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Elixir Supplier - Chapter 310

Published at 16th of June 2019 01:30:04 PM

Chapter 310: 310

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"Hello, May I speak to Wang Yao?" asked Fang Zhengyuan softly .

"Hello, I am Wang Yao . Please come in," said Wang Yao with a smile .

This doctor is so young! He doesn't look much older than me, thought the girl . Is such a young doctor able to treat my illness?

Wang Yao had been watching them since they entered the room .

Fang Zhengyuan and his wife didn't look well . Wang Yao presumed that it was because they were tired . They should be better after resting for a while . As for the teenage girl, she looked extremely pale, with rash on her face and neck . She was also quite weak and short of breath . It was clear she was ill .

"This is my daughter . She has a weird illness . Could you please take a look at her?" asked Fang Zhengyuan .

"Okay, please sit down," said Wang Yao .

The girl was wearing a long sleeve shirt . She also had rashes on her hands . It looked like her hands had been pin pricked by needles but didn't bleed .

"Let me check your pulse," said Wang Yao .

It's a toxin!

The girl was affected some sort of toxin, which was stuck in her blood, and travelled to different part of her body and damaged it .

Her liver and kidney were damaged severely .

"Do you feel nauseated, weak, and you don't feel like eating, and you often vomit?" Wang Yao recited a few symptoms off the top of his head .

"Yes," said Fang Zhengyuan .

What Wang Yao said were exactly his daughter's symptoms once she had gotten worse .

"How long have you been ill?" asked Wang Yao .

"Just over a year," said Fang Zhengyuan's daughter .

Over a year was a long time .

Wang Yao needed to cleanse the toxin in her body and enhance her immune system .

The toxin had gone into her organs, so common herbs wouldn't work very well . Wang Yao needed to use licorice roots .

But licorice roots . . .

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Wang Yao looked up at Fang Zhengyuan and his family .

"She has toxin in her blood, and as the blood circulated, it carried the toxin all over her body . It will take a long while to treat her, and it will cost a lot," said Wang Yao .

"Can you cure her?" asked Fang Zhengyuan .

He got what Wang Yao tried to say . He was surprised and doubtful that he would be able to .

After all, they had been to many hospitals and seen many experts . None of them could treat their daughter . He didn't expect this young doctor, who looked like in his 20's, would say that he could cure her . Wang Yao's subsequent words surprised Fang Zhengyuan .

"Yes, I can," said Wang Yao calmly and confidently .

Even Su Xiaoxue could be cured by Wang Yao . Su Xiaoxue's toxin had, similarly, invaded into all her organs . If Wang Yao could cleanse out such severe toxins in Su Xiaoxue's body, he should be able to remove the toxin from Fang Zhengyuan's daughter's body . Su Xiaoxue's condition was much worse than hers . Wang Yao couldn't guarantee that he could cure Fang Zhengyuan's daughter, but he was pretty sure he could at least make the girl much better .

"Well, how much will the treatment cost?" asked Fang Zhengyuan after some hesitation .

He was a bit worried that the young doctor was a fraud, and he would take this chance to overcharge him .

"How about you let me prescribe your daughter an herbal formula first? Get her to take the herbs and see how it goes . As for the cost of the herbs . . . " said Wang Yao .

He quickly listed the herbs in his mind .

Angelica, Glossy Ganoderma, wild ginseng . . .

He had used all these herbs on Wei Hai and Su Xiaoxue to consolidate their vitality . Although this herbal formula was not as effective as Regathering soup, it would alleviate Fang Zhengyuan's daughter's symptoms .

Wang Yao weighed each herb and wrote down the way to brew the herbal decoction .

"The herbal formula will consolidate her vitality . If you see a noticeable improvement, come back in three days," said Wang Yao .

"The herbal formula costs a few hundred yuan," added Wang Yao . He wouldn't make any money out of selling the herbs, and he didn't want to .

"Thank you," said Fang Zhengyuan .

They left with the herbs .

Wang Yao said no more . He could tell Fang Zhengyuan and his family doubted his ability and experience, like most of Wang Yao's patients . When they first met Wang Yao, they never took him seriously and never thought he could actually cure them .

The treatment for the girl shouldn't be delayed; any delay will make her condition incurable .

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"Zhengyuan, that doctor looks so young . Do you think he is reliable?" asked Fang Zhengyuan's wife after they had left the clinic .

"Let's try the herbs first," said Fang Zhengyuan .

He hadn't contacted Wei Hai for a long time, but he couldn't think of any reason for Wei Hai to trick him .

It just cost him several hundred yuan to see Wang Yao .

Meanwhile, somewhere in Ji City, something was happening in Li Shaoyang's home .

"What? You are in a police station?" Li Yaosheng was shocked by the news .

"Which police station?" asked Li Yaosheng .

"Haiqu," said Li Shaoyang at the other end of the phone .

