Elixir Supplier - Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: 346

“Uncle, you don’t look well either . Make sure you have enough rest,” said Wang Yao .

Wang Yao could tell this third uncle was not well either . He had been working too hard .

“Okay,” said the middle-aged man with a smile .

Wang Yao stayed for a short while to chat with his third uncle before he left .

“By the way, please don’t let anyone else know about me treating your wife,” said Wang Yao .

“Okay, I see,” said the middle-aged man with surprise . He nodded to Wang Yao as he left .

“Yao turned out to be a fine young man . He remembers we were nice to him when he was little,” said his wife .

“Yes, but don’t know where he’s got all those skills,” said the middle-aged man .

“Who knows? But it seems that he doesn’t want other people to know about it . Make sure you don’t tell anyone,” said his wife .

“I won’t,” said the middle-aged man .

Wang Yao left this third uncle’s house for Nanshan Hill . He received a text message from Tong Wei on his way . Tong Wei told him that she would fly to Shanghai the next day, then fly to Dao City . She wouldn’t arrive at Dao City until late at night, so she asked Wang Yao not to go to Dao City too early .

“I’ll pick you up at the airport,” said Wang Yao .

Wang Yao didn’t mind going to Dao City late at night . He could stay there overnight .

Wait! It suddenly occurred to Wang Yao that he needed to contact Wang Mingbao .

He rang Wang Mingbao right away to double-check if Wang Mingbao was still at Lianshan . Then he drove to Lianshan town center after letting his parents know .

He wanted to talk to Wang Mingbao about Shen Qingqing . He didn’t think Shen Qingqing was a decent girl .

When Wang Yao had arrived at Wang Mingbao’s store, he heard a girl’s giggle coming from Wang Mingbao’s office .

He knocked on the door before entering the office .

Wang Mingbao was in the office . He had a wide smile on his face . A girl stood next to him . She was also in good spirits . It was Shen Qingqing .

“Hello, Yao,” said Shen Qingqing with a smile .

“Hello,” said Wang Yao with a smile .

“Please come and sit down,” said Shen Qingqing .

She went to make Wang Yao a cup of tea and prepared some fruits for Wang Yao . She was quite efficient .


“What brings you here?” asked Wang Mingbao .

“I need to speak to you,” said Wang Yao .

“About what?” asked Wang Mingbao .

“Well…” Wang Yao hesitated .

“Qingqing, can you go downstairs for a bit and help out there? I need to speak to Yao,” said Wang Mingbao to his girlfriend .

“Okay,” said Shen Qingqing without hesitation . She left the room and went downstairs .

“You two seem to get along quite well,” said Wang Yao with a smile .

“Haha, it’s not bad . I think she’s quite nice,” said Wang Mingbao .

“She doesn’t work?” asked Wang Yao .

“Oh, she works for an insurance company . Her hours are flexible,” said Wang Mingbao .

“Insurance company?” asked Wang Yao .

“Yes, she used to work in Ji City and came back two months ago . I met her during a party,” said Wang Mingbao . “Hey, don’t talk about her, tell me what brings you here?”

“I’m here actually to talk about her,” said Wang Yao .

“What?!” asked Wang Mingbao with surprise . “What’s wrong with her?”

“How much do you know her? I mean her past,” said Wang Yao .

“I’ve asked her about her past . She had a boyfriend before . She broke up with him because they didn’t get along . Why?” Wang Mingbao didn’t expect Wang Yao to have come all the way here just to talk about his girlfriend .

“I see…” Wang Yao hesitated . He didn’t know how to put it in a nice way .

“Hey, you are my best friend, just say what’s on your mind,” said Wang Mingbao .

“I checked her over the first time I met her . I found she had inadequate Qi and vitality . I believe her body was severely damaged during the last three months,” said Wang Yao .

“Severe damage? I don’t know about it,” said Wang Mingbao after thinking for a while . “I’ve known her for nearly two months . I haven’t detected any health issues . ”

“I think it had happened before you knew her,” said Wang Yao .

“So tell me, what do you mean by inadequate Qi and vitality?” Wang Mingbao could only vaguely tell what Wang Yao meant .

“To put it simply, I believe she had an abortion,” said Wang Yao .

“What?!” Wang Mingbao stood up from the chair .

“Are you sure?!” asked Wang Mingbao .

“I’m not 100% sure, but almost certain about it,” said Wang Yao .

Wang Yao would be sure if he got a chance to have a close look at Shen Qingqing and check her pulse . However, he was almost certain that she had an abortion .

Wang Mingbao kept silent while sitting back in the chair . He looked a bit upset . He really liked Shen Qingqing, but he trusted his best friend more .

“If you know someone in Ji City, get her checked . After all, you want to spend the rest of your life with her,” said Wang Yao .

“Okay, I see . Thank you,” said Wang Mingbao .

“Try not to look upset,” said Wang Yao calmly . “What if I am wrong?”

