invitations . The dishes were various, and quite delicious .

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