Phhh! Li Yaosheng hanged up the phone .

"Hello, Dad . . . " Li Shaoyang heard the dial tone before he could finish what he wanted to say .

Well, Dad must be mad .

He had been in the police station for a whole day and was already interrogated three times .

He had been spoiled by his family since childhood . He had never been treated like this . After being threatened and frightened by the police officer, Li Shaoyang said a lot of things he shouldn't have said .

Eventually, the police officer allowed him to make a phone call . However, his dad seemed to be very upset . He knew his dad wouldn't leave him alone . He would probably get sprung from the police station very soon . To him, this was no big deal .

At the moment, Li Shaoyang still didn't think he had done anything wrong . His hatred of Wang Yao had only become stronger .

Wang Yao! I'm not done with you! I'll make you pay when I'm out of here!

"Li Shaoyang, come out!" said a police officer .

"Are you kidding me? You're going to interrogate me again?" said Li Shaoyang .

. . .

It was nice and cool in the village late afternoon .

"What happened to you? Two groups of people came to look for you . Have you made any trouble somewhere?" Wang Mingbao came back from Lianshan town center for Wang Yao .

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"They were actually just one group of people," said Wang Yao .

He told Wang Mingbao what happened between him and Li Shaoyang in Ji City .

"What a scumbag!" said Wang Mingbao .

"Exactly," said Wang Yao .

"You did the right thing . I think you were too nice to him . I would have castrated him," said Wang Mingbao .

"Castrating him would be illegal," said Wang Yao with a smile .

"Poisoning him was legal too, though?" joked Wang Mingbao .

"Well, in theory, it was also illegal to poison him, but I couldn't help doing it," said Wang Yao .

Almost every man had thought about fighting against evil . However, not many people would take action .

Wang Mingbao's phone started to ring when they were talking .

"Hello . . . What? Try to keep him a bit longer . Okay . . . thanks mate," said Wang Mingbao .

"That Li Shaoyang seems to know a lot of people . Someone just called to plead for mercy," said Wang Mingbao .

"Really? He does seem to know a lot of people . I just never expected him to know people in Haiqu," said Wang Yao with a smile .

However, Wang Yao wasn't done with Li Shaoyang, who had invaded his life and even bothered him at his home . Wang Yao decided to give Li Shaoyang a lesson, one that he would remember the rest of this life, just like what he did in Ji City the other day .

When coming across a scumbag, the best thing to do was to torture him: torture him hard and make him wish for death .

"Can you think about a way to keep him in the police station? I believe he must have done other bad things," said Wang Yao .

"Okay, I'll put some pressure on the police officer in charge, but Li Shaoyang is from Ji, which is a big city . If he manages to get help from the police station in Ji City, the police officers here won't be able to do too much; they'll have to release him," said Wang Mingbao .

"Okay, let me know when they release him . I won't let him go back to Ji City in one piece," said Wang Yao .

"I will let you know, don't worry," said Wang Mingbao .

Wang Yao had a few drinks with Wang Mingbao that night .

"Are you going back to Lianshan town center tonight?" asked Wang Yao .

"No, I've had too much to drink, can't drive," said Wang Mingbao .

"Great, we can drink some more," said Wang Yao .

"Sounds good," said Wang Mingbao .

Wang Mingbao didn't leave Wang Yao's home until 10 pm . Wang Yao's father was with them . He also enjoyed drinking .

"I have to go," said Wang Mingbao .

"Take it easy, I'll walk you back," said Wang Yao as Wang Mingbao seemed to have drunk too much .

"Don't worry about me . My place is just a few steps away, I'll be fine . " Wang Mingbao shook his hand .

Want Yao watched Wang Mingbao cross the river before returning home .

Wang Mingbao received a call from his friend working in the police station the next morning .

"What? They acted so fast!" said Wang Mingbao .

"Yes, they have a strong connection with people in the local government of Ji City . My supervisor got a call from there," said Wang Mingbao's friend .

"Okay, I see," said Wang Mingbao .

He immediately told Wang Yao about it .

"Well . . . " Wang Yao rubbed his forehead with a smile . "This scumbag, he can just come out of the police station like this, but I won't let him go back home in one piece . "

"Okay, let's go and see him out of Lianshan," said Wang Mingbao .

"Sounds good," said Wang Yao .

Wang Mingbao drove Wang Yao to the police station in town . When they had arrived, they just saw Li Shaoyang come out of the police station .

"The air outside is so fresh," said Li Shaoyang .

He saw Wang Yao as soon as he walked out of the door .

"Shit! Why is he here?!" said Li Shaoyang with surprise .

As he was staring at Wang Yao, a car came to the police station of Lianshan . The car had a number plate from Ji City . A middle-aged man came out of the car after it parked along the road . The man was slightly overweight and he looked like a vulture .

"Uncle Sun!" Li Shaoyang felt relaxed as soon as he saw the middle-aged man .

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