“Okay . ” Wang Mingbao tried his best to squeeze a smile out .

“You look worse than if you cried,” said Wang Yao .

“Try to find an excuse if she notices any change,” said Wang Yao .

“What excuse?” asked Wang Mingbao .

“Just say I’m here to borrow money . Tell her I want to borrow one million from you,” said Wang Yao .

“Look at you! I didn’t expect you, such a spiritual person, would be so good at lying,” said Wang Mingbao with a smile .

“Some lies are necessary,” said Wang Yao . “Well, I have to go now . ”

“Don’t go, stay for dinner,” said Wang Mingbao .

“I’ve got some errands to run later,” said Wang Yao .

Wang Mingbao walked Wang Yao downstairs .

“Are you leaving?” Shen Qingqing came to say goodbye .

“Yes, I’ll see you later,” said Wang Yao .

He noticed that Shen Qingqing was wearing a platinum necklace . The last time Wang Yao met her she was wearing a gold necklace . It seemed that Wang Mingbao had spent quite a lot of money on her .

“Drive safe,” said Wang Mingbao .

“Okay, see you later,” said Wang Yao .

He drove off .

“What did you two talk about? So secretive!” asked Shen Qingqing immediately after Wang Yao had left .

Thinking about what Wang Yao had said and what had happened between him and Shen Qingqing, Wang Mingbao suddenly felt Shen Qingqing became his girlfriend because of money and his family background . Therefore, Wang Mingbao started to look unhappy .

“What happened?” A very observant Shen Qingqing immediately noticed the change on Wang Mingbao’s face .

“Nothing, let’s go upstairs,” said Wang Mingbao .

“Okay,” said Shen Qingqing .

The two of them entered the office . Shen Qingqing put away the tea cups .

“You don’t look well, what happened?” asked Shen Qingqing .

“He came to borrow money,” said Wang Mingbao .

“How much does he want to borrow?” asked Shen Qingqing .

“One million,” said Wang Mingbao .

“What!” Shen Qingqing was shocked . “One million is really a lot of money!”

“Exactly,” said Wang Mingbao .

No wonder Wang Mingbao looked unhappy, she thought . He wouldn’t be happy even though Wang Yao was his brother . After all, not everyone was as rich as Ma Yun and Wang Sicong . For them, money was just a number .

“Are you gonna lend him the money?’ asked Shen Qingqing .

“I need to think about it,” said Wang Mingbao .

Shen Qingqing wanted to make Wang Mingbao happy, so she stayed with him for a while . She tried to kiss and hug Wang Mingbao . However, Wang Mingbao kept thinking of what Wang Yao had actually said . The more Shen Qingqing was close to him, the more awkward he felt and the more upset he looked .

People at Wang Mingbao’s age often were not good at hiding their emotions . They had everything written on their faces .

It was suddenly a bit awkward . Fortunately, Shen Qingqing received a call from her company asking her to go back to work .

Well, I need to get someone to check on her, decided Wang Mingbao .

The next day, he went to Ji City in the name of shopping for decoration materials . He asked a friend there to ask around about Shen Qingqing in her previous workplace .

Meanwhile, Wang Yao was at home .

“What? Tong Wei’s coming back?” asked Zhang Xiuying .

“Yes, I’ll pick her up in Dao City, so I’ll probably stay there tonight,” said Wang Yao .

“Okay, not a problem . ” Zhang Xiuying was very happy for Wang Yao to be with Tong Wei . “Stay at Dao City for a few days . Don’t rush to come home . ”

“Okay,” said Wang Yao with a smile .

He then drove out of the village .

Ticktock! Ticktock! The contractors doing the road were ready to get back to work .

Aye! The boss will probably lose money, thought Wang Yao . At the same time, he started to worry about the quality of the roadwork .

Since the boss was going to lose money, he would try his best to reduce cost . Therefore, the quality of roadwork wouldn’t be guaranteed .

Wang Yao was driving very fast on the road . Thousands of miles away, a plane landed in Shanghai from overseas .

A slim and pretty lady wearing sunglasses got off the plane .

“Hey, Wei, slow down, wait for me . ” A handsome young man in his 20’s was following the pretty lady .

“Why do you always follow me?” The pretty lady sounded impatient .

“Aren’t you going to Dao City? I’m going to Dao City, too,” said the young man with a smile . “We have the same destination . ”

“Why are you going to Dao City?” asked Tong Wei .

“I will go wherever you go,” said the young man .

“You…” This was the first time Tong Wei came across such an annoying person . “I already have a boyfriend . ”

“Boyfriend? Never mind him . As long as you are not married, I still have a chance to be with you . Even if you got married, you still could get divorced,” said the young man .

Tong Wei was shocked by the young man’s words . She was speechless . The young man was really clingy .

“If you continue to follow me, I will call the police,” said Tong Wei .

“Okay, I’ll keep distance from you . ” The young man was still smiling . He kept a meter away from Tong Wei .

He decided he would go wherever Tong Wei went .